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Comment 06 Oct 2015


because the faltering offense is costing valuable reps for young talent that isn't getting the 4th-quarter reps they should be to accelerate their development.

Great point! With the turnover we expect after this season and our OOC schedule in 2016, I felt it was imperative to get meaningful reps for the twos. Either we underestimated the value of Tom Herman or the experience level of the departed seniors or both. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015


Your articles are the best part of elevenwarriors during the season. It gives one a feel, as well as an appreciation, for what the staff and the players have to deal with. Not only for the information and knowledge given but also for the comments from the members. The comments are all about football and very insightful as well. Your comment section is, really, the only one I make it all the way through.

Now I have one request. Is it possible to let us pause the playbacks so I can follow the play? If not, could you allow 2 seconds before the snap, so I can find the guy I want to watch?

Comment 03 Oct 2015

 OK I have a lot of questions. I watched it on network TV at Cedar point. 

1)  how many yards was Ohio State penalize?

2) Why didn't Gareon Conley start, was he hurt?

3)  did McMillan get hurt)  I did not see him in the fourth quarter. 

First time since Myers has been here  have I see him quit attacking.  Zero confidence in the passing game.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

 I am comfortable with the number of carries Zeke is getting.  I am not comfortable, however, with the number of snaps Braxton is getting at the wildcat. If Meyer has a Plan B he should start using it. Because Plan A is definitely not working.  On one play, I was watching the defense and the two safeties, pre-snap, took several steps towards the line of  scrimmage?  Then I realized Braxton was taking the snap. At least run the read option,  because clearly the defense is not going to allow Braxton Miller to run with the ball. Wasted snap in my humble opinion.


Comment 28 Sep 2015

Despite all the tackles McMillan had, he was not getting to the holes? He seemed to be running into the backs of his own d-line rather than sliding to fill the whole? Just my observation! 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

They [TTUN] have arguably the third most talented team in the B1G.

Agreed, and it will be decided on the field. We will know more after  October 17th. "They are coming..."


Comment 23 Sep 2015


WHOA! Pump the breaks. It is Urban eFing Meyers your calling out. Give me a break. Last year, post VA Tech, it was "What has Urban Meyer ever won for Ohio State" and "Fire Ed Warrinner". The year before it was "Fire Fickell".

Why can't we just accept that the offense is not clicking right now and it does not matter who the QB is. They both have been struggling. Straighten out the blocking and we will be fine. 

My take on it, and it has been this way since Jan 12, 2015, that Urban eFfing Meyer saw what Cardale was capable of doing to zone defenses, especially on third down. I strongly believe that Urban, in his heart, feels that we can run the table With Cardale. Just my humble opinion. And he's not alone in his opinion of "12 gauge". And between them they have 7 National Titles.

Nick Saban's post Sugar Bowl comments: 

"The one thing that the new quarterback (Cardale Jones) does is he has a tremendous arm. And they have some very talented receivers. And the two things that were very apparent is those things became very apparent in the last two games because of the quarterback.

Now, they were a little different and the quarterback was a great runner, when 16 (JT Barrett) was playing, and he was a good passer. But it wasn’t so obvious when you watched the film all season long that they had these great skill players that could really make plays down the field." 

I am not disparaging JT Barrett, I feel we win the B1G with either QB. Now the National Championship, that is a whole different animal.


Comment 23 Sep 2015


 Man I hope he doesn't start yelling at teammates if things are still off.

 I am wondering if that issue isn't a window into his mind? He seems so tight. Where has the great smile gone. 

Cardale, time to take the bull by the horns and say #%*, and go do what you know you can do, I.e. Play football. By this time you must certainly know the coach wants you to succeed. Or he wouldn't keep handing you the ball. It's not life and death go get it done son. I for one miss that great smile.


Comment 22 Sep 2015


Starting QBs don't have a quick hook

True! Especially with Meyer. I believe Meyers abhors using 2 QB's. Note: wildcat is a hybrid for a change of pace.

Was I the only one hoping Kenny G would be inserted in the fourth quarter of the B1G championship loss to Michigan State? I remember thinking he really can't. What would that do to Braxton's Confidence if Kenny pulled it out? Ditto for the last possession against Clemson. And Braxton was severely injured and Meyer wouldn't replace him. Again in the 2014 Penn State game, with a 17 point lead at the half and JT with a sprained knee. A sprain that they said was the same as Braxton's 2013 injury that he missed three games. And He doesn't play 12 gauge, a guy that JT narrowly beat out. Instead he scraps the read option and risked further injury to JT and almost loss the game. 

I say this, not to suggest he should have made the substitutions, but to point out that Urban Meyer pretty much rides one pony. And right now that appears to be Cardale. I will end this by saying that most college coaches, IMO, would run a pro set. The reason they don't, is because there are not enough pro QB's, anywhere, including the NFL so they run the spread. 

PS: Our last two B1G games this year are against TTUN's that run Pro Sets

Comment 21 Sep 2015

43157: I, for one, was hoping they both could play. They certainly both deserve it. I was thinking it would be a nightmare for opposing DC's. I really had no idea the nightmare would be for the rest of the offense and apparently for whoever is making the on field play calling. I agree, time to pick one. Cardale is no longer having fun. Where did that B1G smile go. And now he is calling out receivers on the field. Not good. I am more surprised by JT. If there was a guy that could handle it (uncertainty), I thought it would be Barrett. One thing that is glaringly clear is that neither one of them is thriving under this system.

Once again, similar to post VA Tech, the ball is clearly in the coaching staffs hands  my money says they will get it done. Ahh, adversity. Nothing great comes without it.


PS Great, in depth article!

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Cardale is on tilt

Cardale has not looked particularly sharp, happy, confident or very good this year. Bulletin: he has a lot of company.  Time to pick a starter and live with it. This uncertainty seems to be effecting both Cardale and Barrett. 

Time for a shakeup and a reality check. Tom Herman is gone and apparently he took his play calling with him. Time to resurrect the "CHASE"?

Thank god for the defense.


Comment 19 Sep 2015

I'm loathe to wish away some of the season, but is there anyway we can just skip to the Michigan State game today? 

Absolutely not! It took me till my 30th birthday, to quit wishing my life away. It goes fast enough on it's own. It certainly needs no assist from me. I waited a long 8 months and I, for one, am going to enjoy every week.