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Comment 20 Apr 2017

True we have a friend who is a veteran and he is always happy to go with us when we make big purchases at Lowes to give us his discount.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

That's not terrible.

And yeah, I know the platform around the pool (which is about 4.5' high btw) is likely going to be expensive, but I'm stuck. The county requires 6' privacy fence if I have a pool. I have a massive backyard so the cheaper thing to do it just to build the deck around the pool and then put the privacy boards on the outside of the deck.

The other expense is the fact that I need it connected to the 13 ft high deck coming off my dining room upstairs (huge drop from front yard to back yard). Forgot to add that in the initial post.

Is there a better middle ground in material between pressure treated wood and composite?

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Agreed. Logistically though, the only they could probably make work is limiting the number of devices that are enabled. Limiting the network you open them on to your home network could work, but that would really go against the point of being able to stream from anywhere.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

It would cost you so much that you might as well pay for a regular cable bundle package.

Skinny bundles are obviously picking up steam, but until the sports rights bubble bursts, things won't change much.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Cord cutting is a bit of a misnomer right now. Many people are sharing passwords for things like WatchESPN and other streaming networks, so they are getting around things by doing that. Same with Hulu, Netflix, and Prime.

The content providers are getting killed with login sharing.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

he cable company has to come to your house and physically disconnect the basic cable package, so I still use that for broadcast channels. It's been about 3 months for me since I cancelled cable and they still haven't disconnected.

They have to put a filter on the line to filter out the frequencies for the TV channels, and much of the time they don't do it. Worked in the cable industry for about 5 years...


Comment 12 Apr 2017

It wasn't just deep passing or big game breaking runs that were missing last year, it was tempo and rhythm. 

Why that was gone, I think, was a factor of a bunch of things - bad play calling, bad execution, offensive line was not performing, etc. There are always root causes to the symptoms we see on the field, and for a fan, it's hard to pinpoint all of that.

Hopefully this year, we see better execution and some speed to this offense.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

Watching these classes roll in over the last 3 years we were hearing terms like "road graders" "monsters" and such here on 11w. Unbelievable to see how nearly an entire group of recruits didn't pan out and develop into enough to even be reliable for second string.

As we saw last year, an offensive line with a few holes can absolutely wreck an offensive game plan.

Here's to hoping they find the problem and get things on the right path.

Comment 04 Apr 2017

Man I hope we can spend all of this off season talking about who is next up at WR and who should be playing instead of whom.

Said nobody ever.

Seeing several of the same old names on the list, I don't have a good feeling. Call me negative.

The only upside is it's still spring and there's plenty of time for these guys to figure out how to play the position in college FB, because 2-3 years hasn't been enough yet.