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Comment 19 hours ago

The writing has been on the wall for anyone who cared to look. We are young, not good in the air and are prone to get tight under pressure. The whiteout is a 'real deal' at unhappy valley. We kept them close enough to believe and the improbable happened. Will we win out?  Maybe. Are we a playoff team?  Not likely. Will we be totally awesome next year?  Hell yes!!!

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Saw a very young Buckeye team go into a hostile environment against a very well prepared Badger team and not let the moment get too big for them. That is the kind of tempering that creates forged steel come end of season, championship and playoff games. For all the criticism of the first half, our guys pulled together when it mattered and came away with a well deserved victory. If we get them again in Indy, it won't be nearly as close. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 16 Oct 2016

thought that JT really picked it up in the second half.  More decisive, crisp throws, and a great sense of where to get the ball despite far and away the best defense we've seen this year.  Receivers started stepping up in the second half also, which gave everyone confidence that we were going to win this one.  at halftime I asked my brother if he thought we could beat W by more than 10 in the second half.  It seemed to me that we were figuring their offense scheme out and the D would take over.  Give W credit for not getting steamrolled, and they looked pretty good that last score... the only time we got out physicaled on the line this year.  But we sucked it up and played great in OT.  Great prep for Happy Valley (wont be as close) and ulater in the year.  And if we get W in the championship, we will be ready and it won't be nearly as close, and they know it.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

"what is Of'-fense?  Of'-fense is an of-fense' to the de'-fense"

I suppose that makes C Samuel very offensive, in an offensive sort of way????  Samuel is the key to this offense being productive, in some ways even more than JT.  If JT is the "distributor", CS is the "sparkplug"!!  Multi and exceptionally talented as both a runner and receiver makes him dangerous from any position on the field.  I would like to see the Buckeyes make someone stop Samuel and let that effort open the rest of the offense up, rather than making them stop JT.... Just a thought.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

Badger offense is minimally effective vs poor defenses. No way they score more than single digits vs Silver Bullets. Buckeye Offense can actually throw the football, even in the rain. Be prepared for a controlled short pass game that will keep badger D guessing, with Samuel and Wilson gashing and Weber pounding the middle. Urban claims to have learned his lesson from last year at MSU and last week at IU. We shall see. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Interesting how this week is sort of like Oklahoma in buzz, but different cuz we know how jacked up Camp R will be Saturday night. I feel just a touch of apprehension in the air, but that's ok, we need a good stiff test or two prior to -ichigan and the playoffs. Hoping for a good convincing win. If we match our score vs Indiana, we will be very pleased, I'd bet. 

I don't think whisky can match IU offense. And will be comfortable if we get to 30. So how about 27-9 for a final with dominating D and similar O to last week (cuz Urban can't get off the JT crutches. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

On paper it's a Buckeye blowout. Night game at C Randall, in the rain, when JT ran 27 times last weekend..... Does this remind me of MSU last year?  That is why so many are a bit nervous. I will trust a fully functional Silver Bullets to hold UW to single digits, and believe that we cannot be held that low. Probably won't be pretty, but we should win by at least 10 at worst. Predict 27-9 Buckeyes. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

It was after the 2014 blowout that I knew in my heart that we would win it all. That team played with absolute freedom to fail, so they didn't. They had no pressure and simply played inspired football. The best 3 game stretch I can recall in my memory sunset about 1965. 

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Looking forward to seeing this D line vs Wisconsin. They're bigger and stronger than anyone we've faced to date. Hoping our equal strength and superior speed can overcome the Mass effect.  It usually does.  Also think our D backfield will be more dominant than vs IU.   And kudos to the Hoosiers for an excellent effort. They could easily be #3 in the B1G East. 

Comment 09 Oct 2016

JT runs the option when the DT or LB takes on the RB. A smart defense will force JT to beat them every time. And he almost always does! JT is safer running downfield than in the pocket getting hit at weird angles and he is a stout and tough QB, not likely to to be injured if he keeps his wits about him, which he is VERY good at. The passing game (JTs arm, mostly) was off and we've seen that before, unfortunately. He tends to lock on targets and does a lot of double clutching the ball, etc., showing that he is a good but not great college passer.  When he has a less than great day, the coaches don't try to force it. They let him do what he's best at- running the option. And this week was a comfortable win even if it wasn't as pretty as we'd like. I hope we have more success vs Wisconsin's secondary (IU wasn't bad back there) cuz they are built to stop our run game. 

All in all a good performance against a solid and improving Indiana team, and remember, we could have covered the point spread if Meyer had wanted to in that last minute. 

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Is "Breaking Away" a sports movie, or a "coming of age" movie on a bicycle?  The "Little Indy" was not really a sporting event, but more of a college campus cultural expression. I love the movie, but see The Sandlot as more of a sports movie than Breaking Away, but it also is as much a coming of age as a sports movie.

Having said all that, it is a top Indiana movie!  Behind Hoosiers (which is a legit sports movie)

Comment 07 Oct 2016

The spread is for suckers. It will stay high until we fail to cover, then become more reasonable.  Hoosiers are "real". Buckeyes are "surreal".  Or to put it another way, average. We have started this season in the manner we have all dreamed of, hot out of the gate with hardly a misstep, and now running way out front of the pack.  Just like we expected but didn't get last year. IU will be game, not unlike OU, but simply will not keep up. I hope we bust them early and have all backups in the 4th qtr.  If we are dominant, but they at least make us work for it, they will cover the spread. That should be their goal this week. Lose by no more than 28. It will be more impressive than beating MSU. 

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I've been on the CS bandwagon since his first game st OSU and predicted that he could get 1Kx2 before the start of the season so I'm not surprised by his year. I think that we will actually see his numbers go UP as the tougher games come our way and the staff wants dependable and experienced hands on the ball.   He and Weber will be the 1-2 punch down the stretch for the Buckeyes, but Samuels versatility will get him to or very near the grail of 1kx2 in 2016. 

Comment 06 Oct 2016

Love it when an incredible athlete that doesn't have the standardized measurables for his position thrives in part because he is different. Smaller, quicker, powerful athletes have been able to dominate for years on D line and I'm glad we have Robert on our team. He clearly has great drive and hustle and will have to be double teamed to have any hope of being contained. And that frees up our other great athletes to dominate opposing lines. Good days for Ohio State!

Comment 06 Oct 2016

O line driving this team to the top of the national rankings. Very good pass pro and run blocking, and very little lag in getting up to speed. They are making the "stars" look really good right now, and their play gives confidence to both teammates and fans that this is a very special year. 

I feel very certain that the Hoosier Daddy's have not experienced the brawl that is about to hit them this year on offense, not to mention a very fast and tight defense.  Looking forward to blooding more freshmen this Saturday. 

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Several posts have captured pieces of my thoughts in this so I'd like to put them together.  We are passing the ball reasonably well, especially for a power/spread team.  We have amazing receivers that are largely untested, but several of them have made impressive catches already.  We are often I the position to run out the clock in an effort to keep the score in check so the run game tends to override the passing attack.  Also, our run game has become much more varied with outside runs this year as shown earlier in the week with the film study  I believe Urban and Co. are taking shots and working on the passing game and it will be good enough to keep the teams with strong run D honest.  That's all we need to win because of our amazing Defense!

Comment 02 Oct 2016

I think (and hope) that this young Buckeye team has its mind right. Seeing some proper feeling out in first quarter and getting the offense and defense fully engaged by second. As long as they don't get the idea that they are 'all that' they'll be fine and we will be tested by Alabama second week of January 2017. Enjoy this very special season of perhaps what will become known as one of the very best college teams of the last 40 years.