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Comment 28 Nov 2015

making some appetizers.  

dates stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon

shrimp spring rolls

philly steak bites

plenty of Pilsner Urquel to go around...


Comment 26 Nov 2015

Glenn learned the guitar later than most.  He was 19 when he first started and was recording with Judas Priest by the time he was 21.  That's quite the commitment to his craft.  His mom taught him piano, so he's quite the musician.  

Little fun fact.. Glenn (along with KK) is quite the accomplished tennis player and is an avid golfer.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

If anyone thought MSU controlled the line of scrimmage.... things are about to get much much worse.  Jim will pound the rock.  

Next week will be interesting.  I'm hoping to see a team with a chip on their shoulders.  If you can't get up for this game... quit

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Here are my 2 cents... 

First off... The loss of Coach Herman is something that I don't think can be stated enough.  His preparation of JT and Cardale last year is never more evident that now.  All season, most of us have wondered out loud just what role Beck has with the offense.  I'm going to say "asked and answered".  The empty backfield, TE motion only means one thing... JT up the middle.  EVERYONE knows this.  What was up with the rolling left?????  I think my favorite play was where JT and Nick V ran a shovel pass/option left and Zeke went right.  Fooled no one and the look on Zeke's face said it all.  Oh yeah, I don't mind his post game comments, he's right... give him the ball!!!!!!!  I saw Coach Meyer take the blame with "I called a lot of those plays".  That's very stand-up, but I don't think many, if any are buying it.  I'm not about to lose sleep over this loss as I think our Buckeyes have been playing with fire all season.  Next week will tell us a lot of what this team is made of.  How do they overcome adversity....

Second... I know that this shouldn't phase me but for whatever reason, last night, it was almost unbearable.  Listening to Herbie go on and on and on about how it's almost unheard of for the backup quarterback play is to be successful. It was as if i was the first time in NCAAF history that a back up QB came in and was successful.  I know his job is to be neutral and to be critical and all things that come with the job, but would it kill him to be to remind us all that he's a Buckeye?  I realize that I may be overreacting and over analyzing Herbie.  Last night, just seemed (to me) that he was anything BUT a Buckeye.

Thanks for listening...


Comment 18 Nov 2015

First time I head Enter Sandman I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"  The Metallica I loved was no longer.  Make no mistake, Kirk has always been a beast on the guitar and I'd love to know his secret because he  looks the same today as he did in 1985.  It's just not fair!

Comment 18 Nov 2015

I was at the Alpine Valley Monsters of Rock in '88. Let's see if I can recall the bands

Kingdom Come (GREAT BAND!!!!!), Dokken, Metallica, Scorpions then Van Halen.

There wasn't a weak link in the shop.  Kingdom Come was the modern day influenced Led Zeppelin rock/blues band.  George Lynch was on fire, Scorpions were...well, the Scorpions.  Metallica was at it's finest and Van Halen was awesome. 

Comment 16 Nov 2015

JasonR... it's much earned!  The first time I ever heard Vampire Blues, I was like "who the hell is this?????".  It's one nonstop hook and always in the pocket.  Making Deals With The Robot Devil, has the inspired touch of Clutch and I mean that as a compliment.  Kudos to you guys. 

Comment 16 Nov 2015

What a great find!  When I am recommended a band such as this, I get upset because I'm just NOW listening to them for the first time.  Bands like Gudger, Mississippi Bones and Honky are bands that flat out groove.  I sure do miss the days of bootleg tapes.... I bet these bands would have a cult like following if they existed in the early 80's.  Great finds, great recommendations, great tunes... my day just got that much better.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

This is a great match-up for Boxing.  However, I don't think the winner is in a hurry to get in the ring with GGG.  Canelo will use the "catch weight" crap and Cotto will use the "not a big enough star" BS.  Oddly enough, Canelo is naturally bigger than GGG and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people are on the GGG train.

Who wins?  I think Cotto's ring generalship and experience may be the difference.  I think he's a bit quicker and is more familiar with the big lights.  Personally, I would like to see Canelo win.  Biggest reason, I can't stand Roach. 

