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Comment 10 hours ago
The only caliber anyone should be concerned with comes in a 12 gauge silver shell. And King Cardale already sent Bama the warning shots.
Comment 17 Dec 2014

The BIG teams have the $.  I am just glad to see someone finally ponying up and putting down some $$$ for coaches.  Even if the Wolverines are the ones who start the trend, hopefully the rest of the mediocre underachieving teams in the BIG follow suit. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014
Romzibi I hope Birm is just making a comparison with Norwood and Davis bc they are both from out of state. Norwood looks like the real deal on his tape...I am more excited about him than most of this incoming class (and seeing his ranking relative to the rest that seems crazy). I truly think he is a hidden gem that is starting to get national attention although hopefully too late for UGA to gain any traction.
Comment 07 Dec 2014
Hey Birm could you list expected commitment dates by names now that there is basically less than 2 months to go? I imagine the dominoes will be falling faster now. I saw Sweat is expected to commit on Weds to somebody, what about Gallimore, Beckner, Harris, Weber, Cager, etc.? I realize you have probably mentioned dates in past updates, but remembering this stuff is not our job (only you can make it look so easy). Thanks in advance for any dates forthcoming.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
Doghouse you beat me to it. Thus far the only OL in this class under 300#. Guess they will all pick on the little guy. That said, God help us if there is ever a short QB behind this group.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
Gundy is a good coach. And nobody can question his love for his players or passion for what he does.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
00Buck I couldn't agree more but they still piss me off. I was yelling at the guy to give him a chance but wasn't heard bc a guy three rows up from the douche had to be held back by his friends. I was really hoping he would get loose and scare the sh@! out of the as@hat. The sad thing is these so called fans were pretty prevalent at the shoe Sat.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
Gotta say I am more than excited to see what Cardale can bring to the table. What Herman and Meyer dream up for him also is anyone's guess. The young man has all the potential to be a good QB and a very high ceiling should he learn to throw with accuracy and make good decisions. Personally I am more excited about this week than Michigan week (and I was at The Game). This week just feels like a trip to Vegas...gonna support our 3rd string QB no matter what though. Too many douchbags in the stands last week were yelling "Cardale you suck" when he didn't get the 3rd &1 conversion coming in off the bench. Sometimes our fans just suck.
Comment 25 Nov 2014
Fromthe18 if OSU loses to Wisky then they don't belong in the playoff. My preference is to play the best competition on the biggest stage AND that is Wisconsin/Gordon. The players don't come to OSU looking to play mediocre teams. They want a shot at Gordon. Wouldn't you rather watch a competitive game than a more certain victory? The best wins are the close back and forth games...who doesn't like a heavyweight bout? This team has proven they have the ability to play with anyone, if they want to be the best then they should play the best.
Comment 25 Nov 2014
Buckguy you sir are generous...if he thinks that stuff is gonna pump up a fan base you better be prepared to teach/instruct for a few weeks.
Comment 25 Nov 2014
Hydeyokids I hear you. While I am by no means assuming a win without effort I also am the least excited I have ever been to attend a Michigan game. TTUN just doesn't have much cache value these days. I look forward to them finding a new coach who can return them to respectability (better for the BIG and for the Game).
Comment 23 Nov 2014

TheVictoryBell I agree with you.  The occasional alternate uni is ok, BUT blue blood programs don't need gimmicks.  The unis should stay scarlet and gray...a recruit is not going to choose tOSU because they wore black uniforms.  And yes I believe this because of tradition, and because the school colors are scarlet and gray, the program is built around traditions.  Listen to the band and the songs lyrics.  Look at the trophys, the buckeye grove, the skull sessions.  Many of us aren't hiding behind traditions for justification, we are just proud of them.  There are ways to honor both crowds (traditionalists and progressives), and the program should strive to do both.

As for the music and other complaints I think Birm is spot on.  The crowd should never be quieted like it has been at times over the years.  At times, the shoe can rock like no other, and then there is the morgue that seems all too common these days.  Myself I will be making noise all day this coming Saturday for the team clad in scarlet and gray. 

Edit:  Bowen's words as to why he chose the Bucks, no reference to trendy jerseys: 

"The tradition there is unbelievable and from what I have seen, they have the best fans in the nation. Really, everything at Ohio State is what sold me on Ohio State. I have nothing but respect for Utah's program, but it's a night and day difference between the two places. The players at Ohio State are closer, the coaches' resumes are all impressive and it's a program that's on the verge of competing for multiple national championships. There's a tradition at The Ohio State University that is unlike any other."

Comment 21 Nov 2014
Abe I agree with you I hope Urbs doesn't play him. The young man should be held out so he can learn from multiple mistakes (and from lying to his coach). tOSU is not LSU, championships should not take priority. This team may be able to do it without his contributions and the players who replaced him and did things the right way deserve that chance IMO. Either way, if Urbs decides Spence has paid the piper enough (and he wins his appeal) I will support him. I just hope Meyer is setting Spence up to move forward in his life. Edit: I do hope he is allowed back next year.
Comment 18 Nov 2014

Buckeyedude, I was just thinking the same thing.  Too bad UM is moving so slow in announcing that Brady is gone, UF and other programs who have their act together are going to move first and get the best available candidate.  UM will wait thinking they can convince a Harbaugh and possibly end up missing on all the potential candidates worth a damn.  As much as it is fun to laugh at their mediocrity they need to step it up for BIG strength of schedule. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Jason how about you guys call it 'Ann Arbor' instead of jail?  Jail is just too amenable for some of our members.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Gotta imagine the BIG representatives were pushing hard to get Minnie rated in the top 25 this week.  Looks like they might have some pull in the committee afterall.  Sadly, ESecPN was already pushing a Minnesota overrated narrative, pointing out that they will probably lose their last 3 (OSU, Neb, Wisc.).  Hopefully, Bama gets taken to the woodshed this weekend and the Canes can pull off the upset over Jameis (bolstering Nebraskas schedule and rank). 

Comment 11 Nov 2014

If Braxton were to transfer it would be very sad, BUT I would wish him the best of luck.  He will contend for the Heisman wherever he plays next year (hopefully as QB for tOSU).  I personally would cheer for him wherever he went, and if he decided to stay in the BIG and go to UW or another rival then I would cheer for him there as well (as long as he didn't win against OSU).  My guess is he returns and reclaims his job next year.