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Comment 19 Mar 2017

Bravo and well said, 150. My guys are bigger than your guys is not a game plan. It's been frustrating to see other schools dictate scheme and tempo to our defense for even a while until we could figure it out and counter with superior players. What if WE were dictating scheme and tempo to opposing defenses and forcing them to cover the entire field?  If we get what we are hoping for, it's gonna be fun to watch. I'm still waiting for a 14 game run that looks like the last 4 of 2014.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Baylor and Oregon look like Indiana with slightly better athletes. Ohio State has MUCH better athletes, and a top tier coaching staff. The "tempo trick" will be an enhancement, not the primary driver to our offense, unlike the aforementioned wannabes. I really look forward to the return of  "balance, Daniel-San" and so does Urban according to all accounts. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

As important as tempo is play calling sequence. We were SO predictable last year. Would love to see us throw the ball on first down about 30-40% this year and to a variety of receivers. Our run game keeps pass D honest if it's not 3rd and long and we can set up some of those breakaway runs with a pass threat. If about half of the throws are play action, even better. And throw a half dozen or so deep balls per game on first or second down. Just to keep the D honest. We only need to complete a couple of those to scare d backs and safeties off the LOS. There's more to it but this is a start. 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Each new season brings it's tweaks to the D and O, as players graduate, get drafted, etc...   The good news is that the Buckeyes don't have to wonder, "what are we gonna do now?"  We just have to fine tune the scheme to fit the current crop of NFL draftees in waiting.  The scheme fits will be interesting to watch this year due to the loss of two greats in the center of the defense (MLB and FS), but we have "greats in waiting" to take over, even if they aren't clones of their predecessors.  Good article on what we MAY see going forward.  The fact that we have a stout, returning D Line takes much of the pressure off the secondary and LBs and allows them to scheme fit rather than "carry the load".  There should be few long passes with time to free up opposing receiver, and few holes in the D Line for opposing RB's to exploit.  That allows the d-backs to play agressive, no matter the coverage and the LBs to flow to point of attack with little opposition across the LOS on runs.  A great D line cures a multitude of problems!

Comment 10 Mar 2017

If "selling yourself" means selling a vision of how Wilson plans to jump start a relatively anemic (by national championship standards) offense, I'm all for it.  The "chemistry" of getting to know your players and how they see things, how they learn best, what motivates them to excellence is part of any great coach, and Wilson has demonstrated offensive greatness IMHO.  Let the coach work his magic and see if the pieces are there to Make the Buckeyes Great Again.  If they are, we are back to the playoffs; if not, we will probably change quarterbacks by the second half of the season (because the QB position gets the credit/takes the blame).

Comment 09 Mar 2017

JT is our QB unless someone clearly beats him out in spring/fall practice- unlikely but possible. JT is our QB through the season unless he clearly isn't getting the job done-even more unlikely, but still possible. JT is arguably the best overall qb in OSU history. OSU does not have a storied history of great QBs. Perspective.  Love the guy and want the best for him. Hoping that we become a feeder for NFL QBs in the near future. JT unlikely to be part of that trend, but I could be wrong and hope I am. Go JT, go BUCKS!!

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Just remember that a good downfield passing game requires an O line able to block for more than 1.5 seconds. Easy enough against fodder, was not so easy against the better teams as JT was scrambling for his life.  It all comes down to Slobs eventually. 

JT may have to put some long balls up and trust that the right guy comes down with it, which has been an issue for him as well.  Hoping for the best and agree that a 25% improvement will pay big dividends in offensive production. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Six Stigmata-  that might be an entirely different article...

i believe UFM is in it for the long haul (10+ years).  And he will be the championship winningest coach in major college football history for the next 50 years. And enjoying the journey!

Comment 08 Mar 2017

I'm excited for the new coordinators and players being added to the mix and hope for the best. I always expect to go undefeated in August. 

