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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hitting the game winning Grand Slam when I was 16 against a "top prospect".
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Comment 30 Jul 2015

Thank you Remy.  I just find it odd that a player with his credentials would not be a fit in the NFL.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

20/30... I felt like an idiot after seeing a couple of my mistakes, but there were a couple even after I read the answer still thought "yeah, ok...". 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

They can rank the games however they want... at the end of the day, EVERYONE knows who the Champs are.  Life is good

Comment 16 Jul 2015

DC coaches will have their hands full each and every week.  Each QB brings a different element to the table, Braxton is a supreme athlete, JT has great touch and 12 gauge..well, he's got the double barrel and when he takes off, he can literally run yo-ass ova.  Every DC will have to account for this in every game plan, meaning they will have to NOT work on something else.  TEE-HEE

Comment 08 Jul 2015

You can always use the argument that mini-vans suck in the snow.  For your wife and children's safety, a 4x4/AWD is the best way to go.  If that doesn't work... cry.  Yes, CRY!  Pluck a couple nose hairs and show some "compassion". 

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Let's make one minor correction... you're an 18 year old kid and you just heard this interview, you'd go with Urban.  Umm, you don't need to hear this interview to want to commit to The Ohio State.  If you want to win Championships, you try like hell to get an offer to be a Buckeye, if you don't care about being the best... you go elsewhere.  Just sayin'

Comment 15 Jun 2015

I'm not sure, but I think Zach Boren was a 2star.  As we all know, ratings can be iffy at times.  We've had our share of big time recruits not live up to their hype on the flip side.  The good thing for us, we have Coach Meyer and everything is good hands.  Much like Allstate

Comment 08 Jun 2015

I'm actually a little surprised to see him on the list.  Not that he isn't/wasn't great for us, but we've had some pretty special corners come thru here. 

Comment 04 Jun 2015

There are so many great mentions already.  SRV would be my top choice by far.  I do have that Seattle "grunge" love factor, so all those guys would be added to the list as well along with just all the great obvious choices.  I'm going to go for George Harrison.  He wrote some amazing songs and his side stuff was fantastic.

If we can go from any time period....Frederic Chopin

Comment 04 Jun 2015

I was at his last performance at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin back in 1990.  I had always wanted to see SRV and it was my 20 minutes from my house.    Eric Clapton headlined along with Robert Cray on the bill as well.  It was a great show.  Stevie had on some purple attire as I recall.  If I could like your post a million times, I would.  Great call Findog5.

Comment 02 Jun 2015

I was fortunate enough to have an Uncle who had seats to the Bulls vs Lakers NBA Championship game and I was about a dozen rows back when Jordan went up, switched the ball to his left hand and flipped it up and in.  It was as if he was driving right at us.  Such an awesome play to see in person.

Comment 28 May 2015

Maybe someone computer smart can help me out here.  Didn't Ala-fkn-bama lose 2 games to Top 10 teams?  I'm pretty sure our beloved Buckeyes were undefeated vs Top 10 teams.  Just sayin'...