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Comment 23 Aug 2015

Interesting battle since Willoughby did nothing but kick offs at Duke. Their PK Ross Martin went to Walsh and is a top 5 guy in the country (19-21 in '14, both misses vs VT)...not sure how hard we went after him in 2012.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Can't wait to see Hilliard/Baker/Conner to grow together the next few years. If Lee jumps early, Worley takes over and the three freshmen move up to second string in '16.

Not counting Berger because he is a one-man M.A.S.H. unit right now. 

Comment 17 Aug 2015

SC does a good job of signing a ton of highly ranked QBs and they always seem to pick the right one for the job while jettisoning the other in the class. See:

-Sanchez (05) over Rocky Hinds (04)

-Barkley (09) over Aaron Corp (07)

-Kessler over Wittek (11)

Sure, Town was ranked higher than Darnold, but there's not a big difference in 60 spots when you're at the 100-200 range. Plus, Browne is the sooner heir and he was #7 overall. They also feel good about landing Bishop Gorman's QB for the c/o 17 -- Tate Martell is #18 in his year.

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Mike Thomas in the senior class picture, that's as clear an indication as any he'll leave his '16 eligibility behind.

Anyone spotted Glover-Williams' nameplate yet? That thing must go armpit-to-armpit!

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Hold up...Nike can put eight leaves (in a single row) on the inside tongue of shoes but not on the collar? I bet the gloves have the leaves on the inside wristband, too. Much less space to work with than a jersey collar.

Great, so the wordmark is better than the '7 + 1' leaf placement, but it's a downgrade overall.