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Comment 18 Aug 2014
Igotawoody no disagreement here that concussions are higher in football than other sports. But Jeeves said "the death of american football" and this is the picture much of the media keeps trying to force upon the public. I agree 100% that all athletes must be more aware of concussions and that a proactive approach is required. All of this is stressed when you work with those who have injuries and diseases resulting from varying amounts of brain function. One of the current problems is getting medical staff up to speed on the latest in neurological research and treatment. The field is ever evolving and there is still an awesome amount of information that is unexplored/misunderstood. Hence my commwnt about the media possibly driving football out before current medicine is able to adequately treat/address TBI. The functional neurology community is doing some truly amazing things that can/will help prevent some of the serious results from concussions. However, medicine needs to come to a consensus on treatment before things will get better....and that may take a while. If it takes too long the media could destroy many types of sports.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Silly comment, quit paying so much attention to the media. How many kids do you personally know who have serious issues from playing football? I have been around it my entire life and couldn't name more than a few. And I work with Brain injury. Risk is inherent in anything. I wouldn't blink at encouraging my kids to play football. It does build character, teamwork, and so many more life skills. Read the 'Game of Life' about how athletes excel throughout life better than non-athletes (if you want statistics). And concussions are quite common in soccer also...should we quit playing sports bc of risk? You can damage the brain stopping quickly in a car, falling or hitting your head on things. We can't exclusively worry about eliminating the risk of injury, attention must be paid to optimizing brain function prior to injury also. That is where the research is heading my friend; the question is whether the media bias drives sports like football into the ground before neuroscience catches up.
Comment 16 Aug 2014
Surgery is always a last option, post-op rehab is too timely and unpredictable. If he had responded as predicted he would be on schedule. But he didn't. On the other hand if his body had taken to the rehab chosen before surgery he would have been throwing months ago. And thus would have had time to build timing and work his skill/instead of getting cut open. Both choices (immediate or delayed surgery) carry risk and different rewards, BUT the chosen path was the correct one.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
2002OSUBuck hate to have to tell you BUT every situation in medicine is different. Its really not fair to draw parallels when comparing sports injuries/how tough a guy is. People do these kinds of things all the time and it just is not right. Look at how people treated Roby when he couldn't play in the bowl game last year.
Comment 10 Aug 2014
Unfortunately, VT might be coming in under the radar with a new QB who is basically a senior. Michael Brewer was an extreme talent in HS, dual threat 4.5 forty, and was slated to start as a redshirt junior last year at Texas Tech. Unfortunately, for him he was injured and once healthy again buried on the depth chart behind 2 freshman breaking records. Thus the transfer. I am a little worried about this game, bc nobody else seems to be and everyone is assuming OSU wins easily. At this point in the season the pass defense will still be inexperienced. Hopefully I am wrong , or VT could be really good and win the coastal but lose to OSU. I personally can't wait to watch this one though.
Comment 09 Aug 2014
There is a chance for everything to be OK. As long as the non P5 schools continue to play the P5 in a D1 format. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening for long. Why would non P5 schools want to play schools who will inevitably have much better recruits/coaches? They won't want to do so, and will pull out and create their own division. This scenario actually just played itself out in Oklahoma HS football. Large HS with 6500 students that dominate HS athletics (bc the cities refuse to create 2 or 3 HS thus diluting their talent pool) were abandoned by the rest of the HS in their Div 6A. The other HS were sick of seeing the large HS dominate championships over the last 32 years. They demanded the large HS breakup into smaller HS, and when they were refused the smaller HS refused to schedule the larger HS. There will now be a super div 6 and a lower div 6 (all according to my OK client). The point is the current model is unsustainable.
Comment 09 Aug 2014
VT has a seasoned QB that will surprise, a transfer from Texas Tech, Michael Brewer. He runs a 4.5 40 and can throw, he would have been a senior under Kingsbury this year. He was supposed to start last year but got injured and when he came back both his backups Webb (current starter at TT) and Mayfield (my Oklahoma clients said he was running ahead of Knight for the starters job at OU before being declared ineligible) were having record seasons. Too many are predicting OSU to trounce VT and that could play into Beamers hands. OSUs pass defense will still be raw that early in the season. The VT, MSU and Mich games will all be tough. Fans need to stop acting like OSU is a world beater already. Lets stay cautiously optimistic until deeper into the season given the amount of questions on this years squad.
Comment 06 Aug 2014
Read a few months ago that Johnson doesn't seem to have that drive or "juice" shall we say. It was in an article on this site talking about his lack of progress in the spring. Fortunately LB is loaded with the new Freshmen. Too bad about Mitchell leaving though.
Comment 06 Aug 2014
Not viable because it is improbable that he spurns the Texas programs? I'm betting that's where the pessimism comes from. He has had OSU listed as an official visit for months now. Therefore, he has to have some serious interest, right? And anytime they come to campus you have to think OSU has a shot. Afterall, Herman does seem to do well puling recruits from Texas. Optimistically Jefferson could be our version of Jordan Hicks?
Comment 05 Aug 2014
Has Birm ever talked with Jefferson? I have seen the official listed on his 247 account for a while but never hear anything about him on here. As you can imagine, living in Austin I hear all the time how he is going to be an Aggie or Horn. You gotta think tOSU has a chance if he makes it to campus though. Either way it would be a coup to pull either LB in from out of state.
Comment 03 Aug 2014
It would be great to see more of Cardale in games where the score is out of reach. Get that guy some more passing experience.
Comment 03 Aug 2014
MYC not wrong at all...he needs to choose his words a little better. I am pretty sure he is looking for the best possible situation that suits/meets his needs at the next level. And as previous comments have stated, the 3 schools besides Auburn all have better academics. It's also possible that he is following his heart more and not listening to all the hype the 'mighty' SEC gets down south. Maybe he is realizing that there are schools outside of ESPiNs networks that offer the same/better benefits after college is over. A chance to play in the NFL, quality academics, worldwide alumni connectons, AND the possibility of making the playoff.
Comment 01 Aug 2014
Toad I agree. Its alot easier to play your position well when you can sit back and worry only about the role you are supposed to play. With an improved secondary the LBs should be much better. And now that Urbs is saying it, and not just preseason prognosticators, I am much much happier.
Comment 31 Jul 2014
Thanks for clearing that up. That makes a lot more sense...and I think it will help in his recruitment. Now he can bond with the rest of his class.
Comment 31 Jul 2014
Killer nuts I thought the same thing. I went to check the schedule thinking for sure it would be the VT weekend. Too bad as I think more top talent will be at VA Tech- whereas who knows the amount of current commits at KSU.