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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2002 National Championship Game. Before that, I would always root for the Buckeyes vs. TSUN, but until then, I had not been a really big football fan.
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Comment 01 Feb 2017

And here's the other thing.  If you play football, you get a waiver for the weight requirements from the academies during the season.  That might help bigger guys (see Villanueva of the Steelers as an example) learn to manage their weight.  I think I read that Villanueva was 220 lbs as an Army Ranger, and is now in the 300 range.

Comment 27 Jan 2017

Like I keep saying, Mark Emmert owes The Ohio State University and its fans a favor, and in particular, me, since he decided to drop the sanctions on my birthday, and then go on to ignore far worse violations.  Personally, I'll take the erasure of the Clemson game from the record of tOSU football, officially.  That's all I'm asking, and I don't think it's that much, since my previous demand was that he give me all of his salary since 2011 as remittance, and commit ritual suicide on camera.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

NCAA, I hereby call in the debt you owe me for dropping the sanctions in 2011 on my birthday, and in exchange for your president's life, fortune, and sacred honor (of which, I suppose, Emmert has the first two, but I was holding out for some seppuku).  You will make it as if this game never happened in all of the NCAA's history.  Memory hole this thing, and I may decide to forgive your transgressions.

Comment 16 Dec 2016

My assumption in these cases is that the school is between a rock and a hard place.  The current combination of laws (Enforcement of Title IX relating to Dear Colleague letter plus FERPA) means that they can either 1) Violate Title IX and lose Federal funding, including the ability of students to get Federal Student Loans, or 2) Violate FERPA and same result, or 3) Keep quiet until the investigation is completely through, suspend all accused students just in case Title IX violations are involved, and then get sued for violating due process of said students (Although I have to imagine this is going to be a much harder case for football players, given that they are scholarship athletes and can be held to team standards as well as university policy, and since coaches and ADs have a lot of discretion in disciplinary issues regarding scholarship athletes).

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Bubblehead, you could tell someone, and have it stand up as legal, if you could beat the obstruction of justice rap that the FBI would slap you with.  Now, to do that, you'd have to know someone, or be someone the Bureau wasn't interested in prosecuting at all.  However, I doubt many people would be willing to take the chance and risk jail time over it.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

I have never accepted the NCAA's punishment.  It is illegitimate punishment from an illegitimate cartel, headed by a sworn enemy of Ohio State fans, particularly me.  Those assholes at the NCAA decided to drop the punishments on my birthday, and I will never, ever forgive them for it.  If I see Mark Emmert in person, I will walk up to him, slap him across both cheeks and demand satisfaction.  If he is too cowardly to duel, so be it.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

FastMoney, I talked about it a lot during the time period.  The problem was that it faded into the background as excuse making for NCAA violations.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I'll agree on one point:  Big Ten refs do not call enough holding.  It tends to hurt Ohio State more than others, since our D-lines are so good talent wise.