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Comment 26 Aug 2015

Of course, all this is based on what we saw LAST YEAR. Both JT&CJ are more mature and experienced now than last preseason, and I will argue that 12 Gauge has matured more in the last year than JT, which is an underhanded compliment, but undeniably true. 

If Cardale shows the same tendencies he showed last post season, JT will start for sure because ball security is king.  If, however, the Slayer of Tides has tightened up his game and mastered more of the playbook, he has the higher ceiling of the two, as great as JT is.   So the day to day competition that the 12th Son of Ohio lost last year is now wide open for both QBs to show how much they've grown and how badly they want it. The winner in camp will have earned the nod, and the unbelievable part of this whole battle is that Kenny G will have been replaced as the best Buckeye backup QB ever!  In Urban and Co I trust. 

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I'm about ready to put "Buckeye Battle Cry" on continuous loop in my office!!!!

while all the excitement is from the last two seasons, the team seems focused on the preparation and execution for THIS season. Let's hope so, cuz while the Buckeyes are accustomed to having the bullseye painted on, this team is EVERYBODYS NCG.  Note VT and their "we beat the national champions T-shirt" (which we are preparing to cram whole down their throats).  The good news is that unlike the prior two seasons where we ended with ????s, last year we ended with !!!!!!'s. It's great to start a season with so few unanswered questions. Now all we have to do is answer the B1G question; did we crush this weeks opponent For the regular and B1G Championship weeks???

That is all. 

Comment 07 Aug 2015

So if I were to compare JT and CJ to current NFL QBs I would say JT is similar in style and demeanor to Russell Wilson and 12 Gauge is more of a Big Ben. One is a great leader, student of the game and executor of the offense with plent of skills and an even greater mind for the game. The other is a leader, but more of a raw Talent and Gift that makes the offense work in their own way. They have more of a Feel for the game than a great mind, although they are plenty smart and can buckle down when they need to. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

This is not the same Buckeye offense that played the Hokies last year. Tried and tested Slobs, Heisman candidate at QB, seasoned RBs, young, but UFM recruited receivers. It was VTs defense against a very unsure offense that caught lightning in a bottle last year. This year it's two teams who are both motivated, howbeit for very different reasons. The Bucks and their COACHES won't be caught off guard again. 

This will not be a laugher, but it should not be a particularly close game.  Buckeyes by 17+.   And come and get me if it's less than 10. I'll own it.  

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Johnny G-  Your clear pessimism is very different than UFMs honest realism. Urban calls it like he sees it, and when he sees it like he wants it to be, he calls it greatness. 

You have explained that you always see it negatively until it's over and it turned out better than you hoped, then you can celebrate that it wasn't as bad as you feared it would be.   Dude, that's SAD.  But if that's all the hope and joy you'll allow yourself as a Buckeye, so be it. 

I prefer to be an optimist realist, believing in the greatness of the OSU and coach Meyer, but realizing that sometimes we just mess up or the other team has everything go their way and we lose. Generally, however, our skill and preparation creates our good fortune and we win most of the close ones and blow out the rest of our opponents.   I was optimistic for the Wisconsin game, but realized it could go either way (until it didn't).  After that I was more optimistic because we had performed greatly. I was rewarded with a great post season with little anxiety and am still basking in the glow. 

None of last year will help this day, but we are clearly starting from a stronger place than last year. 

Woo-Hooooo!!!!  Go Bucks!!!!

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Agreed. What we did last year was peak at exactly the right time and have a secret weapon off the bench in Car-dale Jones!!!!   The national media discounted us, our opponents didn't know what to make of us but "we" knew what we were building and it all came together in a magical three game run. 

This year, the bullseye is clearly on our back, the media will build us to the heavens, in the hopes that they can tear us down later and all our opponents will be playing the reigning national champions. We will have to be much more focused and much more prepared than last year if we want to repeat. We have the talent. Can we perform under much greater pressure at a significantly higher level than the first 11 games of last year?  With a three headed QB hydra controversy?  That will be the story of 2015.  I am optimistic and hopeful, but nobody's gonna roll over and hand it to us. 

Comment 13 Apr 2015
With all this talent, play selection and ball distribution is going to be a real issue. I noticed the play calling got much more conservative in closer games last year. I'm hoping that was due to the relative inexperience of RS Freshmen QB and not the coaching gettin skeered under pressure. This years team has plenty of experience and so many talented ball handlers that it would be a shame to take any of those pieces off the table in the highly unlikely event that a game got a bit close.
Comment 07 Apr 2015

It's way beyond time for this return to sanity in the game of football. Both the game and it's players will have immediate benefits. Next, a return to tossing the ball to the referee after scoring a TD (followed by a shrug) as the new celebration. Maybe acting like you've been there before will become the new normal? Understated elegance is the true sign of confidence. 

Go Bucks. Beat Everyone!!

Comment 28 Mar 2015

If I were UFM or EZE I'd want fewer rush attempts this year and fewer yards to protect EZE for the NFL. There is clear evidence that RBs have a shelf life tied to their total career carries from HS-NFL. 

we have the talent to limit EZE to about 12-1300 yds in a 15 game season, with the load picking up later in the year.  That gives Samuel room for nearly 1000 in the earilier part of season along with Dunn and others in mop up duty. I hope that pushes the QB rushing total to #3 on the list, as we work on using the H-back more this year with Marshall/Wilson,etc on Jet Sweeps, reverses,etc....

we will also throw more and even better this year, as we have 3 (count em) starting (all B1G, Heisman candidate) QBs, and speed to burn at WR. 

