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Comment 10 Dec 2014
Hands down Kyle clinton... 1. Everyone gave him a hard time for the kickoffs every game.. 2. Had to kickoff about 1000 times this year...and gave neurnberget a break
Comment 20 Oct 2014

well, if everything keeps going like it is, he's gonna break some records...

alot of that has to do with the new age of college football, but also his way of running urban's offense...its fun to see him and braxton both run the offense in different ways...

but to have the best shot, besides playing well....he needs to perform in PRIME TIME!

Comment 19 Oct 2014

shazier's frewshman year...while bauserman was running for his life...RDS was blowing people up on kickoff and punt return....then he finally got a chance to start his freshman year...BOOM 15 tackles vs penn state...explosive hits!

you just knew he was gonna be great...

Lee is great too, But i would also say that Lee has better players around him than shazier did...

so the numbers might be lower...

Lee looks like a great blitzer...just like shaz

Comment 18 Oct 2014

great QB, great coaching, great blocking

kid never goes broke

always finds a way to take a profit...

breaking tackles/escaping the pocket at just the right time...

hes got a litte krenzel in him,

he's a big dude, when he gets hit, he never seems rattled

he seems like one of those players that can attract recruits..

Comment 18 Oct 2014

if his knee is okay...no more kickoff...let him get some reps on defense...his whole career he has been covering kickoffs...everytime he gets healthy he gets put back on kickoff or punt and gets hurt...i think both tears came on special teams...hope he is okay

Comment 18 Oct 2014

love seeing these young players stand out...lee...raekwon...bosa...everyone looks pretty good...

its hard to know how good rutgers is when we make them look like kent state...

Comment 18 Oct 2014

people said that KG was a better QB than Miller last year...so it has always been kinda on peoples minds..

JT and Braxton they are both duel threat QB's

one's strength is passing

the other's is running....

Duel threat qb's who's strength is running are much easier to defend than ones who's main threat is passing...

braxton is like mike vick as barret is to russell wilson

all great players, but passing QB's are better than running QB's

Comment 18 Oct 2014

He lead his team to a national championship as a freshmen...got in some trouble, but his school backed him up....

im talking about jameis winston of course...

the same can be said about clarett...except for the school backing him up...

as it turns out...thats probably all maurice needed at the time...he was an 18 y/o kid

it was pretty nice for espn putting the "one and done" in his mind, asking him about it...putting him right on the front cover...helping stir the pot on the kid's career!

Comment 25 Apr 2014

its hard to forget when we played sweat and whoever ahead of him all season...and he was flying around on special teams smashing people..i was thinking...get this guy in the game....once the penn state game...you could see his outstanding ball hawking talent

Comment 06 Apr 2014

his teammates are all so good, they don't need one player to domintate...they jack up a lot of three's but what can you say....national champs...


matta doesn't get the highest rated PG's...conley was 26 i think and E.T. was 30 something....but he gets smart players that really can shine in his system...I see the same for russell...i could see him grasping the system quickest of all freshman...

also...i havn't seen david bell too much other than the highlights, but I always thought he could make an impact day one...but everyone keeps saying he is a project...well i think he is the most athletic big man we have right now...im sure he is just a coordinated as the others...maybe more..

Comment 29 Mar 2014

id rather have the National Championship Trophy and bragging rights in the BigTen or Ohio!

Michigan Basketball vs Calipari, who do you hate more?

Dayton vs Florida??? are you going to root for the gators?

Wisconsin vs Zona....I could see how some could root for Zona...but gotta go with the Big over the Pac

Izzo vs Calhoun...espn jizzfest...who doesnt love one of those?

Comment 27 Mar 2014

it would have been sweet to have beaten kansas and then kentucky a couple years back..but thats just how she goes

Comment 23 Mar 2014

every year in the nfl there are different break out players...every year is something newer and younger....look at running backs...don't be surprised if carlos hyde doesnt have a 5 year career...he could also have a 10 year career...its a crap shoot...

calvin johnson.tom brady. kaepernick.flacco.matt ryan.chris johnson.wes welker. derelle rivas....who knew all these guys were going to be great nfl players?...no one...its all random...it doesnt matter what college you went to...calvin johnson is going to out jump anyone in the nfl wether he we to USC or the SCLSU mud dogs...

my point is....it doesnt matter what school you go to....being a  great NFL player is based on a variety of things and  NONE of those things is "what college you went to"


and ohio state has more NFL players than 95+ percent of colleges in the NCAA