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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hitting the game winning Grand Slam when I was 16 against a "top prospect".
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Comment 6 hours ago

Let me see if I can assist here... The Flat Fifth "Devil's Chord" is pretty much a metal and/or blues chord.  Many years ago, the chord was banned by a church because of it's sound, hence it's name "Devil's Chord".  The three tone chord and it's lack of harmony gives it its "Devilish" sound.  Example, if you play guitar... you'd play the A-minor, Low E string (5th fret), A string (6th fret) and D string (7th fret).  This is the English version so hopefully most everyone understands.  Hopefully there's a musically trained musician who can better explain it than I did.


Comment 27 Jul 2016

Thoughts with you and your family during this time.  Cherish every moment you get.  Life is fragile and we are all guilty of forgetting that from time to time.  Best wishes!  Stay strong!

Comment 27 Jul 2016

These are the seasons that I look forward to the most.  The National Championship year started off with "no Braxton, now who?" and there was a lot of young talent on that squad.  They were hungry.  Maybe last year's team lacked just a hint of that hunger that it once had.  I believe this year's squad will be extremely hungry and surprise many.  Sure, lots of talent has moved on but this doesn't mean that the pantry is empty.  The coaching staff has done an outstanding job recruiting and it's now next man up.  I have zero concerns about any position.  Brown and Smith are going to be outstanding and the depth is as good as I can recall in recent memory.  I like the RB situation, add Samuel and Wilson plus JT running.. the offense is going to be OK. Defensively, come on... the depth is better than advertised and I am confident these young men will prove me right.  The one thing that really disappoints me is the Dylan Thompson situation.  The talent we will never see.... very sad


Comment 27 Jul 2016

Nice job Ludwig!  You are absolutely right about John Bush.  They tried to get him before Kill Em All and after.  James, himself, asked John and John just couldn't walk away from Armored Saint.  Most of the band is comprised of childhood friends, so it's a pretty tight bond. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I live between Milwaukee and Chicago.  I find myself rooting for the Cubs but then the fans start getting annoying and then I find myself enjoying their losses more and more.  I absolutely love baseball, I just find it difficult to root for one team anymore.  My heart will always be a Twins fan, but I've just grown to appreciate players.  I don't care who your team is, if you don't enjoy watching Trout, Altuve, Story, Bryant, Bumgardner, Kershaw (just to name a few), then there's something wrong.  As for the Cubs... I don't care who they add, I just don't see them beating good pitching.  I love their line up, but it's an all or nothing line up.  They aren't going to win the low scoring close games.  I don't think they have anyone that can even lay down a sac.  I could be wrong, but I will always believe that great pitching will always beat good hitting.  Just my opinion...

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Thanks Nellie!  I saw that on Saturday it was Slash's birthday.  I was out of town for business and just didn't have time to contribute.  Just the 2 I've attempted to do makes me truly appreciate everything you did (as well as Coop).  Today's took me nearly a half an hour.  Seeing as yours are much more in depth, I can only imagine the time invested on your part.

Does anyone care to take a crack at tomorrow's TIMH?  I'm not sure I can do one.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

I didn't even notice my typo!  hahahaha... I'd change it, but it just ads to the... who am I kidding, I'm just too damn lazy to change it.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Thanks for the kind words.  Like I mentioned, I couldn't find anything on today's date that I had much knowledge nor did I care about.  I saw Don's name and thought "oh sure... I can do something with this, won't be much, but it will be something"

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Back in the day when I was working for someone else, I had a lead man who walked up to me and pointed out something that someone had done that wasn't to his liking and he said "that really cooks my coffee".  To this day, I have no idea where that originated from, but I had to walk away as I couldn't hold in my laughter.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Fair enough.. I will contribute.  I did a preliminary look at tomorrow and I can't find a single thing that I have any real knowledge on.  Maybe we should exchange emails so that we don't end up writing the same thing?  I've noticed that we have some similar tastes and I can see us both, at some point, writing about the same thing.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

One of the greatest rock debut albums of all time, in my opinion (not that my opinion matters much).  To know that Sweet Child of Mine is based off of a Slash guitar exercise for string skipping is actually pretty f'n cool.  It's So Easy is my favorite song on the album.  There's just something about that hook that draws you in instantly and it never lets you go.  Think about this... Slash once auditioned for Poison, only to lose out CC.  Not a bad plan B!  Paradise City, many around here (Lake Geneva Wisconsin) believe the song is written about us.  I do know that Axl, at one point, had a house here.  I'm not sure that Appetite for Destruction has a weak moment on it.  It's solid from the first note to the last note.

Great write up!

Hey Coop, if there's ever a day that you'd like me to try my hand at TIMH, just let me know and I will do my best.  I doubt I could ever hold a candle to you or Nellie, but I'll give it my best.


Comment 21 Jul 2016

Love me some Chris Cornell.  His solo stuff, well.. that takes a while and a few beers for me to get into, but let's not kid ourselves, Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog are legendary.  First time I ever heard Beyond the Wheel, I was blown away.  That guitar riff and that voice... THAT VOICE!!!!!  He's so unique that he's near impossible to cover.  The Audioslave stuff was good, different but good and yet, when they toured, he performed all the Rage songs as if he wrote them himself.  He's such a professional and talent.  I think it took a while before people realized that he was the main song writer for Soundgarden.  Hell, the Temple of the Dog stuff was all his and the rest of the guys were just there.  It was his way of putting Pear Jam on the map. 

I leave you with...

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I don't want to be too harsh on the kid, but to go thru everything he's gone thru (fighting out of the doghouse and etc..), you'd like to think that he'd be focused on THIS season.  I can only hope that he seeks treatment or whatever it is he needs so that this doesn't happen again in his lifetime.  Football aside, I hope he can overcome this and become a better man.  Also, I hope the woman involved is ok.