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Comment 26 Sep 2015

At the time I bought "the best" Android that I could.  I was with T-mobile so my selection was limited.

Comment 26 Sep 2015

I was on the top of the anti Apple mountain.  The only Apple product I used was the iPod. I have owned 5 android phones.  Each one was billed as an iPhone killer.  Each one worked fine for a few months then slowed down and became worthless.  The last one (LG G2x a Google phone) was never supported or updated.  It met with an Office Space ending in my driveway where it was spiked then smashed with a sledgehammer. I bought an iPhone 5 the same day and it still works just as good as it did the day I bought it.  I will never get another Android.  I have no doubt this phone will last until the iPhone 7 comes out.  

Comment 14 Jun 2015

Not so fast my friend.

scroll 2/3 down.  She was an office manager.  A six foot spy would stick out a bit.  Especially in China.