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Comment 25 Apr 2012

The sad thing is I don't believe the new Purdue logo will be ready until basketball season as it immediately went down with an ACL tear after being unveiled........

Comment 03 Jan 2012

Anyone have any good, work-server safe sites to stream this off of?



Comment 09 Nov 2011

"...the shocking information that Steve Beillsari told Jim Tressel about witnessing Sandusky in 2002. I'm Tom Rinaldi, E-s-p-n."




Comment 01 Sep 2011

The Ohio State Alumni bar is right next door to the UM Alumni bar here in San soon as the game ended the crowd explodes, and immediately half the OSU bar runs next door to form a sort of "tunnel of shame" on either side of the steps leading out of the bar and down the street......every last d-baggin' one of them was mockingly cheered as they left the bar........

Comment 22 Aug 2011

The Raiders were just really impressed with Pryor's interview with them on his Pro Day:

"Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever."



Comment 12 Aug 2011

Most have probably have seen this but worth mentioning as our old friend Ken Gordon has quite the handle on the letter/allegation stuff via his tweets:


kgdispatch Ken Gordon
Sounds as if additional violation NCAA refers to is nothing OSU is worried about. Old news, just not included in original allegations



kgdispatch Ken Gordon
So ESPN was correct there was a letter sent. Correct that case remains open. But all indications are nothing new will come of it.

Hopefully that helps ease a Buckeye mind a little bit........not 100% of course- but hopefully veering in the direction of not being the doomsday scenario that's making Forde like a diamond in an ice storm..............

Comment 10 Aug 2011

CHICAGO-New Michigan coach Brady Hoke received nearly a one-minute standing ovation at the Big Ten Luncheon after successfully finishing four plates of food  in under 10 minutes, and during the ovation coach Mark Dantonio can be seen mouthing the word “special” to new Minnesota coach Jerry Kill.

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Good news............Also-perhaps a long shot even before this whole mess- but wasn't Ja'Quay Williams supposed to announce a few days ago?

Comment 26 May 2011

Is there any way we can get James  Louis to weigh in on this Tracy Jordan-style?

"Who's Ray Small? I just saw a pack a of wild dogs take over and successfully run a Wendy's."

Comment 25 May 2011

"Honestly the real story here is Omaha Nighthawks coach Joe Moglia shouldn't even be signing players like Maurice Clarett."

-Kirk Herbstreit

Comment 10 May 2011

On a side note- thoroughly enjoying James Louis morphing into Tracy Jordan.......


Comment 12 Jan 2011

This is surprising that the Forcier is not particularly bright............what with the impeccable spelling and grammar on his Dad is obviously Rhodes Scholar worthy.......

Oh well........Off to Grossmont Community College Tate........