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Comment 24 May 2017
They won't have the Happy Valley Voodoo this year. The last two games in Columbus have been by a combined score of 101-24. It's coming. And it will be glorious.
Comment 16 May 2017
Some more fun facts on that topic. The ref who patted Mike Weber on the but... from Indiana. He was doing that to say good job for not retaliating to a borderline cheapshot. The head ref who UM fans whine is a Ohio State fan was also the head ref when OSU lost to MAU in 2013 and 2015.
Comment 05 May 2017
The best part though is the UM fans who constantly talk about Clemson shutting OSU out. They seem to forget they lost to that same team they are talking trash about. My favorite though was the Wisconsin fan who said something about it. I asked him if Badger fans were legally allowed to talk trash a out the Buckeyes getting shut out. He never said anything back...
Comment 22 Apr 2017
No one is better at excuses than Nicky Satan. Didn't respect Dolodale... Players were worried more about draft grades... Played poorly... From what I saw, it was Ohio State mistakes that kept Bama in the game. Without Zeke fumbling and Cardale throwing that pick on the miscommunication in the first, and the questionable play calling late in the game, I think that score would have been very different.