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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the 1964 NFL Championship game at the old Lakefront Stadium. Never dreaming I would not live to see the Browns in a Super Bowl.
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Comment 25 Aug 2016


Said: "as long as Urban get his guys"

That is a key point. Urban is looking for guys that fit his system, come from solid families, and DEFINITELY are NOT Prima Donnas. On the Feinstein tape that was on this site, Feinstein was asked if he thought Urban's health would be a factor at OSU and he answered no. The reason he gave was, that at Ohio State recruits his  kind of guys I. E. no prima donnas.


Comment 21 Aug 2016

“I think it’s the most intense thing I’ve ever been a part of, start to finish,” Studrawa said. “The energy that the kids have and the rest of the coaches have, it’s contagious. Everybody gets it. I tell you, it makes practices really fun to be a part of.”

it absolutely amazes me how the kids embrace fall camp. It must be a badge of courage. For me, personally, it would be like the "Bataan death march. I am also amazed how many kids don't transfer. There isn't a kid on an Urban Meyer coached team that wouldn't start on 80% of D1 rosters. There is something happening in Cbus that is special.


Comment 15 Aug 2016

HSGE ??? Still no light. I guess I will google it. 

Comment 31 Jul 2016


I am glad you brought up Danny Clark.  A lot of people have written off Danny Clark. It kind of reminds me of when Troy Smith was the 25th (athlete no less)  taken by Ohio State. And he ended up replacing the number one rated  pocket quarterback coming out of high school.  I think we need two running backs in this class.


Comment 27 Jul 2016

Last year is last year, just as much as it was 365 days ago. Let it go. Learn from your mistakes and move on. 

I have a couple of wishes for this year:

1. I hope I never here "Get the ball to the playmakers" again. There is so much negativity to that statement. When you start naming playmakers you start dividing the team. What, Jalin Marshall is not a playmaker? Curtis Samuels is not... Etc. Tom Herman took what the defense gave him and when the defense adjusted he adjusted. Do not force a run when they are giving up the pass etc.

2. Play angry. Have you ever seen an angry player play like he is entitled?


Comment 16 Jul 2016

1967 My senior and some recollections of that season.

1. We were bad. In fact we were bad my whole 4 years. As witnessed by the empty seats in the pictures.

2. I swear it was the Illinois game that I heard the band playing "Hang on Sloopy" during a timeout. I remember looking at my fraternity brother and saying "Are they playing Hang on Sloopy?".

3. The Purdue game was in a steady rain and I believe the score was 35 to 0 at the half. But Purdue had Leroy Keyes, a two-way All-American and Heisman runner up, and Mike Phipps.

4. My 4 years were: 1) a long long time ago and 2) it was 4 of the leanest years in  Ohio State's history. 

Nonetheless, thank you for the memories. I would call it a blast from the past.


Comment 16 Jul 2016

C Buck 

I'm trying to think who does that? Feign humility...

Good question. The name that immediately jumped out at me was our own Archie Griffin.

BUCKEYE PHI is right feign Humility. But Zeke's  answer, since he was asked, said "I believe..." a qualifier that anyone can accept. The fact that  he or "they" were right, I.e. the "best running back in the 2016 NFL draft" ( since the Heisman winner wasn't taken until the 45th pick, about 30+ million $) shouldn't change his response.