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Comment 28 Nov 2015

The two top scoring offenses (Baylor/TCU) in the nation played in a similar rainstorm that OSU/MSU played in. They finished regulation at 14-14. OSU will be just fine. Football when the weather is bad has a way of equalizing teams. I'd say they were several teams that would have went toe to toe with OSU that would otherwise have no business being on the same field last week. It's unfortunate OSU lost to a team that is not nearly as good, but weather IS part of the game. The real travesty was that Luke didn't bring his safety's up tight knowing MSU wasn't going to pass.  The weather during The Game will not be a factor. If I am right, OSU will route UM, if I'm wrong, well let's not even think about that.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

If OSU played in good weather, or even better, a dome, OSU would have ran up and down the field on MSU. I am 100% sure of this. If the weather is good in Ann Arbor (the forecast says it is), OSU will make UM look silly trying to keep up. I am 100% sure of this. OSU is no longer that physical team we are used to seeing, but more like a southern team, lots of speed and talent.

I saw on The College Football Experts, Mike Bellotti mentioned the weather and how it affected OSU. Don't be so hard on the Buckeyes guys, although the playcalling could have been a little better, OSU, because Mother Nature took away the deep ball, was just not physical enough in the trenches to beat a team like that. On that rainy night in the Stoke, err, I mean the Shoe, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, or any of the physical B1G teams would have beaten OSU.

Trust me guys, OSU will be back on Saturday. We just need to hope MSU lays an egg versus PSU. Someone call Franklin and tell him to get Conner off that edge, it makes running the ball easy against them.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Urban, should have ran a screen pass, or a reverse or two. In the end, it probably wouldn't have mattered much, it was impossible to move the ball, against that 9 man MSU front, and the driving rain, with the exception of the 4th quarter, but unfortunately OSU was driving against the wind in the 4th (and anything thrown deep would have died quickly).

MSU always plays their linebackers aggressively, OSU plays the same defense, but their linebackers sit back a bit (which is ok depending on the situation). In this game, when the threat of a pass was virtually nil, the MSU defense played even more aggressive. The MSU safety's, in effect, became linebackers, and the linebackers became extra lineman with a running start. Fickell IMO, should have done the same thing. We could have been looking at a 14-0 type game, as neither team would have been able to move the ball against 8-9 man aggressive front's. 

Time to move on, and I hope the players feel the same way - It's over, now let's win the most important game of the year. Go Bucks!!


Comment 22 Nov 2015
Neither of you obviously know x's and o's. Field position was the most important battle, and the defense failed miserably. Read this, you'll understand what the osu offense was up against, then factor in the horrible weather. There was a reason msu only passed one time.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
Msu's defense is set do that they cover everything 15 yards in. You have to beat them deep, to keep their safeties from cheating up. Yesterday, msu played knowing osu couldn't pass it that far. You can't blame the play calling, the weather took care of that. Blame the defensive play calling, the linebackers or bosa and lewis for jumping offsides at critical times. Msu couldn't pass deep either, but Luke didn't seem to get the memo, and didn't cheat his safeties, and attack the line with the linebackers. This loss rests squarely on the shoulders of one Luke Fickell.
Comment 15 Nov 2015

I believe the offense is not as good, even with JT against a good defensive line. Mainly because the pass protection has taken a serious step back from previous years. This has to fall on Ed's shoulders. I once thought of Ed as a miracle worker, not anymore...

Comment 15 Nov 2015
Thinking Strong goes to Miami, kind of forced out. Hermann goes to Texas. Let's see how it plays out. Would love to see Houston in the playoffs...
Comment 12 Nov 2015

My wife and I have several (2 blacks, reds and whites) jerseys from Ebay. It's not because we wanted to save money, it's because we couldn't get them anywhere else. The quality of the official Nike jersey's are horrible too. Screen print - Really Nike, that's the best you can do? If they had them local (with or without names), we would have bought them there.

I'm not sure what Nike is thinking on some things. I've bought the last 3 nike OSU shoes, but only because I get up at the butt crack of dawn (I'm in AZ) and buy them online. They are gone in 20 minutes. NIke, we Buckeye fans have real American dollars, don't you want our money?

Comment 11 Nov 2015

lol!! Still, everytime we've played UND, we've wiped the floor with them, we also take their players and we take their coaches too. I don't have anything against them, I imagine UND fans hate Ohio State football though. I don't think anymore of UND football any more or less than say teams like Iowa, MInnesota, or Penn State - Just never give it much thought.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I wouldn't blame it on the play calling. Some plays stick out in my mind, but the first sack of Cardale does the most. During the replay, they showed it from behind the QB. Braxton playing split end, was slanting towards the middle and was about to make his cut inside, but Cardale did not fire, he took a sack instead. This is the same mistake Cardale has made over and over this year - He waits for the receiver to get open, rather than throwing to a spot. If he fired that ball a few feet in front of Braxton at the same time Braxton was making his cut, it would have been a big completion and possible TD. A split second indecision (or lack of confidence) was the difference between a sack and a big play. Cardale should know when to fire the ball after all the games he's played.