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Comment 24 Jun 2015

I've been wondering about Crowell as well.  Haven't heard much about him lately, I'm getting the impression he will stay south and may have just been in town to camp.  I think he could be a steal and is the under rated WR in this class thus far too, hate to lose him to a Miss. school (they offer so much less).  Was his family in town during his visit?  If not I see tOsU chances being very low.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Those two guys couldn't be more different.  Braxton is the consummate team player, TP...well you should already know.  Hope he catches on somewhere though, sounds like he has matured, and "Oh what a talent!"

Comment 04 Jun 2015
BigTom we will just have to agree to disagree. I thought people finally would put to bed the idea that a weak conference is good for the team. If Baylor or TCU was crowned sole champ it could have been a very bad year for the bucks, and nobody would have been able to say much about it. More importantly as a fan I would rather watch tOSU play a strong OOC and in conference schedule than a bunch of pushovers. Similarly, if you talk to recruits I would bet they prefer playing against top level competition. The game is a lot more fun to watch and play when it is evenly matched. Give me the gauntlet and let Urban and comp lead the team through it.
Comment 01 Jun 2015

Did you forget the italics?  Who in their right mind would believe a kid would call a coach he doesn't intend on playing for/possibly playing for, to recommend the team take a look at another player?  Is there other information making people think Mack is going to go somewhere else? 

The real question is did Mack call any other teams to recommend they also look at Crowell?  I doubt it.  He recognized a supreme talent and wants to play alongside of it to bolster his skills and that of his future team.  I've never done a crystal ball before but this one seems pretty solid Scarlet and Gray to me.

Comment 29 May 2015

Pokey21 Yes there were multiple ties, always are.

Comment 27 May 2015

Everyone keeps knocking the SEC for its lack of academics BUT they are not as bad as people seem to think. Bama and 5 other SEC schools check in with superior academics compared to the BIGs worst Nebraska.  According to US News and World Reports National College Rankings:


Vanderbilt #16, Florida #48, Georgia #62, Texas AtM #68, Alabama #88, Missouri #99, Auburn #103, Tennessee #106, South Carolina #113, LSU & UK #129, Arkansas #135, Ole Miss #149, Miss St. #156 (who would have thought Arkansas wasn't the worst?)

As for the BIG:

Northwestern #13, Michigan #29, Illinois #42, Wisconsin #47, Penn St. #48, tOSU #54, Purdue & Maryland #62, Rutgers #70, Iowa & Minnesota #71, Indiana #76, Michigan St. #85, Nebraska #99.

EDIT:  To be fair I sincerely doubt Bama holds the football team to the same academics as the student body, BUT then again I don't believe that many FBS schools do anymore.

Comment 24 May 2015
I hope he gets really good at holding a clipboard this year and redshirts. No sense butning a shirt for meaningless playing time...too talented a roster at QB for him or Burrow to play. I am looking forward to him leading the team as a redshirt sophomore though. Pryor 2.0
Comment 14 May 2015

Hopefully he is right and their sole loss is a 59-0 tubthumping in week one.  Then the SoS people in the SEC can't say as much about the schedule next year.

Comment 12 May 2015

You serious Clark?   Connor Cook?  Dantonio and Tress fill that program with Ohio talent.  Why would you think they would not be successful given the program's recent history?  I believe they have one of the best records of all Power 5 over the last decade.  The program has been developing talent quite well, which can only help recruiting when teamed with their recent on field success.  And they have recruited well at QB, Damion Terry was a big Dual threat QB steal, and now they got Messiah Deweaver from OH.  HOWEVER, even after all of the above praise the idea that tOSU is losing ground to Sparty is a joke.  They don't recruit star 4/5 star recruits as well as tOSU just look at past classes (although truly stars mean little unless the kid is a 5 star) and the current class.  As for Michigan and Nebraska (new coaches not familiar with local talent are not gonna recruit that great this year in the midwest, and they don't pack as much punch anymore) they aren't legitimate recruiting threats yet, but ND has done pretty well recently against tOSU (Eichenberg, and Kraemer were big losses for Meyer but not casualties from 'waiting' on other prospects).  Nevertheless, its good to be undisputed king and it has allowed Meyer to cherry pick most of the prospects he wanted this year (asides from Eichenberg, Kraemer, Ferns).  But you can't win them all, sometimes kids just find a better fit.

Comment 09 May 2015

Really Brutus865?  Class it up my friend.  He's a hell of a HS football player and a good kid, AND I am sure I speak for much of the readership on here when I say that nobody wants to know what you think of Ferns.  Move on already.