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Comment 05 Feb 2016

Cool comes from inner confidence first and foremost. I get accused of it on a regular basis and I am so far removed from the youth culture of today.....  Urban is cool because he is cool. Harbaugh is a poser because he is Harbaugh. 

Drops mic....

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Good analysis Ramzy, as usual. I think that UFM is building on the "Ohio first/quality people" mentality that Tress made as his foundation in recruiting, and adding the national recruiting reach that only a few schools have. He has turned OSU into a national brand and not just "the best of the Big Ten who wins a fair number of bowl games but is likely to get hammered in a NCG."  He also is embracing social media and technology in ways no predecessor ever has. If he can hold his life together through adversity (learn from the Fla experience) he will be the GOAT Buckeye coach and a top 3 CFB coach of all time.  I expect to see 2-4 national championship games in the next decade if he sticks around.  And he will win more of those than he loses.  Go Bucks Forever!

Comment 02 Feb 2016

So as a corollary to the letter grade system, i.e., straight A's (even with the minor criticism at OL recognized), how does TOSU 2016 recruiting class grade out on a NUMERICAL grade scale, with an 'A'= 4.0????

I haven't done the math, but one of you enterprising 11W members could surely crank that out in mere moments.....  Are we a 4.0 or higher class?  I know we are close, with a couple of 5*s to make up for a couple of 3*s, but don't know what that ratio actually is.

Just curious....

Comment 08 Jan 2016

I agree Troy... CS is so smooth and electric with the ball that he could have been the feature back or H last year but for Zeke and the felt need to distribute the ball. One issue we have with our glut of talent in backfield and receiver is it's tough to get these guys their touches and keep them invested and keep recruits interested. I see Samuel being next years Zeke and likely from more than one spot on the field. He just has that star power. 

Comment 08 Jan 2016

I agree Troy... CS is so smooth and electric with the ball that he could have been the feature back or H last year but for Zeke and the felt need to distribute the ball. One issue we have with our glut of talent in backfield and receiver is it's tough to get these guys their touches and keep them invested and keep recruits interested. I see Samuel being next years Zeke and likely from more than one spot on the field. He just has that star power. 

Comment 06 Jan 2016

When I look back on the '14 and '15 seasons I see a great deal of similarity despite the very different outcomes.  Both teams started slow and underperformed by our standards (idealized fandom).  Both teams had one bad game that they lost: unfortunately one came early and the other came late in the season, impacting the post season.  Both teams got on a roll late in the year when it mattered most and made the most of what the were presented with in terms of opponents and won handily. Our primary QB(s) generally performed well with occasional lapses (I recognize JTs overall great '14 season but there were some less than stellar moments) with better overall play at the position in '14 than '15, highlighted by an amazing, inexplicable and outstanding performance by Cardale, Eze and the Slobs in the '14 playoffs. So really, we were unexpectedly fortunate to run the table like we did in '14 and that set our expectations for '15 unreasonably high. And yet only a single  late and very close loss kept us out of the CFP for a second year in a row, and JT was rounding into great form for another playoff run.  I was disappointed with the MSU loss but it wasn't totally unexpected given the course of the season and therefore knew that we no longer controlled our own destiny for the playoffs. Overall, two similar seasons with very different outcomes based almost solely on the whim of the CFP letting us in last year and our AWESOME finish last year.   Why consider this year a disappointment? Our inflated expectations based on a three game stretch that came like a "bolt out of the Scarlet". 

Comment 02 Jan 2016

This Buckeye team had a good season with a huge target on their back and plenty of internal distractions and was 'oh so close' to a repeat run at the CFP tourney despite all that. Repeat national championships are SO rare (unless you're OSU Syncro) that our preseason expectations were WAY out of line. I actually believe we have a better chance of winning it all NEXT year if we stay healthy at key positions. Expectations (pressure) are off and we have some great players in waiting. What to do until next September?????

Comment 31 Dec 2015

Will miss Dolo and hope he gets to play vs ND cuz that means we are kicking their dome in.  He could be a Steeler in the 4th or later cuz Landry has one more year on rookie contract and he's not an NFL starter in waiting. Cardale might be.  And for all you Brownies out there, I was raised in Columbus and followed the Browns til my senior year in HS when family moved to Pittsburgh just in time for the Steel Curtain Dynasty. Best move I made in my youth. Don't miss the Browns but I do pity them most years. 

Comment 29 Dec 2015

If he still has skills to hone and things to learn at the college level he should stay another year. I agree that the early money is attractive, but you rarely get coached up in the NFL. Would hate for him to be a fringe player when he can surely be a starter in the right time and situation, and that will greatly impact the second pro contract. 

For now, beat ND!!!

Comment 02 Dec 2015

What Ramzy wrote was absolutely true when he wrote it. It was Cardales offense THEN.  Other than that, the article was filled with speculation and questions about what was going on and what was the correct path forward. I remember when initially reading that article thinking "what are you really trying to tell us here?"  We were all so caught up in the "controversy" that we weren't enjoying the continuing string of wins?  

