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Comment 03 Jul 2016

That's the article I read, but I don't have access to the Horns247 original source. Going to Saturday's Under The Lights doesn't necessarily mean Browning won't be in Columbus for Friday Night Lights (both camps are only about 4 hours with registration and 22 hours apart)-- just that he won't visit all weekend. Which has to make Texas feel good.

It'd be even better for them if he cancelled the whole trip. Browning was originally supposed to visit Mich, (Sat 7/16-17) ND (Wed) and OSU in one trip.

Of course, maybe Browning did already cancel Columbus and there was just unclear reporting through various channels. I suspect we'll get more info after the holiday.

Comment 03 Jul 2016

It's behind a paywall but Browning is now going to Texas' Under the Lights camp, which is the day after FNL. The article didn't specifically say he was skipping FNL (and CMH-AUS is an easy flight), but that's the latest.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

Closer look at 2012 and 2004 classes. Both 25 members:

NFL Draftees: 5 (thus far) to 4
-2012: Decker, M. Thomas, Perry, Jones, Washington
-2004: Gholston, Ginn, Freeman, Pittman

Completed eligibility/UDFA: 4 to 10
-2012: Powell, Boren, Schutt, Cam Williams
-2004: Person, Nicol, Mitchum, Rehring, Patterson, Abdallah, D. Johnson, B. Smith, Bauserman, Trapasso

Medical DQs: 4 to 3
-2012: Reeves, Bogard, Dodson, B. Thomas
-2004: Terry, Lane, Skinner

Transfers/Dismissals, drafted: 1 to 1
-2012: Spence
-2004: B. Underwood

Transfers/Dismissals/non-qualifiers: 9 to 7
-2012: Pittman, Perkins, Ball, O'Connor, Marcus, N. Murray, Southward, Roberts, Epitropoulos
-2004: Hoobler, Dukes, Lyons, Welch, Haw, Barrow (retired), Kennedy

TBD: Dunn, Elflein

Not particularly good classes either year -- 16% (2004) and 24% (2012; assuming Elflein goes next year) draft choices are not up to Ohio State standards. Fortunately 2005 (7 draftees + Boone) and 2013 (5 draftees thus far) were great follow ups.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

Dionte Johnson was a multiyear starter at a position Meyer and the NFL doesn't use. He was quite valuable as a lead blocker. 

The other guys, whatever. Terry in particular was beset by injuries. 

We could play this game with Meyer. Southward, Dodson, Schutt, Pittman, Bogard, Perkins, Marcus from 2012? At least he held on to Lee and Elflein. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

It's his second wife. They started dating before the ink was dry on his divorce. She's also a scant 12 years older than Jay. I wonder if he calls her mom.

Comment 19 Jun 2016

Also a FA02 Stradley resident from Cleveland. 10th floor?

Comment 23 May 2016

2003. He's in the photo with the rest of the freshman class from media day.

The player is eligible to practice until either fall classes start or the season starts, which is how Chrisman can be around until late August.

Comment 12 May 2016

Dean was the highest DB recruit we had and suffered a second major injury between his summer/fall OSU physical and post-enrolling January physical. Arnette was flipped specifically to fill Dean's slot. Andrews was willing to clear where OSU doctors wouldn't. 

Reeves is a concussion issue, very hot topic right now. He hung around the program and helped student coach, so doubt he has much beef with OSU. Meyer wouldn't cut a returning nickelback with headcase Dame Webb and gimpy Lattimore as replacements. Is Armani even cleared by BC?

Comment 16 Apr 2016

Nike has done full rebrands of entire athletic departments...Illinois, Washington, etc. 

The banners are only a bit jarring because it's an italicized stencil font right next to a common typeface.

That said, look at some of the baseball or hockey uniforms vs the football or hoops uniforms. Multiple fonts and numbers and scripts. No big deal, but could be better.