Heres to a season with so many weapons we are embarrassed to use them all, and a special thank you to the SLOBS who really make all of this possible. 

Comment 17 Jan 2015

I just realized that I have entered a Harbaugh Perfect Storm.  As a born and bred Buckeye and am an adopted Steeler fan since the early 70's who hates the Ravens, I get to hate them both with a white hot perfect hatred.   Totally made my day!!!!!

and for all you Ohioans who think I'm a traitor, I was raised on the Brownies, but moved to Pittsburgh in 1972, just in time to be inoculated with the greatness that is Steeler Football. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

It was the Silver Bullets who surprised me most during the NCG. I believed that D Lee 43 would be a force and hoped the D line would play smart, tough football and limit MMs breakouts, but "Whoa Nellie" did they exceed my expectations and wildest hopes, to the point that when we got our 4th turnover, I said to the crowd at my house "can you believe we're gonna beat Oregon with 4 turnovers?"  Unheard of!  That's exactly how they beat their opponents, but they had NO breathing room to execute Monday night. What a display of defensive firepower!!

Comment 13 Jan 2015
So I agree that this sports science spot was a general primer on the ZBS and a bit about EZE as an athlete. Last night on ESPiN post game was a breakdown on his longest TD run that was much more impressive and actually highlighted EZEs talent in acceleration, vision and balance, all working together in great... Wait for it... Synchronicity. Elliot's combination of speed/balance/power is rare indeed. He often breaks through hits that would drop most rbs and makes cuts that seem to defy gravity. And he sees the smallest lanes and is through them in an instant. Sport Science or no, he is a very special talent.
Comment 13 Jan 2015

Well AS a Steeler fan, I've been thinking the same thing.   We have a third string clipboard holder who is very expendable (Landry Jones) and coach T loves him some Buckeye Football. 

Cardale will be well looked out for in the 'Burgh and will continue to make Buckeye Nation proud (and will have Cam Heyward to make sure he keeps his head on straight). 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Cardale has the arm strength and accuracy to open Oregon up like he did Wisconsin, and not just with long balls. That and the outside run game with CJ occasionally taking it up the middle also will be more than the Ducks can account for. Our key will be in the red zone, where we must convert TDs and hold them to FGs. We also need a couple three TDs from outside the  20, just to drive a spit through the BBQ Ducks. 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Really agree with your calling out Darron Lee and his crucial role as a Disruptor of this Duck O. D line can create pressure, but must hold lane integrity to keep Mariota honest. If we get sacks, it will be because we are well ahead and MM is having to take chances in the air. This is where Lee Iis the wildcard as the athletic speed/read/react LB. He can spy Mariota, take slot receivers away, blitz, you name it. He is the MM kryptonite. 

Comment 09 Jan 2015

 CJ is kryptonite to this Duck defense. Even if the sell out to stop Eze, he either beats them with the long bomb barrel of that 12 gauge, or he uses the other barrel, which is apparently loaded with a door busting slug that opens holes up the middle. Who has a strong arm QB who runs like a fullback?  TOSU, that's who!!  There are just too many options for the Ducks to account for. Two backs with power inside, at least one who can go house on any play, a QB with both deep and short accuracy and multiple perimeter and deep threats. And we just proved that a BETTER defense couldn't stop us.   Al we have to do is hang on to the ball and trade our TDs for a few of their FGs and we win by 8 or more. 

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Lots of good comments here on ToP, etc.... I like our defenses ability to limit Ducks to FGs more than they are accustomed. We're fast enough on the back end to contain and fast enough on the front end to pressure. I think Darron Lee will spy Mariota often and keep him honest. 

They have no real answers to our offense. Speed deep and in the edges and power up the middle (including the 12 gauge door buster). Nobody in cfb can stop us but us, so we do need to hang on to the ball. I think Cardale will shine with some deep shots, a few intermediate patterns and a ridiculous ground game (100+) is not out of the question.  

I was quietly confident vs Ala, but am extremely so vs UO. They simply haven't had to face anyone like us this year. Ask MSU, UW, UA. 

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Oregon (and the Philly Iggles) fall prey to win early, win big or get smacked around and look inept. That offense is very timing based and when the timing is disrupted by defensive pressure, it can fall apart very fast. 

What I like about the Buckeye offense is that in a shootout, we can keep up with them, and their defense is nowhere as good as defenses we have already torched this year. We don't have to be afraid if we get behind early, so we can just play the defensive game of attrition.  We can stop you better than you can stop us. And let's limit the turnovers...

Comment 07 Jan 2015

I doubt Tim Tebow will ever coach football. He's making good money talking for a living and that is so much easier than the brutal hours of a coach. He also has a very diverse set of interests related to his faith, including his close connection to the Philippines and his work with special needs kids. Tim is about so much more than football. Love the guy and hope he is able to really make a difference in the world. 

Comment 04 Jan 2015

My hunch is we will control tempo but still play fast, just ball control pass and run. If we can avg 6-7 mins per TD drive and hold them to FGs a couple times per half we will win easily. As they get behind and are running short on time they will take chances and we will be waiting.   I expect 10 point plus victory margin, say high 40s to mid 30s.