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Comment 23 Jun 2015 are dead on!! policy will pay for everything...above his deductible!! None of the other scenario come into play if it was sudden/accidental discharge of water!! need to clean it up and dry it out quickly to  mitigate possibility of MOLD!!

Comment 22 Jun 2015

that is a good point, if they have back up of sewers/drains and it couldn't keep up there may be coverage. however, it sounded like it was surface water /flooding. Regardless, if there is sump pump coverage, it has limits to the dwelling and the loss will still be greater than his coverage, imo. If the home was in a flood plain, he would have had flood insurance but that has a high deductible as well. Bottom line, Coach Meyer will be out of pocket for a lot of this loss! 

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I have been insurance agent for 38 years....THIS IS NOT A COVERED LOSS!! Coach will eat this one unless he has flood insurance and most people do not!! Since he has finished basement, this looks like it could be a pretty big loss....OUT of pocket!!  Feel bad for the Meyers family but they will get it fixed!

Comment 18 Jan 2015

our seniors are very disappointing!! scott threw several lazy passes which led to breakaway baskets!! williams still sucks and always heart for the game!!! sam got a great pass from russell and can't make a lay-up! he only dunks when he is in the game!! we will be licky to make the field of 64!!

Comment 15 Jan 2015


luke has taken his share of heat and just kept working hard. he has earned all of our reapect!!

the key for our defense in 2015 will be if the coaches can keep them hungary for even more as a defensive team!! shutting teams down, shut-outs,etc,etc...they need to try to improve and not get full of themselves. i would guarantee that other teams will be working hard to beat the BUCKEYES NEXT YEAR!!!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

dave lettermen is a phoney creep!! he is so liberal and political that he has turned off millions who find him to be an OBAMA shill. he started by bashing BUSH everynight for years! yet he never says anything negative about OBAMA!!

i'm glad he's leaving and i have not watched his show for years! i will watch only the part that URBAN is on since dave makes me sick!  FUNNY??? NOT IN MY BOOK!!!

Comment 10 Jan 2015

What we all can be glad of is...WE DON'T HAVE TO COACH THIS TEAM!! i would be going crazy looking at some of these guys and their lack of excitement about a game they are supposed to love!!! williams, russell, loving all looked like they were out at a recess just killing time until they had to go back into school!! this will be a real test of Matta's coaching!!!!

Comment 25 Dec 2014

I really don't care if HARBAUGH comes back to michigan or not but, I really doubt he does! Coaching in the pros is the top of the ladder for a coach. There are less than 30 of these positions in the world and he has one. Coming back to college is a step down regardless of the money!

There will be many opportunities for JIM beyond THE 49'ERS. Still say he stays in the pros!!

Comment 19 Dec 2014

i wrote to Dodd as well and asked him how he sleeps at night. he ripped TRESSEL like he was a child molester!! really terrible article and he showed no class!! He went way over the line!!

Comment 19 Dec 2014

i think the miami job will be open as well. regardless, jimmy boy stays in the pros!! much better job and he doesn't have to do the recruiting thing!!!

Comment 09 Dec 2014

question i have is...what did the reserve linemen do last week at practice that gave the coaches the confidence to play them sat night??

i cannot figure out our def coaches!!!! they played the secondary entirely different as well. why did they wait 13 weeks to make these changes???

made all the difference between stopping them and letting them run wild!! thanks for the changes and letting the others see action. they did a great job too!!

Comment 02 Dec 2014

for any fan who has watched our team all year, you must agree that our defense is very suspect!!! we go to the wrong gaps, we don't tackle well on run support or in the open field, we don't cover well in secondary, we have only 1 really dependable linebacker and he doesn't play every down??

our chances of shutting down Gordon are very slim!! this puts lots of pressure on the offense to score in the red zone every time!! we can win but it will not be easy and expect the game to go right up to the end! STAVE will catch our secondary at least once with our pants down for easy throws via some receiver standing all alone. it happens almost every game.

i love the buckeyes but i live in realville!! we will have our hands full with the BADGERS but.....we can win it too!!

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Braxton  may never be the player he once was because of his injury so we spending to much time speculating on all of this!!  to replace JT after the year he has had would be very foolish!! i would like to see ohio state move on and keep going in the direction we are headed. many recruits at the qb positon probably agree!!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

shawnee, you hit some great points...what is the fascination with cory smith?? he has done very little all year and then they throw the deep pass to him and not to our best deep threat...devin smith!!! wrong smith!!!! we still don't work at getting the ball to vannett or huerman enough and both can catch and run as well as anyone. we show no creativity in getting them the ball and it drives me nuts!!

someone needs to tell thomas, marshall,etc that it's cold in ohio in november and thy have to catch the ball with their hands, not against their chest. nothing changes in fundamentals!!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

our defense played ok on saturday. the linemen didn't get off their blocks as quickly as they should but the real weakness on our team is the lb'ers!!  grant and perry guessed wrong lots of times and didn't fill the gaps. also, tavis powell is not very good giving run support, poor tackling and he takes bad angles when he comes up from secondary. our defense is just ok!! good but not near being great!!

i have no idea why we don't sub more with the def line....that must be on ash who is not in favor of it...where was hale, shutt and a few others??

Comment 10 Nov 2014

This is excellent because you can see what Herman was looking at and how he set this up!! the difference is we executed all of these throws perfectly!! JT played a wonderful game and looked like an ALL-AMERICAN. m,any times the difference between a great play and a bust is a mere number of inches and the ability to do what you're supposed to do at that exact time!!

this team responds to JT like no other i have seen since KRENZEL. JT has so much more talent and more talent around him!!