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Comment 6 hours ago

I try not to be distasteful in my commenting, but the fact that people will down vote you for trying to give the appropriate cultural-political background behind this decision (as in my case, trying to explain how I think the Compliance, Diversity, and Title IX offices viewed Waters' case) is kind of sad.  Feel free to disagree with my assessment, but do explain yourself, so that we can have a real discussion.

Comment 7 hours ago

While some of the activities are over the line, you have to wonder how much does this have to do with getting OSU off of the DOE OCR Title 9 hit list. And I also wonder who did the investigation, and what funding and/or power they gained from this investigation.  Call me cynical, but crazy initiation rites are definitely part of college band culture (a friend was in BGSU MB and had some running around in underwear experiences too).  I hate to dislike any part of OSU, but my faith in the bureaucracy of OSU, that they'll tell the truth and do the right thing, is practically nonexistent.

Comment 17 hours ago

Maybe t he investigation is right.  However, to disregard the motivations of the key actors in said investigation is to blindly accept it.  And at the very least, the BoT should look carefully at what the investigators have done to stop this kind of hazing in the past, as any of them could be covering their own ass.  And if it was a case of CYA, the investigators who did that should be canned too.

Comment 17 hours ago

The problem is that M Man is right.  Without the need for a scapegoat to save jobs in the Diversity, Compliance, Title IX, and police department, as well as the pressure from the DOE OCR list using federally funded loans as a political prod, I think he would have been given another chance at making things right on his own.  Frankly, these kinds of "investigations" are what one expects from a large factionalized bureaucracy when it is under threat from without. Find some target that is not in compliance, and apply zero tolerance, because you can achieve multiple objectives at once:  1) get rid of a band director the college of Music doesn't like because he doesn't have a PhD, 2) make him the face of the Title IX issues at tOSH, 3) make sure all parties to the investigation have a recent "win" so they will receive increased funding and protect their own jobs. And finally 4) use the firing as proof that there is no gambling at Rick's Cafe American (ak Title IX violations at tOSU), which gets rid of any pesky Vichy informants and signals that there is no resistance here.

Comment 19 hours ago

Actually if compliance is investigating you, you are far better off lawyering up and finding dirt that can destroy their lives, because they will not hesitate to be completely illogical in their findings if you are not liked by them, their friends or someone else in power.  Most Compliance departments only understand the hammer.

Comment 20 hours ago

Do you have any experience with these types of investigators?  If you did, you'd know them as petty Jalverts.  The best way to deal with this type of useful idiot is to nod and smile and agree, pay your indulgence, and move on.  I grew up in a church full of these types, and frankly, they enjoy the power they can take from their positions.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Have you ever done Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest?  That's some cold water, especially the year we went in June.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

I have the best of both worlds.  My parents just retired to Brevard, NC, and I still live in Ohio.  I get to visit the great outdoors and enjoy their view (especially in the morning, the futon I sleep on there looks out over the Smokies to the west through an awesome picture window), then come back to Ohio afterwards.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

It's amazing how justified I feel for using my parent's ESPN3 account to watch games and not pay for their BS every time something like this happens.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

That cartoon is amazing, as are most of Goofy's how to do things cartoons.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

Caveat to said statement (because it's true):  "Michigan has a cool fight song, but it only sounds good when being played by TBDBITL"

Comment 03 Jul 2014

The worst part about that skit is that it was one of the first ones on the show, and so you can literally say the show went down in humor from that point on.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Those TVs last and last.  My parent's first major purchase as a couple was the first color TV either of them, or their parents, had owned, a Toshiba 22" color TV from 1973 (It doesn't have an IR adapter for a remote).  When I went to OSU, it was in my dorm and my room in various apartments until I bought an LED.  It finally quit in 2011 (yeah, 38 year old TV, with only one tube ever replaced).  Many good memories of that TV watching cartoons as a kid, plus, it was the first TV I saw the Buckeyes and Star Wars on.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

As long as you add in some of the fall enrollees, these are generally great.  And yes, they have a PS3 version listed too.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

I'd wager Moore is either driving the boat, or taking the picture.