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Comment 25 Oct 2016

I have all the confidence in the world in the Buckeyes - If the weather is good. The Buckeyes would roll through the B1G Championship and the playoffs - If they played in a Dome. Anybody that doubts this, just look at MSU last year, look at Wisconsin and PSU this year. Look at Tulsa in the first qtr and half, look at the Indiana game. There is not a single doubt about this, and anybody who denies it is only fooling themselves. Why did OSU get so good in the playoffs in 2014? One word, Dome.

If the weather is bad Saturday, it will be a dogfight again, not as bad as PSU or Wisconsin, because it is at home, but it won't be easy, and all of us will be wondering what is wrong with the Buckeyes, but I won't, and neither should you - Weather, it is the great equalizer in the NCAA, especially against spread/speed and precision teams. Damn the crazy weather in B1G country.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I want UW to beat NU, because if LSU wins the all mighty SEC falls below the B1G in pecking order (because Wisconsin). You may think this is obvious B1G over LSU champs), but the Committee may choose Alabama with one loss over LSU. They wouldn't however if the SEC champ lost to a B1G team already. Potentially, the B1G could have wins over 4 conference champs (Tulsa, Oklahoma, LSU and Colorado) too.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

It was apparent there wasn't a hot read receiver most of the game. Zone 6 should've been bailing JT out of a jam the last couple plays, inexperience caused this loss. It will get better

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Conley lost control on that one play in Happy Valley, but #8 is the best cover in the country. There is a reason he has been thrown at maybe 10 times this year - Because everybody they play knows what usually happens, an interception, or the guy gets nailed. Hooker deserves this, he may be the best safety in the nation.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Good point on spreading it around - Wilson has never come around though. He had all the superlatives going for him, and he has fizzled out so far. I'd say he reminds me of KenYan Rambo, but after looking at stats, Rambo was actually a bigger contributer to the team (1626 yards receiving his jr/sr year. Dontre's stats are closer to Ray Small's, but Dontre has a much better attitude. Not sure why he is failing, but I'm still hoping he comes around though.

Comment 23 Oct 2016
I bet you are one of those people that corrects others misspelled words, right? Ok, let's get technical - You are wrong, today is Sunday, next Saturday would be this week. The game against LSU is next week.
Comment 20 Oct 2016

Alabama won't cakewalk to the SEC championship. The SEC's version of Wisconsin is LSU, with Fournette back, they will be a force down the stretch, and now that Florida has to travel there (because of the hurricane debacle), it changes everything. Alabama has to go to Baton Rouge too. Stay tuned folks, a shakeup is coming in the next two weeks..

Comment 20 Oct 2016

I remember thinking, I hope he doesn't win his last 4 games (blasphemy right?), so we don't have to deal with a Jim Heacock type defense forever and ever. Fortunately Withers was fired/quit, and Chris Ash taught Fickell the error in his ways, and the Silver Bullets were finally reborn.

Comment 20 Oct 2016

I never disliked Meyer, I never disliked Saban, Pete Carroll, Tressel, Dantonio, Capers, and Mason. They were all Buckeyes under Earle Bruce. Hell, I never even disliked Larry Coker because he was under Cooper. I don't think a single one of them ever said anything bad about the Buckeyes ever. They all have the Ohio respectful, aww shucks ma'am demeanor and appeal...

Comment 19 Oct 2016

The Buckeyes would play Barry Alvarez's teams at night in Wisconsin whenever they were asked - However, Barry would always decline when offered a night game in Coulmbus, and his words were, "Too much of an advantage."

PSU always wants to play OSU at night in Happy Valley - Do the Buckeyes have an option to turn a night game down, and would they do it?

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Smithston: If that UM DL was so nasty, why did they give up the same amount of 2nd half points as OSU did?

Say what you want, but in the end, in the 2nd half, OSU dominated the Badgers in Wisconsin 24-7. UM, playing at home, played a crappy second half 7-7. Even with the advatage of playing at home, UM was shut down, and gave up the same amount of points as OSU.

The 2nd half is the difference in the OSU/UM games over the last 15 years...

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Playing in Camp Randall at night is way more exciting to the home team, then it is for the visiting team. If you think a silent count offense caused by crowd noise and also nerves from playing in a hostile venue do not affect your play, you probably don't know much about football.

Teams and fans get more fired up for Ohio State, than say UM, Purdue or Indiana. It's just the way it is, fans and their teams want to beat the best, and OSU is clearly the best team in the B1G for many many years.

Kickers are on the team, and so is the kicking unit. If your team missed a kick, it is not out of bad luck, it is out of bad execution - So using it as an excuse for UM only scoring 14 points at home is just that, an excuse...