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Comment 20 Dec 2014

I do agree that Urban Legend is playing with "house money", unless someone gets to these kids and makes them personally responsible for taking down the entire SEC legend of invincibility.  

This is one football game. It's important, but it's not a Conference Championship or a National Title game. Alabama is just a team in the way of where we want to go. And they're favored to beat tOSU by 9+ points, which is clearly ludicrous.  Bama is an excellent team and if we are at less than very good we will lose, but our effort vs MSU will win the game and our focus vs Wisconsin will embarrass them. We will have to do much more in offense that e did vs Wisky. They were big and slow and made to be dismantled. Bama is big and FAST and can play right with us step for step, athlete for athlete. Our advantage is in our very diverse offense that can beat you so many ways. If we execute and hang on to the ball, we are unbeatable. Our defense is solid but not tested vs Alabama level athletes, so it remains to be seen if this is a shootout or an execution. It should be a great college football game. 

Comment 19 Dec 2014

In fact, the totally ridiculous, but probably true thing is that if Mister Jones and Braxton both declared for the draft after this season, scouts would be all over Jones as a "diamond in the rough" and shy away from Miller as a RGIII redux. 

Hows THAT for putting the universe on its ear???

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I've been thinking the same. We have SOOOOOO many weapons that it's hard to feature them all on a consistent basis. While I agree that we tend to use our TEs as blockers more than receivers, both Huermann and Vannett can burn LBs and Safety's down the middle. We just rarely need them as a counter-punch cuz our run game is so rarely stopped.   Bama is gonna have their hands really full on New Years night. If we play loose like the Wisky game it will be a glorious night for Buckeyes everywhere. 

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Arrrrrrgggghhhh!  This is a poorly conceived argument at best.  If he stays at OSU forever then do we hire an unproven head coach from our assistant pool?  Of course not!!  But if he leaves, he is disloyal???  Of course not!!!  Can't  have it both ways, friend. Wish Tom the best and when coach Meyer decides to retire from coaching, we will be in line for the best college coach in the country to leave wherever they are and continue his legacy. Maybe, just maybe that will be Tom Herman. 

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I think UFM and TOSU are the perfect recruiting storm and may surpass "that team down south" in recruiting in the next couple of years, especially if we win a NC or two. OSU is a clearly superior university with long standing football chops, combined with Meyers reputation as coach and recruiter make for THE place to play college football. This excellent article about the 2013 class, combined with the clearly bodacious '14 &'15 classes coming will attract the VERY BEST athletes, especially because we DONT  over sign and they know they will compete as soon as possible. Look out B1G and CFB!!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Part of the genius of UFM is using what he has. Think of the running plays of Brax, i.e. Penn St, etc....  He has a strong arm but when the chips are down he depends on his feet and they rarely fail him. 

JT has such a command of the offense, using his good arm and good legs to best advantage, but mostly operating like a coach on the field. That offense hinges on his brain, not his very good physical skills. 

Mister Jones is such a physically imposing player and we have no idea how gifted his arm actually is, but we've only seen the beginning. He was making every throw look effortless and while he's not a gifted runner, he moves quite well for his size. 

If we continue to run the ball well and play fast and physical defense, any of those 3 QBs can take us all the way. We, and they, are that good. 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

The Buckeyes just gave "We don't rebuild, we Reload" an entirely new meaning!

I was hoping in my heart of hearts that the Bucks would come together and play a full 60 minutes of the kind of football I have believed they were capable of. They did. I was also hoping way down deep that Mister Jones (they call me Mister Jones) would be allowed to play with all the tools in his arsenal (including that howitzer attached to his right shoulder) and would be able to release all the frustration that has come from waiting in line behind not one, but TWO Heisman Candidates and play at or near his full potential immediately. He Did. 

But I did not dream big enough to believe that this Buckeye team would UTTERLY DOMINATE a strong, mature and well coached Wisconsin team. Oh me of little faith!!  What an example of a team playing without fear of failure, and with utter confidence in one another.   A MASTERFUL COACHING performance also, I might add.  WELL DONE BUCKEYES!

Comment 26 Sep 2014

I expect to see lots of Buckeye ball control offense, and forcing Gunner to take big chances when he has the ball.  If we score every time we have the ball, and they score 1 of 3 times, we win big.  Dont play this team conservatively- Make them beat you deep, consistently, because they don't have the protection to do that, and even if our defensive backfield is suspect, its not THAT suspect.  I'd take 45-24 with a couple of picks and a half dozen sacks and feel great about it.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

A loss like this brings those of us who have suffered in this way together, and we all feel the pain of the loss of this young man's life.  I have lost 2 son's to accidental death.  My 6 year old died in an auto accident that could have easily claimed all our lives, then 9 years later, his older brother, age 19 died by drowning.  No one knows the pain of anothers loss, but those of us who have had similar losses know something of the pain.  No one wants a "Perfect" child, but I have 2 of them, as well as an "imperfect" daughter who I love dearly. I  have learned I have no control over the circumstances of her life and just trust God to take good care of her.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Really?  I can absolutely guarantee that no one is harder on Curtis Grant than Curtis Grant.  Our fan site mumblings are no more than background noise to all these players and coaches who know FAR better than the 95% of us who have not competed at anywhere near this level.  The reason we watch very young men play a game is to get caught up in the drama of it all, and the speculation of who is, or is going to be great, is, or may have underperformed to our expectations.  And I haven't even commented on our slavish devotion to an educational institution and it's identity as a sports powerhouse???  

Curtis Grant, and so many others like him CHOOSE to compete in this very environment because it challenges them as people to be their very best, knowing that once you're out there there is absolutely no where to hide if you fail or fail to live up to your own (and others expectations).  We watch, comment, etc... because we get to succeed and fail vicariously through their efforts.  It's great fun to make it all about us, but it's really all about them and their skills, stories and lives.  Of course, if weren't so attractive to the masses, we'd all do something else on Saturday and Sunday, and these guys wouldn't be out there to start with. 

So we cheer, speculate, ridicule, get heartbroken, swell with pride and a thousand other emotions all because of a completely vicarious experience that we have NO real part in.  And you are pissed because a guy wrote an article saying a guy hasn't lived up to our expectations???  Go mow your yard.

Comment 13 Nov 2013

Shazier is a great character, great athlete guy who out Tebows Tebow.  And I mean that in a good way!  Looking forward (wistfully) to seeing him play on Sundays one day soon.