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Comment 15 Oct 2016
Compared to other positions on the team, there is a relative lack of depth at RB. You have to think there's a real possibility that Samuel goes pro this year and Webber does the same next year. Behind them we've got Williams who's the only other pure RB on the roster and McCall whose really more of an H Back. Its far from an emergency situation, but it will be important to add quality depth at RB in this recruiting class.
Comment 30 Sep 2016
First the stole Nick Saban, and then if they got Dantonio? MSU fans would rue LSU for the rest of time.
Comment 27 Sep 2016
The episode is actually full of Ohio references. The main characters meet up with Eddie George in Canton, and seperwte characters namecheck both The Horseshoe and the Scarlet and Gray game
Comment 26 Sep 2016
LSU: "Hey Urban, want to leave Ohio State for LSU?" Urban: "Hahahahahaha, good one!"
Comment 15 Sep 2016
Not supporting Peppers here, but I've always shook my head at "fans" who spend their time harassing athletes online. The fact that you don't have anything better to do with your time than tweet mean things at people you don't even know says more about you than it does about them.
Comment 04 Sep 2016
Nobody has mentioned BTN2Go? The game was on Big Ten Network so they have the replay avaliable immediately (for future reference they also have replays of all Big Ten home games from every channel avaliable after midnight). Just go to or download their app
Comment 31 Aug 2016
Interesting to see Jordan Fuller as the backup safety. I didn't even realize he was playing safety! I love OSUs recruiting strategy for safety and the whole defensive backfiel - Just recruit as many top corners and athletes as you can find, and then move guys around later to fill out each spot. Safety looked to be pretty thin back before spring practice, but they pull Webb, EGW, and now Fuller out of the cornerback room and now there is plenty of talent and depth to spare. I'm excited to see this yohng backfield play ball.
Comment 05 Aug 2016
Oh come on, its painfully obvious what they were trying to do. Likeness is more than just your name and face - they used the numbers, attributes, class, skin tone, home state, etc for every player. If they weren't trying to use the likeness of real players they would have just used randomly generated guys with random numbers and random stats. But when the Ohio State QB in the last game was a 6'2” 220lb black Junior from Ohio whose 96 overall with 87 speed? That's clearly meant to be Braxton Miller. I'm as upset as any fan that they stopped making NCAA games, but its not Ed O'Bannon's fault. If it wasn't his name on the lawsuit it would have been someone else. The blame here is on EA for skirting the rules and the NCAA for letting them do it - as well as with those ridiculous rules that allow everybody to profit off of college football players except the players themselves.
Comment 04 Aug 2016
Started playing Metal Gear Solid V a month or so ago and now I'm totally hooked - one of the best games I've ever played. Got a backlog of games on my PC ive been meaning to get to but haven't had the time. Games liks Fallout 4, ARK, NBA 2k16, Black Ops 3 and several more. I loaded up during the last Steam sale but don't have nearly as much gaming time available as I used to...
Comment 20 Jul 2016
Since Barrow was the first guy mentioned by the OP, let me ask this here. Does anybody know he's coming along? He was here for the spring, but spent most of the time on the shelf recovering from injury if I recall. Is he 100% over the injury or is it expected to linger into the fall? I have him as a redshirt candidate because of that and because it's very unusual for a true frosh DT to see significant playing time. It's true there's a lack of proven depth at DT, but we do have plenty of other young bodies to put in there.
Comment 18 Jul 2016
Well this really sucks to see. I was really rooting for Dunn to go out with a big senior season. He's got the skills to be a punishing runner and it looked like he was finally putting it all together. Terrible to see him go out like this... As for the team, this certainly puts RB in a precarious position. The only way to replace the massive production of Elliott is by committee, and Dunn was going to be a big part of that. Now we're left with just 2 true RBs on the roster, both of which are freshmen. Hopefully Weber is ready to not only start, but to carry a big workload and stay healthy. Williams likely just had his redshirt removed so hopefully hes ready to contribute. Samuel is sure to see more time at RB as well. There's still talent there, but Dunn's departure leavs us with little depth and less experience.
Comment 13 Jul 2016
Wow, good work guys. And it's especially impressive for Mack considering he hasn't even started the fall of his freshman year yet - way to hit the ground running.
Comment 06 Jul 2016
As I understand it, its mostly the assistants and support staff who are responsible for finding and scouting prospects, seeing them live, and breaking down game film. When they find a prospect who's OSU caliber they present it to Meyer and he makes the call to offer or not. There may be exceptions, but I think that's how it usually works. They certainly have a lot more information at their disposal than what's avaliable on YouTube.