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Comment 14 hours ago

Like MoC, he had a very good academic profile coming out of Youngstown. Ursuline isn't perfect (PSU QB Darryl Clark was a nonqualifier from there) but a quality school. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

I think Willoughby is slated for kickoff duties.

As for numbers, 56-59 and 87 don't have a ton of recent history with them. I know veteran Farris is 57 and Lewis 59, but they're just now becoming starters.

The duplicate low numbers are annoying, but won't change anytime soon. At least a lot are shared by a none-playing walk on.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

Only # changes I see are Hubbard moving to 6 and Conley to 8.

If memory serves me correct, it lists 85 guys on scholarship (technically it lists 88 but we know Bogard, Reeves and Tanner don't count).


Comment 12 Jun 2015

Pay and walk-on? That's a nonstarter as he'd be trying to gain admission alongside all normal applicants, not just the athletes.

I wouldn't be totally shocked if this came about with his move from Indiana to Florida and respective grad requirements. Even so, this isn't IMG's first rodeo...maybe Mirko simply needs a fifth year to rectify FR/SO struggles. I wish him the best.

The snarky part of me wants to recommend he get his uncle John to call that big whinging baby in South Bend. Seems Kelly is trying to play the pity card with his players and academics.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Nice, huge pic at the Dispatch...of Raekwon McMillan. Who the hell edits things over there?

And until there are words from someone other than "insiders", color me skeptical. I hope ML is healthy, but he's been unlucky thus far.

Comment 25 May 2015

So we booted a kid who would've been on the two-deep from day one? Ok.

CB is incredibly thin as Reeves is done and Lattimore has his own health issues.

Comment 17 May 2015

I'll just put it this way -- if you're built like a skill position player or skinny, go for the line skill cut. Anyone else should be going for the line cut jerseys.

I could explain the 40-50 numbering scheme, but there's not as much variance in authentic jerseys as you'd find in t-shirts, for example. All gamers will show your gut.

Also, while an $80 starting fee isn't bad, $25 to ship a jersey is laughable.

Comment 15 May 2015

2007 opener: two true freshman WR score on their first career reception.

Guy A: would add 122 catches, 1869 yards and 18 TDs later in his career.

Guy B: His first reception (37-yards) would be the longest of his career and the only time he scored in his career. Stats, remainder of career: 7 rec, 70 yd