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Comment 12 May 2016

15-0. Because it's "not expected", there's no real pressure like last year and the Okies are already counting on a win at home and getting to the CFB. Our best chance is now, with JT at the helm in his final year at OSU. if it doesn't happen, we won't be apoplectic (like so many last season), but if it does.... Whoo Baby!!!!

Comment 11 May 2016

As a Columbus native who left in 1972 when my dad was transferred to Pittsburgh, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My younger brother still roots for the brownies as he returned to Ohio for a few years. I have the good fortune to be both a rabid Buckeye and Steeler fan without feeling like I abandoned the team of my youth (the Buckeyes always came before the Browns). For those still clinging to Cleveland, my heart goes out to you and I hope you win something someday (not a Lombardi).

You had your chance to dump them when Modell abandoned the city, but were too  codependent to let them go when you could have done so with a clear conscience. On second thought, you're all suckers who deserve what you get. Thank God for the Ohio State University or the state would have the highest suicide rate in the nation. 

Comment 05 May 2016

I have always been proud of the 'reload' mentality at TOSU. But now we EXPECT to compete for the Natty, not just the B1G and scum titles. This is a whole 'nother ballgame!

I want coach Meyer to take a deep breath, spend some time with family and get physically and mentally rested, then bring this very young, very talented team together with no expectations except maximum effort. Good coaching and a focus on the day at hand is our best shot at being at or near the top of the heap come next December. Our expectations need to be that we have a great team and coach and will always be in the conversation for the title as long as we work hard (and get a break or two). Go Bucks. 

Comment 29 Apr 2016

If we see Zeke in a Super Bowl wearing the Star, if will be sooner than 5 years, cuz Romo will be long gone by then, and with him go the Cowboys Lombardi ambitions for another generation.  Pro Bowl could come this year, and certainly by 2017... Matching Emmitt's production... now that is a function of health more than talent... Zeke will need 12+ years to get to those numbers in the pass happy NFL...

Comment 25 Apr 2016

The NFL QB issue is huge right now with the proliferation of the "spread offense" in college football. OSU's place in that is certainly no worse than the majority of college programs and quite possibly better due to level of competition (yeah, I said it, SEC).  The pros are looking for arm strength, size, intelligence, leadership and some mobility. They know they will have to 'coach up' all the college qb's.  If R Wilson can make it, JTB has a real shot, if he can shake the 'weenie arm' moniker that has been unfairly hung on him.   Cardale is Big Ben looking for a place to prove it. 

Comment 23 Apr 2016

Meyer wants to win Nattys, period. The B1G and protecting the Ohio borders is only as useful as it relates to winning the CFB CHAMPIONSHIP.  This is a shift from the Tressel era of 1) beat -ichigan, 2) win the B1G, 3) go to a BCS bowl and if we got to play for the title, that was icing on the cake.  And we all knew those were the priorities. It's a new day, folks. Beat -ichigan cuz they suck  and of course we do. Plan to Win the B1G on the way to a CFB final 4 and plan to win it all. Every year. Anything less is a disappointment. Period. Recruiting to reach those goals is a national scope event, and we relentlessly pursue any Ohio kid who can help us do that. Period.  I'm on board with UFM's plan. How about you?

Comment 22 Apr 2016

I'm a big fan of the TE position as a dual threat athlete. That being said, very few are deep threats who can make one person miss and go house. We have used our TEs to open holes for the guy who can, however, which is acceptable to most Buckeyes. This year will be different, as the most complete Buckeye RB in a generation is now working for Nike, so opportunities abound for the Distributor.  Baugh is an athlete who can take advantage and make LB/safeties look silly in coverage. This can take pressure off JT to have to run as much as in the past, and also opens up the  passing lanes for WRs.  And I think Baugh just might be able to make one man miss and take it home.   And having a TE/OC coach is a very good omen for this scenario. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Good article. I'll gladly give up 20 lbs on d line if I have comparable strength and superior speed. This isn't Sumo.  Give the ponderous o line a moving target and they lose more than they win. Our o line is a great blend of size and speed with great coaching. We are now recruiting well above  most B1G teams in all phases. The teams we have to worry about are those that recruit similar athletes. That's when it comes down to heart, desire and coaching. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Samuel has tremendous balance and acceleration.  He's a threat to break away every time he touches it.  He may not be the pounder that Zeke and Los are, but he is a rare talent.  Just the fact that he can switch to H and be as successful as he was in a new position (he made a couple of very impressive catches, one I remember for a TD that was really great) leads me to believe that he could very well be the feature "back" for the Buckeyes this year, both out of the backfield and at H Back.  He could be the next P____ H_____???

