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Comment 08 Nov 2015

I believe you are right. And I also believe the 47 game winning streak was sandwiched by Notre Dame. That is they lost to Notre Dame, won 47 straight, then lost to Notre Dame, breaking their 47 game winning streak. My younger brother snuck into the game under our uncles coat. I have never forgiven him.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

On the Saban comment after the Sugar Bowl loss:

I quoted that comment 5 - 6 times on this site and it was, probably, the overriding reason I thought Cardale would start this season. But I never thought it was the deep ball that set JT and Cardale apart. I thought it was those intermediate zone throws, for example the ones he threw to Marshall in the middle of the field, that separated him from most College quarterbacks. 

But I never thought JT couldn't throw the long ball. Anyone who watched JT all year long knew that was not true. Go back and watch the Michigan State game if you need a quick example. One other point I would like to make about JT, in the Bama game on the first down throw to Spencer by Cardale, that was basically the same route Devin Smith ran on 3rd and 23 against MSU. Cardale threw a jump ball whereas, I felt at the time, that JT would have thrown Spence open. There is no doubt in my mind that JT would have thrown the ball to the sideline and we would have all been saying "What a great call".

 I like JT's deep ball just fine  

Comment 29 Oct 2015

 He's (JT) Braxton Miller v2.0. He's faster and better.

Faster and better ... ? Not so sure about that. But I think it is safe to say he is a more complete QB. 

We have yet to see Braxton Miller v2.0. Stay tuned it is coming. The first 7 games Brax has been limited to the Wildcat, run only. The safeties move to within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Finally, they put Zeke back there with him and ran a couple zone reads. Leveling the playing a field some what. I look for the complete package for Braxton come _ichigan visits from That Those Teams UNorth. Even if Braxton "can only weenie arm it".


Comment 22 Oct 2015

ONEWISE... Kudos! Finally some perspective! I would like to mention Urban Meyer's only stated goal at the beginning of the season, "Win the B1G Championship". All this talk about the CFP is a bit premature, IMHO.

Not to denigrate the next three games, but we have a very physical team coming to the Shoe on November 21st with revenge on their minds. Who, after the TTUN game, think DESTINY is on their side. Following that game we travel to AA to play TTUN. A team that is taking this game as the game of the Century. They will have nothing to lose. Personally, my focus does not go past November 28th.

I know I am raining on some peoples parade. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

EDIT: My apologies. I just read the remainder of the comments. And Buckeye Nation has not lost perspective. I spoke to early.


Comment 22 Oct 2015

On a side note - I do wonder why Miller hasn't thrown the ball from the wildcat yet.  It's either A) his arm is complete toast, or B) they want people to think that.

Frankly, I am going with B. But what is more surprising to me, why is he not running the read option? That is what he was so good at.  Right now when Braxton takes the snap there are 11 guys crowding the line of scrimmage. No one is taking any fakes. They are stopping Miller at all cost. Run the read option, give it to Elliot, or keep it.


Comment 22 Oct 2015

Tempo, Tempo, Tempo, it has been missing all year long. I like the tempo that JT brings. The Penn State game was the first game this year that reminded me of last year's offensive play. I, personally, will be shocked if this is not the breakout game that we are all expecting. Why? Because JT has his SWAG back  


Comment 19 Oct 2015

VBall: AMEN. The time is slipping through our fingers. We have three games left to fine tune this thing before our playoff run begins in the Shoe against MSU.  Time to kick it in gear. Certainly Urban Meyer's understands that.


Comment 19 Oct 2015

Huge Cardale fan. Thought all along his upside potential is off the charts. And it may still be. But IMHO, he had his shot, and for the sake of THEE team, it is time to go with JT. It is a whole different animal (The offense) when JT is on the field. JT has his mojo back, so don't mess with it. This offense needs to get its swag back before our playoff run begins in earnest on November 21st.