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Comment 16 Sep 2016

Oklahoma's only hope the wind is whipping, like it was in the 1st Qtr vs Tulsa, and the entire game vs MSU. This takes away the passing game, because for some reason, JT has proven time and time again, he can't pass well in a strong wind. When this happens, it is easy pickings for a defensive team. OSU made Tulsa look like the 1996 Buckeyes defense in that 1st quarter.

After that VaTech game in 2014, JT has proven time and time again, if you gear up to stop the run, he's gonna burn you time and time again in the passing game. Pray for no wind Buckeye fans and Oklahoma will be just a middling Big 10 road team they are playing. Ther sout ranking over the last 4 years are 15,13,14,19...

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Well they certainly won't be top 15 after playing OSU in the first and second games, so you have to fall back on something, and the most recent past would be the closest thing. We know Tulsa's offense will be good, the same team that scored 38 on Oklahoma last year, only lost one starter on offense, so they are pretty much the same. BG, not so much, so last year's stats would be a stretch. BG and Tulsa had over 900 yards between them against their other 2 opponents this year, granted, their opponents were about as good as Michigan's murderous 2 game schedule though...

Comment 13 Sep 2016

"Ohio State and Michigan — rolled in both games against sub-par opponents.". OSU plays against 2 of the top 15 offenses in the nation, hold them to 3 points each, and for some reason people forget that. Not horrible teams, just overmatched. Case in point, The MAC champ loses to OSU 77-10, it's because they are from the MAC, and OSU should beat them that badly - People are treating them like they are Troy, or Nichols, WKU, or Charleston Southern.  However, when a middle of the road MAC team like CMU beats OkSU, it's because they are up and coming, and the MAC is stronger than people think.

I sometimes don't think people watch these games, like the 1st qtr against Tulsa, the wind was an obvious factor as Barret couldn't hit anything against that strong wind, and the Tulsa QB was hitting everything. Then the exact opposite happend in the 2nd qtr when they flipped sides. Geesh... Lol, just friendly venting. We'll know this weekend, but my gut says the Buckeye offense will score lots of points if the weather is good. Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Not only will he never be able to recover that money he loses this year, he will also not get a contract remotely close to this offer next year.

Anthony Munoz almost lost his first year, and the Bengals rights to sign him. It was a fiasco, with both sides calling each other liars, and a lawsuit too. Paul Brown eventually lightened up, and Munoz took the best offer. Later, Munoz got rid of his agent, and went solo for the rest of his career and Brown rewarded him time and time again.

Comment 21 Aug 2016

I agree with you. It all started wth Rice and tyronne picking Iowa over OSU in the polls before the bowl games. This was significant because the higher ranked opponent would have played Stanford. Now, normally those 2 with ties to Stanford would have had to leave the room, but since the rose bowl was not locked into the top two team concept, rice and tyronne got away with it. Seriously, if you were a stanford fan, and wanted a victory, who would you choose, OSU, or Iowa?

In the end, with OSU beating the piss out of UND, without Bosa, only proved how much better they were than Stanford was at home against UND - But the rankings were already set,and alas Stanford stayed ahead of OSU.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

That's great, but this is much better, and you all will agree. Ohio State vs Michigan in Division 1 games only.

Site      Games Wins Losses Ties
Any      99         48    47         4  
Home   49         26    22         1  
Away    50         22    25         3

Comment 12 Jul 2016

It sounded like BS in the first place... (McQuery said, that Bradley said, that Schiano said...)

Good for you Greg, I was really worried and weirded out for a little while - Glad you spoke up and didn't let this hover. Now we'll sit back and see if there is a recoil effect from this. Please football gods, don't let OSU get dragged through the mud on this by association...

Comment 01 Jun 2016

Seinfeld, and nothing else comes close. In the second tier, Supernatural, Smallville and a one season show ironically named "Forever"