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Comment 21 Jan 2016

Just watched with my son and we went 4-6, 1-3.  I actually like Phantom Menace as the pod race was crazy cool and thought the bad acting/dialog really only began once Hayden Christensen arrived in #2.

Comment 20 Dec 2015
I've used my domains with wix for free in the past. Maybe something has changed as it's been a few years.
Comment 12 Nov 2015

Hudson Grille in Sandy Srpings is a short ride up Roswell Rd and worth it.  I'll probably be there for the MSU game.

Comment 04 May 2011

Ramzy, my old cyber friend.  Well done!  You have long been a voice of reason on all things Buckeye, but this has to rank near the top of your work to date.  I have long defended KH, but events of the past few years have made that difficult to do.  It really is a shame that there are low-life buffoons who do stupid and sinister things to public figures like Kirk, but those stupid acts do not diminish the point of your article.  It's not too late for our friend Kirk to see the light, but I'm not holding my breath.

Again, well done.  Keep on keepin' on!


P.S.  Love this new blog.  I plan to come back regularly.