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Comment 20 Dec 2014

Bring it on! I also believe we are playing with house money. In the Wiscy game with every thing on the line, I was very interested to see if they were going to protect Cardale (Tressellball) or show confidence in him? First play... The rest his history. 

One other thing, whatever the defensive staff brewed up, bottle it. 

GO BUCKS!!! Beat Bama!!

Comment 20 Dec 2014

To NEILWOODGABLES! "Love that pic of Urbs and the boys getting ready to take the field in Indy....all business."

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was wondering at what point in the game that shot was taken, no smiles.

On the game, I for one will not be surprised if the Bucks win. Of course I do not expect a walkover like Indy. A lot will depend on how Cardale performs, or JT or Braxton if they were playing. If the Ohio State Buckeyes QB gets time...


Comment 14 Dec 2014

I 'd prefer "The Rifleman" over 12 Gauge myself. Shot gun has the ring of scattered and close, IMO. The way he was firing the ball deep "Sniper" may be better. Then again 12 Gauge has the connotation that if the receiver doesn't catch the ball it is going to knock him over.

All kidding aside, I like the way he could hit the crossing patterns as well as the outs. I think we are in good hands with Cardale. A win over Bama will be icing on the cake for me. What an exciting year.


Comment 14 Dec 2014

What Buckeye will forget Doug Fluties Hail Mary on the last play of the year. It jumped him over Keith Byar who had a lock on it. I would like to see them move the vote back at least ten days.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Way back when I was a Notre Dame fan. Hold your shouts please. My dad was a ND grad, an uncle and cousin played football at ND!

Paul Hornung played on 1-9 team and won the Heisman. Playing on a bad team only elevates Coleman and Gordons ( no QB) performances. IMO!

Comment 14 Dec 2014


I am with you. When an assistant makes a jump to a HC gig there are a ton of variables to consider to go along with the money. I give you Gary Anderson. I "Believe" he will make the jump to a Power 5 conference if or when he decides to go. Then again he may like it here or feels he has unfinished business to attend to.

As long as were talking raises my money would certainly go to  Warriner as well as Herman. Our Oline is solid.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

MauricXe said "Larry Johnson is a bit of a question mark"

When Larry Johnson came here he said he wanted an 8-9 man rotation. And until Wiscy it was virtually a 4 man rotation. Then Saturday he had his 8-9 rotation and they were ALL playing lights out.

My question is, who is responsible for substituting Dline? I assume it is Coach Johnson? Who ever it is I would like to see more of it!


Comment 12 Dec 2014


Agreed. Remember our rushing offense the last 3 years has been heavily dependent on the Read-Option as well as Designed QB runs. We all saw what happened to our rush offense in the Penn State game when we played a hurt JT and tried to protect him. Until over time that is and JT said enough of this.

Cardale had the game that every young kid coming up will be dreaming of, that is coming off the bench and leading your team to a win/MVP in the championship. Great stuff! But to keep the Bama defense honest I think Cardale is going to have to plant it and go. IMO he is fine on designed runs. I hope he is a quick study on scrambles and Read-Option. IUIT.. In Urban I Trust!

GO BUCKS!!! Take it to BAMA!

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Bernie, it is pathetic! At least on this site you can look at their credentials. I did not know it was two weeks ago. I caught all the idiots comments after the VT game.

Funny thing was though, at the TTUN game, just before JT was injured, I said to the guy next to me "They sure are running JT a lot!" But the bottom line it's football. Never once thought of blaming Herman. I Actually thought "Next guy up was going to be SEVERELY tested." But by gametime I couldn't wait to see how Cardale was going to do, Urban mystique, and how they were going to use him? First play out of the box 7 yard bullet on a down and out. The rest is history. Something tells me the Cardale story is just beginning.

Speaking of VT this is the most press coverage for the Hokies in 3 to 4 years.

Finally an OSU coach gets some recognition. Because it sure isn't coming from the B1G.

