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Comment 11 Jul 2014

I know black isn't one of our colors but a black jersey with scarlet numbers would be dope bro.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

I hate to say it as much as the next guy but the days of Ohio state being only Ohio players is gone, we recruit nationally therefore if we can get a better kid from somewhere else, we will recruit him, also not to brush baker off I hope he's in our class, but there are a ton of the nations best LBs next year that happen to be in Ohio as well. 

Comment 07 Jul 2014
Anyone think if they miss on Baker, that the staff looks at Mckee
Comment 06 Jul 2014
I really don't see what the hold up is on newer unis. The future of the organization are the students and players now, while I agree it'd be nice to stick close to our brand, what's wrong with a few updates?
Comment 04 Jul 2014
He followed me also out the blue, and thanked me for my service (my profile picture is of me in uniform) he's a great kid
Comment 29 Jun 2014
I like this it's very pro buckeye, but the fact that Boykin changed his date is worrisome since he's more of an irish lean from what I've read, hopefully they aren't all committing together
Comment 25 Jun 2014

i think the gap in TALENT between the rotation guys and the starters are far less then most think.  The starters are obviously the best, however, the recruiting we've done over the last few years has prevented many others to prove themselves.  I think the older guys like steve miller and frazier have more EXPERIENCE.  Don't really see an issue with the rotation, any of these guys could play the entire game, but why not keep them fresh?

Comment 24 Jun 2014
Does anyone think the possible commit of fullwood to Vtech maybe pushes Sweat away? They already have Lewis (4-star DE) committed and it seems like Sweat is our number one DE on the board
Comment 20 Jun 2014
I played high school football with Jeffie (I was senior he was frosh) very gifted athlete not sure if he would've made the team though IMO