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Comment 18 Apr 2015
Tuf is an awesome name. Is that short for something?
Comment 10 Apr 2015
I think Meyer has done a good job with that stuff, even if it doesn't get as much press. Things like leadership seminars and Real Life Wednesdays to prepare players for life after football are just some examples of things he's added to the program to help the players become better men.
Comment 10 Apr 2015
OSU had one down season before Meyer came. One. And that was mostly due to off field issues. One down season is not a broken program. Ohio State didn't go from 6-7 to 12-0 entirely because of Meyers coaching. The team he inherited was loaded with talent. Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Devin Smith, Jeff Heuerman, Jack Mewhort, Jonathan Hankins, John Simon, Ryan Shazier, Bradley Roby - the was at least one top level NFL talent at every position. Maybe the depth wasn't quite where it should have been, but the program was far from broken.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
Of course the processes of redshirting and grayshirting are different. But from a fan prospective speculating about which players are going to do what are pretty much the same. Just like about half the players redshirt and we speculate who they will be, its been reported in the newspaper that somebody is grayshirting this year so it makes sense to look at who they might be. Nobody is saying that they're not good enough, just that it may be better for their careers to take some time off now. And I'm sure if Joe Burrow read this he wouldn't really care what I had to say anymore than Brandon Bowen would be upset to read some guy on a website say he could benefit from a redshirt year.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
Last time I started a thread I didn't comment on it and people told me I should, so I just got out in front of it this time.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
Speculating on who might Grayshirt or Redshirt seems no different than speculating on who will win the starting QB job or who will lead the team in receiving or who will step up at DT. Speculating on who is going to do what for the team is one of the main parts of following a football team closely. Its the offseason. Speculation is pretty much all we've got untill the fall.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
How is it wrong? Nobody is disparaging anybody. Looking at who may help the team this year and who is likely to need some more time is a natural part of following football. It happens with every single new player we add to the team. Even the Better Know a Buckeye series that 11W publishes has a big section titled "Redshirt?" that speculates on if the guy will play this year or not.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
We "talk about who we think isnt ready or isnt good enough to play right now" with every single recruit and if they will redshirt or not. Even the recruit profiles that 11W writes include a section on if they think the guy will redshirt. This isn't the same as speculating on if a guy is in trouble or gonna transfer. Grayshiriting is really not that big of a deal.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
I missed the forum thread on the same artice, but that discussion seems more to be more about roster management and over signing rather than looking at which of our guys may be best serves by grayshirting. I do apologize if this thread is redundant though.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
Grayshiting in no way deems you "irrelevant." Its simply a tool that can help certain guys better prepare for their future. Nobody is trying to push anybody out of the program here. This is no different than speculating on who might redshirt this year, which people do on this site with every single recruiting class.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
So what do you guys think? Does a Burrow grayshirt make sense? What other candidates seem likely?
Comment 06 Apr 2015
Marshall playing out wide more makes a lot of sense given Ohio States personnel. Not only so they need to replace 2 key guys at WR in Smith and Spencer, but they have outstanding depth at the H-Back position with Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Curtis Samuel. Playing Marshall out wide and Wilson or Samuel at the H-Back could allow OSU to get its best playmakers on the field at the same time. I still expect Marshall to line up all over the place, including in the backfield. Where he spends the majority of the time may largely depend on how the young receivers develop relative to the other options at H-Back. Marshall's versatility will allow the coaches to put him wherever they need in order to get the best players on the field.
Comment 05 Apr 2015
I tried to watch this show because I loved Rain Wilson as Dwight but it wasn't my thing. Just another network procedural. The last thing TV needs is another show about a brilliant yet troubled cop (or a brilliant yet troubled doctor, or a brilliant yet troubled lawyer). Maybe it wasn't so much Backstrom as it is network dramas in general. They're all the same. There's too much wonderful TV that actually tells compelling stories available to waste time with network crime prodedrials that do the same thing over and over again.
Comment 03 Apr 2015
Pay Per View seems like such a dated way to distribute a major sporting event. Could you imagine if the Super Bowl or the Final Four was pay per view? Why don't they just put this on regular TV so everyone can watch it. The ratings would be massive.