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Comment 24 Jul 2016

That Rose Bowl was a heartbreaker. I so wanted Archie to finish his stellar career on a high note. It seemed we were beginning to see the difference between east and west coast high level college football and Woodys unwillingness or inability to coach a more diversified offense.  Perhaps even our recruiting lockdown in Ohio caused us to miss out on other great players from around the country and a team that was built to dominate the Big Ten was a step behind the  Pac 10.  That is no longer the case and I am confident every year that we can compete for the national championship. As long as we don't beat ourselves. 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I've been holding this comment until Rex Kern's senior season.  Kern was an absolute wizard in deceptive ball handling.  The TV cameras could rarely figure out what he was doing on hand-offs. keepers, rollouts, etc...  He didn't make a significant mark at the next level, but he was certainly a gifted QB in the OSU style of the day (three yards and a cloud....)

Coach Woody was slowly getting more and more cranky each year, and even though he is our COACH, the writing on the wall was beginning to show....  Now get off my porch!

And don't you just love those pictures of Jack Tatum, the assassin, at the Bob Hope special (I think that was the Playboy all america team?)  He's looking at Hope like "get outta my face, fool!"

Comment 14 Jul 2016

One thing I am enjoying about this series is a reminder of just how difficult it is to go 50-4 in your first four years as a head coach. Woody will always be the Standard for tOSU, but if UFM continues to recruit, coach and win at his current rate he will surely set a new Standard. The series is just starting to get to my memory of OSU football and I'm looking forward to the Kern, Griffin, etc... Years. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Truth be told, the fact that we are reading and responding to this shows just how desperate we are for the season to start.  Meanwhile, we vacillate between "living in our fears" and being a "cockeyed optimist".  I am living in pure denial that our fine young men are not all busy helping old ladies across the street, visiting sick kids in hospitals and manning the church soup kitchen....until someone hits the news for being a dumb kid, or worse.

I also live in hope that we will go undefeated EVERY year.... it could happen.... and even if it doesn't, its not all Fickell's fault!  I look forward to 2016-17 Buckeye football, where the spotlight is off us and we can play with everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Oklahoma is gonna wonder what hit them!

Comment 08 Jul 2016

What a great look at the heart of a HS coach who develops talent instead of exploiting it. And develops character instead of enabling bad behavior. 

This is how to make "black lives matter".  Black men instill pride and character into the lives of young black men. Our own LJ being another prime example. Thank you, men, for making a difference in the lives of so many young men of All races and colors. 

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Curtis is a lock for 1k this year. I predict he will play more RB than many suspect and when others are pounding the rock he will be in the H or Y. He is our best and most experienced back/receiver going into this year. Dontre is likely on the basis of return, receiving and some rush yards, but I worry about his health. One back may get a K but there could also be enough touches for Dunn and Weber to get them both near but not quite if my Samuel predict is on.  Please don't let JT get over 700 rushing at a 7ypc avg. enough to keep defenses guessing.   Doubt we have a K receiver but if we do it'll be Noah. Remember, we have 15 games scheduled for 2016!  

Comment 05 Jul 2016

What we are all hoping for is a season where the Buckeyes start the season with a chip on their shoulder and just hammer BGSU and Tulsa, using those games to fine tune and prep for a tough Sooner game that we hopefully shock the world. Then go into B1G play seasoned and hungry to run the table without a letdown game. It's all in the mindset of the coaches and players. We have a top 4 roster year after year so it's execution and will to dominate. 

Reading the stories of the past OSU teams, and remembering from my own experiences starting in about 1964 as a youngster, we are a perennial threat to win it all, and frankly, that's rarely been the case in my lifetime. We've had some great teams and have nearly always had a shot, but the UFM era is different so far. We legitimately expect to be a top 4 team and have the talent to play at the very highest level every year.  If we can learn how to be mentally prepared to win every game, we can actually execute at that level. It's all a mindset. We are the biggest, fastest, baddest team in college football and we dare you to prove different. Boy do I love the preseason. We can go 100-0!

Comment 30 Jun 2016

Have you young uns forgotten ARCHIE GRIFFIN?  This could be a top 25 list and we'd still be arguing, but c'mon man, Archie, Orlando, Spielman, Antoine, Troy, Eddie, Boston, Braxton, Hankins, Mangold, Shazier to name a representative few at various positions. 

Comment 25 Jun 2016

My prayers go out to his family and there are simply no words to express the depth of their pain right now. 

I lost my 19 year old son, Ben, in a drowning death in Lake Shasta, CA 19 years ago and his younger brother in an auto accident in 1988. I am comforted now in knowing that they are safe and well and beyond all human suffering. But at the time, "a better place" would have been with their mom and me.  For those of you who are close to this family, do things for them. Simple acts of daily life are overwhelming in the first few weeks. No one "knows how they feel", not even me because I'm not them. I know something if their pain, however, and like the "Footprints" poem says, they need to be carried for a while. You can help do that and be Gods hands for this family in some very real ways.   This can be survived, but it truly is a choice to fall helpless into Gods arms and to try not to be too angry at Him for too long. 

