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Fan since mid sixties. Only team I care about. These may be my most fun fan years,yet. Saw em carry Coach Tress at Urban's first win against ttun, felt so good.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Bucks beat unbeatable OJ's Trojans or Coach Tress' team whoops the unbeatable , (ha ha) Canes and listening to ALL the EXCUSES, like we will all do again, soon!!! Beating Bama/Ducks
  • NFL TEAM: Who cares?
  • NHL TEAM: Ditto
  • NBA TEAM: They aren't worth watching.
  • MLB TEAM: Pirates til they became a farm team for the good t
  • SOCCER TEAM: European sport, isn't it?

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Comment 05 Aug 2016

We CANNOT underestimate these scums. Mich. St. didn't beat them, they were blessed. We are the only ones that curb stomped them.  The days of showing up and thinking we are going to blow them over because were 10 times better than them are over, they are better again. That's better for the Big Ten and better for us. We need to go down on the field, with everything we've got,  and give them everything they deserve .

Comment 28 Jul 2016

Historically our fans cry like sissies, if we do not go undefeated. (See last year and MANY OTHERS!) Enjoy our current success, it won't last forever. I'll take what I get from this group, experience tells me it's the best in my lifetime. Don't act like you know more than these coaches or like you want to fire one of them. SHOW YOUR SPIRIT! GO BUCKS!

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Bill Hancock's opening condolences to the families who just lost sons, were better than ANY politician's speech, this year! (We have heard WAY too many.) He earned my highest respect, unlike some coaches, who ignored things way more important than football.