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Comment 7 minutes ago
WEZ I have not seen any witness accounts so all I have read is what was on this site and the earlier thread. However, I have no problem with a man throwing a punch to defend himself. If she attacked first, and came swinging in wildly with no holding back ANYONE has the right to defend themselves. And one punch to the jaw can create multiple fractures...especially if she fell on her face after. Lastly, if you are being assaulted your first reaction is to defend oneself and get out of danger, throwing a counterpunch is thus a natural reaction. Now if video surfaced showing he could have pushed her away and got out of there, then you can judge. However, if she attacked first she has no right to claim anything. That said, where are the witnesses?
Comment 28 minutes ago
I understand where you are coming from. Some valid points are brought up. As I stated earlier, she could have swung at him first, or had a busted bottle. If that is the case, and he defended himself, then I feel no sympathy for her. I have taken MMA, boxing, BJJ and much more - and while I would never unload on an undeserving person, in self defense you just react. That being said violence is your last alternative - but sometimes it can't be avoided. If he punched her once in self defense its quite possible she had all the fractures.
Comment 37 minutes ago
Definitely understand everyone's opinion on here BUT we still don't know anything about what happened. Are there witnesses supporting any of this? Where are her friends? Maybe she came at him with a busted bottle..who knows. And lastly, maybe he is completely guilty in which case he will get what is coming to him. In the meantime I am going to stick with innocent till proven guilty. Given his lawyer has been upfront in saying he is innocent, and did nothing wrong, I think there could be more to this. Either way the timing could not be any worse and the young man will always be associated with violent behavior towards women (innocent or not).
Comment 26 Jul 2014
Hey DJ I can't do any of that from an Android phone. Is the site supposed to allow posting gifs and pics from the android platform? I have a Galaxy s5 so it isn't bc the phone is old. The headlines on the top of the 11w homepage also don't scroll like they did on my old galaxy s2. Thanks for any answer.
Comment 25 Jul 2014
Well said. And frankly I don't care why he camps at FNL. If he changed his mind and goes Buckeye, great, if not then I hope he tears it up at UK. College age kids often are growing and maturing throughout their time on campus...so if this young man has a bit of an ego BIG DEAL. Best of luck to him in his hunt for an offer.
Comment 11 Jul 2014
Or maybe he just preferred Gainesville and the environment at UF over tOSU. Either way best of luck to the young man, hopefully he has a great career and represents Ohio well. Anybody think the staff goes harder after the Jefferson kid from Texas now, or do we just take 2 LBs? Jefferson's already named OSU as one of his officials and I can't see anyone not wanting a 5 star LB with a 4.39 forty time. Thoughts? BIRM?
Comment 08 Jul 2014
Some people need to learn to just let things go. He didn't owe the city of Cleveland anything and he never will. If he comes back its because he considers the place home, afterall, he could go anywhere he wants. Best of luck to him in wherever he chooses to play next in HIS career. As an Ohioan I hope its in Cleveland again, even if its only for a short period. Nice to have the best player in Ohio.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
Screw that I still prefer to beat a #2 Michigan and knock them out of the playoffs. Nothing better. Its fun seeing them lose to App State once in a while but more fun taking their dreams away. Harbaugh might be able to make that happen, Ten Years War 2.0
Comment 06 Jul 2014
IF, he is still a Buckeye...Might make more sense for Urbs to open a schollie for someone who is smart enough to value what they have. Not saying I didn't make mistakes in college but if he is found guilty on all charges it might make sense. Either way I agree he is in my doghouse and will have to work hard to emerge.
Comment 05 Jul 2014
Oh it will be here sooner than you think. If UTexas has been doing it for years, I'm willing to bet tOSU could make it happen. But honestly, tickets should be like any other personal item you own. Much like a trophy or award, you should be allowed to trade them for cash & tattoos.
Comment 30 Jun 2014
In N Out is king of the fast food burger. Call me elitist, but lets be honest there's nothing like a real hamburger made somewhere that doesn't have a drive thru. As to the nonsense about the SEC being at another level, c'mon. Over the last couple of years 85-95% of the SEC would be at the same level as tOSU, Oregon, Stanford, Oklahoma, ND, MSU, FSU and Clemson.