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Comment 26 Jan 2017

Where did that come from? I mean, Thompson came out of nowhere to an outright star! Talk about some serious development. I didn't like when Tate was giving him some crap last night when both went for a rebound and it went out of bounds. Thompson was clearly in  front, but not sure if it couldn have been avoided, and Tate should have recognized that. You do not want to stifle your rising star or his recent confidence, and Thompson is clearly the only star on this team. If they center around the humble Thompson this team will be much much better in the second half.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

I was at the game, and the play was right in front of me. I was actually recording the video on that play, and I say outloud when I saw JT under center, "Here comes the jet sweep".  Kevin Wilson would have at least 3 different plays out of that formation, including a passing play.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

Torrance Gibson, Kyle Dodson, Brionte Dunn, Rod Smith and Jake Stoneburner all come to mind. Brionte and Rod seem like the same player...

Comment 24 Jan 2017

Yes, you're correct, Mariota was 2nd behind Winston, a running back was a heisman favorite, but I was wrong, it wasn't Henry, it was out own RB, Elliott. 
Looks like we may have to go back to Eric Crouch for a preseason favorite who actually won.

You did say the heisman favorite, not a heisman favorite. I was taking it in context (in reference to JT in this thread), not literally. So, I'll admit some wrong here, there were favorites, not the favorite. It has happened, we just have to go back a few years.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

What? 167 Passing Efficiency against a top defense is fantastic, but to EXPECT 167 against a top defense is ridiculous. Deshaun Watson was 142 againt FSU, 162 against VaTech, 144 against NCSt, 145 against Alabama, and against Troy and OSU he was a 122 and a 108. All top 35 defenses. Based on your PE stats, you're saying Deshaun Watson sucks too? JT didn't have a JT barret like year, but I think you need to find a better qualifier than PE stats.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

All the people who lived through every one of the Cooper years know what it feels like to lose to Michigan, and lose consistently. The younger folks who've never had to live through Michigan losses (interim coach year 2011 doesn't count) don't understand it, and I hope you never will have to experience it. Basically, if you started watching the Buckeyes when Tressel was coach, you've never had to experience a truly "bad" season - Because the Buckeyes almost always beat them. When you lose to Michigan, their fans come out of the woodwork, like roaches, and are everywhere, and piss you off everyday until the game comes back next year.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Hi I'm Dennis, and I'm a Survivor of the Earle and Cooper years.(<crowd responds> "Hi Dennis") There was one almost great year (79) with Earle, he beat Michigan, but lost to USC and the Natty. There was one almost great year (98) with Cooper, where he lost to MSU, but finished second in the nation. There was another almost great year, he only lost to Michigan (96), but beat undefeated ASU, should have one the natty, and won what is still my favorite game of all time (because Jake Plummer lol) - Still, that was a bad year during the off season because of the loss to MIchigan. So, basically a good year, is not to have a loss to Michigan. Every single year Earle beat Michigan, not matter the outcome, I felt pretty good during the off season - Same goes with Cooper. Even in 2011, and although it didn't hurt as much because Urban was coming home, I would have called the season successful if Miller hadn't overthrown that ball on the last drive. I think you see where I am going with this - Beat expectations, AND beat Michigan and the season is successful.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Living in Arizona, we go there a lot. White Castle may not be at the top of your list, but it always is for us since we don't have them out here. Lucky Club Casino - Steak and Lobster $9.99, is a place we always go, seriously though, don't go there at night, make it a day stop and you'll love it. Freemont Street is always fun, the stage performers are really good, and the 1/4 mile long TV screen is pretty awesome. We love the Piano Bar in Paris, there is a burger place there, can't think of the name of it, pretty good too. If it is warmer when you come, consider staying one night at the Golden Nugget, their pool is glorious, the slide goes down into the aquarium, great experience. Pete Rose is at the Mandalay Bay mall a few times a week, it'll cost you about $100 (including merchandise), but he'll sign anything, take any pictures you want, and will shoot the shit with you about anything forever, that guy still knows his stuff about the Reds - And to me was worth EVERY penny. While there, conside going to the Zero Degree bar, or named something like that. Don't cheap out on the gear that you have to pay extra for, it's a great time, just stay down there and get your pictures, have a couple drinks, than leave, it can get very expensive. Orange County Choppers has a place, it was pretty cool the one time I went, got some good pics, just south of the strip, you can look up where exactly. We go to Vegas once a month or so - Rarely gamble, but love to have fun and be safe - So we usually don't go out at night.