Whatever the point was then, the point now is that in hindsight, The Grind was worse than it could/should have been due to coaching lapses. 

In reality, our preseason expectations were way out of line. Just because all the stars line up and we win the lottery once doesn't mean we deserve to win it every year.  We were very lucky (and very good) to make the run we did in 2014. That became our baseline to start 2015, which was crazy-making. And both the fans and the team suffered for it. 

Hopefully we remember this the next time we win a Natty. Repeating is exponentially more difficult than winning in a given year. 

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Good argument Tiffin Buck.  Carolina over Clemson gives OSU their best chance as Bama will decimate Fl. Truth is we don't really know how the CFP committee will judge the top 4 as we don't have enough history with them.  Good arguments can be made for a few teams, so we just take our chances. If a Rose Bowl is the consolation prize, I'm cool with that since I live about 20 miles away and will certainly be there, as I was in 2010. 

Comment 27 Nov 2015

If I've learned anything in watching The Game for over 60 years (including when I didn't know what football was), it's that nothing about the season prior really matters. Not stats, records, common opponents, match ups or any other predictor of success. It is a game of emotional intensity where the team with the most to lose often does. A game where the hero of the day comes from nowhere (or just proves that he is, in fact, unstoppable). I'm not even sure home field is a major factor!  I believe the secret to The Game is to play it like you have noting to lose and everything  to gain (like our post season run last year). We are highly unlikely to be playing for the Second Undisputed National Championship, and we ought to be a bit embarrassed at last weeks performance as well as the perception that we've been coasting all year, so my hope is that we play angry and loose all our vaunted weapons on our rivals. Anything less will end in defeat, I fear. So I predict a high scoring game and a win based on this teams knowledge that they are playing for the guy next to them and nothing more. 34-30 Buckeyes. 

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Slobs rule whether in run block or pass pro.  Hopefully we have a balanced attack and we get X-Brax into the screen/ jet sweep as well as the downfield passing game.  This is the time of year to let him off the chain, ala, Va Tech 360...  EZE should get 20-24 rushes with 120+ yards, and many more if he can break a couple of long ones.  I think we have been prepping for this 5 game stretch for a couple of weeks now and not showing all our tricks, not that they will be that tricky, but they will not have been seen on tape.  Should be a competitive game, but we could easily win by 20 if we get rolling on this Sparcy defense...

Comment 25 Oct 2015

It's good to see the Buckeyes execute a successful system that was shown last year to be effective through the regular season and it's now abundantly clear that JT is the better choice for that system. I'm not sure if we were trying to fit Cardale into s system he was not designed to play or if we don't have the personnel to play the passing game that was so successful last post season. Or, did the post season success come in part due to the lack of information regarding CJ and his abilities. 

Now we have to see if the better teams we will be facing soon will dig out last years tape to gameplan for the JT Buckeyes and can we execute this offense through the final 5 games of the season. I'm optimistic, but we are one QB injury away from a very different scenario.  Then we will see how CJ executes when he's the only option again and if the team rallies around him like last year. 

Comment 11 Oct 2015

So I recall last year when JT was setting records, we still had some pretty pedestrian performances by both offense and defense. Coach had decided that CJ brings an element that he wants on the field, despite some clear growing pains. This move to red zone zone read was planned and practiced, obviously, and both QBs  are buying into it. And it worked really well. And next week we can do whatever we want in the red zone and upcoming opponents will have a lot to prepare for. This is a very good thing and we fans need to appreciate the "out of the box thinking" that uses so many weapons in so many ways, and quit being stuck in our traditional undrstandings of how to fill the QB role.  That is all. 

Comment 27 Sep 2015

It would be nice if the Silver Bullets always stopped everything and everyone that came their way, but there are some very talented plsyers out there who were unable to secure a place on the Buckeye roster. WMU has several who are capable of winning the occasional battle against one of our guys. Their RB was quick and talented and capable of making people miss. They blocked well at times and while it would be nice to be able to shut down the entire field (perimeter passing game, screens etc..., and still be totally stout up the middle) that is not realistic. 

What I am coming to appreciate about our. 4-0 start is that we didn't play any total patsies this year. Three of the four teams have a shot at bowl eligibility and none were Kent St or FAMU.  We were able to actually test ourselves against decent competition that was unlikely to beat us, but could expose our weaknesses and give us opportunity to improve each week. And we have. It was a total joy to beat WI 59-0 last year, but kinda boring to beat KSU 66-0. So while we want to beat everyone by a zillion, we instead have gotten a true NFL talent QB ready to start playing like one, gotten an NFL lite O line tuned up and ready to dance, several NFL prospects at skill positions comfortable at game speed and given a formerly (this time last year) lackluster defense the opportunity to get a VERY talented group dialed in and ready to take on much higher levels of talent. The rest of the B1G is looking at film and saying, "oh sh--, what are we going to do when these guys really get it all together?"