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Comment 21 hours ago
Your thinking of Baker Mayfield. Rumor was he would have started at OU if granted transfer eligibility this year. Brewer is the best of the 3, was the starter who won the job in camp BUT lost it while injured. It will be a great test of the DBs.
Comment 22 hours ago
I hope this is not the case. If he is getting an extra long rope just bc the team is thin at TE then the coaching staff needs to reevaluate. My hope is the "stuff" Urbs referred to is personal/grades/class attendance and not breaking of team rules. Either way this young man cannot have too much rope left to play with.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
The announcers pointed out the FCS D line is composed of a Bama, Auburn and Tenn transfer. Sure they arent still at those programs, but I wouldn't be so flippant to dismiss it.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
They need to clean up a few things in that secondary if they want to beat Mariota. Hopefully the blown coverages are just a result of it being game 1. If they can get their DBs to stick on their guys a little better and play that option read mistake free they can beat ORE.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
Anybody else watch MSU dismantle Jacksonville St? Cook looks really good. If they can get that D going full speed by next week watch out Oregon.
Comment 29 Aug 2014
Saturday Skull Sessions are the best for some reason.
Comment 28 Aug 2014
Only thing I have heard about him since his arrival was im regards to him showing a lack of effort. If you search the site you should be able to find that line. Darron Lee is gonna surprise some people, he was recruited as an athlete or S and was a 3 star I believe.
Comment 27 Aug 2014
BraxtoDevin I understand where you are coming from, but when you look at the # of injuries and type/player history its not that unprecedented. Brax had prior shoulder issues, Berger had a prior knee injury (>chance of reinjury if not rehabbed proper), Zeke had a minor wrist deal, Lattimore (prior history of irritation with his hammy), and I don't about Thompson. If these injuries were without history AND greater in number since Mick/Urbs arrived then it would be interesting to discuss. However, I would bet most football teams lose 2-4 before the start of the season. Be nice if we had stats to check.
Comment 25 Aug 2014
Not a bad list, who was UT playing when you went? I have only been to the Shoe, BC, and Texas. Texas packs the fans in but they all act like they are at a funeral. I was privy to games against OklSt, KSU, ISU and Rice. Non students will sit practically the entire game and the stadium isn't built up like the Shoe (rather UT is built out and at a gradual grade). As a result noise escapes. I've heard AtM is 2x as loud if not more. My impression is that Beaver Stadium, Clemson, LSU, Florida, FSU, AtM, Tenn. and Ole Miss are the environments I would like to attend the most. And Ole Miss is solely based off the tailgate/ parade of females.
Comment 25 Aug 2014
If they (freshmen) want to play then they need to earn it. If Raekwon isn't performing at the level of the guy ahead of him I'm sure he is aware of it. From all of Kwons former interviews I don't think he would have any sour grapes if he isn't outperforming Grant. UFM has been recruiting character guys who understand that nothing is handed to them, rather they need to earn it, 5* or 3*. Personally, I'd like to see our seniors all step up and develop, it would be best for the team if freshmen can't come in and outperform someone who has been in Cbus learning for 4 years.
Comment 23 Aug 2014
I have commented twice already on threads this year saying Brewer would start. This kid is good, played unreal in HS but was too short for UT . His predecessor in HS Garrett Gilbert was Gatorade player of the year and a 5 star and another reason UT overlooked Brewer. The kid can run and pass and was supposed to start last year after Doege left but hurt his back. Too many Bucks fans are overlooking this game.
Comment 23 Aug 2014
Johnnykozmo it will be hard for EZE to gain yards if he is beaten out by Rod Smith. Many of us still think this could happen. At the very least they will split the carries.
Comment 22 Aug 2014
Southbuc I live in Austin, TX and while there are some nice things down here, its pretty much the same as Columbus. The same size, traffic issues, summer:winter, large college town. Differences? Austin's economy is thriving and the city outgrowing its infrastructure. Football games in Columbus are about 5x louder and more fun to attend. And the women? There are some good looking ones down here, BUT also a lot of anorexic runner types. So, yes the economy is growing and TX is becoming overcrowded.
Comment 22 Aug 2014
These comments are funny. I grew up in Cbus, lived in NY, Boston, FL, and now TX. Every city has crappy fans with no class..and I am sad to say that OSU has some of the worst. Arrogant as@hat fans abound in any successful organization. I really wish more tOSU fans would learn to represent their team, family, and self with class. Every time I have moved into a different state I am hopeful our fans don't have a bad reputation, unfortunately this has not been the case. Urbs and JT both attempt to teach tOSU players to ignore ego and keep their composure; they turn young men into adults. While there is nothing wrong with booing and a little heckling, more fans should pay attention to the coaches.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Igotawoody no disagreement here that concussions are higher in football than other sports. But Jeeves said "the death of american football" and this is the picture much of the media keeps trying to force upon the public. I agree 100% that all athletes must be more aware of concussions and that a proactive approach is required. All of this is stressed when you work with those who have injuries and diseases resulting from varying amounts of brain function. One of the current problems is getting medical staff up to speed on the latest in neurological research and treatment. The field is ever evolving and there is still an awesome amount of information that is unexplored/misunderstood. Hence my commwnt about the media possibly driving football out before current medicine is able to adequately treat/address TBI. The functional neurology community is doing some truly amazing things that can/will help prevent some of the serious results from concussions. However, medicine needs to come to a consensus on treatment before things will get better....and that may take a while. If it takes too long the media could destroy many types of sports.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Silly comment, quit paying so much attention to the media. How many kids do you personally know who have serious issues from playing football? I have been around it my entire life and couldn't name more than a few. And I work with Brain injury. Risk is inherent in anything. I wouldn't blink at encouraging my kids to play football. It does build character, teamwork, and so many more life skills. Read the 'Game of Life' about how athletes excel throughout life better than non-athletes (if you want statistics). And concussions are quite common in soccer also...should we quit playing sports bc of risk? You can damage the brain stopping quickly in a car, falling or hitting your head on things. We can't exclusively worry about eliminating the risk of injury, attention must be paid to optimizing brain function prior to injury also. That is where the research is heading my friend; the question is whether the media bias drives sports like football into the ground before neuroscience catches up.
Comment 16 Aug 2014
Surgery is always a last option, post-op rehab is too timely and unpredictable. If he had responded as predicted he would be on schedule. But he didn't. On the other hand if his body had taken to the rehab chosen before surgery he would have been throwing months ago. And thus would have had time to build timing and work his skill/instead of getting cut open. Both choices (immediate or delayed surgery) carry risk and different rewards, BUT the chosen path was the correct one.