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Comment 15 Mar 2017
RK84 I don't know about the majority of fans liking them. I would agree the kids like them and so do the younger fans but everyone I know in their 30s was either not a fan or impartial. I didn't care for them myself, but thought it was a good idea to charge up the fans for the home game "blackout".
Comment 26 Jan 2017
I know Michigan is THE rival, but you really are wearing some scarlet colored glasses. Not everyone likes tOSU and/or Columbus, academics, possible majors, competition, the list goes on. There are much worse programs to play for, and Michigan is one of the top football programs in the region too. Sure they haven't had recent success comparable to tOSU but they have no shortage of NFL scouts hanging around.....even though they end every season with the taste of defeat.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
I'd venture that football is more popular per capita in the south than in other regions. I have lived in the midwest (OH), Northeast (NY, MA), and south (FL, TX) and honestly feel that beyond OH, MI & PA the northern states are less interested in football than those in the south. Texans are crazy about the sport, and the south in general seems far more interested in football compared to other sports. Stereotyping here for sure but what else is there to do in AK, AL, LA, MS, TN, SC and small town FL/GA? Obviously you have a few beach towns and New Orleans but little else. I would also guess there is less education, and more civic community pride in the deep south. Football is a way forward in such communities and also a way up the social ladder. It also is the center of many small towns in the south. So I think all of these things lead to increased participation rates per capita and thus skewed numbers of elite players from the south. It would be interesting to compile numbers in basketball and I bet the lines would be far more even if not skewed with elite BBallers from the north.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
Shoot I'm mlst excited to see the secondary. IMO they are loaded and we all know the coaches are great. I have been excited to see what Erick Smith can do for 3 years now. The kid was a monster in the Army All American game and a heavy hitter at Glenville. The injuries hobbled both Lattimore and him when they came into state. We all saw what Lattimore could do this year, now its Smith's turn (tough being stuck behind Hooker on the depth chart).
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Everyone deserves a second chance....hard to judge thise who you know nothing about. Sark supposedly was having family issues and a messy divorce. I would have hired him and not thought twice about it. Obviously, you listen to their side of the story and if it checks out go for it. Three times is probably pushing it, but if the coach checks himself into rehab and admits a problem I admire him for trying to change. Nobody knows timelines or details about either of these guys situations. Alcohol is an addiction that can destroy people, hopefully both coaches succeed going forward.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
I would put Riley ahead of both those guys you listed. His main competition for best coach out west is Lovie. If Fleck can show some kind of growth he can grow into something but he has only done it in the MAC. Chryst inherited his players and brought in a good surrounding cast, but similarly time will tell if he is what he looked this year. His recruiting has not been great so I wonder about longevity. Riley on the other hand has done solid work at the college and NFL levels and is respected by peers. And Lovie has his time with the Bears but turning Illinois around is gonna be tough. Still I would bet Lovie currently turns more heads and garners more respect amongst coaches than Fleck and Chryst.
Comment 07 Jan 2017

I don't know that times have changed that much.  I am hoping a cap gets put on this class soon.  Personally I would like to see Okudah and that is it unless there is another 5 star.  I also don't want to see shady roster practices being brought in to Ohio State so I am hoping the coaches are privy to some info we are not.  I also will guarantee you will see a lot of annoyed fans if there are shitty moves made by the coaching staff. 

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Jonping67 I can't imagine 16 guys will need to leave.  You have to figure Lattimore won't turn down a first round projection.  But its would be a good problem to have.  Samuel and Baugh also were projected as high as round 3, and from everything I have seen on here, Baugh doesn't exactly love school.  I recall reading that Percy Harvin went in Round 3 and that is Samuel's projection so...  Collier graduated and will most likely move on.  These are the most likely scenarios so that would make 6 (srs) + 6 (early departures) + 1 (grad Collier) for 13 new roster spots.  The class sits at 17 currently and more than likely adds at least 2 more.  If Gibson is set on staying I would bet we cap it at 19 (Okudah and Wilson/Tufele/Munford/Harris/Holmes).  I would bet the coaches ask him for his decision soon and if we take 20 it means Torrance is leaving.  I just cannot see more than 6 guys somehow exiting that would be some kind of record and would not make Meyer look good.

Comment 07 Jan 2017
Great point...nobody knows a kid like his/her parents and sometimes its in the childs best interest to stay closer to home. I recall a client with a daughter undergoing psychological problems (due to an extraordinary IQ) who wanted to go far away for college. However, she already had experienced certain breakdowns during which family being readily available was almost necessity. On the same token some kids may need help breaking away from bad influences. I guess what I am saying is its not really our place to judge, afterall they aren't arguing this on TV.
Comment 07 Jan 2017
I know plenty of children that attend major universities and some much older than 18. Just because the law says age 18 is considered adulthood doesn't mean that holds true in every tenet. I suppose you waited until you were 21 to have a drink? You were never left alone till after the age of 14? And at 16 do you think all kids should be allowed guns? Did you wait till you were 18 to set off a firework? At the end of the day the "legal" ages were/are setup to create a bellcurve that alots for a certain level of mature decision making, they are far from fixed. Can you honestly tell me you don't know any 18, 19, 20 or 21 year olds you would consider children? I know some people who are in their 20s that shouldn't be allowed to do certain things they are privy to. And having worked in pro athletics lets just say the level of maturity in locker rooms is far lower than that of similarly aged peers. There is something to be said about maturity and being gifted everything throughout youth due to athletic skill.