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Comment 2 hours ago

2 things for me

1) When announcers always seem to know everyone's 40 times... everyone apparently either runs 4.4 or 4.3.

2) Reviews... enough already!  Human error is part of the game.  Seriously, how can they spot a ball, review the spot and move it 6 inches????  Son of a bitch!!!!!!!

Comment 2 hours ago

Re-enters the room, grabs the mic from Defiance... I have but one add here:

.....once again, drops mic and leaves the room.

Comment 6 hours ago

That's all they are... rumors.  Vinnie Paul says that he won't tarnish Dime's past.  Zakk has said that if asked to do it, he would stop everything he's doing just to honor his bud.  Phil, Zakk and Rex have all stated that they'd do it, but Vinnie Paul just won't bury the hatchet with Phil.  I know recently that Phil and Vinnie have talked/traded an email but that's about the extent of it.

You just happen to pick a band/artist that I've followed from the beginning.  I'm guessing the next band you pick, I'll be freakin' clueless.

Comment 8 hours ago

I was involved in a conversation where this guy was telling me that Zakk does too much "squealing" (aka, pinch harmonics).  I tried to reason with the guy and tried to explain to him that it's just something he does.  He's always been known for it.  To me, it's the trademark that he's known for, just as Eddie Van Halen is known for tapping.  It's most likely going to end up somewhere on every song, it just is what it is.. lol

How man actual albums is Zakk on?  That's not an easy chore to figure out, but I'll do my best...

There's 12 Black Label Society albums (1 that's a "best of" that I don't really count) Of the 12, one is a live with a bonus cd of just covers

There's 8 Ozzy albums, 2 of which are live

There's the Book of Shadows he did way back when

Pride and Glory (that's a double album, if that matters)

He's done work on Damageplan's CD, not 100% if he did any guitar work, but he did backing vocals on Soul Bleed

Then there's all the little solo stuff he's contributed over the years, Fozzy, Blackfoot, Derek Sherinian (like 4 or 5 of his CD's), My Darkest Day, Rippingtons, Dope, Merry Axemas 2 (Christmas compulation), Black Veil Brides....

I'm sure that I've missed stuff and probably could've googled it, but there's no fun in that!

Hope that I've helped out..


Comment 05 Oct 2015

Fun fact for ya.... Zakk named the band Black Label Society because if you went into an actual record store, you'd find the Black Label Society records right next to the Black Sabbath records.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

I will say that before week 1, many of us thought Utah was too athletic for $hitigan and since that game, Utah has only gotten better.  I think they even lost their QB for a game or two with a shoulder injury.  Now, I'm not saying that Oregon is the Oregon of years past (because they aren't), but Utah did lay some serious lumber on them.  In my opinion, Utah's performance over Oregon put a bit of tarnish on MSU's hard fought victory over them.  Maybe tarnish is the wrong word, maybe MSU's victory isn't as impressive now.  As for Baylor...whatever.  Florida, well.. it's hard to argue at how well they're playing.  I watched that game Saturday night and that defense looked fast and was extremely physical.  I'm just not into rankings.  I'd prefer to not have teams ranked, play 5 or 6 weeks and then go to a ranking poll.  All this preseason ranking crap is just that...crap.  I'll never understand how anyone could put Oregon as high as they did, given everything they lost.  Then there's Auburn.  A 6 loss team ranked as high as they were.  C'mon Man!

Sorry for rambling on...