Tom, I wish you the best wherever you are next year. Just don't pull a Schembechler on us and go to TTUN, please.

If I said SCUMbechler would I get barred?

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Ronbizi, I could not agree more. This is no reflection on Green nor on OSU. Recruiting as well as CFP rankings is a fluid thing. I too will be following this young man's career as I will be following Mike Mitchell's career. Best of luck to all of them.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Earthoid, I don't know who is down voting you? It was the first thought I had when I read it was mutual. I never blame a kid for looking out for his own interest. Is there any position more stacked, besides QB, than DB's? Have you been watching Eric Smith and Damon Webbs play when they get on the field? And they are 3rd string.

This team is loaded and 2015 class is loaded.

GO BUCKS!!! Bring down Bama!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Watching Cardale on the victory stand reminded me of Pryor at 2010 Rosebowl and the 2011 Sugarbowl getting his MVP awards. I thought of how time flys and how so much has changed since then.

A couple of thoughts on Cardale:

  1. the joy on his face after the 1st TD to Devin. Camera was on him the whole pregame and that was the first smile I saw.
  2. he was so humble on the award stand. Has he ever grown up since he arrived on campus. Quote of the evening, when he was asked what Meyer said to him to help him grow up? Cardale, "get it right or you're gone." LMAO
  3. Did you catch Braxton, JT, and Cardale posing together for a photo? The three amigos! Last year it was Kenny G could start on 75% of the college teams. This year Wiscy would die for our 3rd string QB. Unbelievable year.
Comment 08 Dec 2014

OMG, I forgot Apple was a freshman.

I don't know what Fickell and Ash brewed up but don't change it. Smothering, just smothering.

As said above the tackling has been outstanding and I agree with Meyer best D by all 3 units since coach got here.

On another note: where have all the dropped passes gone? There were a lot of tough passes caught Saturday.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I was disappointed in Dline rotation this year. When Urban told his assistants to "coach them up" i thought it meant because we are playing them. I watch the substitutions vert closely. More closely watching the tape and we have substituted the Dline sparcely. I did notice a lot more subbing early against Wiscy. Was it because of the score?

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I am going to miss "long ball" Devin Smith next year. Quitely one of Ohio States greats. I Will also miss Mike Bennett. The guy never takes a play off. Wasn't afraid to demand more from his teammates, ala Michael Jordan. Doran Grant filled in for ? (3 yr starter and I can never remember his name) for one game and wondered why he wasn't in the rotation. Curtis Grant, true Buckeye. Quitely having a very good senior year. I won't be surprised if he plays at the next level, change of scenery. Finally Huerman and Baldwin who are having solid senior years.

Time is going to fast.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I agree. One play inpaticular, where it was student body left except Ezekial and the whole defense went with it except one guy on the left. And he was blitzing. Ouch that would have been bye-bye.

Option reading comes with experience and he will get 15 days to work it out. Lest anyone think I am trashing Cardale - not! That performance was = to what every backup QB dreams of. It will go down in Buckeye lore, with Kenny G and Purdue.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Ohio State Buckeyes  SLOWING down the offense?

I am going to take the opposite approach. Take the attack to them, make them defend the whole field, like we have done all year. Score fast and furious and LET them run the clock, if they so choose. To do that they will be under pressure to score every time they have the ball. If they can't they will have to throw the ball. Easier said than done, I know what with Cardale getting his first start that might present a challenge. Remember Cardale is not exactly a rookie, same class as Braxton.

IN Urban I Trust!


PS I will be coaching from my couch.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Ya what is with that? Last year I blamed Vrabel (NFL mentality). But this year, other than #90 Tommy Schutt, I might see a guy for one play. Evidently we are not as deep as we would like to think.

I wish they kept a snap count for everyone who gets in to the game. Break it down by offense, defense and special teams. I Watch Thad Matta's minutes to see how he is:

  • utilizing his bench
  • and whether or not we are deep enough to make a deep run

If the Dline ran out of gas last year...