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Comment 6 hours ago

Look around a bit and you will see the affair you claim is far from proven and most likely false.  UT wouldn't have hired him if he had questions about his character, Strong is a good man just wasn't along at the right time here in Austin.

Comment 04 Dec 2016
Of course it is always a possibility...but his stats look better every year regarding downfield accuracy so I am writing off the idea.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
BUCK1997 I am curious how you think this. Urban has no knowledge of proper rehab let alone how to hire ATs. That job is left to tOSU sports med staff and while it is easy to assume that means top level people I can guarantee thats a bad assumption. I went to the #2 PT school in the country and there is a wide distribution of quality that comes out. Add in the fact that hiring ATs/PTs and docs is purely from a resume (as what else is there to go from) and many top flight schools and pro organizations end up with some subpar individuals on their staff. But what would I know, I've only been doing this for 14 years around A, AAA, collegiate and Olympic rehab and S&C professionals.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
The stats show I am wrong and I am happy they do. As mentiomed above it means that the staff has a good shot at fixing the issues with the longer passes.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
Its not a matter of taking it easy on a player. If you perform proper rehab injuries recover and can even exceed preinjury levels. The question is whether the ATs working with him are at the top of their game. Having worked in professional and with collegiate ATs I can tell you that the quality of service provided is not always top notch.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
His ankle is not poor...just probably not rehabbed to pre injury movement and stability. An ankle lacking stability with plantar flexion and eversion would effect throwing ability for accuracy and power. However, it would not affect running ability as much. Cutting would suffer a bit but one could still run the ball.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
While Akers is a talent there are greater needs in this class, IMO. Smith, Okudah, Harris, Wilson and Tufele would be the ideal finish for this class, next year there seem to be a lot of 5 star RB talents who like tOSU and right now line depth and tall receivers are a premium. Dobbins is all we need IMO.
Comment 17 Nov 2016
CU can put players into the league quite easily...they are a D1P5 program. Kids from D2 make the league all the time. If you are good and work at your craft there is no reason to believe otherwise. I guess you think Ed Oliver on Houston doesnt want to play in the NFL too? That kid will be a top 5 pick when he becomes eligible in 2019 and people here in Texas sounded similar to you this year when he chose Houston over UT/AtM.
Comment 02 Nov 2016

Rutgers and Maryland are going nowhere ...they still have to play tOSU, UM, MSU & PSU every year and a handful of crossover games with the West.  Lower tier programs like Rutgers and Mary can hope to win 8 games at best in a great season (assuming they schedule weak OOC games and beat one of the above blue bloods).  And I lived on the east coast for 5+ years, they don't know what college football is...let alone care about it.  

But we do agree Fri night games are a terrible idea...hurts tOSU and HS football.  

Comment 02 Nov 2016

Random adults would be at home.  Totally disagree.  And many HS would feel budget crunches if this went through.  I actually think students stay home too, I know I would have skipped watching my HS game (if I wasn't playing).  And my HS was good too.