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Comment 27 Sep 2015

It would be nice if the Silver Bullets always stopped everything and everyone that came their way, but there are some very talented plsyers out there who were unable to secure a place on the Buckeye roster. WMU has several who are capable of winning the occasional battle against one of our guys. Their RB was quick and talented and capable of making people miss. They blocked well at times and while it would be nice to be able to shut down the entire field (perimeter passing game, screens etc..., and still be totally stout up the middle) that is not realistic. 

What I am coming to appreciate about our. 4-0 start is that we didn't play any total patsies this year. Three of the four teams have a shot at bowl eligibility and none were Kent St or FAMU.  We were able to actually test ourselves against decent competition that was unlikely to beat us, but could expose our weaknesses and give us opportunity to improve each week. And we have. It was a total joy to beat WI 59-0 last year, but kinda boring to beat KSU 66-0. So while we want to beat everyone by a zillion, we instead have gotten a true NFL talent QB ready to start playing like one, gotten an NFL lite O line tuned up and ready to dance, several NFL prospects at skill positions comfortable at game speed and given a formerly (this time last year) lackluster defense the opportunity to get a VERY talented group dialed in and ready to take on much higher levels of talent. The rest of the B1G is looking at film and saying, "oh sh--, what are we going to do when these guys really get it all together?"

Comment 27 Sep 2015

They were the underdog with everything to gain and nothing really to lose. I mean, who expects the THIRD STRING QB to lead an "undeserving" team to an UNDISPUTED NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  No pressure on CJ and a mature team that was totally prepared to help carry him through. 

Now all the pressures on him and he has stiff competition in the QB room every day, millions of fans who DONT really believe he is the right guy, an offense that is struggling on several levels to execute and we wonder why he doesn't smile as much or shows a few cracks under pressure, i.e. Twitter stuff.  It's amazing he's doing as well as he is. He's trying to find his touch on the ball and I think it will improve with practice and experience. At least he's trying to find touch and not just launching it out there on a prayer. If anything, he's trying too hard to be Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Aaron Rogers rolled into one and get us fans off his back.   

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Let's hope NO ONE ON THE OSU STAFF OR TEAM READS THIS SITE.  If we listen to UFM it's clear that he really believes the QB play has NOT BEEN THE PRIMARY PROBLEM so far this season.  He hasn't been specific, but we've all seen the uninspired O line play, wondered about the play calling and haven't seen receivers open deep nearly as much as we'd like. 

Mall this JT vs CJ talk is idle speculation at best. Either of these guys can take us through this season undefeated if all the other issues work out. And by the way, has anybody noticed how much better this years defense is than last year???  Think that might be a factor in November through January??  I suppose we all have a right to prefer one QB over another, but if we don't win the B1G this year or the CFB Playoff, it won't be either of their fault. 

Comment 17 Sep 2015

If we had beat the Rainbow Warriors 38-17, I'd be expecting Huskies to put up 24 to our 45 or so. Our Offense will SURELY be better than last week. I'm betting the Slobs are just pissed. And Zeke will get 150. And the defense may not pitch another shutout, but they WILL Want to prove last week was no fluke. I expect the Buckeye Machine to grind these guys into dust by the 3rd quarter. Final score: 48-13. 

Comment 16 Sep 2015

The "we need to have one QB argument" is  unproven hypothesis.  If there is a schism in the locker room or the coach is being punitive in switching QBs then it's a problem and we may need to settle on one. Otherwise, the problem is those of us who lack the vision to see that this team can actually thrive with both of these guys, who are unselfish and genuinely seem to be rooting for the good of the team. They both want to play, but they both want to WIN even more. Which of these guys is going to cause us to lose?  Seriously.   This is an unprecedented glut of talent in college football history. I love CJs potential and that UM is giving him time to work on his craft and get the bugs out of his game that can only happen in live fire. He also gets to put plays on tape for next year. I also love the maturity and stability that JT brings in running this offense like a Swiss watch. There is no reason not to have both available as needed, except for our lack of vision. Does the team seem stressed?  NO. Does the staff seem stressed?  NO. Do CJ or JT seem stressed? NO. Do a bunch of fans and media types seem stressed?  WHO CARES?  

Comment 14 Sep 2015

To all who see Car-dale Jones vs JTBarrett as a "QB Battle":

what if it's a genius psychology degreed head coach who has two first string QBs who are both Heisman potential players and  can both get the job done, albeit in different ways?  Wouldn't it be very cool to get both of those guys on tape early in the year so that our opponents have to figure out how to stop BOTH of them?  Meanwhile, we get to fine tune this offense with both QBs in relative leisure for the next few weeks and decide how to best use the glut of talent on the field in a way that's simply unstoppable. This is not a problem; it's an opportunity!

Comment 14 Sep 2015

Ahhhhhh. And there you have it. EXPECTATIONS. (And my comments are directed toward all of us who somewhere deep in our hearts want to beat everyone like we pounded Wisconsin last year, myself included).  It is clearly NOT realistic for THIS YEARS BUCKEYES to pick up exactly where las years Buckeyes left off. And yet that is exactly what many are hoping for. THE 2015 BUCKEYES started with a fairly tough road opener on a Monday night special and looked pretty good against a tough defense in a very tough environment. Then they played an "undermanned" team that won a home opener vs a Power 5 (bad) team.  Said team has a legit pro prospect QB (anybody remember Cincy or PSU?) and plays a nebulous defense with lots of quicks designed to confuse bigger, stronger O lines (especially ones with very little prep time and very little game tape).  The offensive line doesn't block as well as we'd EXPECT and the offense runs on about 3 of its 8 cylinders and we look ugly in a 28-24 squeaker that makes us wonder if we are gonna be this years Florida State Semolinas.  Oh wait, what we didn't EXPECT to happen was the defense to completely SHUT DOWN the pro prospect QB and the run game, get 4 turnovers including a score and utterly dominate. Why should we EXPECT that when it never happened LAST YEAR?  Of course, NOW WE HAVE TO SHUT EVERYBODY OUT!  

