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Comment 13 hours ago
TE is all Vannett, Fragel graduated a while back. Did you mean Vannett wasn't dependable? He looked pretty solid last year behind Heurman (NFL TE).
Comment 16 Feb 2015
OSU07ASU10...you guys both have arguments. Although, you brought more of a rational argument to the table than Hills. As a rehab professional I have to say that every case is different and carries its own unique facets. However, IMO Brax has a long/lot of work to do because of his history. That is not saying that he cannot do it, just that the odds are stacked against a quick return. Personally I am hoping he has a great team helping him and that he finds his way back to form asap. I would love to see him leading the squad in 2015.
Comment 31 Jan 2015
Tothehouse I heard that on ESPN, enjoyed it too, thinking the same as you that they screwed up. However, the pundits stated that they had to go in with a tough sell bc the young man was basically all Nebraska. This made me think they were hoping to sell Michigan's academics (far superior rating than Neb) hoping the family placed greater value upon college. I can understand desperately using any tactic when your back is against the wall. They had nothing to lose and needed to differentiate the 2 programs, clearly it didn't work. However, I won't judge Harbaugh's recruiting based off of one mistake. If it becomes a trend, well, then it's open season. Had to present the other side of the story, otherwise it does sound bad/like they insulted the family. It really all depends on how the "we have better academics" was communicated and no one will ever really know besides the people there.
Comment 31 Jan 2015
Meyer may recruit better than Harbaugh but you underestimate the importance of the extra 2 weeks. You also forget that Meyer was not looking at other jobs while Harbaugh was. Knowing Urban Meyer he was already looking at recruiting and the class while he was considering his return. Lastly, I bet Harbaugh will finish strong, top 50 would not surprise me. I may not like UM but I do respect Harbaugh, the man is a proven commodity (saying anything contrary to that involves scarlet glasses). I am looking forward to the upcoming wars between TTUN/Harbaugh and Meyer.
Comment 30 Jan 2015
Gibsons said multiple times he is interested in red shirting at OSU to learn from Brax and grow as a QB. He is a kid and is looking around for the best school that suits his needs. Any school he talks to would be insane to not try and sell OSUs depth chart as a negative. If the young man chooses another school I hope he succeeds there all the same. Just bc we cheer for a team doesnt mean the school is the best for everyone. Personally I think whoever gets him is lucky as he looks like a young TP. He might enjoy the spotlight but everything he says seems to indicate he is looking out for his best interests. Seems smart and grounded when the media isnt painting him as a primadonna.
Comment 25 Jan 2015

Made me wonder if Alex Malzone is still as comfortable and cocky as he was a few months back when he was Brady's golden boy.  Anyone care to check his twitter and let us know?  Longhorns will miss Gentry, but word down here is they are going to flip Kyler Murray from AtM.  Personally, I love seeing a move that weakens the SEC while indirectly strengthening the BIG (although I wish it wasn't UM).

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Both are good prospects, some media push Gibson away from QB but he has the higher ceiling as evidenced by ratings/measurables.  And you gotta love that he has stated openly his willingness to redshirt and learn from those ahead of him.  Maybe we should let Gibson display his abilities for the coaches before stating opinions with little founding.  Urbs is recruiting him as a QB afterall...

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Strange I hear ya.  I live in TX now and definitely hear a bit about the SEC from the Aggs and a few Bamers.  That said I enjoy wearing my colors and smile but I avoid the shit talk...nothing says more to classless fans than a silent smile and "yeah they played well."  Its been fun listening to these same fans tell me how good the team is.  Hold your head high my friend.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Couldn't disagree more.  Herby is a great announcer...objecrive and knowledgeable.  He is not a homer, but too many from the fan base want him to be.  Proud he is a buckeye.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Bama is actually quite a good school.  Compares favorably to BIG programs.  Just check us news and world report rankings to verify.

Comment 10 Jan 2015
Damn straight Crumb...dudes our best player and has the highest ceiling of all the QBs. Just needs to stay healthy and recover so he can show it on the field.
Comment 10 Jan 2015
Gonna have to say Brax will set a better example for Landon (3 yr old son)...the opposite just doesn't seem his style.
Comment 07 Jan 2015

Buceyebacker98 ...italics = sarcasm on 11W but thanks for stating the obvious

Comment 07 Jan 2015
Yes I remember their being talk that Duron was out bc he basically quit trying/going to class. Not being sarcastic when I say this, but I wondered how he planned on making it at Bama (which has the best academics outside of Vandy and Florida in the SECond). Too bad his father didnt impress upon him more the importance of a good education. He could have been a great Buckeye.