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Comment 17 Oct 2016

Everyone is concerned about our passing attack. I think most of it comes from our passing scheme! We do not ever use the te on a drag pattern that you see every Saturday and sunday from every team EXCEPT OSU! They ran it several times to Whitten on the COWBOYS yesterday, they ran it with GRONK on sunday. It is a very high percentage pass where the tight end can release from strong side or come across the field away from the formation with QB booting out with option to run or pass it to the TE! Almost always is open!!!

We never run screen passes! we never throw to back except when he flares to sideline. we never throw short curl/hook passes to TE about 10 yards in open area infront of linebackers! TIGHT END UP THRU THE SAFETY WORKS TOO!

WE don't give JT the ability to pick the defense a part with high percentage passes but we always try to throw deep outs!

I DON'T THINK WE EVER HAVE HAD THE PASSING ATTACK THAT SHOWS SOME CREATIVITY! these are not original plays, everyone does it but us!!!

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Forget the size of school or the league that he plays in...all not really relative to the individual! we have had 5 stars come to OSU from the biggest, toughest football schools in ohio and never amount to a lick!!

If they offered him a chance then they believe he can contribute! all the rest of the talk among us means NOTHING!!

Comment 26 Jan 2016

I was at the Mizzou game in Columbia back in 1997. Corby Jones was THE STAR and to see him get hit like that really shook their team up. he did get up and kept playing but they were done at that point. He got his nickname given to him by Brent Musberger, BIG CAT!! 

Comment 18 Jan 2016

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Schiano, what does he really want to do? go back to the pros or stay in college...head coach or stay as an assistant? suspect he will be here maybe one/two years and he gets head coaching job in pros! could also be coordinator in pros! much better job than in college because of  no recruiting!!  IMO.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

we will have a receiving corp second to hope we can keep them healthy!!!

Comment 03 Jan 2016

2016 will be a fun year, exciting to watch a bunch of young talent! we can replace Powell, he was a great kid but just above average as a def player. missed many open field tackles which will hurt him at next level. i think he will have problems making anything but a backup player. he is not near as good as Coleman was!!

another year would have benefited him a lot but what do i know......

Comment 17 Nov 2015