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Comment 20 May 2017

Does Dadbaughd get an 86th scholarship for the guy he "discovers" in Louisiana? No?

In reality, his carpet bagging ass starts a cascading effect, because there are a finite amount of scholarships available each year. It is simply reshuffling bodies amongst CFB divisions. This clown thinks people don't see past his fake moral high ground.

Comment 09 May 2017

Fada, Burger and (I believe) Durbin were all awarded scholarships for 2016 based on late attrition (Felder not qualifying, Burrows retiring, the idiocy of Dunn and Gibson). It's likely that the team starts under the limit as in past years.

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Glad to see the young DBs bounce back from a pretty awful first half.

Didn't see much of 3Q, did DE Slade or TE Hawkins ever make an appearance? It seems Dylan Thompson is hurt yet again as he was in sweats.

Comment 15 Apr 2017

I'm guessing Jones/Price/Prince will only play a couple drives at T/C/T before giving way to Bowen/Taylor/Myers. The former 3 are all in that 2000 rep club or whatever it's called this year. Wohlabaugh can handle the other squad -- hopefully Price stays healthy and Jack takes over in 2018. Taylor is a good interior swing man but probably not a full time starter.

Interesting that Burrell is ahead of Knox and Pridgeon at the non-Jordan G spot.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Not every school allows players to graduate early...Martell transferred out of BG to get his diploma elsewhere so he can be here next month. 

Obviously, some student-athletes don't have the aptitude to graduate a semester early. Some could, but want to play winter or spring sports and enjoy the last few months of high school. 

Brendon is probably best utilized playing Clemson LB O'Daniel on the scout team. 

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Putting aside Petrino's presence for a sec...I find it interesting that the visiting team's traveling party found some TBD documents in some TBD location in an unfamiliar stadium. Road teams have access to the visitor's sideline, press box and locker room, with very little besides that. For all we know, some Wake Forest GA printed out plays and dropped them in the tunnel or press box elevator.

Comment 15 Nov 2016

Booker has been in pads for nearly every game, up to and including MD. Somehow Mowins finally caught on to Keandre Jones wearing a blank #33 but didn't see Booker celebrating right next to him? OSU/Booker wants to save the year of eligibility but he is on call. The staff clearly doesn't trust Conner and Burger is now dinged up.

As for Sparty, whatever. I respect most of the team but LB Chris Frey is one of the biggest jackasses in the conference. With 3 Fr. DL, there shouldn't be much trouble getting to the second level and knocking him down. Layne and Corley are two guys who'd look good in S&G, pleased to see them flash so early. I hope Dantonio finds a permanent spot for them next year; easy to get burned out playing both sides like they do.

Comment 03 Jul 2016

That's the article I read, but I don't have access to the Horns247 original source. Going to Saturday's Under The Lights doesn't necessarily mean Browning won't be in Columbus for Friday Night Lights (both camps are only about 4 hours with registration and 22 hours apart)-- just that he won't visit all weekend. Which has to make Texas feel good.

It'd be even better for them if he cancelled the whole trip. Browning was originally supposed to visit Mich, (Sat 7/16-17) ND (Wed) and OSU in one trip.

Of course, maybe Browning did already cancel Columbus and there was just unclear reporting through various channels. I suspect we'll get more info after the holiday.

Comment 03 Jul 2016

It's behind a paywall but Browning is now going to Texas' Under the Lights camp, which is the day after FNL. The article didn't specifically say he was skipping FNL (and CMH-AUS is an easy flight), but that's the latest.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

Closer look at 2012 and 2004 classes. Both 25 members:

NFL Draftees: 5 (thus far) to 4
-2012: Decker, M. Thomas, Perry, Jones, Washington
-2004: Gholston, Ginn, Freeman, Pittman

Completed eligibility/UDFA: 4 to 10
-2012: Powell, Boren, Schutt, Cam Williams
-2004: Person, Nicol, Mitchum, Rehring, Patterson, Abdallah, D. Johnson, B. Smith, Bauserman, Trapasso

Medical DQs: 4 to 3
-2012: Reeves, Bogard, Dodson, B. Thomas
-2004: Terry, Lane, Skinner

Transfers/Dismissals, drafted: 1 to 1
-2012: Spence
-2004: B. Underwood

Transfers/Dismissals/non-qualifiers: 9 to 7
-2012: Pittman, Perkins, Ball, O'Connor, Marcus, N. Murray, Southward, Roberts, Epitropoulos
-2004: Hoobler, Dukes, Lyons, Welch, Haw, Barrow (retired), Kennedy

TBD: Dunn, Elflein

Not particularly good classes either year -- 16% (2004) and 24% (2012; assuming Elflein goes next year) draft choices are not up to Ohio State standards. Fortunately 2005 (7 draftees + Boone) and 2013 (5 draftees thus far) were great follow ups.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

Dionte Johnson was a multiyear starter at a position Meyer and the NFL doesn't use. He was quite valuable as a lead blocker. 

The other guys, whatever. Terry in particular was beset by injuries. 

We could play this game with Meyer. Southward, Dodson, Schutt, Pittman, Bogard, Perkins, Marcus from 2012? At least he held on to Lee and Elflein.