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Comment 29 Dec 2014

I go to a friends to watch the game sometimes.  I can go to BW3 for every game that isn't broadcast OTA and still come out way ahead of paying for cable.  I have been without cable for 3 years.

I am planning on buying a dish receiver from ebay and getting dish again without a contract.  Turn it on in late August, turn it off after the NCAA tournament.  I don't really watch TV when the weather is nice.

Comment 24 Apr 2014

I'm with you on the Islay scotches.  I had all but given up on scotch after trying it with water and on the rocks at the recommendation of others.  Then I tried Lagavulin neat and now I always have some around.  I have been looking for something close and more reasonably priced, but no luck so far.

So my scotch recommendation is don't try Lagavulin first.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

These stand out to me.  Most were smaller roles that expanded due to popularity.   I don't watch much TV.

Barney Stinson

Niles Crane

Lowell Mather ( Wings )

Sylar ( Heroes )

Saul Rosenberg

Barney Fife

Rick James ( bitch ) from Chappelle

Comment 17 Jan 2014

I like the hire, and like it even more after watching some of the videos out there of him working with other college and high school coaches.  I recommend anyone who hasn't watched the video to take a look.


He appears to be a good teacher.  The focus of his system is on making it easy for players to understand their responsibilities.  The defense is still aggressive.  What more could you ask for?  Especially with 3 new starters in the defensive backfield next year.


If the offensive productivity doesn't drop off significantly, a jump in pass defense like the one Arkansas made last year ( 113th to 72nd ) would likely be enough to win the B1G.


Comment 08 Oct 2013

Thought for sure the 1 second added back for Texas to kick the game winning field goal against Nebraska would be in there.

Comment 17 Mar 2013


Carlos runs hard, and the great thing is he kept getting better as the season went on.

Ran the clip a second time to watch the offensive line.  Really like what I see.  I would love to see Fragel on the Browns roster this fall.

Comment 17 Feb 2013


I'm looking forward to seeing Cardale Jones get some playing time.  I was totally impressed after seeing him light someone up in the circle drill before the spring game.  He certainly didn't look like a QB. Looks like he could dish out some punishment.  I like the idea of an athletic 245# QB running the inverted veer.



Comment 27 Nov 2012

And don't forget the "heisman moments" that Shazier had. The goal line play at Wisconsin was one I will remember forever. He has the numbers and the flashy plays. Shazier is the biggest snub in my opinion. 

Comment 22 Nov 2012


What can we expect as far as pass blocking from Denard at the RB position?  I imagine he would understand scheme but might struggle with execution.  Would you exect OSU to pressure on passing downs with Denard at RB to make him a blocker?

Comment 01 Oct 2012

I have been wondering how Boren was graded in games this year.  He seems to do something positive on every play.

Comment 26 Aug 2012

I talked to dish to get my contract end date.  Turns out to be today.  I have considered calling  DirecTV right now to change, but I think we can expect them to keep BTN in their lineup.

If they don't it's a shame the strongest action I can take to show my displeasure is drop them and never think of coming back.