Comment 15 Jun 2016

We start seasons with an embarrassment of riches at most positions, but then the harsh realities of football life start to occur.  Our preseason prognostics make way for injuries, grades, foolishness, etc....  It will be interesting to see how we hold up this season and who rises to the top. Also, having a 1 and 1a at most spots is a sign of a top tier program and a good problem to have 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

His HS film reveals a man among boys, but he was playing plenty of top HS talent.  He has been honing his craft for years as an understudy to Joey, and will play like he's been here for two years already as a true frosh.  His technique is better than any first year d-line we've ever recruited I'd wager, and he is likely to exceed already high expectations. Will he continue "the shrug?"

Comment 09 Jun 2016

Adversity and lower expectations make for determination and the same "what have we got to lose" mentality that took us to the inaugural CFB Playoff Championship.  If we play AND coach like 2014, we will be fine.  And there's every reason to think that can happen. Sure, we could lose some games and look out in 2017 if we do, but we could realistically run the table this year. We have that kind of talent. It's the "between the ears and in the heart" stuff that will tell the tale of the 2016 Buckeyes. I remain optimistic AND I fully expected and predicted the 2014 outcome after the beat down we put on Wisconsin. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

DTs don't have to be huge if they're quick and use their hands well (Bosa). More depth is always better, but we will succeed if each unit does its job and depends on the others around them to do theirs. These guys are going in hungry and underestimated big time. Can't wait to see this Buckeye team gel early for a change and be at midseason form for the Okies. 

Comment 06 Jun 2016

Agree with the 'paralysis by analysis' angle, especially as analysts will be breaking down video in real time and communicating to coaches on the field. It's not a big jump from still shots being done now, but in a way, it is...

whats next?  Drones swarming the field to get better angles?

Comment 12 May 2016

15-0. Because it's "not expected", there's no real pressure like last year and the Okies are already counting on a win at home and getting to the CFB. Our best chance is now, with JT at the helm in his final year at OSU. if it doesn't happen, we won't be apoplectic (like so many last season), but if it does.... Whoo Baby!!!!

Comment 11 May 2016

As a Columbus native who left in 1972 when my dad was transferred to Pittsburgh, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My younger brother still roots for the brownies as he returned to Ohio for a few years. I have the good fortune to be both a rabid Buckeye and Steeler fan without feeling like I abandoned the team of my youth (the Buckeyes always came before the Browns). For those still clinging to Cleveland, my heart goes out to you and I hope you win something someday (not a Lombardi).

You had your chance to dump them when Modell abandoned the city, but were too  codependent to let them go when you could have done so with a clear conscience. On second thought, you're all suckers who deserve what you get. Thank God for the Ohio State University or the state would have the highest suicide rate in the nation. 

Comment 05 May 2016

I have always been proud of the 'reload' mentality at TOSU. But now we EXPECT to compete for the Natty, not just the B1G and scum titles. This is a whole 'nother ballgame!

I want coach Meyer to take a deep breath, spend some time with family and get physically and mentally rested, then bring this very young, very talented team together with no expectations except maximum effort. Good coaching and a focus on the day at hand is our best shot at being at or near the top of the heap come next December. Our expectations need to be that we have a great team and coach and will always be in the conversation for the title as long as we work hard (and get a break or two). Go Bucks. 

Comment 29 Apr 2016

If we see Zeke in a Super Bowl wearing the Star, if will be sooner than 5 years, cuz Romo will be long gone by then, and with him go the Cowboys Lombardi ambitions for another generation.  Pro Bowl could come this year, and certainly by 2017... Matching Emmitt's production... now that is a function of health more than talent... Zeke will need 12+ years to get to those numbers in the pass happy NFL...

Comment 25 Apr 2016

The NFL QB issue is huge right now with the proliferation of the "spread offense" in college football. OSU's place in that is certainly no worse than the majority of college programs and quite possibly better due to level of competition (yeah, I said it, SEC).  The pros are looking for arm strength, size, intelligence, leadership and some mobility. They know they will have to 'coach up' all the college qb's.  If R Wilson can make it, JTB has a real shot, if he can shake the 'weenie arm' moniker that has been unfairly hung on him.   Cardale is Big Ben looking for a place to prove it. 

Comment 23 Apr 2016

Meyer wants to win Nattys, period. The B1G and protecting the Ohio borders is only as useful as it relates to winning the CFB CHAMPIONSHIP.  This is a shift from the Tressel era of 1) beat -ichigan, 2) win the B1G, 3) go to a BCS bowl and if we got to play for the title, that was icing on the cake.  And we all knew those were the priorities. It's a new day, folks. Beat -ichigan cuz they suck  and of course we do. Plan to Win the B1G on the way to a CFB final 4 and plan to win it all. Every year. Anything less is a disappointment. Period. Recruiting to reach those goals is a national scope event, and we relentlessly pursue any Ohio kid who can help us do that. Period.  I'm on board with UFM's plan. How about you?

Comment 22 Apr 2016

I'm a big fan of the TE position as a dual threat athlete. That being said, very few are deep threats who can make one person miss and go house. We have used our TEs to open holes for the guy who can, however, which is acceptable to most Buckeyes. This year will be different, as the most complete Buckeye RB in a generation is now working for Nike, so opportunities abound for the Distributor.  Baugh is an athlete who can take advantage and make LB/safeties look silly in coverage. This can take pressure off JT to have to run as much as in the past, and also opens up the  passing lanes for WRs.  And I think Baugh just might be able to make one man miss and take it home.   And having a TE/OC coach is a very good omen for this scenario.