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Comment 22 Sep 2014
I wont do a whole list because a lot of the names are obvious, but here some guys who deserve more mention in this thread: WR: Anthony Gonzales - the prototypical slot receiver. Seemingly every catch was a first down or TD. Brian Robiskie - his struggles in the NFL have lead people to forget how great he was in college TE: Jake Ballard - underutilized in the offense, he was very skilled and a better true TE than Stoneburner ever was. And that Rose Bowl catch! OL: Mike Adams and Alex Boone - similar career trajectories from all world recruits to promising career starts to dissapointing finishes. Probably our 2 most gifted OL Rob Sims - seemingly forgotten, he was a rock at tackle and guard whose been starting in the NFL for nearly a decade DL: John Simon - shocked I havent seen his name yet. One of the hardest working and toughest SOBs you'll ever find. The heart and soul of the undefeated 2012 team
Comment 04 Sep 2014
Interesting that were scheduled to play both Texas and Notre Dame in 2022 and 2023. My bet is that one of those games gets moved between now and then.
Comment 04 Sep 2014

Its pretty lame that we keep just reusing the same alternate uniforms.  For a few years there we were getting new ones each year but now we just use the same ones over and over.

Those chrome ones are fine and all but they're not really that special.  They're basically just different enough to be called alternates but don't really bring anything new or different to the table. Casual viewers probably won't even notice them.

You would think we could get Nike to design some new and different ones by now.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

We didn't drop because of the navy game. We dropped because Braxton Miller is out for the season. If that that had been known before the first poll we probably would have started out somehwere around 12

Comment 02 Sep 2014
I think that depending on how this year ends Decker could be enticed to return by the loaded roster for next year. With Braxton or JT distributing to a very deep and more experienced group of playmakers behind a veterain offensive line the Buckeyes could be scary good on offense next year. Throw in a more experienced and deeper defense and the Buckeyes could be set up for huge things next season.
Comment 22 Aug 2014

However the schedule listed at the bottom here doesn't seem to have the Buckeye game so perhaps that wont work.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Heres one possible thing to check out. has a service called ULive that streams college sports live.   It costs 17.95 a month but theres an offer there for one week free so perhaps you can take advantage of that just to watch the OSU/Navy game.

Comment 23 Jul 2014
There's really only 2 possible candidates for most catches - Dontre Wilson and Devin Smith. I'm excited about the potential of guys like Corey Smith, Michael Thomas, Jalin Marshall, Johnny Dixon and even the return of Evan Spencer but those guys have their work cut out just to earn a starting spot let alone actually lead the team in receptions for the entire season. Dontre and Devin however are already established as major pieces of the offense. Dontre underneath and Devin over the top is going to be a major part of Ohio States passing offense this year. The one of them that most improves the opposite part of their game will likely lead the team in receptions.
Comment 08 Jul 2014
Isn't Braxton still recovering from shoulder surgery?
Comment 25 Jun 2014
Did you remove Jamal Marcus and Jayme Thompson? I'm pretty sure we're at the right number now but I'd have to go back and check.
Comment 25 Jun 2014
Shifting players to last years recruiting class only helps you get around the 25 signers per year limit. However there is still a hard cap of 85 total scholarships. That you can't get around with creative math, only by removing players.
Comment 17 Jun 2014
I always laugh when fans get upset with a player for holding out. If Boone wasn't playing well, was chronically injured, or just overpaid then the team wouldn't hesitate to cut him well before his contract is over. It happens all the time and people barely bat an eye. If teams aren't expected to live up to the terms of a contract then why should the players be?
Comment 16 Jun 2014
You pretty much just defined "hater" in sports - Actively rooting against a particular team or player. Unless they're playing against a team your a fan of or if them losing benefits your teams standings then rooting for them to lose just because you don't like them or the guys on their team is what being a "hater" is. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that. Watching teams you hate lose can be fun but don't get upset when people use the correct word to describe it.
Comment 11 Jun 2014
Bennett has been getting a lot of prase in almost all the early draft stuff I've seen for next year. I think he's a more elite player than even a lot of Buckeye fans realizr
Comment 11 Jun 2014
I would be very surprised if Curtis Samuel was actually our real #2 RB next year. I see him being more of a "novelty" player the way Dontre Wilson was last year. There will be some packages designed for him but he won't be a consistent part of the offense yet.
Comment 21 May 2014
Do you really think that in a lottery with major market powers like Boston and the LA Lakers, and in a draft with several potential franchise players, that they would rig the lottery to give the top pick to Cleveland? That doesn't make any sense at all