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Comment 24 Aug 2015
Whatever defense it was, it worked. And, it worked well because of the elite caliber athletes Urban and company are able to recruit. How about that unstoppable offense tho? Can't win championships without scoring points. I'm sure Mensa would have something to say about Narduzi's comments.
Comment 18 Aug 2015
Meniscal surgeries, especially menisectomies, are being performed less often now-a-days as a result of the latest evidence showing they may actually do more harm than good long term. Physical therapy has been shown to be equally effective, if not the preferred option, for most meniscus tears.
Comment 12 Aug 2015
I knew these were coming out today, and after seeimg more pictures of them I feel like a complete idiot for not ordering a pair. I hope Nike puts out another batch!
Comment 11 Aug 2015

I feel bad for the guys who don't get to see any meaningful on field action. Especially the highly touted guys who could have gone anywhere. There must be something special about our school that kids around despite not getting any playing time.