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Comment 19 Oct 2014
This offense is a train that keeps picking up speed, so many weapons. What are DC's going to do if we start going with the tackle eligible. The defense was just a almost sacked and almost intercepted away from totally shutting down the Knights. With weekly growth both units will be prepared for MSU. Love this team and its youth and hope our spurt of injuries is minor.
Comment 18 Oct 2014
Wilson never returned either hope it was just precautionary and no need to put him back in.
Comment 09 Oct 2014
I'll never tire of them sucking. I hope they suck so long, that their most wins is over shadowed by their most losses and longest run without a bowl game, of any college team ever.
Comment 23 Sep 2014
*ichigan fans would have to eat a lot of cock oops i mean crow to back the hiring of JT. It'll never happen, the hiring of JT, the eating of other things I'm sure does happen.
Comment 20 Sep 2014
Nice win for Indiana, glad for them, SEC suck it!
Comment 12 Sep 2014
They caught the shit bag and the 5' armed robber. I live about 3/4 mile from the prison, It was an all nighter of helicopters flying over head. I'm glad they caught the little A hole, I can now go to work and not worry about my distraught wife. Work was suppose to start at 4:00 a.m. I wouldn't leave until it was daylight or I knew that hey were captured.
Comment 09 Jul 2014
I would love to see Neville sign on, what a D line Meyer has brought in since his hiring. That's beautiful country out there, I lived out there late 70's early 90's. Just so much to enjoy other than the corn fields of Ohio.
Comment 19 Apr 2014
I know it's hind sight, but if we would've gone with youth last year, we'd finished no worse and we would have more experience this year. I truly feel we set better talent over experience for the win streak sake. The Defense will be better it can't get worse, can it?
Comment 13 Apr 2014
The tackling & DB aggressiveness makes me believe this years Defense won't make average QB's look like Heisman winners. Despite the lack of Offensive explosion once the starters return & the O line is set & they gel. This team will average over 30 pts a game. Ready for August already.
Comment 06 Apr 2014
Couldn't agree more I want Conner and he wants to be a Buckeye. He's the type of kid with heart and would be a great representative of tOSU. Make him a Buckeye, I don't want to see him kicking ass somewhere else.
Comment 25 Jan 2014
Go get them Jack, good luck in your future success in the NFL. What a great Buckeye you have been you will be fondly missed.
Comment 18 Jan 2014
I think Braxton always leaves it on the field, tries his damnedest to win the game. His field sight and passing accuracy probably biggest question marks. Sure a National Championship, Bowl win or Conference Championship would be nice. If he goes 3-1 against scUM wins the B1G makes a nice run at the NC he will own all records at tOSU. His legacy will be cemented in Buckeye history and if all those goals aren't reached, he'll still be one of the best QB's to wear scarlet and gray. Anyone that thinks other wise is crazy. Sometimes you don't get your cake and eat it too.
Comment 13 Jan 2014

Definitely Braxton has to be the man, he's got to make the offense gel, along with Taylor Decker. Defensively it's got be some young guys step up, not sure if any of the upper classmen will contribute that much. The winning streak is over nothing to worry about there, get the young talent in there and get them mature. Maybe Perry and most assuredly Bosa, what an animal.