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Comment 25 Sep 2016
Preseason rankings are why we still put up with "EssEeeSee dominance." A bad Ole Miss team just spanked number 12 UGA that two weeks ago could barely handle Nicholls and last week got a last second win over Mizzou. So now Ole Miss has wins over a shitty UGA team and an FCS team... but because somehow UGA was number 12, Ole Miss will jump onto the top 15 at least... and give Bama that "quality win."
Comment 25 Sep 2016
No they won't. They will just start running their mouths about how basass the EssEeeSee and Bama are.
Comment 23 Sep 2016
No, but I used to go there a lot. My aunt has the salon across the street from there. Or used to. I think she sold it and moved down south.
Comment 23 Sep 2016

I dated a girl that went to West Branch.  She was from Damascus, while I am from Leetonia.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I met my soon to be wife on 7 Jan 2015.  I found out shortly after that her parents are both Alabama fans.  For the first year or so that we were dating, every time I would see her parents, I would wear my 85 YTTHOTS shirt.  It was finally a few months ago that her mom asked me if it was about the Sugar Bowl.  I just smiled.