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Comment 04 Jan 2017

I really want to be happy for our underclassmen but it's very difficult!! We lose so many great young players to the draft and it's hard to win championships when you don't have these guys back on your team when they mean the most!!

Good luck and Good bye!! wish you guys were coming back next year..........

Comment 03 Jan 2017

I hope that Wilson and staff look at the entire picture of what we are going to do at QB position and who can best take us to the next level!

My gut says it will be Burrow because he seems to have it all! Time will tell! He sure seems to understand the passing game, read coverage's and throws a very catchable ball. Plus he is a much better runner than he is given credit for!!

You saw what USC QB did last night, Burrow maybe that kind of player too!!

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Our passing game will not get better until we get a passing game coordinator who can help incorporate it into our offense! right now, we pass with less than high school results! In fact, I would like to see him get a coach from the ohio hs ranks. Some of them are excellent at SOME OF THEM HAVE EXCELLENT   

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Hope all the Buckeye faithful don't start thinking all our problems are solved!! Beck might not have been the best choice but he was far from the culprit of our passing woes!! It goes much deeper than that! It all starts with the head coach so Meyer must begin a process where we have a total offense and not some jr.hi game plan!!

While we all watched the games the last several days we now can firmly agree that we don't have any semblance of what some of these teams do on offense! PSU and USC are prime examples of what can be done if you get players in the right spots. I'm TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT PASS PROTECTION, IT'S IMPORTANT BUT THERE ARE OFFENSIVE PLAYS THAT OFFSET A HARD RUSH....WE DON'T HAVE THOSE PLAYS!!!

2017 goal should be to get our offense into this year as quickly as possible! JT has to get the ball off quicker and the receivers need to retooled on running better patterns and make plays like other great receivers do! 

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Don't think Zack is the main problem!! the entire offensive staff needs to be held accountable for the passing game or lack there of!! With all those minds we come up with a pretty lame passing scheme!! It starts with Meyer and he should be more involved!! We consistently DO NOT attack the weak spots in our opponents defense with our pass offense!!

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Tracey, scheme or execution? great question! I really believe it's both! Our passing scheme is very basic and we don't attack the defense's weakness! We rarely throw to the tight end in a hitch or hook pattern underneath lb'ers in soft zone. Actually we don't throw to wideouts on same patterns which are pretty easy and would build confidence of JT! We don't throw screens, jailbreak screen, we don't throw to Weber in soft zone when lb'ers have dropped back! we only throw to him on swing passes! we don't throw to TE in seam past the free safety or just in middle zone if they are playing cover two. Watch how Harbaugh uses Jake Butt against us!! He will have 5-8 receptions on Saturday because we won't find him!!

Our execution would be better if we hit passes that JT feels good about! There is someone open on every pass play if you hit him on time once you find the open guy!! JT spends too much time looking and then bails out!! he just isn't a pocket passer! SO, why not run some boot passes away from formation after a fake to Weber. Michigan runs this play to perfection, as does most every team but us!!!

Comment 21 Nov 2016

Harbaugh is not going to give anyone the satisfaction of knowing if SPEIGHT can play or not!! he's crazy like a fox!! he will not play his hand and it keeps everyone off guard!! I love it!!

We will need to have some counters or screens to slow down their rush or we might have trouble passing. JT has really slowed down in making decisions and we don't have the time back there for him to just look and not throw. HEY COACHES, throw short, quick passes! they work! take a deep throw early to make sure to keep DB"S on their heels!

lastly, we need to get JT hitting on early downs and get his confidence up. hope they don't go with empty backfield because it usually doesn't work as well when we have no Weber or Samuel back there with him!!

Comment 08 Nov 2016

I think Burrow will be the highest rated passer and have more yardage than any QB in OSU history!!! He has it and our passing game will be unbelievable starting next year!!! he is the real deal if we don't mess him up with our passing schemes!!!

Comment 07 Nov 2016

Two weeks ago I suggested that they should script their offense during the first 15 plays. This was in response to Samuel not getting the ball until in second qtr and getting the touches that they wanted for him. Meyer said after the game in a pressor that they had STATRTED to script their offense!!!

Scripting plays is not a revoluntary concept!! Coaches at all levels have been doing this for 40 years!!! OSU just are starting this after about 8 games! This seems more than a bit odd! Regardless, it is paying dividends!!

Comment 30 Oct 2016

Lots of great comments on our passing woes! I seem to remember in 2014 JT was hitting on all cylinders, both running and passing! He seems like he hasn't gotten better since then. Maybe a few reasons why??? 1. we don't have as good as receivers as we had in 14. 2. Our passing offense play calling is much different. 3. our coordination with run game isn't as good., JT was more effective and we had Zeke!

Most of the blame, imo, should go to our coaches! We are not putting our players in good situations to be successful! I keep repeating myself on these boards asking all of you to compare what we do passing to other teams who seem to be doing it better than us. Do they have better players or a better QB?  I don't think talent in necessarily the issue.

Most all of the top teams that i have watched are throwing 15-20 yard passes which incorporate many crossing patterns, hitch passes, curls and underneath routes to backs coming out of backfield, NOT JUST TO THE SIDELINE!

Quick throws, getting ball to receiver then letting them do their thing in open field! higher percentage passes, no need to maintain long offensive line blocking and QB gets his confidence up early!

We throw many passes to sideline-- tough throw, no margin of error allowed because if under thrown, its intercepted, overthrown, out of bounce! NW threw slant passes all day against us! We aren't using that pass enough in our offense! Why don't we throw a 10 yard hitch pass to TE, in soft area vacated by linebackers. Very high percentage pass!

The deep pass will come eventually but JT waits too long on this one and on many of his throws! First drive was, short, quick throws....remember? Then we got away from that style and started to sputter!

Summary, we lack imagination on our passing attack! We have no rhyme or rhythm to our play selection. I really don't think our coaches script the first 15 plays in our offense. Consequently, they never got the ball to SAMUEL until second half against PSU. Yesterday, he got it on first play so they made some changes but never came back to play selection like they did on first drive! SOMETHING IS MISSING!!

Also, first game i saw Meyer have a play sheet with him on sideline. Just wonder how much he really does on play calling??