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Comment 23 Jul 2015
I think if anything it will be because of the D lines potential inability to stop a powerful run game ala Wisconsin 2010. In my opinion, that's the biggest question mark for this team. And maybe that other dude at corner opposite Eli. I'm looking forward to an exciting season!
Comment 04 Jun 2015
It sounds like he fractured his scaphoid bone, which is notorious for its poor blood supply around the waist and proximal pole of the bone. As a result, fractures of this carpal bone are at risk for nonunion and avascular necrosis (tissue death from lack of blood supply). This often necessitates the above mentioned surgical interventions.
Comment 09 Mar 2015

I have a pic of Zeke in his hospital gown from his recent surgery with a caption that reads "no crop top option??" 

He takes this seriously!

Comment 29 Dec 2013
So this effectively removes Pitt Brown from the starting lineup? I'm excited to see Vonn Bell starting! He could be the next legendary Buckeye defensive back.