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Comment 13 hours ago
The four seasons of Ohio are as follows; Winter, Still Winter, What the hell?, and Construction.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
"Urban Meyer is a media darling. Is he a better coach that Hoke? I doubt it. He recruits players that would have trouble meeting B1G standards even at OSU. He will surely attract some recruits that may not be considering OSU right now. According to the records he has had at least 30 of his players arrested for various incidents. From that part he will fit right in in colonumbus." That one made me laugh. ""by "taking the Buckeyes" you mean up our rears right? We've lost the last 7 straight if you haven't noticed and four of those were Lloyd's... oh yeah, and THEY are not nationally competitive either!!!"" At least the guy at the end had a clue... sorry for the formatting. Mobile site doesn't have quote button.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
The only good thing to come out of that pool, is that ESPN will be playing the Sugar Bowl again.
Comment 28 Jul 2015
I don't live in the barracks so utilities are not paid. I also have 2 car payments and I pay child support for a daughter I haven't seen in almost 2 years. No need to be an asshole.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
They. I don't, nor have I ever played for Ohio State.