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Comment 25 Aug 2014

Coach Fickell's adage "addition by subtraction" thingy applies to the loss of Braxton to this offense. There will be no BM to bail us out this year. Everyone has to step up not just TJ. I think this year you are going to have 4 receivers coming out of their breaks expecting to see the ball right there for the plucking.

This is going to be the most exciting year yet under UFM.

GO BUCKS, bring on the 2014 edition of The Ohio State University B1G champions!!!

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Had to comment. I remember that Greg was OSU QB and that was about all until he mentioned John Cooper. I also did not know much about John Cooper. Greg remembers their first win against Syracuse. I don't remember much about their 1st loss except that I did form my 1st opinion about John Cooper as a football leader of young men. He was quoted as saying his QB was to slow to run the option. .??? I had to read it over! Is he blaming his QB? Are you kidding me. He is a college kid. If he is too slow then why are you running the option? Never ever blame the kids. Beat them up in practice but have their backs on Saturday.

Needless to say I was in for a rough 13 years. After Gordon Gee (love him now) extended his contract I was pretty much done. Didn't (couldn't) watch _ichigan game for the last 8 years. Not till Jim Tressels 1st year did I watch THE game again.

PS John Cooper? I love what he is doing for Ohio State now.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I hate to be the fly in the ointment but who is going to be getting the ball to all these playmakers. Everybody seems to be ignoring the big elephant in the room. Where is Braxton Miller? Starting week 3 and I don't hear anything about him. Is he even practicing?

like I said who is going to be getting the ball to all these playmakers?

Comment 24 May 2014

BUCKEYERADAR said in regards to secondary: "I think he'll (Ash) be moving fresh players in and out because of all the talent he has available".

Coach Speak: "We need competition at every position. It brings out the best in everybody." Really, then why does it stop when the season starts? If they were not going to play two deep in the secondary last year when will they. I'm sorry, but with that cupcake schedule last year, IMHO, every defensive 2 and some 3's should have had meaningful reps.

I am still waiting to hear the real story on Mike Mitchell. He could not get on the field with the linebackers he watched playing in front of him???

Comment 07 May 2014


I hope you can make this topic a regular feature. All these young men were good enough to be recruited by Ohio State and it usually works out for about 1 out of 4 of them.

Also, how highly ex Buckeyes feel about Jim Tressel. 

Any word on Mike Mitchell's where abouts?



Comment 18 Dec 2013


the defensive coaches kept putting Armani Reeves in the game. The one time Cam Burrows played I thought he was all over his guy, and I might add without mugging the receiver. Then I find out he played because Reeves was hurt. Sometimes the art of coaching is putting the right players on the field. If this was high school ball I would suspect his dad was a booster. 

IMO Roby and Shazier were the only sure tacklers in the back seven. Which surprises me for Ohio State. 

Comment 02 Dec 2013


We took two of my youngest grandsons to the San Diego State game, their first. They live east of Raleigh NC. Loved the part about your son watching the video. My grandson was asking about the campus buildings he could see from the Shoe. I told him I would take him on a tour of the campus after the game. Great experience.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

AaBuckeye, I thought when we went up 35-21 we just needed one stop. We go up 42-21 and Michigan has to abandon play action and up the tempo. Unfortunately our D was not up to the task. Not sure why. But IMO it has to be fixed and fast. 

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on the Spartans!! 

Comment 27 Nov 2013

Man I feel their pain. I finally had to stop telling my grandsons about Otto Graham, Marion Mötley, Lou Groza, Jim (greatest running back ever)... And how Pittsburg was a joke game on the schedule. 

Go young Bucks. Take care of business Saturday and accomplish something no other Buckeye group has ever done. Consecutive undefeated seasons. 

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on TTUN!! 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

I am not saying I would like to see Gardner carried out on a stretcher, but I sure has he'll don't want to see him carted off the field on Meechigans shoulders either. 

Play your ass off for 60 minutes and save the celebrating for after the game. 

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on TTUN!! 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

The rookies are in the same foxhole with the Vets. They get it. They get it real fast. Everyone knows the whole season, that's right, the whole season rides on the outcome of this game. Not Michigan State, not Stanford not even Alabama. 

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on TTUN!!