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Comment 16 Sep 2014

A couple of Westerville favorites:

Pasquale's Pizza on State Street, just north of Massey's. Great, tangy pizza with the city's best cheesy bread on the side.

Schneider's Baker.y The close too damn early (6 PM) but their donuts are OUTSTANDING. Way better than Buckeye Donuts. 

Comment 27 Oct 2012

We freaking OWN that stadium. Last three games, we've outscored them 96-47 in Sad Canyon. Take away that BS Tiller touchdown at the end and they're averaging 13 points a game AT HOME in their last three games against us. We OWN... Penn State.

There is nothing - I repeat NOTHING - better than a win over Michigan, but bludgeoning the pedophile protectors and Myth McGloin back into irrelevance will be one of my favorite memories from this year.

Comment 14 Oct 2012

On the other, I'm not sure Bill Parcells could get this defense to be better than average.

What was the old Rich Rod quote? About how we wasn't sure if Vince Lombardi could get Michigan to play better defense? How did we get to this point, already? 

It's not like recruiting has fallen off a cliff the way it did for Michigan. Yeah, there are injury issues, but where is the depth? How could it have possibly completely disappeared over the past two years? Was there some massive wave of transfers I missed? This past summer, we were worried about the depth on the offensive line but raving about a DL that ran nine or ten guys deep. We signed five linebackers last year. We have freshmen corners and safeties who can play. The talent is there. The coaching isn't and, looking at the past year and a half, I'm not sure it will ever be. 20 points against Indiana is fine. 30 is iffy. 50 is utterly unacceptable. Even GERG didn't give up 50 to Indiana. If this defense doesn't show marked improvement over these final five games, it's time to scrap the entire defensive staff and bring back some former coaches, including Jim Heacock. It's clear he wasn't the one who favored the "soft zone".

Comment 14 Oct 2012

We gave up an average of about 3 points about every four minutes tonight

Comment 14 Oct 2012

Yeah. Well, at this point, I couldn't care less about recruiting. We had regular top ten defenses starting nothingburger recruits like James Laurinaitis, Malcolm Jenkins, and Kurt Coleman. Now we're recruiting five stars and getting half a hundred dropped on us by a 2-4 team. We shouldn't be striving to be Oregon or Oklahoma State. 

Comment 14 Oct 2012

The recruiters Urban wants just gave up more points to Indiana than anyone in the entire history of the program. 

Comment 14 Oct 2012

He was a great safeties coach. Out of his depth as a defensive coordinator. Hey, we know what that's like, don't we? 

Comment 14 Oct 2012



Paul Haynes will be free after this season. Get the entire damn band back together. This is horses--t.

Comment 14 Oct 2012

Clean house on the defensive staff after this season. We have to fear every team but perhaps Illinois the rest of the way with a defense like this.

Comment 15 Sep 2012

Bam Bam Bigelow killed us today, eh? 

Great game from Miller outside of that ghastly pick.

Defense screams 8-4. Worst tackling I've seen from an OSU defense in many years. Might need to shake up the staff in the offseason. 

Comment 02 Sep 2012

I would hope so too. But this is far from encouraging when it comes to the relationship between sports and politics. 

Comment 02 Sep 2012

He had to hold back because Ohio is a swing state. Come off too passionately against the top dog in the state, and Buckeye Nation might punish you in the voting booth.

Comment 02 Sep 2012

I was not worried about either line's play yesterday. The OL was markedly improved in both run and pass blocking. From what I recall, at least three of the four sacks were Braxton's fault for holding onto the ball way too long. Contrast that with last year, when pressure came the moment after the hiked the ball. When he fires the ball out of there quickly, like he's supposed to, the line will look better. There were also at least four or five times he should have been sacked but the line held up longer than it would against, say, Michigan State. They were far from perfect, to be sure, but clearly better than last season.

I find it funny that people are panicking about the DL. Miami styled its entire gameplan to neutralize Ohio State's DL. They passed 54 times and ran it 20. Those 20 rushing attempts netted -1 rushing yard. Yes, of course sometimes Dysert had time; you can't get pressure on every play. But with Miami going four and five wide for 90% of the game, keeping a fourth down lineman would have opened up a bevy of big passing plays, some of which Miami connected on in that first quarter. Rushing three and dropping eight works out well for limiting the big play downfield, not so much for pass rush statistics. Only Bollman-coached lines consistently give up sacks to three down linemen. Any competently coached line can handle it, especially with an experienced, NFL-bound senior throwing behind it.

The defensive line actually got more pressure than I expected against this offense, but Dysert was good enough to turn some of those pressure plays into first downs. How many QBs with as much starting experience as Dysert will Ohio State play this year? I'm not worried. 

Comment 01 Sep 2012

Lots of hate in the liveblog, but I love the way this team looked for those last three quarters. The secondary stepped up and got the job done after that first quarter. I'm not worried about the DL because Miami is the exact type of offense that minimizes DL. Urban called their offense a "talent neutralizer" on his radio show, like Navy's triple option. I don't think he didn't expect some of what he saw today. Hyde is a perfect runner for this offense. The receivers made the type of grabs they have to for this team to win a whole lot of games.

Nothing but praise for this team, outside of needing to wake up at the start of the game, not after.  All in all, they looked far better than I expected coming out of the gate. 

Comment 23 Aug 2012

Don't need him, don't want him. An unnecessary risk. Look at it this way: he gets back on the team and he contributes as a back-up. That's the maximum positive outcome. He isn't going to start unless there's an injury. On the other hand, if he gets in trouble again (likely), it's another black eye for the program nationally.