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Comment 17 Jan 2015
It's a can't lose situation no matter how it turns out. Saying that, I think Cardale gets the nod he'll hopefully will be the healthiest. Again if he doesn't start it's all good no matter who's there.
Comment 15 Jan 2015
Not everyone wants to be one or two and done. Some enjoy the college experience, everything is about the money now days. The only experience I can speak of, at 58, life goes so quickly. Let them enjoy their life, before they know it they will be thinking about good old days wishing they would of lasted a little longer.
Comment 13 Jan 2015
I didn't go to mgoblog, I hear enough delusional ramblings from scUM worms since the Hairbaugh hiring. I had one text me after the game that as he so fondly called jim the KHAKIS..... Better enjoy this year because the khakis will be kicking your ass for years to come. I text back, the khakis just got shit stained from realization of facing Urban Meyer and Buckeyes for the next 3 years before crawling back to the NFL a championship less coach.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
Why does he have to get his catches? Is it impossible to frustrate him like the D did Gordon? I think not, is it a lot to ask? Definitely, but not impossible, to hell with Cooper and his catches. It will take more than just Grant doing a heck of a job, front 7 has to get pressure on the QB and make him rush his throws. Grant will be ready and so will the rest of the defense.
Comment 09 Dec 2014
DJ love the skull today chock-full of good reads. I knew someone would come up with the conspiracy of a thrown game. Thanks Wiscy for throwing yourself under the bus, all for the good of the conference.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
I feel good, peaceful, Buckeyes are going to win Urban his first B1G championship.