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Comment 23 Nov 2014

^ this is what the whole discussion was about on ESPN.  Folks seem to miss that part.  Herbie, Fowler and Des (please don't down vote me for saying a scUM was right about anything) were right in their criticism of the SEC for scheduling non-conference cupcakes so late in the year.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I get that the loss to VT was a bad one, but, how is Arizona State ranked so highly? 

Weber State     Tempe, AZ     7:30 p.m.     W, 45-14     
New Mexico     at Albuquerque, NM     4:00 p.m.     W, 58-23     
Colorado *     at Boulder, CO     7:00 p.m.     W, 38-24     
UCLA *     Tempe, AZ     7:00 p.m.     L, 62-27     --   UCLA wound up falling out of the top 25 (now back in)
USC *     at Los Angeles, CA     4:30 p.m.     W, 38-34     
Stanford *     Tempe, AZ     7:30 p.m.     W, 26-10     
Washington *     at Seattle, WA     7:45 p.m.     W, 24-10     
Utah *     Tempe, AZ     8:00 p.m.     W, 19-16 (OT)     
Notre Dame     Tempe, AZ     1:30 p.m.     W, 55-31

Comment 03 Sep 2014

"[Miller's injury] changed the mentality for me.  It will be fun to win instead of a relief to not lose."

this sums it up for me

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I thought the DE's in the 1st half looked confused and lost.  Bosa/Miller/Frazier looked much better in the 2nd half.

Comment 08 Feb 2014

^^this - works great in Firefox, but IE11 is having problems sizing the content correctly.

Comment 23 Oct 2013

My question is, do we have suitable replacements in the event something happens to one of these guys?