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Comment 23 Apr 2017

If the TE is open on a seam route, get him the ball!  Three or so good looks that force a safety or LB to stay home makes the rest of the offense that much better.  Scheme and Variation is the key to winning big games, and a dangerous TE is key to an honest defense. If we can make the Clemsons and Bamas and USCs if the world play us honest on defense and not allow them to overload and take our best weapons away without paying a steep price, we win. Our defense can play honest and beat anybody IF the offense can score on any defense. 

Comment 23 Apr 2017

As a 45 year Steeler fan (get over it. Trust me, if you moved out of C'bus to Pgh in 1972, you'd of been overjoyed to leave the old home state team behind also. In fact, you're jealous that I got that opportunity! ;-)), my Steeler sites are all hoping Conley slides to #30 on Thursday so we have a shot. I was looking through my black and gold glasses and saying "yeah, why not?", but this article brought me crashing back to reality.  Ok brownie fans, go ahead and gloat. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Gotta admit I sang along with this...

let me put it this way....  if Marta quit tomorrow, who would be lining up to hire him? ........... see what I mean?  

We are hanging on to the past for all the wrong reasons.  I have great respect for coach Matta but he needs to take care of his own body now. He is clearly unable to take care of himself and be the coach we hired those several years ago. Not his fault. Ours for hanging on to a fading dream of glory and enabling Matta to try to do what is clearly not going to happen.   Wish you the best, coach and hope you don't damage your body beyond repair. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Watching Weber last year I saw several instances of ankle tackles bringing him down just as he was ready to break into the clear. Didn't see that with Zeke as he was a hurdler and naturally picked his feet up and was used to stepping through hurdles/ankle tackles. Perhaps some time in the ropes learning to pick the feet up and drive through those last ditch grabs will yield more long runs in 2017. I think he's that close to being a big time RB nationally. 

Comment 10 Apr 2017

I think there's a good argument to be made that warriner beck got into a "we won, didnt we?" mode last year. Due in part to coaching the youngest team in FBS as well as a less than stellar O line that hurt much of the offense some, but not enough to lose more. A little more time and better protection would have led to  a big improvement in the receiving corps.  The combination of youth, playing it safe, slobs not Slobbing and yes, JT not playing as well as I'd like to see led us to one "shocker" loss and one blowout loss. Probably better than we deserved. 

This year is promising as the Slobs should be back, the O Coord. is a freakin genius (and I remember the last genius we had here) and NOBODY wants to wash the taste of Humiliation out more than the 2017 Buckeyes. My money is on a very good season and a return to the big dances (B1G and CFP). Good to be a Buckeye fan!

Comment 06 Apr 2017

The next couple of years, with a large group of talented TE prospects on the roster will determine whether or not tOSU is able to recruit top TE talent in the future. If we use the current crop with reasonable efficiency and prepare them for an NFL career, we will easily recruit more in the future. If we squander this opportunity, we lose out now and likely into the future. C'mon Coach Wilson and light up those TE numbers. I'm hopeful that CW's offensive imagination is allowed to flourish at OSU because he has proven to get maximum output from his available talent and with awesome talent comes awesome output if allowed to function per past performance. 

Comment 05 Apr 2017

Martell is the shiny new toy that we all want to see. Haskins is more like Car-dale Jones than the others. Burrrrow is probably the best blend of arm, legs and brains of the bunch. JT is the starting QB. Period. 

But, will he stay the starter for the entire season?  If he gets injured and Burrow comes in, does JT get Romo'ed?????

Comment 30 Mar 2017

3rd and 7- lets throw the ball= 2016 creativity. 

I come back again to offensive play sequencing as a key to success. Force the defense to react to you, not the other way around. Sure, we can tell BGSU what plays we are running and still win by what?  Can't do it vs the good teams, so we shouldn't do it vs the not so goods. Maybe for a series or two to work on timing and execution, but that's it. 

Lets throw on first down at least 30% and run plays that force defense to be perfect (rpo's, etc...). And I think coach Wilson has a track record of doing all these things. I only hope UFM allows him to succeed and fail a few times (and I don't mean lose) so he can get a sense of what are his most dependable tools and when to use them. 

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Bravo and well said, 150. My guys are bigger than your guys is not a game plan. It's been frustrating to see other schools dictate scheme and tempo to our defense for even a while until we could figure it out and counter with superior players. What if WE were dictating scheme and tempo to opposing defenses and forcing them to cover the entire field?  If we get what we are hoping for, it's gonna be fun to watch. I'm still waiting for a 14 game run that looks like the last 4 of 2014.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Baylor and Oregon look like Indiana with slightly better athletes. Ohio State has MUCH better athletes, and a top tier coaching staff. The "tempo trick" will be an enhancement, not the primary driver to our offense, unlike the aforementioned wannabes. I really look forward to the return of  "balance, Daniel-San" and so does Urban according to all accounts. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

As important as tempo is play calling sequence. We were SO predictable last year. Would love to see us throw the ball on first down about 30-40% this year and to a variety of receivers. Our run game keeps pass D honest if it's not 3rd and long and we can set up some of those breakaway runs with a pass threat. If about half of the throws are play action, even better. And throw a half dozen or so deep balls per game on first or second down. Just to keep the D honest. We only need to complete a couple of those to scare d backs and safeties off the LOS. There's more to it but this is a start. 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Each new season brings it's tweaks to the D and O, as players graduate, get drafted, etc...   The good news is that the Buckeyes don't have to wonder, "what are we gonna do now?"  We just have to fine tune the scheme to fit the current crop of NFL draftees in waiting.  The scheme fits will be interesting to watch this year due to the loss of two greats in the center of the defense (MLB and FS), but we have "greats in waiting" to take over, even if they aren't clones of their predecessors.  Good article on what we MAY see going forward.  The fact that we have a stout, returning D Line takes much of the pressure off the secondary and LBs and allows them to scheme fit rather than "carry the load".  There should be few long passes with time to free up opposing receiver, and few holes in the D Line for opposing RB's to exploit.  That allows the d-backs to play agressive, no matter the coverage and the LBs to flow to point of attack with little opposition across the LOS on runs.  A great D line cures a multitude of problems!

Comment 10 Mar 2017

If "selling yourself" means selling a vision of how Wilson plans to jump start a relatively anemic (by national championship standards) offense, I'm all for it.  The "chemistry" of getting to know your players and how they see things, how they learn best, what motivates them to excellence is part of any great coach, and Wilson has demonstrated offensive greatness IMHO.  Let the coach work his magic and see if the pieces are there to Make the Buckeyes Great Again.  If they are, we are back to the playoffs; if not, we will probably change quarterbacks by the second half of the season (because the QB position gets the credit/takes the blame).