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Comment 01 Dec 2016

In football, I also am not a proponent of playing a re match. One of the least watched championship games was the the Alabama vs LSU rematch. So it comes down to who would you rather play, Clemson or TTUN? I, personally would rather take my chances with TTUN. I think Clemson is a lot like the 2015 Buckeyes and could definitely win it all. I just don't think with our passing  deficiencies we can run the table.

Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 30 Nov 2016


It shouldn't be this way though. If there was no playoff system we would all be sick. But their is a playoff system and frankly winning a natty trumps any conference championship "IMO". And let's be honest, Alabama can lose Saturday and will still be in the playoffs. 

One other thing, I never thought I would say this, but the 4 team playoff is the perfect number.

Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 27 Nov 2016

DANNYBEANE I don't know whether it is Beck or not. But I do know this. The offensive passing attack is broke. And like the 2013 season pass defense was broke Meyer can't go another year with out doing something about it. Ever since Tom Herman left this offense has not been the same. 

Comment 27 Nov 2016


Blount punched an opposing player, unprovoked, to clarify. 

Unprovoked? That kid sought Blount out and got in his face. I thought he should have been suspended for inciting the whole incident.

On the Peppers video it is unclear whether anything was said or the kid just ran into him. In any case, rushing the field is a dangerous situation for the players, friend and foe. In any case you would have to hear from both parties to form an enlightened opinion. It looked more like a "get out of my face reaction" more than anything. I say no harm no foul. 

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Comment 06 Nov 2016

Ohio State scored on the first play the first half and the last play of the first half. And then scored on the first play of the second-half.

Second string offense did a great job. Especially running the last 5 1/2 minutes off the clock. I was glad to see Burrows get in and be allowed to throw the ball. DeMario McCall is small I mean really small. Also, did McCall cut his locks?

The second string defense, except for the first possession, played well also.  It had to be a very long night for Nebraska. 

 More on Burrows, anyone who watched the spring game understands that Joe Burrows can play  quarterback at Ohio State.

Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 31 Oct 2016

REUBEN: "It's kind of like the situation with Everett Withers in 2013."

We all know how that turned out. I just don't see it changing. It took another defensive co-ordinator and a scheme change. There are so many things that are puzzling but the one that stands out to me is the lack of the H back motioning across the formation? The play calling looks stilted, unimaginative, and cautious. For example: on a JT rollout to the right, both receivers ran outs and were covered. JT had no where to go. No one coming across the middle. No one going deep. I love Urban Meyer and JT Barrett but this offense has not been the same since Tom Herman left.

Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Fastmoney: I agree. It will factor into his Pick, "and I am not going to change now"...

I think this is going to be a nail biter. The Bucks will have to bring their A game with them to Madison. If they can't stretch the field it is gonna be a long night.

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Ole Buckeye:

Instead of discerning tendencies for 3 or 4 receivers, they will have to do it for 8 - 10 receivers. And instead of one running back, it's 3  running backs and soon to be 4 if Demario McCall keeps his play up. Same can be said for H back. 

A lot of talent to get ready for. I am starting to see play calling as good as when Tom Herman was here. That is, no idea what is coming next. No idea! I am no longer worried about losing Mensa. 

Go Bucks!!