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Comment 26 Sep 2014

I expect to see lots of Buckeye ball control offense, and forcing Gunner to take big chances when he has the ball.  If we score every time we have the ball, and they score 1 of 3 times, we win big.  Dont play this team conservatively- Make them beat you deep, consistently, because they don't have the protection to do that, and even if our defensive backfield is suspect, its not THAT suspect.  I'd take 45-24 with a couple of picks and a half dozen sacks and feel great about it.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

A loss like this brings those of us who have suffered in this way together, and we all feel the pain of the loss of this young man's life.  I have lost 2 son's to accidental death.  My 6 year old died in an auto accident that could have easily claimed all our lives, then 9 years later, his older brother, age 19 died by drowning.  No one knows the pain of anothers loss, but those of us who have had similar losses know something of the pain.  No one wants a "Perfect" child, but I have 2 of them, as well as an "imperfect" daughter who I love dearly. I  have learned I have no control over the circumstances of her life and just trust God to take good care of her.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Really?  I can absolutely guarantee that no one is harder on Curtis Grant than Curtis Grant.  Our fan site mumblings are no more than background noise to all these players and coaches who know FAR better than the 95% of us who have not competed at anywhere near this level.  The reason we watch very young men play a game is to get caught up in the drama of it all, and the speculation of who is, or is going to be great, is, or may have underperformed to our expectations.  And I haven't even commented on our slavish devotion to an educational institution and it's identity as a sports powerhouse???  

Curtis Grant, and so many others like him CHOOSE to compete in this very environment because it challenges them as people to be their very best, knowing that once you're out there there is absolutely no where to hide if you fail or fail to live up to your own (and others expectations).  We watch, comment, etc... because we get to succeed and fail vicariously through their efforts.  It's great fun to make it all about us, but it's really all about them and their skills, stories and lives.  Of course, if weren't so attractive to the masses, we'd all do something else on Saturday and Sunday, and these guys wouldn't be out there to start with. 

So we cheer, speculate, ridicule, get heartbroken, swell with pride and a thousand other emotions all because of a completely vicarious experience that we have NO real part in.  And you are pissed because a guy wrote an article saying a guy hasn't lived up to our expectations???  Go mow your yard.

Comment 13 Nov 2013

Shazier is a great character, great athlete guy who out Tebows Tebow.  And I mean that in a good way!  Looking forward (wistfully) to seeing him play on Sundays one day soon.