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Comment 08 Feb 2016
True, but the 85 limit was made when teams played 11 or 12 games a year. Now with conference championships and the playoffs top teams could play up to 15 games in a season. I wouldn't be surprised to seem then raise he scholarship limit in the near future. Not to 100, buy maybe 90 or so.
Comment 07 Feb 2016
This reminds me a bit of the Zeke situation after the MSU game. You force a player to do interviews immediately after the biggest loss of their careers, and then everybody is surprised when they're upset about it.
Comment 07 Feb 2016
Colts could work out well for him. They need a RB and with Zekes pass blocking skills he'll play early and often for them. Plus Luck makes them an instant contender every year
Comment 06 Feb 2016

I don't subscribe to the notion that Pridegon is  guaranteed a starting spot just because Meyer doesn't usually recruit JUCOs.  Heck, Corey Smith was a JUCO and he's been a backup his whole career at OSU. Pridegon is going to have to come in and beat out elite recruits like Jones and Prince who've been in the program for several years. If Pridegon is not here in spring practice that will really put him behind as Meyer always says starting spots are won in the spring.  He may very well end up starting, but hes going to have to earn it like everybody else. 

Comment 06 Feb 2016
What's the word on Evan Lisle? He was a top 100 recruit but seems to be forgotten by many fans. Seems like its now or never for him so hopefully he's working his tail off to earn a spot.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
I don't think they brought in a JUCO here because they're disappointed with the other linemen. The looks more like a situation where they just decided Pridegon was too good a talent to pass up
Comment 02 Feb 2016
I see that the WR racial bias is still alive and well with fans. This guy was a 4 Star recruit just last year and now he's never going to see the field after one redshirt season? I remember plenty of similar posts claiming that Hartline and Sanzenbacher weren't talented enough to play at Ohio State either. Hmmmm, what do all of those guys have in common....
Comment 31 Jan 2016
" one of the worst defenses in OSU history" is a bit of an overstatement. Certainly not the elite defense we are used to but they weren't THAT bad
Comment 31 Jan 2016
Surprised not to see more people listing Pryor and the Tat 5. I know we're mostly all over it and the program is still as stong as it ever was, but with so much venom being spewed at guys for dropping passes, inacuratte passes, or doing drugs in surprised there's not more animosity towards the guys who brought down a hall of fame coach.
Comment 31 Jan 2016
Bauserman never played when Tressel was the coach. That was the interim year under Fickell. If not for the tategate fiasco he would have remained the career backup he was ment to be.
Comment 30 Jan 2016
Brian, if your reading these comments I think we would all be interested to know how life and football are going for you now. Your Wikipedia page says you play for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. Is that still the case? Seeing as how this article is about agents, how did they help you with the transition from the NFL to the CFL? Any plans for an NFL comeback? Or perhaps plans for the next phase of your life?
Comment 25 Jan 2016
This thread is giving me a flashback to the Tressel era when people complained every year about him wasting scholarship spots on 3 star DBs every year like Bradley Roby, Malcolm Jenkins, Chimdi Chekwa, Travis Howard, Ashton Youboty, etc etc. Turns out Tressel knew what he was doing, and so does Meyer.