I really expect the Buckeyes to spread it around this year (including to Baugh) and they may be the "Oregon Ducks with an NFL potential offensive line".  Scary...   This may be the kind of team that UFM has been waiting for, even if its different than what we are used to at tOSU.  I'll adjust.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I am glad to see the speed blitz from the corner in addition to the standard LB package.  College QBs are less likely to pick it up quick enough to beat it to the open receiver, and having watched Dick LeBeau use it successfully for years with the Steelers (sorry, Browns devotees), it can really light up an opposing QB.  I like the speed of this defense... and for those who worry about the Wisconsin O Line... don't: strength and speed beats size every time up front.

Comment 17 Apr 2016

The future is bright indeed at Ohio State. We are developing talent at a fine rate, and all these highly touted recruits want to show why they came to be coached by UFM&CO. To prepare to wear the Scarlet and Gray for a couple of years before matriculating to Sunday football. We are now an official NFL farm team, if it was ever in doubt before. We need to enjoy these young guns play while we can cuz several of them won't be here long. And that's how you get #1 recruiting classes year after year. The top talent comes to college to prep for Sunday football and with our turnover rate we are like a juco for the League. 

Part of me wishes it wasn't so, but I do enjoy watching them win 50 out of 54 games in four years. 

Comment 13 Apr 2016

A great tribute, Ramzy!  

[Edited by staff. Respectfully, this is not the site to defend or discuss any side of the gun debate.]

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Cool comes from inner confidence first and foremost. I get accused of it on a regular basis and I am so far removed from the youth culture of today.....  Urban is cool because he is cool. Harbaugh is a poser because he is Harbaugh. 

Drops mic....

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Good analysis Ramzy, as usual. I think that UFM is building on the "Ohio first/quality people" mentality that Tress made as his foundation in recruiting, and adding the national recruiting reach that only a few schools have. He has turned OSU into a national brand and not just "the best of the Big Ten who wins a fair number of bowl games but is likely to get hammered in a NCG."  He also is embracing social media and technology in ways no predecessor ever has. If he can hold his life together through adversity (learn from the Fla experience) he will be the GOAT Buckeye coach and a top 3 CFB coach of all time.  I expect to see 2-4 national championship games in the next decade if he sticks around.  And he will win more of those than he loses.  Go Bucks Forever!

Comment 02 Feb 2016

So as a corollary to the letter grade system, i.e., straight A's (even with the minor criticism at OL recognized), how does TOSU 2016 recruiting class grade out on a NUMERICAL grade scale, with an 'A'= 4.0????

I haven't done the math, but one of you enterprising 11W members could surely crank that out in mere moments.....  Are we a 4.0 or higher class?  I know we are close, with a couple of 5*s to make up for a couple of 3*s, but don't know what that ratio actually is.

Just curious....

Comment 08 Jan 2016

I agree Troy... CS is so smooth and electric with the ball that he could have been the feature back or H last year but for Zeke and the felt need to distribute the ball. One issue we have with our glut of talent in backfield and receiver is it's tough to get these guys their touches and keep them invested and keep recruits interested. I see Samuel being next years Zeke and likely from more than one spot on the field. He just has that star power. 

Comment 08 Jan 2016

I agree Troy... CS is so smooth and electric with the ball that he could have been the feature back or H last year but for Zeke and the felt need to distribute the ball. One issue we have with our glut of talent in backfield and receiver is it's tough to get these guys their touches and keep them invested and keep recruits interested. I see Samuel being next years Zeke and likely from more than one spot on the field. He just has that star power. 

Comment 06 Jan 2016

When I look back on the '14 and '15 seasons I see a great deal of similarity despite the very different outcomes.  Both teams started slow and underperformed by our standards (idealized fandom).  Both teams had one bad game that they lost: unfortunately one came early and the other came late in the season, impacting the post season.  Both teams got on a roll late in the year when it mattered most and made the most of what the were presented with in terms of opponents and won handily. Our primary QB(s) generally performed well with occasional lapses (I recognize JTs overall great '14 season but there were some less than stellar moments) with better overall play at the position in '14 than '15, highlighted by an amazing, inexplicable and outstanding performance by Cardale, Eze and the Slobs in the '14 playoffs. So really, we were unexpectedly fortunate to run the table like we did in '14 and that set our expectations for '15 unreasonably high. And yet only a single  late and very close loss kept us out of the CFP for a second year in a row, and JT was rounding into great form for another playoff run.  I was disappointed with the MSU loss but it wasn't totally unexpected given the course of the season and therefore knew that we no longer controlled our own destiny for the playoffs. Overall, two similar seasons with very different outcomes based almost solely on the whim of the CFP letting us in last year and our AWESOME finish last year.   Why consider this year a disappointment? Our inflated expectations based on a three game stretch that came like a "bolt out of the Scarlet".