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Comment 22 hours ago

Pass game keeps safeties and corners honest. Without it all the fancy isos in the world don't make up for an extra unblicked man. Looking forward to forcing opponents to fear the pass. Looking even more forward to being able to run effectively knowing we can beat you in the air or on the ground. 

Comment 16 Jun 2017

We will lose to more talented teams that play good team ball and we will lose to tough teams with more depth. We can beat talent that lacks discipline and tough but not deep teams and there's plenty of those available. All this is true and likely IF the team buys what Holts is selling. In a couple years, we will be the talented, deep and tough team nobody wants to play. 

Comment 15 Jun 2017

Bet that got everyone's attention in the locker room. Now, let's get off our a****s and get to work.  I doubt this season will be a dumpster fire, as the kids who remain (and new recruits) will work their as**s to prove the belong and buy in. Not predicting a title, but a NCAA invite, 12 seed or below wouldn't surprise me this year. So much of this teams problems have been heart and character the last couple years. That just changed. 

Comment 11 Jun 2017

With new life and a confident recruiter who has been out recruiting the Bucks the last couple years, I see a bumper crop in 2018 and a couple of surprises stillnfir this year. Players love to play for and with winners. The OSU brand will help Holtmann recruit and land top talent just as it helped Matta for so long and Holtmanns fresh infusion of the Butler Buckeye Way brings the energy that infuses the brand. 

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Rangy, tough competitor with high motor and work ethic. No wonder he went to Butler. Hope he follows his coach and helps establish that style for the basketbucks. Enough with the prima Donna elite egos. 

To quote my favorite NFL  football coach, "the standard is the standard".  Work your ass off or go home. We'll be fine either way. UFM won't let receivers or backs on the field til they learn to block. Same thing in Bball, only block out, pass the ball, go to the floor, etc...  Let's go coach Holtmann (and Young) and establish some tough guy Buckeye Basketball.  

Comment 09 Jun 2017

What I'm hoping for most of all in the short run is an aggressive hands on coach who knows how to get maximum effort (Deadpool) out of his players. The program can compete for high level kids, but if we don't coach them up and create a culture of effort and winning at all costs, we will never succeed. Matta lost that ability, probably due to physical issues later in his career. I'm confident Holtmann will bring that back and we will be ok- back in the NCAA and competitive within 2 years. Then we'll see if he can take us to the top of the heap- elite 8 and above. If so, I will be satisfied (but always hoping for that magical title in March Madness).

Comment 06 Jun 2017

To all the Old Farts and civilized fans who go to Ohio Stadium to "sit and watch a football game", Stay home and watch from the comfort of your 80" flatscreen and sell, better yet, give your tickets to fans who understand the role of a game attendee: to lustily cheer for the Buckeyes and loudly revile the opponent for the entire game (or until the 'mercy rule' is reached- up by 28 in 4th quarter).  You are NOT there to WATCH A GAME. You are there to PARTICIPATE in the great tradition of Ohio State University Football. If you are unwilling or unable, send a proxy who can act on your behalf. 

And I'm an old fart who 'gets it'. 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

This was inevitable given Mattas health and inability to complete on the recruiting trail. I'm surprised it happened this late in the year but not really. I think Smith and Matta have respect for one another and hope we have a solid replacement waiting in the wings, but am not convinced just yet. Planning for a lengthy search and a sub .500 season in 17-18. For all the angst about the coach that got away, let's see how it plays out over next 2-3 years. OSU has lots of star power right now and a coach and recruits could show up just like 12 years ago. 

Now, back to football. 

Comment 05 Jun 2017

I would like to see at least one WR crack the two deep as there are still many ???s there in my mind. Need a good hands, consistent possession receiver and a legit deep threat with hands. And BV is not that guy (yet).  Liked what I saw from Dixon in spring game and if he stays healthy he should be a real contributor, but we need a couple more guys who we don't have to hold our breath when the balls in the air. 

WR can be early contributor, especially if they are willing to throw a block or two. 

Comment 04 Jun 2017

Yer giving me flashbacks Harley. Sat in the end zone in January and watched the then best d line in America throttle the Buckeyes. When they weren't breaking through for hurries and sacks they were blocking pass attempts. Had enuf orange and purple noise tolast a lifetime. Would much prefer to be dishing that abuse out instead of taking it and Tracy will surely be part of that crew. Championship storms are forming well out over the pacific and will arrive later in the year. 

Comment 02 Jun 2017

Momentum is another factor in 'to go or not to go' on 4th down. If the opposing offense has it and you want to deny them the opportunity-go. If your offense has it and you need to score-go. If your defense is dominant and you have a lead- no go. 

The coaches on the field have a better feel than the fans in the stands or on tv. I generally like UFMs decisions in these situations.