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Fan since mid sixties. Only team I care about. These may be my most fun fan years,yet. Saw em carry Coach Tress at Urban's first win against ttun, felt so good.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Bucks beat unbeatable OJ's Trojans or Coach Tress' team whoops the unbeatable , (ha ha) Canes and listening to ALL the EXCUSES, like we will all do again, soon!!! Beating Bama/Ducks
  • NFL TEAM: Who cares?
  • NHL TEAM: Ditto
  • NBA TEAM: They aren't worth watching.
  • MLB TEAM: Pirates til they became a farm team for the good t
  • SOCCER TEAM: European sport, isn't it?

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Comment 22 Nov 2016

We had taken too many ass whippings from that team. Mr. Tressel fixed that for us. They have, ever since, been subject to his domination. FOREVER, he will have a special place in my heart.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

In a Pittsburgh docs office,I saw a family with an UGLY colored shirt with the # 20 on it. I said, Mike Hart. They beamed. I said, 0 and 4 (at that time) against the Buckeyes! They hung their heads, knowing my math was correct. You were spot on. Don't EVER lighten up. This stuff is forever. Mike still wishes he had won at least once.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Tuesday evening CFP committee will rank us #2. Whether we are Big 10 champs or not, we will be in the playoff, if we do not lose again. Then all you fears will subside. Show your spirit. GO BUCKS!

Comment 11 Nov 2016
30 miles to Pittsburgh from here. Pens, Steelers, and Pirates get quite a bit of attention, locally. I only care about the Buckeyes. Good luck in the Game. Happy that you got a good coach, and are again, a credit to the Big 10.
Comment 10 Nov 2016

Guy had a simple point. I got it. The police killed him. Gosh, this site sure has changed in the last few years...........

Comment 06 Nov 2016

Birm stated more info on Wade to come in Monday's " hurry up." Lol. The police would have a field day with him........

Comment 29 Oct 2016

This site sure has changed in the last few years. Show your spirit. Go Bucks!