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Comment 23 Nov 2015

Umm no, that's not what the article says. It says it is not all because of the PLAY CALLING. The article shows also miss execution by players and defensive excellence by MSU. Whether or not coaches or any one coach is or is not to blame for the failed execution was not mentioned in the article, for that is beyond what film study can say. But a reasonable criticism can be leveled by us. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I agree with your conclusion but add that we are worse winners than we are losers. We win and there are too many fans wearing the block O out there waving their genitals around like jack azzes. Then suddenly we lose and it is the end of the program. Come on people get real.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Both the coaches and players are the reason we lost. The game plan and calling was burning shit, but the players have been under performing all year. MSU wanted it! Our team didn't. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Not sure why there is down votes for this. From the start, the warning signs that the celebrity of last January was having an effect on the teams psyche was there. Still wouldn't change a thing if the NC meant this season, but facts are facts: this team suffers from the human, all too human affliction of success--having big heads. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

You got blasted cause your argument was weird and backwards. If you wanted to be against QB runs than argue against QB runs in feneral, But you said something about Michigan scoring the same with fewer QB runs or something as if just saying that makes any point whatsoever. It was incoherent.    

And you are still wrong--BTW--QB runs didn't lose this game. It was the lack of anything else to set it up, that hurt us offensively. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015


It's like pointing out that a foundation of a mansion is cracked and being told you are 'entitled' and 'negative' because 'you can't enjoy the nice house.' Week after week the crack grows bigger and yet "you are negative and spoiled." And the crack never is fixed.

Now the house has collapsed. Good job!  

Comment 08 Nov 2015

One of the strangest post in a long time.

You can't justify a conclusion comparing results of game versus a common opponent. There are too many factors. For instance: did the Rutgers tOSU match make Rutgers give up on the season? Did the Scarlet Knights play getter against the Buckeyes? Ect, ect ect.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

I agree with you. UM's QB is hurt. Go to OT. Don't run a stupid QB sneak. That was the most incomptant coaching I've seen in a long time. They wasted 19-sec the play before

Comment 27 Oct 2015

The no politics rule helps make this board rock.

the pussification of America? I am more worried of the dumbification of America, and there is no better example of American dumbness, and I am talking about all sides here, there is no veil attach, than reading a political post on a messageboard. 

It is best to leave this forum to football matter. It is awesome that Urban was on the O'Reilly Factor, as it would be awesome if he went on Racheal Meddow or whomever. 

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Unfortunately, the same logic yields the conclusion that Meyer owes them. 

Comment 17 Oct 2015

The 'drama' is usually created by the ones complaining about it. Gibson took his time to make a good decision--this is not drama to me. But some fans went crazy complaining about it, and went off the deep end in angst ridden post--this to me is the drama. As in a lot of places in life--especially at work--the real creators of the drama blame someone else; Gibson isn't the drama queen--fans are. 

Comment 10 Oct 2015

  Incorrect usage.

On Hineygate they may be tasteless, rude, and immature but not entitled. It bugs me when people are sloppy with words. Especially with this one: I've seen it blown out of proportion from a sarcastic usage meant for rhetorical purposes.

A kid fresh out of school demanding a CEO job can be said sarcastically as entitled; a long time employee who earned by any historical standard a promotion he/she hasn't got isn't being entitled to be upset. A fan who thinks he/she should have a players autograph could be called entitled sarcastically, since he thinks he's owed one for being a fan. A fan complaining about an on-field results isn't entitled, he just complaining--because he's a fan. He is emotionally invested in the team he follows; when his team does well he cheers, when they do bad he feels down. That spectators sports; that's what makes it work. Some are too emotionally invested. That's the root of the problem, not some unjustified claim to a right to others catching a pass ( a formation that doesn't make sense.)

All fans hate to see their teams not do well, right? What matters it in terms of entitlement how  rude you express disappointment? If so, then all fans could be said to be entitled, which makes the phrase a moot point.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I am tired of the msuse of the words entitled, entitlment. 

In case you don't know: an entitlement is a legal term meaning you have a right to a future asset, as in a will entitles the beneficiary to assets after death. It comes from the days ofaristocracy, when the first sons were due the title after death of the father--thus the "titled" of entitled. It is not a bad thing when you are actually owed a right.

We are all entitled to social security that we've payed into, that's why it called an entitlement. 

The usage that many imply is from a subject rightly banned on these boards. A certain side in this subject uses it as a metaphor. Here entitled is meant sarcastically--as in people who think they have a right to something they do not. But I've heard it used incorrectly in this way too. As in 'entitled fans.' That's a wrong usage. Criticizing the team is not an example of thinking  you have a right you do not. 

A player can be entitled if he thinks he has a right to a position without working for it. But Maryland wouldn't know that. Prehaps they meant arrogant, which often is said about sucessful, confident by jealous ones. 

I just hate when words are used wrong. I am tired of entitled used wrong. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

If you have a droid and dl from the Google cloud, then what you searched on your own phone follows to your new. Or apple phone, or facebook, ect. You really can't get away from it. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

What happened to the play, whose name I can't remember, where either three wides were stacked on one side, or two wides and a Tight End are on the same side, and the QB rolls out to that side while the two outside wides run a inside patern and the inside wide or TE runs an out patern to the pylon? That seemed like it worked almost everytime for a TD in goaline situations. 

To be more clear: it is the play we ran for the two-point conversion versus Alabama, and for a TD to Vannett in the NC Game. The play that Jones double clutched. Florida also scored on it during the 2007 disaster, and Brown scored a TD versus Michigan in 2012. Last year we scored against Maryland with it late in the 1st half after they threw a Int. We could of called that sat in the opening half.