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Comment 11 hours ago

Bucksfan, "it's the biggest worry I had (turnovers) when they announced a freshman would start after Braxton went down."

When Braxton started as a freshman I was worried he was going to get killed. He survived the Michigan State game so I figured he was a pretty tough kid. I am really impressed with young JT so far. I hope he stays healthy. 

Comment 18 hours ago

Why do the Networks keep showing those Guys. I find it embarrassing. Show the students. It is their time.

Comment 18 hours ago

My senior year my Bucks trailed Purdue 35 to nothing at the half. Purdue in that era was one of the best football schools in America. It was QB-U. Three different Purdue QB's went 3-0 against ND in their career (freshman did not play varsity, they studied)

Ya! It makes me sad to see the demise of one of the best programs in the Big Ten. It really was 10 then. I think the B1G needs Purdue to come back.

Comment 18 hours ago

Since I avoid watching as much SEC as I can! I watched Conner Cook's progression last year and I would say, IMHO, JT is well ahead of Cook at this stage last year.

I think JT is as smart as his teammates were suggesting.

Comment 15 Sep 2014


You nailed that one, he drilled it between two defenders. It looked to me like Thomas didn't expect the ball to be there. The receiver when he looks for the ball, he should expect it to be there, and have his hands coming up. Great receivers, IMHO, always expect the ball to be there.

But that isn't what I want to talk about. I remember one receiver, I think it was Spencer or Smith, saved young JT an interception. It was thrown behind the receiver to the DB and our receiver didn't try to catch it. He reached back and punched it out of there. It almost went 20 yards he hit it so hard. Great play and doesn't go in the stat sheet.

Comment 15 Sep 2014


"Yes, I believe Farris should've stayed on the DE, allowing the pulling guard to take on the inside linebacker, with the blitzing outside backer getting optioned."

What does that mean "outside backer getting optioned"?

And didn't Nate Holley take a bad angle on that play? Should have been a nice 15 yard gain IMO.

Also, I think we are going to be well pleased with our young QB by the time season is over.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I read somewhere, I think it was the book on B1G by the Michigan grad, that NCAA spends less than 1% of it's budget on enforcement. So it is basically up to the institutions to report on themselves. E.g. Cam Newton, Johnny Football, the Canes... Don't fess up then the under the table stuff is going to go on. Too bad in my opinion. 


Comment 04 Sep 2014


I could not agree more. After Mike Mitchell was the 2nd most talked about freshman in fall camp till the last week. Then when asked where is Mike Mitchell? The response was he got dinged??? I still would like to know what happened there. I never thought I would see an OSU defense that inept. And certainly not an Urban Meyer team.

I hope he sticks to his comment to his assistant coaches "To coach them up because they are going to play."


Comment 04 Sep 2014

Thirtytrap, some clarification on Vonn Bell's comment of being a gamer: he was asked in an interview "if he considered himself a gamer?"  Now there are three responses, yes, no, or a Tressel response I.e. an answer that does not answer the question. I am glad Vonn answered the question. And I fully anticipate that he will back it up.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

Interesting. I remember thinking I would like ex Buckeye great Dick LeBeau. I was thinking what a great way to end an illustrious career. Then again probably not. Just curious who was your first choice?

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Brutus, I always thought "most improvement is from week 1 to week 2" was a cliche. Now I realize it was because we have been playing patsies in the first 4 games for so long that it rang hollow. Hopefully, and I think we will, we will see it this year. Early money is going on VT should be a great game. Just win baby...