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Comment 22 Feb 2016

Id be interested to see how many players have been offered D1 scollys, obviously those 13 have, but maybe backups or the other starters

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I don't think most would consider Curtis Samuel a power running back though?

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I know it's dangerous waters, but I'd rather save a receiver spot for an extra one next year, '17 class is going to be special

Comment 06 May 2015

Based off of the hurry up tonight doesn't sound like they are a package deal anymore, it's going to be hard enough to keep the two DE we have if (when) Nick Bosa commits tOSU doesn't want to jeopardize who we already have

Comment 25 Apr 2015

But...but...but we won the national championship....

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I'm not sure how much you follow recruiting then, because he is one of the best