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Comment 7 hours ago

The simple fact that we're down in the 3rd quarter... I don't see how the selection committee is going to be doing us any favors.  Style points mean something. At this point, let's just hope for a W.

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Maybe I stand alone in my thoughts... but I'm only being honest here.  If things work as we think they will.  Our beloved Buckeyes will be in Indy playing for the Big Ten Championship.  The ONLY team that I think is a bad match up for us is Wisconsin.  Their strength is running the ball.  I think that stopping the run is going to be an issue for our defense.  I'm not worried about scoring points, I'm worried about that two headed monster they have.  If someone would like to convince me otherwise, I'd be more than willing to listen, but these are just my thoughts as I sit here typing this comment out.

One final thing... I'm beyond sick of always having to be reminded of the VT loss.  WE ALL KNOW what happened.  Can we please move on already?

Thanks for listening,


Comment 16 Nov 2014

I am getting tired of the kick-offs out of bounds... I wonder if this is Coach Meyer's way of getting another player involved in a game.  2 kickers has always seemed a bit odd to me, but what do I know... I'm just an odd person to begin with.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

No hate here... I'm going to chalk the fumble up to a better hit on the ball than careless ball handling.  If I'm going to hate on Marshall, then I'm going to have to hate on Thomas for the easy drop that would've moved the chains and then I would have to hate on JT for the overthrow pic... so no hate here.  Let's make some adjustments on D, get the W and get the hell outta here.

Comment 12 Nov 2014

with all of this talk about playoffs.. I just hope that our boys don't lose focus of the game ahead.  All I care about is winning our games and letting the chips fall where they may.

Playoffs????  You wanna talk  PLAYOFFS???? I just wanna win a damn game!

~The Great Jim Mora~

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I'm generally one of the people who pipes up about Devin Smith having less than secure hands....ok, I usually complain that he drops too many easy catches. I need to give him some credit for having one of (in my opinion) his best games as a Buckeye.  It wasn't just the 2 big catches, he also had one over the middle between two defenders.  He blocked well in the run game and is one hell of a gunner on the punt team.  So I tip my hat to you sir... you had a fantastic game!  He was a game changer.

Thanks for listening...


Comment 05 Nov 2014

I'm tired of all the "ranked" talk.  Replacing 4 OL and then Braxton went down (I'm not knocking JT, he's playing great... I just didn't realize that he was going to be as good as he is when Braxton first went down).  If I'm being honest, I didn't really have an preconceived notions of how this season would play out.  Last year, different story.  I thought we had enough pieces of the puzzle.  This year, I am just pleased that the team is progressing as well as it is.  I don't go out of my way to look at who's ranked where or who's ranked ahead of us.  Is this team ready for primetime against the big boys?  We're about to find out Saturday night.

One thing is certain... the polls are not Buckeye fans.  I'm not sure any other team gets criticized when they lose like we do.  So, I'm not even sure after a win Saturday night that the polls would move us up very far. 

Comment 05 Nov 2014

To me, MSU is talking about us like SCUM talked about them... in the big brother sense.  It's starting to irritate me, not gonna lie.  NOTHING would make me happier this weekend than if our beloved Buckeyes went to East Lansing and put a thumpin' on those cocky sons a bitches.

Thanks for listening,


Comment 26 Oct 2014

The tale of two halves.... first half, dominating defense with smash mouth offense.  2nd half, here's where I think that we showed Penn St too much respect.  I would like to have seen the playbook open up (maybe the shovel pass or WR screen on first down).  Defensively, they continued to play hard, Penn St just made some plays.  The roughing the passer on Bosa was tough, but he made up for it... he's kinda good, just in case no one has noticed.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Does anyone think that when Hoke talks to his team, it's in the same tone as the Pinocchio commercial "I see a lot of potential in this room....."

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Go ahead and laugh at me all you want... Kenny G knows the offense very well.  I'm sure his days with the LA KISS won't be for long with the pay upgrade to be an assistant coach at his alma matter.   Just sayin'....

Comment 07 Oct 2014

All of the hypotheticals are nice.  JT being mentioned for Heisman is nice but not sure that I'm with that conversation as of yet.  More than anything, Rutgers comes first.  This team has a great upside.  The youth movement is fun and exciting to watch.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

"high and tight boo boo"... hahahah, love it!

A couple things I took from the game..

I would love to see more McMillan

Darron, your mom is awesome!

JT is getting very comfortable and that's bad news for everyone on the schedule

Announcers keep saying how EZE doesn't have the same power Carlos has.  I'm not sure what games they're watching, but EZE moves a pile.  So, OK...maybe he doesn't have Carlos' strength, but he's far from finesse

Please, just throw Michael the damn ball!

Say...Who's that #97?  He's kinda good.  (well, except for the goaline play where he should've gone inside, but Coach Johnson fixed that)

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Comment 23 Sep 2014

All of the names mentioned are great and I won't argue against any of them.  I look at the current team and we can get after the QB with just our front 4, what I would love to see is a Corner that can come in here and be a shut down Corner.  I want to believe that we currently have a couple guys that are capable on the current roster, but so far, there is no evidence to support the theory.  A kid like Peppers would ideal.  (please forgive me for mentioning anyone on THAT roster, but the kid has the goods)

Comment 21 Sep 2014

I'm pretty confident that SCUM will make whatever play they need to for Les Miles first and foremost.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Thoughts and Prayers to the Davis family.