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Comment 4 hours ago
Bigchief have you looked at his recruiting class lately? I would hardly say they stink. I think we all might be using scarlet colored glasses here. However DJ started this UM/Harbaugh hate fest by writing the hurry up and not acknowledging Harbaugh has done pretty damn well with their incoming class. I would venture a guess that Harbaugh never had top ten class talent in Palo Alto...so why paint him as less a threat than Franklin? I personally think Michigan is on its way back and am prepared to watch some great versions of 'The Game' going forward.
Comment 14 Aug 2015
I dkn't think either's choice is to play WR. Brax has stated he wanted to switch bc of the worry about whether his shoulder will be fully healed. He may be back in the QB mix at some point this year. And Gibson could still be the best QB on the roster next year. Brax is gone, and possibly JT and Cardale with him...Gibson could be better than Collier and Burrow.
Comment 04 Aug 2015

"It's starting to look like kids commit to hold a spot then when they get the offer they might want a little bit more decommit & go to what may have been their 1st choice or better choice cause less competition for them.  Though when Hall committed he knew who was here including Cooper and that Bosa was going to commit."

     That would be smart for kids to do, they are supposed to make the best choice for themselves afterall.

Comment 02 Aug 2015
I live in Austin. UT has not worn those things. They never will. They are a practice jersey and that is all they ever will be to a school with tradition and history like UT. When I heard about the possible black unis I brought it up to my co-alumni colleagues and they all were annoyed that Nike would even try it on the practice jerseys. The same should also be true for tOSU. If they wore these things only in practice then that would be great. Might soothe both factions this way.
Comment 02 Aug 2015
Shoot if this sh@! has to happen then it seems The University sold out. Although, I personally hope it is a national rollout and that the unis are the ones pictured. That means that no other university stood up to ol Nike and told them to suck it. I don't want to hear Bama fans claiming superior tradition BS over us selling out. Oh and please step into my lawn...
Comment 29 Jul 2015

Ford's attitude is possibly stemming from disappointment.  Hopefully, it pushes him to improve and possibly earn that committable offer, IF that is truly the issue.  I can imagine reacting similarly if I were in his shoes and his age...I mean you have worked your butt off to become a top 100 talent and you still get told your not good enough?!  Wow!  That's some serious talent in the 2017 class.  Best of luck to Mr. Ford, but lets keep the ball rolling for 2017.  Has OSU ever had the #1 class per scout or rivals?  247?  Anyone know?  Birm?

Comment 29 Jul 2015
Ol Tome better make sure he doesn't remake Bear Bryant's Junction Boys at UH. It will be fun seeing how he does this year...he's certainly raised the bar at Houston for recruiting.
Comment 28 Jul 2015
Academics at UK are a joke too compared to every school in the BIG. #129 and 4th worst in the SEC compared to most BIG schools averaging around #55. Add in that UK is a basketball school and a perenial doormat in its conference and I don't get it. Stoops has done some good work there but I would much rather attend a Purdue, Indiana, Maryland, Rutgers or Iowa than UK. But then again I like tradition and academics were important in my family.
Comment 26 Jul 2015
Man I would love to see that. I just wonder how hard it will be for a Buckeye to win it this year. I think people will point to the # of weapons and that will hurt, and then all the candidates will canibalize each others votes.
Comment 26 Jul 2015
ODB, I was going to make a similar comment but the more I think about it the more I realize nobody on here knows the whole story. For all we know Dantonio and staff may have made it clear that his offer was only good if he was flat out done visiting others. They could have been teetering on offering him and agreed on terms specifying no visits. Too much speculation to make a judgement...similar to people judging Urbs for Jamel Dean. We just don't have the full story and consequently I personally will give Dino a "pass". Unless he has a history of doing business this way...anyone know?
Comment 20 Jul 2015

Agreed, games are more fun to watch when there are two ranked opponents.  I'd much rather watch OSU have to beat ranked BIG opponents, but I grew up in the Midwest and appreciate BIG history.  Butkus and Illinois, Chicago (Amos Alonzo Stag)Minnesota (past champs), Wiscy (Alvarez), MSU/Nd rivalry(not BIG but classic when theirgood teams), and finally the War between Hayes and his protégé.  The games are so much better when the conference champ means something. 

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Why?  He can hold a spot and look around, that's what I would encourage my kid to do.  If he commits early then It scares away other 5 star talents and he can always change his mind and go somewhere better FOR HIM.  I wouldn't expect any kid to look out for the college's best interests, it's hard enough just being a recruit.  These kids should look out for themselves, college programs will survive if they decide to go somewhere else.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Potato Digger where did you here he decommited because of academics?  Nevermind, I just saw Birm mentioned it as a potential issue, but not that it is the reason for quitting on AtM. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

I've been wondering about Crowell as well.  Haven't heard much about him lately, I'm getting the impression he will stay south and may have just been in town to camp.  I think he could be a steal and is the under rated WR in this class thus far too, hate to lose him to a Miss. school (they offer so much less).  Was his family in town during his visit?  If not I see tOsU chances being very low.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Those two guys couldn't be more different.  Braxton is the consummate team player, TP...well you should already know.  Hope he catches on somewhere though, sounds like he has matured, and "Oh what a talent!"