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Comment 1 hour ago
I was stationed in Colorado for 5 years before moving here to Augusta, GA this past summer. CFB in Colorado Springs is mainly the Air Force academy and a few smatterings of Buffs/Rams fans. I move to Georgia and i can't walk down the street without seeing someone wearing somerhing Bama/USC/Gators. Been wearing my bright red Ohio State hoodie and one of my ballcaps about everywhere I go when not in uniform. Before the Bama game I'd have folks tell me OSU didn't have a chance, that the Ess Eee See was going to own the playoffs, blah blah. After the sugar bowl Bama fans would either ignore me or come say damn, they did not expect to get dominated like that. My girlfriend is from GA, and she is a UGA fan and the rest of her family is Bama fans. She watche the NCG with me and was impressed with OSU. When I suggested a UGA/OSU game she said ahe didnt want her team to get embarrassed... Damn it feels good to be a Buckeye!
Comment 28 Jan 2015

Oregon has spent the better part of the last decade running up the score on teams.  Their fans cheered and bragged about how amazing they were.  Funny how when it happens to them, they complain.  If you don't want me to score, stop me.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

I gotta admit.  I love wearing my Buckeye gear all over Augusta.  Actually had a pretty good conversation with a Bama fan at the gym after that game...  Minus the comments of UFM will leave when things get rough...

Comment 19 Jan 2015
As a veteran of a modern conflict (Afghanistan, 2010) I am always honored to meet my brothers from before. I've always thought they were the greatest because they did it without question, because they had to. What's interesting, is many of them feel we are the great ones because we chose this life. They just did what they were told.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
Ever had actual food poisoning? Probably the worst I have ever felt in my life.
Comment 01 Nov 2014
When I was in high school we had an exchange student from Brazil who was the kicker on our team. Reportedly Coach Cooper was at a game or two of ours to check him out. Didn't pan out though. He went back home for school.
Comment 24 Sep 2014

When the playoff was announced a few years ago, I had a discussion with some of my coworkers who are SEC fans SEC fans (cause we don't pick teams here, we just root for whoever ES(EC)PN tells us to).  They actually believe that ESPN drools over the SEC the way they do because they are heads and shoulders above other conferences...  They were completely oblivious to the fact that ESPN has a $5 billion stake in the SEC network and rights to all the playoff games...  What happens when more than one SEC team gets in the playoff?  ESPN makes more money...  Sadly that is what controls college football these days, not the love of the game...

Comment 26 Aug 2014
I've got Staff Duty on Saturday, so I'll hopefully be able to watch the game at the barracks desk... otherwise I might be trying to stream it from somewhere...