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Comment 12 hours ago

First of all loved Tressell. He resurrected Ohio State Football. It was hard to watch Tressell-ball no matter how successful it was. If i am allowed to nitpick, the guy had zero imagination for 4th and one. Remember Penn State game Terelle took the ball outside and fumbled? If he would have tucked the ball he would have scored. Someone said why would a freshman take it upon himself to do that? And someone answered because for the last few years he has been watching, on TV, Ohio State getting stuffed on that play.

Tress left Ohio State in great shape. And I think it will be even better under Urban Meyer.

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on The Terrapins! 

Comment 13 hours ago

For me, I thought the Offense started misfiring after 30 - 7 lead. All the motion penalties, dropped passes and the fumble woke up Cinci. The Buckeyes got the ball back with 5:30 left in the half and my thought was "We need to burn time and not give the ball back to Kiel." IMO Devin's drop with around 2 min left was a 14 point swing!

I am looking for the pass "D" to redeem themselves in Maryland on Saturday.

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on The Terrapins!

Comment 13 hours ago


I agree. Tackling is vastly improved. Now if the coaches can convince the DB's to turn their heads, find the ball and if it is not interceptible, then break it up and for sure make the tackle.

I agree that I would take this D over last years. As pointed out by a lot of posters that getting beat deep is the downside of a press man to man.

I agree with Ash that the problems are correctible. 

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on The Terrapins!

Comment 25 Sep 2014

Jack Fu, I could not agree with you more. I watched VT GT game and my stomach sunk. Brewer looked inept. Not unlike ?? The Rutgers QB. It is definitely a bad loss as far as the pollsters go.

Penn State at Beaver Stadium is THE game as far as this season goes. You have to be a seasoned team to win at night there. Don't let anyone kid you, we are their game. I was at the debacle in the shoe last year and couldn't help but wonder, when the Penn State faithful started filing out 5 minutes into the second half, how different this year might be.

I think Cincy game will tell us a lot. This young squad of Buckeyes must improve each week. If they do and have matured enough to win at Penn State then I like our chances. 

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on The Bearcats!

Comment 25 Sep 2014

To be fair:

"This school has been to two BCS bowls. Oklahoma State hasn't done that. Ole Miss hasn't. Has Georgia been to two?"

Remember the BCS Bowls did not take the remaining "top teams". Because BCS could only take the top 2 teams from a conference. The Georgia loss to Alabama on the last play of the game from Bama's 5 yard line not only cost Georgia the National Championship, it cost them a BCS bid because the pollsters dropped them behind another SEC team that did not play for the SEC Championship. Now how unfair is that. So for me, I don't trumpet BCS appearances. It only points out how many times a team came in third or worse.

GO BUCKS!!! Bring on The Bearcats!

Comment 22 Sep 2014

But it is 6pm in Paris. VT game started at 2am and the bar closed at 5am. I personally hate waiting around all day for a TV game. But in person hard to beat the night games. Even though I have to motel it. Cinci 1st game in person this season. I am thoroughly pumped.


Comment 22 Sep 2014


I thought Mason was a lock for the spot. The hiring of Jim Tressell was one of the best and riskiest moves. Who hired Tress and why doesn't he get more credit for it?

Comment 22 Sep 2014

Two games this weekend that got me to thinking our young Buckeyes might have farther to to than I hoped. Rutgers over Navy and GT over VT.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Silver B,

Thank you for the clarification. Even after re-reading it 3 times, I missed it. I will have to give BuckeyeinToledo an upvote.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

He has the big 5 conferences covered. I can't imagine what it's like for a high school kid to play someone that big. He looks 25 already.

At least if he doesn't come to OSU we don't have to see him every year. At this point in time, with the exception of Florida (for now), it looks like he is thinking NCG.

Comment 18 Sep 2014


I think Braxton had to throw hard because he was usually so late. When I try to recall or picture a BM throw, two images come to mind: a deep ball or a down out with the receiver sitting down. Don't get me wrong. I loveBM. In my opinion greatest running QB Ohio State Buckeyes ever had. I just thought he did not possess the ability to throw to spots and let the receiver flag it down.

I think young JT is going to get better and better. Not unlike Conner Cook did last year for the B1G champions. Ouch still hurts.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Thank you SouthBuc. JT Barrett is just what the doctor ordered. Frankly these self appointed experts are wearing me out. The VT game is 11 days ago let go of it. You are just showing IMHO that you have not played football and certainly not QB. Even Peyton Manning looks bad when he doesn't have time.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Bucksfan, "it's the biggest worry I had (turnovers) when they announced a freshman would start after Braxton went down."

When Braxton started as a freshman I was worried he was going to get killed. He survived the Michigan State game so I figured he was a pretty tough kid. I am really impressed with young JT so far. I hope he stays healthy.