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Comment 18 May 2016

I probably shouldn't post this, but what the heck... I'm no angel.  How about when the smoking hot secretary with the hot body wears loose clothing hiding the very reasons why she got the job.   Yes I know, I'm going to hell...

Comment 14 May 2016

I think it's first class by both Coach Meyer and Coach Harbaugh.  There are times, such as this, when the rivalry takes a back seat.  I applaud both of them for the right reasons.  As soon as the event is over.. it's back to game on.

Comment 12 May 2016

Fair enough, but I'll counter with Trent Baalke and raise you one Chip Kelly.  Do NOT make me go all in with Blaine Gabbert and Collin Sackorpick because I'll do it.. I know this as I've seen me do it in the past

Comment 06 May 2016

Nicely done again Nellie!  For me Bob Seger is like to cool uncle that everyone wants.  He's never been a stuck up and never complained about having to pay his dues (and he more than paid his dues). 

Comment 04 May 2016

Les Paul

Hartley Peavey


David Gilmour

*side note:  There are many many many honorable mentions.  But these are my 4


Comment 04 May 2016

The 1994 album with John Corabi is the quint essential Mick Mars.  Mick has said that this is his version of the White Album.  My personal favorite as well. 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Nice write up... yet AGAIN!  I don't have much to add, just maybe a slightly comical experience on my part.  I grew up in a family where everyone plays an instrument.  About 6 years ago, after my grandfather's death, I inherited his 3 violins.  They are from the 1800's.  They are gorgeous.  He had always played the violin and so I thought that I would give it a go.  After toying around for a few months I decided that I would take a couple lessons.  Figuring this would be my easiest way to advance.  I hear about this guy who gives lessons and he agrees to see me.  So I get there and he asks me what I'd like to accomplish.  I tell him that I'm interested in the basics as I think I have the understanding.  I then tell him that I don't plan on being Eddie Jobson in my lifetime, I give the common chuckle with it and his reply is "who's Eddie Jobson?"  Let's just say that I never went back.  That's like me giving a guitar lesson and asking my student "who's Eddie Van Halen?". 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Great write up!  Ace's influence on a lot of guitarists goes mostly unrecognized.  I saw Ace play a club back some years ago and one guy made a statement and said "KISS is the biggest band that no one ever wants to admit to being a fan of".  I laughed and thought about it and he wasn't that far off.  There are a lot of people I know that act like they don't like KISS, yet they have several of their albums.  Anywhoooo.. back to Ace.  On his latest effort, it sure is great to see him and Paul doing something together again.  I don't care if he never plays guitar for KISS ever again.  He seems very happy and content at this point of his life.  I know he's had his demons and, for his sake, I hope they're behind him.  I'm feeling that New York Groove... anyone else?

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I've always been a fan of Lynch Mob's version of Tie Your Mother Down.  George's guitar tone is very complimentary of Sir May's and George does the solo justice while adding some Lynch magic to it. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

In a strange coincidence... I'll be throwing a party that day and you'll have to drive past me to get to Madison, so stop in!  All the food and booze you can handle.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I think his best fit is in the backfield with his arms securely around a QB... wait, that came out wrong... I do think that Jax would be hard pressed to pass on him.  It' doesn't matter if you've got Deion Sanders at corner, if you aren't getting to the QB, players get open.  If not Jax, I think Chicago is another excellent spot.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Z, I'd say that they are far better than the Budweiser comparison that you were told.  If I had to compare them to a beer, I'd say Stella Artois.  Where the Stella has that slight skunk to it, the Sun Grown has a bit of a boldness to it (it's advertised as a full, but it's more of a med/full in my opinion) with the same smooth finish that Stella has.  For me, the Sun Grown is the little brother of the Alec Bradley Tempus and the Cohiba black.  I strongly suggest you give the Sun Grown a shot.  I think you'll be happy.  I think you can get them from CI for about $6 a stick.