NOBODY can live up to EXPECTATIONS that are based on ALWAYS BEING NEAR PERFECT and never being an actual human being. THANk GOD URBAN MEYER DOESNT EXPECT THAT OR THIS TEAM WOULD BE A NEUROTIC MESS like some fans I read and would surely lose to someone they were actually supposed to beat. These young men (and their coaches) are attempting to do something EXPONENTIALLY HARDER than what they accomplished last year; REPEAT as Undisputed National Champions!!  Just imagine if at the beginning of 2016 this Buckeye team is one of those final 2 teams. I bet nobody will be looking back at a 38-0 win over Hawaii and saying, "no way can this team win it all again".

perhaps we should temper our EXPECTATIONS with a little PERSPECTIVE???

Comment 13 Sep 2015

And THAT is the nail biting, teeth gnashing, negativism we've been talking about.  In fact, this game was, and was supposed to be an experiment in progress with an unbelievably talented offense that both the players AND COACHES are still trying to figure out how to utilize to maximum effect. This is not the 2014 Undisputed National Champion Buckeyes team, who coincidentally LOST early in the season and then put several lackluster performances on tape during the season, only to jell in the fire of adversity and play like they had everything to gain and nothing to lose on their way to that CFB Trophy. 

These guys and their coaches will be fine. Last year, when the offense struggled, the defense wasn't pitching shutouts like vs Hawaii.  Let's let them do what they need to do in order to hit their stride by B1G play and have a little faith in who got us to this rarified air where we can bitch and moan every time the offense scores less than 60!

Comment 12 Sep 2015

Good opportunity for Cardale to experience the Shoe. He seemed more tight playing for the home crowd. Glad Meyer let him stay in and work through it the second half. He will get better with more experience. 

Defense was amazing. Loved the series where Bosa and Kwon met at the QB 3 plays in a row.  Back end was awesome today. 

The truth is we are getting everyone's best game this year, ready or not. Glad we have a couple weeks to get the timing down and get ready for the tougher tests coming our way. Take the positives- no turnovers? And lights out defense and let the Slobs and the offense figure out how to get this Ferrarri offense tuned and Roaring when we'll need the full speed and power package available. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2015

I will be very surprised to see the Bucks held to 42 tomorrow. I predict 55-13 with 2 turnovers, both fumbles in the second half.  Buckeye QBs won't need to throw if the man isn't wide open; will just pull it down and run for 7-10 yards avg. it could be worse, but by the time the 3rd stringers get in (early 4th qtr) the offense won't be as efficient and Urban will throttle back to mostly runs. 

Let's hope for a clean game with no serious injuries on either side. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

I vote for the Hokie spin vs the Penn St polka, though it's close. My reason is the sheer speed and balance required to do that spin move and not lose a step. He is a unique combination of speed, balance and creativity not seen since, dare I say it, Barry Sanders. 

Comment 08 Sep 2015

RIDICULOUS!!!!!  I was the only Buckeye fan in a BWW in CA and just totally lost it.  Wearing my "85 Yards...." T-shirt and representing.  I have NEVER seen a spin move at that speed without a loss of balance or speed and Ive been watching the game for over 50 years.  Cant imagine what that poor Hokie thought as he picked himself off the turf.  That was worse than getting hurdled!  It is SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK, BRAXTON MILLER!!  Thank you for staying true to the Scarlet and Gray for your final season.

Comment 07 Sep 2015

Strange times we live in. Gonna spend the day dividing me and wifes stuff as we just sold house and are moving into separate places, but then we are watching the game together tonight. Buckeye football Is STRONG!!!!!  I will be taking out some latent hostility on a VT tonight for sure!  Go Bucks. -ichigan still sucks!!

Comment 06 Sep 2015

Good comment Hokie. I lived in Lynchburg from mid 70s-late 80s and know plenty of you. One area you didn't comment on is the use of TE in seams. Vannett is a great blocker but a surprisingly good receiver as well. All it will take is for our offense to be reasonably effective up front. No need to gash you like we did WI,AL or OR last year because our talent advantage everywhere BUT the DB  vs WR will give us the ability to keep your defensive schemes honest. It was our lack of cohesion and experience at QB and OL that gave your "gamble" last year success. Part of me wishes you luck Cuz you're a good program with a great coach and we don't need to get cocky early in the year, but part of me wants to see us pick up where we left off and hang 50 something on your just to announce to CFB that we deserve that unanimous #1 and to strike abject fear into the hearts of our opponents.  Isn't college football fun!!

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Pretty much where I'm at also. 40's to teens, TOSU WINS!!!!  Too much firepower and experience, not to mention anger from last year.  VT is a decent team, playing at home and if they can hang early they may be able to avoid embarrassment. They get down 14 in the first half and "whoa Nellie!!!".