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Comment 20 Feb 2013

Like I said, it's pretty likely that the Hockey team made the video ON THEIR OWN and the athletic department is now using it. 

You make it seem like the video was Gene Smith's idea and he decided to focus on only using the hockey team. I agree with you that makes no sense excluding the rest of the athletic department. Thus, I logically deduce that the idea wasn't his, but was most likely done by the hockey team itself

Comment 20 Feb 2013

Because the initiative has its greatest roots in hockey. It started at Miami University when the gay son of the Maple Leaf's GM died. He was a manager for the hockey team and the captains of the team (and coach) got together with various players in the NHL and made the You Can Play movement happen. They are trying to get the message out to other sports, but it's likely that the Hockey Team wanted to do this on their own, rather than the administration asked all athletes to do it. 

Comment 19 Feb 2013

Notre Dame landed pretty well all things considered from a hockey standpoint. In fact one could make a pretty decent argument that the BIG's hockey league hurts the individual teams depending on how their out of conference scheduling goes. However, I still like the move for the BIG overall because it is apart of their long-term goal of being the premier national athletic/academic conference and it makes the BIG network much, more attractive. 

But it only hurt Notre Dame's wallet for hockey, the league they are moving to is probably better than the CCHA, if only slightly. 

Comment 16 Feb 2013

Honestly Hankins is a perfect fit for the Steelers 3-4 D. His strengths are amplified in that defense(suck at least 2 defenders and let the l-backers do work) and weaknesses non-existant(the Steelers never ask their center man to rush the QB). Casey Hampton has had only NINE sacks across TWELVE seasons with the Steelers. He also never had more than 43 tackles in a season (that's solo PLUS combined). 

Put simply the type of year that Hankins just had shouldn't and won't scare an organization like the Steelers, because he basically fits their defense like a glove. 

Comment 12 Feb 2013

Now I could be wrong, but I believe that this is something that Urban has been consciously trying to avoid bringing in at Ohio State. There have been a couple of kids that have been recruited and even committed who I could see getting into trouble at some point(not going to name names) but on the whole we are bringing in some quality human beings.

There was a great article on ESPN last week about Northwestern and how Fitzgerald tries to only recruit captains. Said something about how over 70 players on their team applied to be on their leadership council. The council sort of represents a player's government on the team. Pretty cool of Fitzgerald to do that and although I think OSU doesn't need to go to that extreme, it's gotta be a niche that is incredibly attractive to the recruits Northwestern targets. Makes me more excited for James Clarck if he passed Fitzgerald's character test. 

Comment 30 Jan 2013

Just to add to your argument a bit. I don't understand why people try to argue against the fact that the population demographics are against the BIG. It's not like this is a new thing. BIG schools have always been at their best in the past couple decades when they've been able to successfully recruit outside of the Midwest. Drew Brees? Texas. Tom Brady? California. Denard Robinson? Florida. Taylor Martinez? California. Chad Henne? Eastern PA. Terrelle Pryor? Central PA.

Are there some BIG QBs that have been really successful that are in the footprint? Sure. But you need to do a good job recruiting nationally to be good in the BIG or anywhere really. Ohio State, USC, Texas, LSU, and Miami (FL) are the only schools I can think of that have ever been able to be elite with a dominant majority of in-state talent. 

Look at Northwestern today. They have been killing it in Texas and California with their recruitment under Fitzgerald. 

Comment 29 Jan 2013

Results wise he is their John Cooper. From a recruiting standpoint? He is just awful. 


Not a bad coordinator and would probably be a great head coach at a mid-tier school in the BIG /SEC/PAC-12/BIG XII. Just not up to what Big Red should be getting. 

I hope they make a play for Sarkisian (with his west coast ties would be good for Nebraska) or Franklin. 

Comment 29 Jan 2013

I believe that Love was an early enrollee. I think Nebraska can sustain the loss of Heard who was never likely to be THE feature back, though he did get good playing time last year so this is a head scratcher. Having seen both McWilson and Love play throughout high school---McWilson is no big loss, but Love would be quite the loss. 

Comment 16 Jan 2013

Ehhhh this is a bit misleading. 

1) Not every rider on the tour was doping. An alarming percentage, sure, but not ever rider. 

2) Blood boosters don't affect every human being the same way. Let's say you and I were both distance runners with around the same marathon time. We both take the same cocktail of drugs and do the same training. One of us could have a marked advantage based on how our body would react to the drugs. 

3) Armstrong not only had the money to run the most sophisticated doping system on the tour. He did run the most sophisticated doping system on the tour. He cheated better than anyone else. He had better doctors and committed to the program 100%. And he had the best team in the tour behind him (even though cycling is an individual sport, your team is a big reason why you see success). 

I'm just sick of seeing Armstrong being defended at all. The guy carried on with this lie for years after it was obvious to anyone that was paying good attention to the sport that he doped. His confession right now? Yeah, it would be like if Barry Bonds admitted to using PEDs about 3-4 years from now. That's how late this was coming. 

Comment 09 Jan 2013

Not Alex, but it just seemed like Quick kept both coaching staffs in the dark. There is nothing wrong with that and it is his perogative to do so. 

I doubt that those tweets were anything other than last minute recruiting. 

Comment 09 Jan 2013

He might mean in terms of recruiting battles. That taking someone from the South who is placed near the top of Alabama's recruiting board is his biggest accomplishment thus far as head coach. Apple was set on Ohio State as a program, regardless of coach and Spence was a heavy Penn State lean until that situation happened. 

Likewise taking Webb from Cass Tech would be a huge grab for Meyer next year. As big of a steal as USC stealing Audrey Walker (in what may have been our worst O Line class for decades). 

Comment 05 Jan 2013

Also---anyone see the article on Lisle today at Rivals? Very cool that his dad is a West Point graduate and that his brother just joined the military.

Makes all the positive reports we've heard about him this week even more promising. Reminds me a lot of Andrew Norwell's recruitment. Both guys knew they wanted to be Buckeyes with as little drama as possible. Let's hope Lisle slots in as quickly as Norwell did. 

Comment 05 Jan 2013

I am really glad we have Elliot and think he will really provide a different style of RB than what we have on the roster.

That being said-- I really think Derrick Green is going to be special on the college level. Even though he has been a bit of a primadonna during the recruiting process, I like his story. He lost all of that weight to become a RB when the coaches wanted to put him on the O Line. I really hope TSUN gets him because he is a big need for them and he would really elevate the rivalry by making Michigan a better team. I know some fans take the approach that they would like Michigan to lose every game, but I think a better Michigan creates a better BIG and a better Ohio State. 

Comment 04 Jan 2013

Agree completely. This is one of those rare recruiting situations where an equal case can be made for both schools in complete honesty. Each school will offer a very good opportunity for him. 

Comment 03 Jan 2013

Every single time I correct someone on things like this I ALWAYS end up looking like an idiot and screw up somehow. 


Comment 03 Jan 2013

Not trying to be a grammar/word Nazi but it is 'wreck' as opposed to 'reek' for the phrase wreck havoc. 


Great article though! I really enjoyed it. 

Comment 03 Jan 2013

In fairness to the Nebraska players they haven't been (the QB and RB) that team's problem this year. It's been their defense.