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Comment 21 Dec 2011

Here's what we do know:

A) Dunn tweeted there were going to be no more sanctions.

B) There were more sanctions.

C) He's apparently enrolling early.

Obviously, there's something in there we don't know. But whatever it is, the end result is news we all want to hear, so who cares?

Comment 20 Dec 2011

I've let this marinate all day. After digesting the multitude of stories written by the country's finest writers indeed, I've come to the following conclusion on the matter:

"Blah blah old people pretending to be very angry and ermmmm hmmm PUNISHMENT SANCTIONS PENALTIES MHMMD KNND IMPLICATIONS NATIONAL PERCEPTION bfsjhbsjd"

So yeah, that's about what you'll find if you check out any of the media leaders. Cool.

My biggest concern was this year's recruiting class flip flopping. The early indication (knock on wood) is that it doesn't seem that will be the case. Bowl games can be fun, and not playing in one next year will be lame, but we're all quite aware that all but one of them are pretty much meaningless. We can survive a year without one. And next year's recruiting efforts won't even be affected by this.

Comment 20 Dec 2011

I can say, quite confidently, the company I work for now hired me solely because of the resume I put together while I was at Ohio State. Believe me, the Ohio State degree carries a lot of weight.

Comment 20 Dec 2011

Yeah, not doubting you in any way, just wanted to see it with my own eyes. The new recruits flip flopping was my biggest concern with this news.

Comment 19 Dec 2011

Not to perpetuate the "Hey! They did it, too!" logic, but is anyone else at least somewhat alarmed by the fact that no one has mentioned the Miami scandal in what feels like an eternity? Probably the biggest scandal (excluding Penn State, though that's a different kind of story than this) in college football history and it's been pretty much ignored by everyone, except for the initial shock.

Comment 04 Dec 2011

Because to me, it isn't about getting the two best teams. It's about getting the two teams that deserve to be there. Alabama had a chance to be that team. They lost. They should not be in the title game.

Comment 04 Dec 2011

On top of that, Michigan in the BCS? A team that didn't even play for its own conference's title, and was beaten comfortably by Michigan State, the team that DID play for its conference's title. Complete. Joke.

Comment 04 Dec 2011

I am not watching one second of this sham of a title game. Not. One. Second. If Alabama were to win this game by three points, or even a touchdown, how can you legitimately consider them to be college football's national champion? Why do they get to play for the title when LSU had to do MORE to be in the game by playing an ADDITIONAL game and beating a respectable opponent in Georgia, as well as Arkansas prior to that, and oh yeah, BEATING ALABAMA AT TUSCALOOSA, while Alabama sat at home this week hoping LSU would lose. This is the worst sell in the history of sports. For me, there is absolutely no excitement behind this football game. At all. I would rather watch Oklahoma State lose by four touchdowns than watch one minute of this SEC "whose cock is bigger?" fest.

Comment 04 Dec 2011

I like your attitude, and hey I'm always excited for the opportunity. But I don't like the match up for this team, at all. I loved our match ups against Texas and Oregon, that gave me confidence about our chances going into those games. But this game? With this team? Not a fan of this match up at all. I think the offensive line will have huge issues here.

Comment 03 Dec 2011

Unrelated, but is anyone else watching this Houston/Southern Miss game? Houston's getting hammered. I hope it jeopardizes their BCS chances, quite honestly. This is basically the first team with a pulse they've played all season and they're failing miserably.

Comment 30 Nov 2011

I graduated a couple years ago and I haven't been to Value City Arena since, did they add student seats courtside? I'm 99% sure students didn't have seating there while I was attending Ohio State. If so, I think that changes the dynamic completely. I've never seen the arena look like that.

Comment 27 Nov 2011

Oh yeah, and not just the media. The fans, too. I vividly remember that video of Gene Chizik getting off a plane and the sound of a fan screaming "WE WANT A WINNER NOT A LOSER!"

Good call there, guy.

And I remember ESPN playing that clip of Charles Barkley complaining about Auburn not hiring Turner Gill as if he even knew who Turner Gill was five minutes before that interview started.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

Just to echo the first couple of posts, between you guys and the O-Zone, there's a lot of reliable Ohio State coverage on the net. Keep it up.

Comment 20 Nov 2011

I'm usually the first to criticize a team for being heartless, but I don't agree with the few people criticizing this team for showing no heart. I think they do have heart, I think they're trying like hell out there. I just think they have no idea what the hell they're doing. They're misguided.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

Of course it can be mentioned, that wasn't my point. My point was no one should take it seriously. It was a matter of days ago that we heard he had no interest in coaching at all and meetings with Arizona now suggest otherwise.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

Who knows if it's true or not, but honestly fellas, do you actually think he's going to say that he's accepted a head coaching position while a head coach is still employed by the university? C'mon.

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Don't waste your energy, fellas. Believe me I understand, but it isn't even worth your time.