Comment 04 Oct 2015

ohhhhhh, where to begin with this one???? I could write a chapter on Zakk.  I'm a huge fan and have actually met him twice.  There's a small place here in Wisconsin called "The Rave".  I've seen Pride and Glory, Zakk and BLS numerous times live.  I think everyone gets the point, I'm a fan.  I'll cut to the chase here, as to not bore you all.  I'm going to suggest to those who aren't aware of Zakk to look up a couple songs, first "RUST".  It's a great mellow song that displays some great vocals and then, move to "Spoke In The Wheel".  These songs will ease you into berserkers world of Black Label Society.   Zakk also has this amazing ability to take a heavy song and to restructure it to a very melodic/acoustic and sometimes piano composition, see "Peddlers of Death".  Another great listen if you aren't into the heavier stuff is Zakk Wylde "Book of Shadows".  It's very early stuff and it's some of my favorite material.  Now, if you are into the heavier stuff... Sonic Brew, Stronger Than Death (even features Mike Piazza doing some growels) and 1919 Eternal will more than satisfy your hunger needs.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I thought that Indiana showed no signs of intimidation.  For the first half, I thought that they brought the game to the Buckeyes.  They just couldn't capitalize.  If you want to beat a team like Ohio State, you need to take the next step.  That being said, I do hope they win 8-9 games and make it to a respectful Bowl.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Here's my take, for what it's worth... First off, a win is a win.  In my opinion, as a fan, the frustration aspect from the fan standpoint is expectation.  Going into this season, most of us expected them to be a scoring machine, an unstoppable force, if you will.  Thus far, the offense hasn't lived up to what we expected, yet they are winning.  I can tell you that there were many times yesterday that I nearly broke the remote control out of frustration, but took the deep breath and stepped back from the ledge.  I think that we also expected more out of the QB play.  When the announcer even questions the play calling in such a way that they wonder if the coaches have lost faith in the QB, you can't help but think if he's on to something.  I love Cardale and last year's run was truly epic. But that was a different team.  Now on to the "deep threat".  This is the one topic that I can't disagree with more.  I'm not understanding the deep threat argument.  As my memory serves me correctly, wasn't there about 4 or 5 opportunities thus far in the season for a long play, only to be under thrown?  If those passes are more accurately thrown, I don't think that anyone is talking about the lack of a deep threat.  The last thing that I'd like to mention (at this time) is that I don't think that the offensive coaching staff (as a whole) isn't flowing just yet.  The play calling at times has been a head scratcher.  The one thing that I liked about last year was how the offense would come out with those quick passes early in the game and then go to the run.  I thought that was smart and it moved the safteys out of the box.  Then again, I'm just a fan at home watching and have never coached football past the high school level.  I've said it before and I'm saying it again.  I have complete trust in Coach Meyer.  

Thanks for listening,


Comment 02 Oct 2015

As a 49ers fan, in our house... he's referred to as Kaeperstink.  He still looks clueless after 3 years.  I was never a fan of him.  That being said, I don't think it matters who the HC is in SF.  The front office has ruined the franchise.

If I could steal a quote from John McKay when asked how he felt about his offense's execution, to which he replied "I'm all for it".  That, my friends, sums up how I feel about the 49ers this season.  The good news, I guess, is that they'll be in position to draft Joey Bosa.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

His solo stuff is definitely a departure from The Police.  I think that the songs are more in depth and have more sophisticated arrangements  (can't believe I just said sophisticated... my 18 year old self would kick my ass for that).  But make no mistake, The Police library is some seriously great stuff.  You can hear all the musical influences on The Police songs, whereas his solo stuff is more personal.  If that makes any sense.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I'm begging all of you to look up The Morton Downey Jr Show.  That was hysterical. The guy would chain smoke on stage, get into arguments with guests and do things that, by today's standards, would make Jerry Springer look like Blues Clues.  I suggest this to all of you from an entertainment standpoint.  Some will be offended, some will laugh.  As to personal favorite... Letterman.  His interview with Paris Hilton was the stuff of legends!

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I have no reservations in admitting that I own every solo Sting album and all the Police albums.  I consider myself to be a metal head, but have no problems admitting that Sting is one extremely underrated musician.  He gets his credit for writing great songs, but the man is quite the accomplished musician.  Ten Summoner's Tales might be one of my top 10 favorite albums of any genre.... actually, it is in my top 10.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I agree with the Iowa pick mentioned earlier.  They are playing better than I expected.  I also think that if Minnesota can stop the run, that game could be trouble for NW.  The Maryland game could be interesting.  It seems that every year they have that one game in which they are able to hang their hat on.  Could this be the game?

Comment 02 Oct 2015

In my opinion, every game is an upset alert.  That's why we play the games!  Not to mention now that our beloved boys are #1, they are no longer the hunters, they are the hunted.  They will get everyone's A game all year long.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Top 5... oh man.  I know that I will overlook about 10 albums somehow.. .but here goes.

1) Alice In Chains      Dirt

2) Corrosion of Conformity    In The Arms of God

3) Megadeth      Peace Sells But Who's Buying

4) Anthrax     Among The Living

5) Pantera    Cowboys From Hell