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Comment 05 Aug 2016
Oh come on, its painfully obvious what they were trying to do. Likeness is more than just your name and face - they used the numbers, attributes, class, skin tone, home state, etc for every player. If they weren't trying to use the likeness of real players they would have just used randomly generated guys with random numbers and random stats. But when the Ohio State QB in the last game was a 6'2” 220lb black Junior from Ohio whose 96 overall with 87 speed? That's clearly meant to be Braxton Miller. I'm as upset as any fan that they stopped making NCAA games, but its not Ed O'Bannon's fault. If it wasn't his name on the lawsuit it would have been someone else. The blame here is on EA for skirting the rules and the NCAA for letting them do it - as well as with those ridiculous rules that allow everybody to profit off of college football players except the players themselves.
Comment 04 Aug 2016
Started playing Metal Gear Solid V a month or so ago and now I'm totally hooked - one of the best games I've ever played. Got a backlog of games on my PC ive been meaning to get to but haven't had the time. Games liks Fallout 4, ARK, NBA 2k16, Black Ops 3 and several more. I loaded up during the last Steam sale but don't have nearly as much gaming time available as I used to...
Comment 20 Jul 2016
Since Barrow was the first guy mentioned by the OP, let me ask this here. Does anybody know he's coming along? He was here for the spring, but spent most of the time on the shelf recovering from injury if I recall. Is he 100% over the injury or is it expected to linger into the fall? I have him as a redshirt candidate because of that and because it's very unusual for a true frosh DT to see significant playing time. It's true there's a lack of proven depth at DT, but we do have plenty of other young bodies to put in there.
Comment 18 Jul 2016
Well this really sucks to see. I was really rooting for Dunn to go out with a big senior season. He's got the skills to be a punishing runner and it looked like he was finally putting it all together. Terrible to see him go out like this... As for the team, this certainly puts RB in a precarious position. The only way to replace the massive production of Elliott is by committee, and Dunn was going to be a big part of that. Now we're left with just 2 true RBs on the roster, both of which are freshmen. Hopefully Weber is ready to not only start, but to carry a big workload and stay healthy. Williams likely just had his redshirt removed so hopefully hes ready to contribute. Samuel is sure to see more time at RB as well. There's still talent there, but Dunn's departure leavs us with little depth and less experience.
Comment 13 Jul 2016
Wow, good work guys. And it's especially impressive for Mack considering he hasn't even started the fall of his freshman year yet - way to hit the ground running.
Comment 06 Jul 2016
As I understand it, its mostly the assistants and support staff who are responsible for finding and scouting prospects, seeing them live, and breaking down game film. When they find a prospect who's OSU caliber they present it to Meyer and he makes the call to offer or not. There may be exceptions, but I think that's how it usually works. They certainly have a lot more information at their disposal than what's avaliable on YouTube.
Comment 05 Jul 2016
I'm always curious about the methodology when internet posters claim to have "evaluated" prospects. How did you evaluate them? Did you actually travel around and see all these guys play live? Have you seen them in camp settings durring the summer? Have you watched actual complete game film for each of them? Or did you just watch a few highlights clips that have been posted online?
Comment 29 Jun 2016
Like Urban says, a commitment just means you made their top 3. For an out of state stsr with few connections to OSU like Dobbins, that's especially true. The staff is going to have to keep their recruiting efforts up all the way till signing day.
Comment 27 Jun 2016
If we start booting everyone whose not pulling their weight in the Big Ten, pretty soon Ohio State is going to be left all by itself.
Comment 27 Jun 2016
Kyrie ends up as the last man standing among the leagues elite point guards. Usually these Olympic teams have a glut of players at the point, but with Curry, Westbrook, Paul, Wall, Lillard, and Conley all out it looks like Kyrie will have lead duties at point guard mostly to himself. Lowry is a solid second option, but its notable that he wasn't even on the list of 31 finalists that USA Basketball put out a couple months ago.
Comment 25 Jun 2016
I think Luke Fickell at least deserves a mention as a possible head coach after Urban Meyer. By far the longest tenured member of the staff, hes still relatively young and not too long ago we were all looking at him as a future head coach. He wasn't ready for the job when he got thrown into the fire in 2011, but after several years learning behind Meyer he could be ready soon to run his own ship soon. I see him getting a head coaching job at a mid level program in the next few years, and if he's successful he could eventually work his way back to the top job at Ohio State.
Comment 23 Jun 2016
If anybody has earned the time off, its LeBron. Not only due to to his play in these NBA finals and the last five, but also with his strong commitment to USA Basketball for more than a decade. Even if the USA has to send its B squad to Rio, they will still be heavy favorites for gold. Whose the biggest threat to USA this year? Is it still Spain with Ricky Rubio and the aging Gasol brothers?