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Comment 19 Feb 2015

I'm 29 and I have been to too many to remember. I've only be to one away game at Purdue. I have seen every BIG TEN team twice except Nebraska (Have not seen yet) Maryland (Hope to see this year at The Shoe) and I have seen Rutgers once just this last year. I have seen USC, Texas, Va Tech (bad game) Miami Fl, seems like just about every MAC school. But all in all every game is a blast watching. GO BUCKS!! I guess if I had to put a number on it, I would say I have been to around 30 some? 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Just sounds like he is making a complete a** of himself. He could possible hurt coaches coming into his school to look at players if he is going to come out and be a big cry baby about a coach that leaves to better himself. Just blows my mind, its a job, a business it changes. Your an adult act like one and show class and support your kid who made a choice. What is he going to do when/if Harughball bolts back to the NFL. Just something to think about.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

You are exactly right! I agree with you on the how he just keeps bring in great coaches after coaches and wins every where he goes. Who wouldn't want to just play for him. Just seems like TTUN is a little salty and will try anything and everything to down grade the Buckeye program. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

To me this is seeming to be getting blow out of the water way to much imo. When you have a good coaching staff you should know that in anytime of the day, they could take another job any where. Happens all the time every where at every school. You commit to the school not any of the assistant coaches. I could see where you would commit to the head coach cause he has the better chance of being there long term. But to me it sounds like he did his job all the way up till the last day he was here and I am sure we will get another great RB coach. I mean yeah it would suck getting close to that coach and all but it is part of the business and these kids should know it. I honestly do not see Jim Haurghball being up in TTUN for long term at all. The NFL will come back calling and he will leave too. It happens. If your going to throw a fit over a coach leaving who recruited you you may want to get out of the business. Happens in the NFL too and it will happen in what ever career that kid has after football. Its a job it changes all the time. I do not see how this would be a black eye for OSU at all but lets just let it play out and see what happens! GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

After watching that video of the Buckeyes season. It hit me that I am really going to miss Smith running down the field and catching bombs!! I hope we can find a guy like him for the deep threat. I know we have a ton of talent but man, Smith would catch anything thrown his way and would just completely smoke passed the DB. So sad the season is over. But I sure do love this feeling. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! I'm ready for next all ready!!! GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 13 Jan 2015

I wish I could give everyone an up vote but I only have like 30 stickers!!! Nothing will take this smile off of my face!! I am so proud of this team and Buckeye Nation!! Thank you for such an amazing year. 2002 was such a great year but I think this tops it by far. All the stuff this team went through!! Such a TEAM effort!!! Love this website so much and I am so proud to be a BUCKEYE!!! GO BUCKS!!! 

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I agree with all you guys on your post. But I'm going to go with not jumping on the ball on the opening kickoff. That Bama dude let it go through his hands and lay in the end zone for us to grab but our guys slowed up and the ref stood there waiting for either us to jump on it or that other Bama dude to kneel on it. We could of been up 7-0 in the first few seconds and that could of been a huge swing for us. But hey we won and I'll take it.  GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 05 Jan 2015

I'm so glad Oregon picked white to wear so we can wear our scarlet jerseys!! I love this jersey. I ordered one right when I saw you could get it and I love it. I'm up to 9 OSU jerseys. I have all the throw back ones they have worn and I have been looking for the white nike combat ones they wore against Penn St this year and a couple years back against TTUN but I can not find them ugh. I would also love to have one of those white ones they wore in the Sugar Bowl!!! GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 28 Nov 2014

Awesome beer! I'll have some of that tomorrow also. Yum Yum is really good by them too. I got Gumballhead, YumYum, Zombie Dust, Alpha King and Robert The Bruce in my fridge. Great beers!! GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 15 Jul 2014

To me it just sounds like they did not want to compete for a starting spot with all the talent we have recently got with tail back and line backers. Look at Florida, that program is on the fall pretty bad and Baker has a chance to go down there and start right away. I do not see them making much noise this year with the way the staff is under so much pressure. Scott on the other hand at least he stayed in the Big Ten I guess. Looking at that RB depth chart he probably would not see playing time for a year or so unless he would turn heads. I would of liked to have him but oh well, I'll take Harris any day of the week. I wish both Baker and Scott the best of luck in their college careers and remember signing day is not till Feb so i would not be surprised if Urban gets anyone of them to flip. 

Oh one more thing, why does this get brought up about losing players cause of the depth and all but it never seems to hurt Bama or anything. They still roll in big play after big time player granted they over sign and cut players left and right. That would totally draw me away from going to Bama with them doing that.