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Comment 14 May 2015

Hopefully he is right and their sole loss is a 59-0 tubthumping in week one.  Then the SoS people in the SEC can't say as much about the schedule next year.

Comment 12 May 2015

You serious Clark?   Connor Cook?  Dantonio and Tress fill that program with Ohio talent.  Why would you think they would not be successful given the program's recent history?  I believe they have one of the best records of all Power 5 over the last decade.  The program has been developing talent quite well, which can only help recruiting when teamed with their recent on field success.  And they have recruited well at QB, Damion Terry was a big Dual threat QB steal, and now they got Messiah Deweaver from OH.  HOWEVER, even after all of the above praise the idea that tOSU is losing ground to Sparty is a joke.  They don't recruit star 4/5 star recruits as well as tOSU just look at past classes (although truly stars mean little unless the kid is a 5 star) and the current class.  As for Michigan and Nebraska (new coaches not familiar with local talent are not gonna recruit that great this year in the midwest, and they don't pack as much punch anymore) they aren't legitimate recruiting threats yet, but ND has done pretty well recently against tOSU (Eichenberg, and Kraemer were big losses for Meyer but not casualties from 'waiting' on other prospects).  Nevertheless, its good to be undisputed king and it has allowed Meyer to cherry pick most of the prospects he wanted this year (asides from Eichenberg, Kraemer, Ferns).  But you can't win them all, sometimes kids just find a better fit.

Comment 09 May 2015

Really Brutus865?  Class it up my friend.  He's a hell of a HS football player and a good kid, AND I am sure I speak for much of the readership on here when I say that nobody wants to know what you think of Ferns.  Move on already.

Comment 05 May 2015

Agree being from Ohio I would love the chance to play at the Shoe in front of fam and friends. 

Comment 05 May 2015
Bluebayou no idea why you were downvoted...I agree with you unfortunately oil and gas will be a valid career path for years to come and apparently tOSU doesn't offer it. Personally I wish Ferns the best of luck and will be glad if he stays in the BIG. It would be fun to watch him and a strong PSU D matchup with the team Meyer is building. The games I remember most are wins against strongly matched competition so losing out on midwest recruits to other BIG teams isn't the worst thing.
Comment 05 May 2015
I honestly believe that friggin punter changed the score about 7-10 points. Every drive was 20 yards longer than against any other team with a mere mortal punter. If Chrisman can deliver similar performances he is a HUGE get in this class.
Comment 26 Apr 2015

From the18 I personally love seeing Dantonio turn Sparty into the #2 in the BIG, I think I will always have a soft spot for him due to his time spent under Tress.  He is still a Buckeye to me.  However, while I share some of your sentiments regarding Michigan and PSU nothing pains me more than seeing guys like Trey Depriest, Derek Kief, and Jordan Hicks head south to the SEC or BIG 12.  With all the talent supposedly shifting south with the population these trends just aren't a positive for OSU (its much easier to sell recruits with a pitch about playing higher level competition than a lackluster BIG).  Hell, I will even take these kids going to ND over SEC schools, although it is preferable to see OH kids choose schools not colored in maize and blue. 

Comment 21 Apr 2015
Skim milk?!! Puh-leaze, you probably think a light beer is the best too. SMH
Comment 20 Apr 2015
Bosa is taking his time to make the best choice for himself. He is not a solid lock to the Bucks, but a good bet. If you were in HS and finishing up your junior year I doubt rushing to commit would be your 1st priority. I would just want to finish up the school year and then worry about figuring out the college thing. As a #1 recruit you aren't going to be blocked out of any program you want into, so why rush?
Comment 15 Apr 2015

As long as the coaches don't let this thing get silly (sacrificing mechanics and trying to throw fastballs or for distance repeatedly - NOT worth the injury risk) then this should be great fun to watch.  BUT Troy will run circles around these young bucks IMO, but Cardale will beat JT.  I think Dolodale just needed a little confidence boost last year to push him to his potential.  The reality is tOSU wins no matter what.