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Comment 04 Aug 2015

1. Pete Carroll lost to several bad teams while at USC. Cal in '03. UCLA in '06. Stanford in '07. Oregon State in '08. Washington, and Arizona in '09.

great point! USC WON 2 NC and probably should have one at least 5. I remember the 06 NC (really! As if a Buckeye would ever forget it. I digress) and hoping that the Committee would pick anyone but USC. I will never forgive the coach of that Gator team, ever.

But, if TTUN faithful are happy with an occasional upset of the Buckeyes and Ohio State Buckeyes keep winning Natty's, I can live with that. 

PS I think Nov 28 at TTUN will bring National attention and will define the Next 10 years of "Thee Rivalry."

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!! 

Comment 04 Aug 2015

ODB said

I do agree with the poster who said that he shouldn't be promised any specific number of carries though. Let the guys compete and best man plays. 

UV + 1 for that.

No coach worth his salt promises a recruit playing time when the players he has are busting their butts to get on the field. It's a chemistry killer. Now there are ways of wording it, that says "that is entirely up to you".

One prima Donna is one to many, IMO.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Remember the 2012 Cal game?  When the defender thought Braxton was going to run and let Devin Smith go for the game-winning touchdown.  Well now, with Braxton coming out of the H back it should have the exact opposite effect. They will not be able to come up so fast since Brax might throw it. IMHO

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!! 

Comment 02 Aug 2015

 and they don't have a QB.

To be honest with you I, IMHO, Bama didn't have a good QB last year. I thought Cardale was a much better QB, 1st quarter notwithstanding!

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!! 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

To be totally honest, Eli Apple and Vonn Bell had slow starts (think Cincinnati) and both became solid with reps. Gareon did not have the wiggle room, that Vonn and Eli enjoyed, to learn against Michigan State.

But I have to say, I did like what I saw last year from Erick Smith and Damon Webb. I think our 4 deep is in good hands for the foreseeable future. 

 One other thought concerning the suspensions. Next year we will see a lot more rookies starting than we have against Va Tech.  I am not worried about the defensive backfield.  Last year we had to break in two new starters. We will be fine.  Now the defensive line, that is another question. We lost a lot of guys that played the D line last year and they're going to have to be replaced. 

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!! 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Bucksince79: Amen!

Vonn Bell and Apple are two of the best tacklers I have seen in the OSU defensive  backfield in sometime.  In the sugar bowl Eli was sharing coverage with Doran on Bamas # 9  irregardless of what the media was reporting. If you are worried about Apple our secondary is in trouble. 

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!! 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

First of all "Just WIN baby!" 

I bet Urban is really excited...

 I know I am excited. For openers we have had 6 new starters, a new OC (huge), a new QB coach (not so huge) and a brand new season. I personally can't wait to see how Brax and Samuels do at H, who steps up at receiver, how Tommy Schutt plays as well as his backup, the play of 2 brand new starters at DE, who is #2 RB, and how are new CB will do. Oh, did I mention QB? No concern AT ALL at QB.  I think they both play well. 

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!! 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Well one of the things I felt was very necessary for this year was to get plenty of meaningful reps for the 2's. But this is definitely not what I had in mind. 

Question? Does this top last years start of the season losing Braxton? I, for one, think not! Some youngsters are going to step up. And the rest of the starters will do the same. We are going to be fine. 

GO BUCKS, Bring on Virginia Tech!!