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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being in the stands while tOSU thumped penn state in the "white house" in 2007, 2009, 2012 and thinking 110,000 never sounded so quiet
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Comment 13 hours ago

In simplest terms, getting your black stripe removed is a rite of passage and makes you an "official" member of the team. It is also a literal achievement as well. Each new Buckeye has the scarlet stripe on their helmet covered with black tape. Black stripes will be removed as early as fall camp and could last into next year (see Eli Apple). Although the criteria for having a stripe removed isn't set in stone, it typically happens due to effort, leadership, and execution on the field.

Comment 17 hours ago

Let's just do away with the written word on this site and communicate only through gifs and video. I think we can do it.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I've been to four OSU/PSU games in Happy Valley (and a few more as a "neutral" fan) since I only live 45 minutes away. All of the OSU games were white outs, so needless to say I stuck out like a sore thumb. I will say, it is MUCH easier if OSU is leading/wins so it's a good thing they usually do. I know this sounds backwards, but Penn State fans are the biggest bunch of fair weather fans I've ever been around. When the get whooped, they are eerily quiet. However, when they win (like they did in '05 when I was there) they will call you out like crazy and they are brutal. I even got punched in the back of the head a few times walking out of the stadium after that game.

Also, I've never sat in the visitor's section, I've always been out with the PSU masses. I usually go with a buddy of mine that is a PSU fan, so that may help to act as a buffer for me. They will definitely try to ruffle your feathers before the game though so your best bet is to find a Buckeye tailgate and hang out there. The good news is there are plenty of Buckeye fans to be found, and like I said, they are easy to spot among all the white.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Personally, this whole thread has given me a new outlook on life here. "We're through the looking glass here people. White is black. And black is white"

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Don't judge a book by it's cover Tenn. I've found that many of the great threads on site happen under the guise of some random title.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

If I'm remembering correctly, the "foreign guy with terrible grammar" was B1G_Deal, which if you look above, was one of 9er's alias'. Therefore, his personalities were having conversations with each other.

Comment 27 Jul 2014
Just wait until it's discovered that Hove and Buckeyesvstheworld are actually the same user and both accounts are padding each others helmet sticker totals. People will be rioting in the streets
Comment 27 Jul 2014
That's like Kaiser Solze level shit by 9Route et al. But even more remarkable CIA-type work by Jason. I'm a little surprised BassDropper wasn't one of those user names on the blacklist.
Comment 11 Jul 2014

Insulting an 11W staff member automatically earns you extra down votes.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

I hope Jason went out and installed a supercharger on the 11W servers, because he's going to need it in about 2 hours either way