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Comment 21 Apr 2015
Skim milk?!! Puh-leaze, you probably think a light beer is the best too. SMH
Comment 20 Apr 2015
Bosa is taking his time to make the best choice for himself. He is not a solid lock to the Bucks, but a good bet. If you were in HS and finishing up your junior year I doubt rushing to commit would be your 1st priority. I would just want to finish up the school year and then worry about figuring out the college thing. As a #1 recruit you aren't going to be blocked out of any program you want into, so why rush?
Comment 15 Apr 2015

As long as the coaches don't let this thing get silly (sacrificing mechanics and trying to throw fastballs or for distance repeatedly - NOT worth the injury risk) then this should be great fun to watch.  BUT Troy will run circles around these young bucks IMO, but Cardale will beat JT.  I think Dolodale just needed a little confidence boost last year to push him to his potential.  The reality is tOSU wins no matter what. 

Comment 08 Apr 2015
Who the hell cares about the Reds? Baseball is fun and all, but really there is no comparison between the 2 sports. Slow, relaxed, and lethargic drama on long summer days vs. non-stop, exciting, impact laden drama; there is a reason our nation's pastime has lost popularity. And this is coming from someone who worked in baseball. I just hope whoever downvoted you is holding a personal grudge for a curbstomping you handed them at an earlier point in their life.
Comment 02 Apr 2015
Cardale is great but for me Troy has been the superior player. His last year was one of the greatest displays of athleticism I have ever witnessed. But Cardale still has a lot of time to grow. And as evident from his tweets he is up for that task. I can't wait to watch what he brings over the next 2 years.
Comment 01 Apr 2015
Why would you agree with that rule? Silly. A kid should be allowed to get as much exposure to different coaching staffs as possible. Not all kids can afford trips to visit schools out of their own pocket and schools aren't allowed to pay for their trips (till after their junior year i believe). Since recruiting continues to happen earlier and earlier the importance of local exposure cannot be understated. It would suck to have Bama up in Ohio but kids should be allowed to choose the school that is best for them (and that requires early in person communication).
Comment 24 Mar 2015
Sadly a lot of top WRs look at the 104 receptions Amari Cooper had last year and think they can be that guy too. Couple #s like that with negative recruiting towards Meyer and his lack of big name WR pro talent, spread offense, and OSUs last 1000 yard receiver (over 10 years ago) and I can see recruiting a top tier WR being tough for Urbs. The Bucks really just need Thomas to blossom and make the college football/national media take notice...it will only take one guy to allow the floodgates to open. Many of today's kids are too young to remember Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, Cris Carter, David Boston, and even Santonio Holmes. Consequently, I don't think they view Ohio State the same as Bama, LSU, USC, FSU and some other programs who have had more notable wide receivers enter the pros recently.
Comment 17 Mar 2015
NEO by that rationale then OSU is even worse at talent development. OSU only had 6 players taken in 2014, 3 in 2013, and 4 in 2012. ND and OSU recruit about the same level of talent, according to 247 the Bucks actually had higher ranked classes in 2009 and 2010 and the Irish only in 2008. So...yes they develop talent quite well...otherwise why would we keep taking their coaches? Warriner and now the new RB coach both are ND steals.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
Not a domer BUT they do develop talent there quite well. They had 8 guys drafted last year, 6 in 2013, and 4 in 2012. Top that off with a nationally televised program giving kids exposure, tradition, a yearly schedule of top tier programs, and the academics and I don't understand why a kid wouldn't consider them. My brother attended ND before OSU law so I hear all about it.
Comment 15 Mar 2015
I don't think people were lining up to pick the Bucks last year after the loss to VT and close call at Michigan. You can't judge a team based off of it's poorer games...USC has the talent. The question is can they put it all together. I still am very confident this team can do it again next year BUT I think a lot of our fans are forgetting how hard it is to GRIND out 15 victories in a season. Don't sleep on TCU either. And I am sure someone else will emerge, maybe Clemson, ND, AtM.
Comment 05 Mar 2015
TE is all Vannett, Fragel graduated a while back. Did you mean Vannett wasn't dependable? He looked pretty solid last year behind Heurman (NFL TE).