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Comment 12 Oct 2016
Well...hate to admit it but... Bama RBs in league Ingram, Henry, Drake, Lacy, Yeldon and Jalston Fowler are current and Richardson was before that load. So there last 6 Rbs made it. tOSU has Zeke, Guapo, and Rod Smith...its been a while since Beanie was there but Bama has a better history of backs making it to the NFL right now. As for Academics tOSU is superior ranked 54 this year to Bamas 103 (dropped from 82 or so last year). But both are highly rated national universities and well above average. I can easily see how a kid is drawn to Bama once you throw in the hot weather and scantily clad ladies. Personally, I think there is less competition at tOSU for Akers if he chooses the Bucks. Weber and Williams are.the only true Rbs unless I am forgetting someone.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
I don't know ....I'd only go with Samuel, Price, Conley, Kwon and Barrett at this time. If I was any of the others I'd still be thinking of another year to increase my stock. Unless of course things continue at the current rate for Hooker and Lattimore. Lewis, Hubbard, and Holmes need to show out more if they want to go early IMO...but again possible if things continue. I just think it will be tough for all the above to exit early...just not enough plays for each of these guys to shine. There would be 12 Buckeyes drafted if you include Wilson and Elflein (compared to 9 from a more talented and seasoned lot last year).
Comment 13 Sep 2016
At this point I am pretty skeptical about opportunities with Okudah, Browning and Hines. I think the staff is losing a bit of faith also with the offers to Mckinney, Bolden & I believe they offered another LB too. Everyone down here in Austin seems to be indicating the Texas crew might be staying home. http://www.burntorangenation.com/2016/9/9/12867900/alex-leatherwood-baron-browning-marvin-wilson-texas-longhorns-recruiting
Comment 06 Sep 2016
Gameday at UT is awful compared to OSU. I compare it to a larger BC and thats not a good thing. The girls are great don't get me wrong...but the fans make OSU fans seem LOUD. And tailgates are few and far between down here...they are even held in parking garages due to the lack of surface lot space. Add in the stadium which is built out and not up, and a large old alum contingent and you have a quiet environment. Everyone who lives here tells me to check out College Station for a more raucous environment.
Comment 01 Sep 2016
I understand annoyance toward people pushing certain types of religions on others...thats idiotic, but "god bless you?" C'mon man, thats like getting annoyed at someone saying "god be with you" when you head off to battle/face death, its the best they can offer. And I'm saying this as someone who is not in the least bit religious. And for the record I didnt DV you.
Comment 31 Aug 2016
The program is on the rise and their coach has many ties to CA. Hence Holmes, Keyshawn Jr and Lindseys attractions. Add in the 4 star QB they got out of CA and the program seems to be recruiting much better this year. Success breeds success, and dont forget Riley basically lost something like 5 games last year by 13 combined points. Big Red returning would be great for the BIG.
Comment 31 Aug 2016
While I agree that getting Okudah as the final addition would be a great finish, I don't thinknthe coaches will have the luxury of assuming all current commits stick. Dobbins and Wade seem pretty uncertain....thus the continued pursuit of Akers and Holmes/Wade/Kelley-Powell plus Tufele bc you know he is just that good at the 2nd most important position in football.
Comment 14 Aug 2016
Thats funny you say that. Living down here I see 8 as the worst case scenario and 9 or 10 as likely. This is by far their best squad since the bcs title game. Defense will be good and skill players abound on offense with the QB being the lone question mark. They will surprise people this year and I wouldnt be surprised if they take down OU or ND.
Comment 14 Aug 2016
STU10 while I am not opposed to Harris being in the class I agree that if Grimes and Lindsey commit ahead of him then he shouldnt be added. That said, how can you justify saying the OL recruits have been poor lately? Knox and Burrel underperforming? Where are you hearing this? As for the other guys (cupp, taylor, feder, lisle) I think you will find most of the OL who left for the NFL recently had similar star ratings. The level of competition has only gone up in the OL room IMO. Truth be told though I dont think we get half of these players as predicted. If we did who would be decommitting? Not enough spots and just plain unlikely with Browning IMO. Id like to be wrong but then who is quitting the team to open up spots.l?
Comment 28 Jul 2016
OSU is not recruiting in Texas better than UT. Why would you even think it close? Okudah has not even commited yet this year. Browning is trending towards UT as is Hines...and now Dobbins commitment looks less certain. UT on the other hand has 4 star commits from all around the state and is leading for Marvin Wilson also. To really drive home my point look at last years classes. As to rivalry and schedules sure tOSU is playing OU and UT but those games were scheduled 5-10 years in advance. Major college programs have their schedules setup far ahead of time. This is probably why Nebraska plays OU in 2021/2 and 2029/30. They are playing Colorado in 2018/19 as well.
Comment 20 Jul 2016
Dobbins grew up a UT fan a few minutes away from campus. I think he is just rethinking now that UT is starting to look good again, Okudah/Browning/Hines have not joined him, and he may not be the sole back in the class. Hopefully I am wrong, but in Austin they are pushng for him to go Burnt Orange (and if they have a succesful season as Luginbill predicts I could see him flip). Urbs needs Okudah to sign soon so Dobbins doesnt just hear UT commits talking up the horns to him all day down here.
Comment 29 May 2016

STXBuck...Here are some reasons that graduation rates are important for recruits to look at:  Some schools do not allow football players to enroll in certain degree programs, certain schools limit classes players can enroll in (due to football conflict), in the past schools filtered students towards certain degrees and away from others, schools have been accused of enrolling players in courses that don't lead to a degree/graduation but allow eligibility, lastly, look at the whole UNC Chapel Hill debacle recently.  While all of these things may not impact grad rates they will impact academics and require student athletes to pay attention in order to be able to achieve academic goals. 

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Nice, I only scored an 18 so I would be a terrible NFL QB (not really news).   My guess is that the average is a 40% because people don't realize you need to rush.  The questions are not really that hard, but if you don't pay attention to the clock you definitely can end up in trouble.  I guess I should give my 4 degrees back and ask for a refund, LOL.  In all seriousness, I would bet if NFL scouts took the test they would not make ridiculous comments.