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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006 Ohio State vs Michigan ... GLORIOUS.
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Comment 11 Jan 2017

I don't know if it would work or not, only because it seems like it could disrupt each QB from getting into a good rhythm.  BUT, I do like the idea. I love the creativity of it, and you make some really good points.  I'd love to see us try it.  I was actually hoping for something like this to be our strategy for QBgeddon in 2015.  

I'd like to see Team A and Team B work like Hockey lines or something.  keep the same O-line, but swap in a group of skill players, QB, RB, HB, 2 WR's, and a TE.  That way the passing game can always have chemistry already developed.  I think we've got enough skill guys to make it work.  and I especially like your idea about having each group attack the defense from the same overall playbook, but with a different emphasis, to keep the defenses constantly having to keep up and adjust on the fly.  

the only reason I think it might not work is, I think you need to give each offensive skill group a full drive for their turn.  and depending how much time passes in between Group A's first drive, and their next drive, does too much time pass and the QB goes cold?   maybe not, as long as you don't alternate on every single drive?

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Solve the QB problem by trading with New England.  A 2nd or 3rd rounder + Josh Gordon for Jimmy Garopollo.  He looks like a super legit QB.  I don't know what Gordon's status is anymore, but I do know the Patriots have been lusting after him ever since he singlehandedly abused them a couple years ago.  


#1 pick = Myles Garrett 

#12 pick = Malik Hooker?  

Rest of Draft, BPA with a focus on defense and offensive line.  I think that would bring the most improvement to the team in the shortest amount of time. 

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Cooper's Lucky Pig, you're totally right about the Hall being empty like that.  I guess that's why they have to keep broadening what qualifies as "Rock N Roll".   My first thought whenever I see bands from the 90's getting inducted is, "Uh Oh, they're going to run out of people to induct soon."  Just to keep the Hall alive and thriving they're going to have no choice but to start inducting people that might be a questionable fit.

There are still some great Rock bands out there today, but are they really big enough to be considered Hall Of Fame worthy?  I hope so, but unfortunately, Rock hasn't really dominated the mainstream in a good while now.  

Comment 20 Dec 2016

technically, it did used to have a fairly strict definition when it first came out in the 50's.  but it was more defined by a specific feel to the rhythm, similar to Jazz and it's swing rhythm, but also by the tempo, and the chord structure.  the same as Jazz, and Blues each had specific definitions.  Jazz was first defined by it's dotted 8th note, "Swing" rhythms, and ii-V-I chord progressions, with 7th chords and additional extended harmonies.  Blues was similar but distinguished by it's  "12 Bar Blues"  chord progression, usually slower tempo, sad lyrical content, and lyric structure that said a phrase, repeated the phrase, then completed the phrase.  

Rock N Roll, was kind of a mashup of Blues and Country when it first started.  strictly following the 12 Bar Blues chord changes and the Blues style Lyrical Structures, but the topics weren't always sad, and the tempo was faster.  Rhythmically, it usually had a backbeat in 4/4 with accents on 2 and 4.  But it still had a lot in common with Jazz, Blues, and Country at the time.  Chuck Berry, Elvis, Chubby Checker, etc.  

During the 60's it started to evolve into something different.  The Beatles early stuff, compared to their later stuff is a great example.  And then has continued to evolve, every decade, ever since, but always kept the same original name of "Rock N Roll".  By this point Modern Rock music doesn't really resemble Original Rock music at all, but for some reason we keep calling it Rock N Roll.  I guess instead we just create new names for sub genres like "hard rock", "classic rock", "Metal", "Pop Rock", "Soft Rock",  "Folk Rock", "Punk Rock", "Alternative Rock", etc when some of these should probably just be considered their own genre.    It has changed so much and diversified so much, that at this point, it's become an all encompassing term and basically, everything I just said is totally irrelevant.  haha.  

Comment 20 Dec 2016

I decided between Ginger and Maryanne when I was 6, and the answer is still Ginger.  

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Mona!  no contest.  haha, this still makes me feel gross though.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Thank you.   This is why I love people who are good at math.  Haha I was also wondering, "how can a dude kick that many punts without being exhausted?" Jugs machine.  Duh.  

Comment 19 Dec 2016

I like McCall.  catching 200 punts a day?!  that sounds like more practice at it than anyone else on the team is probably getting.  still not the same as in game experience, but 200 a day?  damn.  how does he have time left to practice anything else?

Comment 17 Dec 2016

I think the Lakers are really close to being really good.  they just need an on court leader.  imagine a Jason Kidd or Chris Paul type on that team.  right now, their only advantage is their energy and athleticism, because they're so young.  other teams just don't want to match their energy level.  too bad Russell was out tonight.  I was hoping to get to watch him a little bit.