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Comment 28 Oct 2015
Unfortunately some guys fall into the rut of nagging injuries and never reach their full potential through out their career. Wilson, Dixon, Latimore are just a few examples of guys you want on the field, but a nagging injury holds them back. Hopefully Curtis will overcome this and be the exciting productive player we know he can be.
Comment 14 Oct 2015
Damn I wish I had Braxton's skills, but at 58 they'd already be gone. If I had Ramzy's way with words I'd have the world by the balls! Damn excellent read, I got the goosies.
Comment 13 Oct 2015
I'm with you, never got the B1G needs scUM to succeed or tOSU needs the A-holes to succeed. Be careful what you wish for. They can suck on the hind tit of the B1G forever.
Comment 08 Oct 2015
Robin Trower, AC DC Bon Scott years, Joe Walsh, Todd Rundgren & Utopia, Zeppelin, Neil Young, Kinks it just goes on and on.
Comment 07 Oct 2015
I'm sure Peppers isn't complaining about Cracker Barrel.