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I used to think that Ward was the complete boxer.  He cruised thru the Super 6 tournament and then.... well... "IT" happened.  Looking back, Direll, coulda woulda shoulda, we may never know about him after the Abraham fight.  Speaking of Abraham, he can only beat stationary targets and it turns out he wasn't as good as advertised.  Kessler, I thought he was the man going into that tournament.  He's the guy who needs to fight brawlers, not boxers.  Jermain Taylor...what a bust!  Froch ended up being the 2nd best of the group.  He's lost to Ward as well.  So I think that Ward's best fight was Froch.  It was complete and impressive.  But since then, he's beat virtually no one.  Chad Dawson was on his way out... Edwin Rodriguez, Jeff Green, Paul Smith, Shelby Pudwill (what a great last name!) aren't names that you are excited to watch him fight.  That said... I think Ward still gets credit from 7 years ago.  I think he needs to get in the ring more, take chances and prove idiots like me wrong.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

The commercials are overwhelming.  I enjoy FanDuel.  Then again, I only do $1  50/50 leagues.  It's something to do when you want to.  I either lose a dollar or I win $.80.  This way I don't have to worry about the whole fantasy waiver wire stuff and if I'm too busy, I don't have to do anything.  It's a convenience thing and something I do to cure boredom on those rare nights.  If FanDuel and Draft Kings do get shut down, someone else will pop up with something similar.  I only hope that they take it easy on the commercials.  Oddly enough, on my DirecTV, sometimes my TV would freeze on FanDuel commercials.  Strangest thing...

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I don't think that Adler will be on the kit, I think Sorum will be the man.  I don't think that Adler (in their minds) is dependable

Comment 11 Nov 2015

My thoughts go out to the entire family.  As parents, we are not designed in any way to bury one of our children.  My son, the day after his 9th birthday was having an exam.  The DR turned to me and asked "would you like me to call a helicopter or can you get him to Children's in less than two hours?".  Turns out my son had a brain tumor that started in his ear drum and it made it's way down his neck into his shoulder.  2 hour ride to Children's where a convoy was waiting for us, they took my son, I had very little knowledge as to what was going on as I was in an out of body state.  8 and a half hours later, he was out of surgery.  Today, he's a SR in high school and he's still with us.  He's legally deaf and will need more surgeries... I tell you all this as I hope that the parents who ready this never take a minute for granted with their children, we just never know what tomorrow may bring... if tomorrow even comes.  

Comment 09 Nov 2015

GREAT call on the write up about Orange Goblin!  DOOM METAL at its finest.  I love their version of "Into The Void".  Just awesome!  If you like Doom Metal or Stoner Rock/metal... you will love Orange Goblin

Comment 09 Nov 2015

When The Levee Breaks... such history with this song.  Not only did Jimmy take this song to a new level, but John's signature style made it his own.  Someone might want to double check my stats for me here, but I believe this song was written originally in 1929ish, by a woman Memphis Minnie (and possibly her husband).  As we all know, Jimmy had this infinity for taking old blues/folk songs and make them his own and in doing so, bring to light the great music of "yesterday" that most had limited to no knowledge of. 

Stairway To Heaven... there are some who suggest that Jimmy Page copied the opening riff from a band called Spirit, a song "Taurus".  I will say that the opening is very similar but that's for each person to decide on.  For me, the best part of the song is how it gradually builds and builds and ends on such a powerful note.  It's truly a brilliant song and one of the greatest ever written.  Also, for those who care, it's written in the key of A-minor.


Comment 09 Nov 2015

I was always told to remember the knuckle rule... once you're at your index finger's knuckle, you are done.  However, when at home and not around the fancy people of the world, I will smoke my down until it burns my tongue... then I'm done.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Holy SMOKES!  I'm so pissed that I'm just now seeing this topic.  I looked on Saturday and was busy doing yardwork yesterday.  To answer the question on regions:  My personal choice is Dominican, they (to me) are more earthy.  Don't get me wrong, the Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian are fantastic smokes as well. 

Smoking the 7x70???? The El Presidente!!!!  That's a serious commitment right there!  I usually go with the Robusto, just long enough of a smoke and doesn't relax me to the point of needing a nap.  Now, I'll grab an El Presidente while I'm golfing.  It only makes sense!