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Comment 26 Jul 2016
What kind of angles make the beat door guards? Obtuse, right, or acute?
Comment 23 Jul 2016
You're right. Maybe it's cause I like Zeke and I'm a Cowboy's fan, but something just doesn't sit right. My first thought when I saw it was that none of those pictures show her face. How do they know they are her. I may be completely wrong, and he is guilty. If so he needs to pay the piper. On the other hand, if it's true about those texts, she needs to be made an example of.
Comment 22 Jul 2016
And the *ichigan players ganging up on Dontre like they did was classy? I just remember Hall sticking up for his teammate
Comment 26 Jun 2016
I worked with a UF fan here in Georgia who actually admires UFM. His wife on the other hand hates him.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
I went to basic training with a girl from Middletown.