However, a new O-Coordinator, QB and TE coach will take some adjusting to, especially in week 2 vs Oklahoma. The O line won't change a great deal, except for experience and maturity (which is a pretty big change I hope), no reason to expect sudden miracles from the WR or QB positions either; incremental improvement would be nice though. In other words, we won't become the NE Pats in 2017. But modest improvement across the board should put us back in the playoffs, especially if the defense performs like last year (not a given with our d-back retooling).  It's will not be a magical mystery tour to the CFP (see 2014), despite our hopes, but it could be a great last ride for our Texan QB. 

Comment 04 Mar 2017

Both can be very successful in the NFL if they get with a team that will maximize their talent and not try to make them into what they're not. Noah is a big bodied possession receiver and CS needs a creative mind to allow him to keep opponents off balance as he is very good at several things but shouldn't be limited to any one of them.  Best wishes today and beyond guys!

Comment 20 Feb 2017

Our front seven was top 3 in the country last year and back 4 was top. Period. Even spending 3 quarters on the field vs the national champions they looked very good. That 31 would have been 55 vs most other teams give time of possession. If our backfield can end up as top 5 next year, the front will be top 1-2 and we should be right back in the playoff hunt, assuming the offense improves to be a top 20 unit. 

Comment 20 Feb 2017

"I'd also be almost willing to wager that Martell never takes a meaningful snap as a Buckeye, assuming Emory Jones ends up signing with OSU and the other  QBs stay healthy."

What's the old line about ASSuming...  this common thread of speculation about who will and won't transfer, or start, or redshirt, or sign is off-season nonsense. QBs get injured. Second string QBs get injured. Remember?  Isn't it great to have a competent 3rd string QB?  Chances are JT doesn't play the entire year without missing some downtime to injury, hopefully not serious. Then the #2 and 3 are right there ready to go. Give Martell a season to learn big time college football and let him fight for the 2 spot next year. He knows that's his role until someone goes down. In the meantime, it's get bigger, smarter, faster and more accurate. We NEED 4 starting quarterbacks at Ohio State if we are gonna contend for the title annually. These guys aren't going to walk away from the challenge and if they do, they didn't belong here in the first place. Never settle for less than the very best  

Comment 15 Feb 2017

After year one of the Urban Meyer era (2012?) and our undefeated season, I fully expect the Buckeyes to complete every season undefeated.  I know that is not fully realistic, as we are talking about 18-21 year olds, but it's not fully unrealistic either due to the talent we recruit annually.  So a "trap" game, is the game that cannot, by definition be anticipated... or they're all trap games.  But UNLV??? 

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Not sure who will back up JT this year- any of the three are qualified which is a nice problem. The real ? Is can any of them challenge JT if he doesn't show significant improvement over last yr?  We will get a glimpse of that question in the OU game week 2...

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Ramzy, well said without " unleashing the hounds". In fact, it was artfully well said. And perhaps that is the most artful criticism: to point out that "artists" who take their PERSONAL opinions so seriously that they allow them to become "art" (and political art is a clear exception).  These individuals have lost themselves in the fiction that they as "artists" have a role to play in declaring reality to real people in real situations. We honestly don't give a damn what you think about current events. If we did, we'd ask you. Now if you want to create "political art" that portrays your opinions as an art form and see if the public is willing to pay to see/hear it, that is your right, your job and your risk to take. Good luck. Meanwhile, shut up and act/sing/whatever you do best. 

And football/MMA/sport is HIGH art: it creates a situation where we become emotionally invested in an uncertain outcome that ultimately has no/few real world consequences for the observers/fans. Like movies, except we nearly always know how they are going to turn out. It's vicarious entertainment either way, but in sport it's not predictable and the fan/viewer engagement is MUCH more intense and personal. 

Comment 02 Feb 2017

I believe that there is truth to the idea that the "highly recruited" stars of HS who become the "highly recruited" stars of college football are those with great character AND talent. And the sooner we find out who is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be a big fish in a B1G pond, the better. Welcome, class of 2017 to the crucible (not the USMC variety).  May shiny lumps of coal be turned into flawless diamonds.