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Comment 18 Jan 2016
Just one opinion but there is way too much talent out there to think that. Burrow, Gibson, and Collier would all have to regress to fall behind a true frosh. Gotta believe there is a BIG learning curve in addition to the speed of the game - and he isn't on campus till fall. But he will compete, and prob see the field as a redshirt soph in 2018.
Comment 06 Jan 2016

I'm all for academics, but what was your major?  Guessing it was not Finance, as its a simple risk/return model with playing unpaid FBS college football vs. NFL money.  There is no reason to be disappointed in players leaving early to play in the league, it's almost more disappointing to see a kid stay who could get drafted in the first 3-4 rounds.  Ask Jaylon Smith and Marcus Lattimore if they wish they could have left school a little earlier.  Sure its nice to see a "loyal" guy stick around, but why waste your body if you don't have to?  Personally, I just feel lucky to see some of these talents play for the team I cheer for.  They can come back and get their degree later if they need it (hopefully that message is conveyed to the early entrants).

Comment 06 Jan 2016
Big difference between a freshman with no collegiate experience trying to learn plays at 2 positions and a 4 year starter and senior trying to learn plays at the H back position (which he is already familiar with due to his time at QB). Not saying he won't learn both poshitions just that the learning curve is gonna be much longer/more gradual.
Comment 28 Dec 2015
Couldn't disagree more. A stronger BIG is always better for OSU, just as a stronger ACC benefits FSU and Clemson. When your conference is viewed to be weak you have far less of a chance of losing and still sneaaking into the playoffs. This year was different in that tOSU lost to the 1 team in conference they couldn't afford a loss to (and late in the season at that). It doesn't take much to see that a stronger conference equates to a stronger SOS and a better chance of making the playoffs. Not to mention the fact that a stronger conference leads to more competitive games that are far more entertaining to watch than 41-7 victories over Purdue and Rutgers. And before you say it, I acknowledge a stronger conference also means a tougher path to the playoff - and more potential losses. But real players embrace competition, they seek it out and thrive on it. A stronger BIG means better recruits, better more entertaining games, and better chances tOSU grads do well in the league. All of that sounds good to me. Throw in a win for Dino (a former Buckeye) and its just gravy.
Comment 13 Oct 2015

I live in Austin, Charlie is loved by everyone I know.  The only people calling for his head were the idiot 2% of the fan base, the same ones who cried to fire Fickell at tOSU.  I think Charlie will be coaching here for a long time, people appreciated how he cleaned house with the "bad" eggs last year and realize he is working without a full deck.  The radio talk show hosts agree he should get at least another year after this season. 

As to Herman, I would bet he will be at UH for at least 2 years.  He is not a one and done type of guy that lacks character, he came to do a job at UH and I believe he won't leave till he has them in the top 10 (like Sumlin).  He is a Texas guy and I don't believe he has any interest in leaving anytime soon.  Maybe he leaves after a year if Sumlin leaves for USC but that is only to take a spot at AtM.

Comment 06 Oct 2015
Just hope that IU's running back isn't injured from the game. He was pretty lame after his ankle injury and that could make IU look poor in upcoming games since he is a large portion of their offense.
Comment 05 Oct 2015

Agreed Michigain does look good...but I don't know if I take them over this team yet.  I am assuming they Bucks beat Maryland somewhat easily, but will be curious to see how they handle PSU.  Need to see some offensive growth from the passing game in order to believe this team goes undefeated.  If Zeke and company struggle against PSU then I will be worried about TTUN.