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Comment 16 Feb 2015
How could you forget about that PSU TD? I guess when it's second nature when you do the impossible, its no big deal.
Comment 15 Feb 2015
I'm confident LJ will have whomever replaces Bennett and others coached up to be worthy replacements. Who expected Miller and Frazier to have the year they had last season? They both will be missed, the coaches really had them guys stepping up.
Comment 09 Feb 2015
This won't end the sport no more than lung cancer has stopped cigarette smoking. Technology will improve equipment and hopefully keep players safer.
Comment 09 Feb 2015
Love Baldwin, but the slobs will be fine. The best O line coach and the talent just waiting to get on the field. Bennett will be missed great leader great Buckeye.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
Can't wait until he's bailing back to the NFL. He has at least brought back, for me, hate and disgust of the sight of a *ichigan coach. I despise them, but Rich Rod and Hoke didn't bring out anymore ill feelings. In fact I hated seeing them both go wish they could have kept the downward spiral going. The fact that Hairbaugh is a scUM alumni and my dislike of him from previous coaching tenures makes my blood boil when I see him. Say what you want Jim we will see who has the upper hand on the field.
Comment 06 Feb 2015
With my wife visiting the grandkids, I just watched this game again for the 3rd time last night. What a complete ass kicking! Poor Wiscy never knew what hit them. After being dropped in a hole from the get go, every time the remotely come close to the end zone the defense came up big. Without a doubt the most complete team game of the season. Every facet of game dominated by the Buckeyes. I will enjoy watching this over and over again.
Comment 06 Feb 2015
Sure he has the right, but do you base a decision on just one person. When Burrell was asked about Herman leaving, he responded with which coach is he? Buckeyes are more than just Stan or Urban, obviously the loss of Meyer would be different. I think if he's upset and wanting out, he really was unsure about his choice. Good luck with however this goes for the young man.