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Comment 01 Feb 2016
Yup. I live an hour from Columbia (USC), 2 hours from Athens (UGA), and 2 hours from Atlanta (GT), but I see more people wearing Bama gear than the other three combined.
Comment 29 Jan 2016
Watching the 2002 MNCG at BW3 in Boardman, streaming the Miami game in 2010 while we were in Khandahar, watching the 2011 Sugar Bowl in Kuwait while I was on my way back to Afghanistan, Braxto to Smith to beat ranked Wiscy. My first game I went to in the shoe was Hawaii this past season. In the third quarter, my 9 year old daughter looks at me and asks when are they gonna start playing better? It was still an experience.
Comment 14 Jan 2016
That must mean that Florida is better than Alabama. They abused the team that Bama lost to. Does thst also mean Wake Forest was better than OSU last year?
Comment 12 Jan 2016
I tried to put a little logic into the thread. Their crimson glasses are stuck on pretty good it seems.
Comment 12 Jan 2016

More than once I have seen Bama fans trumpet that they would have stomped OSU because they stomped MSU who beat Ohio State.

I ask them why didn't UF beat Bama then as Florida stomped the team that beat Bama...  they haven't quite figured that one out yet.

Comment 07 Jan 2016
As much as I'd like to see a service academy in there, (one day, Army) they lose arguably the best player in their history...