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Comment 12 hours ago
As I understand it there's an app where fans select one of a small group of plays, and whichever one gets the most votes is what the team runs. I'd assume that the voting results would only be visible to the team managers and coaches.
Comment 07 Feb 2017
If Brady had lost in the first round of the playoffs instead of advancing to the Super Bowl the 2 years he lost it would it somehow make him better?
Comment 07 Feb 2017
I don't think you can really argue that someone was truly the greatest athlete if they played in era without any black players in the league.
Comment 07 Feb 2017
Tom Brady is a lot of things, but a Pussy is not one of them. He took a serious beating for 3 quarters and got back up to lead his team to the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Yes its a team game, but the QB is by far the most important and valuable position. Tom Brady is the Patriots and the Patriots are a dynasty.
Comment 06 Feb 2017
I like how people keep mentioning Otto Graham as though anyone here ever actually saw him play football. People are just grasping at straws to try to deny that Brady is the greatest. If you claim to have seen Otto Graham play football you're either 100 years old or you're a liar.
Comment 06 Feb 2017
No. 4-0 is not more impressive than 5-2 when you're talking about the freaking Super Bowl. Its not the regular season. Somebody who made the Super Bowl 7 times and won 5 had a more impressive career than someone who won 4. Making a few extra super bowls doesn't detract from his accomplishments, its adds to them. Haters try to make a similar argument about LeBron and the NBA finals but the fact that he's been there so many times is an accomplishment in and of itself
Comment 05 Feb 2017
As a Buckeye fan I hate to heap praise on a *ichigan guy but that was incredible. His play demands respect no matter where he went to school.
Comment 05 Feb 2017
Apple actually still sells several types of iPods. There's the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle. you just don't see them much anymore because everyone's phone can play music
Comment 28 Jan 2017
The 2017 class has been one for the ages, but with the way Meyer has things rolling it could become the "new normal" at Ohio State. As long as the Wins and the top draft picks keep coming, so will the 5 Star recruits.
Comment 27 Jan 2017
That's usually how its been used, but the H-Back position can also be adapted to be used more like a Move TE with more emphasis on blocking and pass catching than on speed. Zach Boren played a bit of H-Back in Meyers first year and Aaron Hernandez played it some back at Florida.
Comment 25 Jan 2017
Ironic comment in part 2 of a post with hundreds on comments about the kid. If you don't want kids to like the attention so much then stop paying attention to everything they say!!!
Comment 24 Jan 2017
I think its a combination of factors that have seen so many guys leave Ohio State early the last couple years. Some of it is Meyer recruiting more guys who are a 3 year plan right from the beginning (Boss, McMillan, Bell, etc). Some of it is a few guys breaking out and becoming elite players before anyone expected (Lee, Hooker, etc), and some of it seems like its guys who are just following the trend (Brown, Marshall, etc). Overall though I think the last two seasons have been a bit of a statistical aberration though - we will continue to see players leave early under Meyer but not the 6-9 guys per year we've seen recently.
Comment 21 Jan 2017
I think a total ban on Satellite Camps would be unfortunate. I know they're associated with Harbaugh and so people here are inclined to hate them automatically, but the truth they're actually a great idea. For the schools obviously they help expand your recruiting base, but more importantly for the student athletes they give them exposure to coaches and schools that they otherwise wouldn't get to see. Most prospects' families don't have the time and money to send them to camps all around the country looking for scholarship offers so most only attention camps that are close to their homes. If schools around the country come to where the players live it significantly reduces the burden on the players and their families and gives opportunities to the students that they otherwise wouldn't get. Also while they're associated with big programs like Michigan, Satellite Camps also have a huge benifit for smaller schools who don't have the resources to host their own camps and get a large turnout - for example many MAC coaches work camps at Ohio State in order to find prospects. As far as I can tell, banning satellite camps really only benifits major schools in the South who don't want other programs encroaching on their recruiting territory - but it hurts everyone else.
Comment 20 Jan 2017

The funny thing is this offense could actually use a prototypical "White WR" - a reliable route runner with sure hands that consistently converts first downs.  Not every WR has to be a huge downfield threat - we could really use a Anthony Gonzalez/Dane Sanzenbacher type of guy on this team.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

This may be the deepest DL i've ever seen at Ohio State.  We will finally have the 10 man rotation Larry Johnson has been looking for since he came here.  Last year we had a solid 8 man rotation.  Now all 8 of those guys return, we get senior Tracy Sprinkle back from injury, development from young guys like Cooper, Berry, and Burrow, plus an excellent recruiting class coming in.  The competition for playing time on the DL is going to be fierce next year.  The ability to rotate so many talented players and keep them fresh in the 4th quarter is going to give Ohio State huge advantage this year.

Comment 17 Jan 2017
I think were actually deeper at tackle that most people realize. We may actually be starting 4 tackles next year with Jones, Prince, Jordan and Pridegon. I think Jordan is eventually a tackle here and I wouldn't be surprised if he moved out to LT after Jones graduates. Pridegon was brought in as a tackle, but could move to guard if he's one of our 5 best. I also think its important to remember that Prince was only a true sophomore this year - I expect a lot of improvement out of him. We also have Bowen and Feder in the pipeline, both of whom fans tend to forget. I know the staff is very high on Bowen and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the mix sooner than later. And Feder is a bit of a project but at 6'9" he's got the size to be one of the most imposing tackles we've ever had. On the recruiting front Davis is a pure guard but I think Myers is eventually a tackle once he improves his footwork and pass blocking skills. It would be great to land Carman and someore tackles in 2018 to keep the pipeline full, but as I see it our depth at tackle is nothing to worry about.
Comment 10 Jan 2017
2 QB systems are almost always a terrible idea. They sound nice on paper but almost never work well I'm real life. Yes Meyer has made it work before but that's the exception rather than the rule.