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Comment 22 Oct 2014

Seriously?? There are different levels to vandalism! Taking a ink pen from your job and taking a laptop from your job are both technically theft but one will land you in jail without a job...smh 

Comment 08 Oct 2014

I dont see Braxton lighting it up thru the air as much as JT is right now. Guiton had those same weapons you speak of last year and he lit it up thru the air when he came in! We just have to stop making excuses and realize Brax isnt a elite passer...

Comment 08 Oct 2014

JT is more mobile than people give him credit for. He's not dynamic as Brax buts hes more than capable of running. And having a good offensive line is important regardless if Brax or JT is behind center!  

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I agree with everything you said! Sure the SEC usually gets the nod but thats because they have racked up a string of NC's to validate that argument! Ohio has had chances in the past and we've kinda fumbled some of those opportunities. I think our most impressive bowl game win was against Oregon in 2009. In 2010 Arkansas was really overrated, in 2011 we let Florida beat us (again), 2012 banned, and in 2013 we lost to Mich St and Clemson!! Fast forward this year and we drop a highly televised night game to a fairly weak VTech team! Until we start winning on the field the public perception is gonna be that OSU is sort of overrated and play in a terrible conference...

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Yeah its almost like Herman fails to understand when its time to keep it simple and pound the football! That very play brought back Mich St memories from last year...

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Honestly the only person I have faith in on that list is Eze!! From what ive seen over the years, nobody else has proven to be anything special. Rod has the physical tools but he just cant seem to put it all together. Remember we've been spoiled by good RB's so im not easily impressed when it comes to that position lol.

Comment 01 Aug 2014

Im not sure about you but I knew about Guiton long before last year! True we didnt know he was as good as he was, but I knew he should have started over Bauserbomb in 2011. I used to watch Guiton in the spring games and then wonder why he never got any action during the regular season! Im just glad he somewhat got a time to shine during his tenure.

Comment 05 Apr 2014

I really dont understand when people bring up records from previous coaches and times. Each coach has their own way of doing things along with different players. Theres always a first time for everything...

Comment 01 Mar 2014

You definitely need bowl wins to be great! Whats the point of being great if you cant win when it matters the most?? Not saying Brax isnt one of the best to ever wear S&G but if he goes out without a bowl win that will def tarnish his legacy...