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Comment 04 Apr 2013

To question do players deserve to get paid?

We clamor over these kids to commit to our school not for accounting and engineering but for touchdowns and national championships. How can anyone dare say they don’t deserve to get paid? Last time I check nobody was buying jerseys of the debate team or the academic student with a 4.0 but we are willing to buy a jersey of the kid making 3 pointers and scoring touchdowns. We treat these student athletes like superstars but don’t expect them to get compensated as such. Money is somehow illegal if you're a student athlete our #1 means to survival in this society. But an art student on scholarship can sale his work on the side while in school and be compensated. The coach makes millions, the school makes millions and gets huge recognition, the networks make billions we get fulfillment and joy watching them play but they cant get a fair piece of the pie. Heck they’re even on video games and the way recruiting sites are booming nowadays...YOU are Delusional if you think that what most of these kids do is only worth a scholarship and if so, you my friend would not be constantly wondering who the next big recruit to commit would be. I do believe a scholarship has value to it but that all diminished once these mega contracts came into play. Its one thing to play football for a scholarship which is huge way to get closer to success in this world BUT all bets are off when corporations are making and paying BILLIONS to see them in action. 

I wonder how would most of you feel if there was no more college football. Ask your self is it really the school or is it the players that master there craft and we get a joy out of it. If it’s really only about the school then we wouldn’t care about the coach or players on the team and we would be satisfied with a mediocre team that is all about the academics first. Wonder how many would wake up to see a sub 500 OSU team produce year after year and be happy. That scholarship is not worth the amount of money these kids generate today $$$Billions. Last time I checked you did not need a College degree to play in the pros however this is the only way to get there for majority of college athletes. You should not have to go oversees in order to make a living in your trade if you are qualified to perform the job in your own country. Lets be honest these kids aren’t in it for the education first. Its only a backup plan incase they don’t make it big. Ca$h is and always will be King. Schollies are used as a ticket in hopes of stardom/fame and success just like most of us only went to college to get that career we so desperately don’t wont to work at McDonalds or Wal-Mart. If you could get a nice career with a 90,000 salary without a degree would you skip college I sure would but we pout when they leave early for a chance at riches (Imagine your sophomore or junior year being offered a position worth $100,000 in earnings would you take it if they wanted you to work for them now without a degree?) Remember there is no age limit in going to college these kids can always go back to school if it doesn't work out cause college doesn't guarantee you anything you have to get it yourself…It’s a shame that only 2 sports in America Basketball and Football deny entry for employment unless they meet some absurd age restriction. You can play hockey, baseball, tennis, boxing, MMA, soccer, golf, NASCAR, smoke cigarettes, run for President or any other political area and even join the military before you can run for a 1st down and tackle or shoot free throws or three pointers and be compensated. WOW only in America!