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Comment 04 Jul 2016

Regarding those with PTSD, the big all news radio station in DC was asking people who would be hosting their own private, albeit illegal, fireworks display this weekend to please let the neighbors know, as there are a number of military veterans in this area dealing with PTSD. I can't remember ever having heard that request in previous years.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Way, WAY back when I was in middle school, my mom drove my best friend and me to the old Toledo Sports Arena, where we saw ZZ Top and Alice Cooper, back when Alice was with his original band, they had hit the big time. ZZ Top had not yet hit the charts, that was to come later that year, nor had they started to grow those beards. We came to see Alice Cooper, so who the hell was this not quite country not quite rock band?  They sucked. They may have had a great set, but we couldn't care less about their music, so, they sucked. The crowd that night was very rowdy, not a good sign. Alice Cooper came on, finally, with lots of stuff being thrown on the stage. After a couple of songs, some idiot threw a lit firecracker onstage. It went off, the band immediately dropped their instruments and exited the stage, never to return. What made it worse was that the emcee came on the stage to say that they would be back if we all calmed down, so everyone waited, then waited some more, more pronouncements from the stage, until they told us the concert was cancelled and it would be rescheduled at a later date. I guess that made sense, as had they cancelled the show immediately after the band left the stage, the crowd probably would have torn the arena apart. And, as far as I know, they never came back to Toledo.

Comment 24 May 2016

While I have not cruised, my parents have done a few of them, including river cruises. The river cruises were  some of their very favorite trips, cruise or otherwise, and they have gone all over the world. The river cruises that they were on included locals (usually college professors/chefs/art historians) who talked about the history of the area, the cuisine, the art, etc. That then set them up for some great local expeditions to see museums, castles, historic sites, breweries, etc. My mom, who is definitely not into museums, absolutely loved it, and had a great time checking out the local sites. The rooms on the ship were well appointed, and the food was fabulous. But a lot of people would rather stick knitting needles in their eyeballs than do that kind of cruise, as they would rather do the more traditional cruise on a ship with pools and other activities. It just depends on what kind of cruise you want to have.

Comment 14 Mar 2016

I heard the same thing, that their concerts were visually boring, there was very little interaction with the audience, no talk between songs, as they just kind of plowed through them. I read that Ric Ocasek hated touring, so this doesn't surprise me. But man, they made great records.

Comment 11 Mar 2016

One of my all time favorite groups. Saw them twice in Cleveland. They were quite the showmen-Keith with his piano rotating end over end as he played it, Carl with his spinning drums, and Greg with his Persian carpet. This was before the huge staged  and tightly scripted shows that are commonplace these days. They actually took some heat for it, as at that point, most groups did not have a terribly evolved light show, or stage presence. Bowie, ELP, and even bands like Alice Cooper were changing the stage dynamic, making a concert into more of a staged event as compared to guys up on stage just singing and playing. Such tremendous talent. Sigh.

Comment 25 Feb 2016

I'm glad we promoted an OSU guy who, to this onlooker, did a great job this past season. There was quite a din and a hue over the candidates the first go round, since none of them were from OSU, if I recall. Pres. Drake did not handle that one very well, but it seems that it turned out ok in the end. Will be interested to see how the TBDBITL alumni feel about it.

Comment 25 Feb 2016

Back in the day in the 70's, OSU had a rolling admissions policy because at that point it was a state mandate. If I recall correctly, you had to have a certain high school GPA and certain core classes. Not all state supported universities had that same requirement. Not sure why. Miami of Ohio wasn't required to have the same policy, so, consequently, it was more selective, and had a stronger academic reputation within Ohio. Ohio State also had something like a 46 percent graduation rate because admitted students found out that yeah, practically anyone who met the requirements and applied early enough could get in, but being able to keep up academically was something entirely else. (Memories of the dreaded Accounting and Computer Science Cobol  Programming(yeah, Cobol and damned paper punch cards, shudder) classes rise up in my mind.) At some point, OSU was able to convince the legislature to change the admissions requirements so that OSU could be more selective in accepting new students, and compete academically on a national level.

OSU daughter graduated from OSU a couple of years ago- I went to a number of functions sponsored by her organization, and the largest topic of discussion was usually OSU's ever increasing selectivity, and how a lot of us alumni probably would not have been admitted with current selections standards. The other topic was usually discussing bars and retail establishments that we frequented that were no longer there like Papa Joe's, the Bergs, Longs, and how Short North had been significantly gentrified after we left.

Oh, and fyi, a 29 ACT score is in the top 7 percent, and is analogous to a 1950 (no writing portion) SAT. Not half bad.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

Love lacrosse. OSU daughter played, and I have very fond memories of driving her all over the Northeast in the summer to club tournaments (no, really, it was great, as we had some really good conversations while driving the zillion hours to  New Jersey or upstate New York from Northern Virginia.) Started watching men's lacrosse and love it too. We usually catch a Navy game each season. Such fun. Intend to also catch the OSU games at Maryland and JHU depending on weather.

It will be interesting to see who steps up scoring wise for the Bucks this year.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Gotta believe that he has a bright future, he is bright, personable, has a great tv presence, and is a good looking guy, just ask us ladies. Looking forward to seeing him on the national scene at some point.

And I do miss Anderson's. You can go in there on a Fall Saturday morning and see a mix of OSU, TSUN, BGSU and U Toledo jerseys, with no one coming to blows.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

I would say Tito's and orange juice, but I forgot to get orange juice on my last grocery store run before Snowzilla-looking at close to 30 inches of snow by Sunday morning, aaauuuggghhhhhh. Going to have to shovel a poop path for the dog tomorrow morning. And then shovel one again a few hours later. Then another one...

Comment 13 Jan 2016


I loved OSU so much and thought so highly of the academic program in my college that my husband and I paid out of state tuition for OSU Daughter to go here. T'ain't cheap, yikes.

Comment 03 Jan 2016
Wouldn't it be great for Bosa if he could be reunited in Houston with Vrable? Not to mention having JJ Watts and Simon as teammates... (obviously I'm not a Browns or Bengals fan). Not gonna happen though. He will be taken before Houston gets their pick.
Comment 25 Nov 2015

It was not a known tradition way back int he early 80's when I was there either. According to wikipedia, ..."Even though students have jumped into Mirror Lake according to tradition since 1969, the modern tradition started in 1990 when Jim Jones led a parade of students on a traditional march around campus.At the end of the parade — at Mirror Lake — students made the celebratory jump." I believe I read somewhere that members of the OSU Marching Band were the ones that started the parade. 

OOPS! Looks like Arossthefield11 pulled the same info and beat me to the punch!

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I think that you are right. I think this was an Emperor has no clothes game, and it exposed issues that people were concerned about all season,but assumed that it would come together. According to a poster on another site who is friends with an OL player, Beck is universally disliked by the players, and Warriner, who has always been a tough guy, is even tougher this year. I can understand how the coaches wanted to make sure that the players didn't get complacent or full of themselves, but perhaps there is a fine line between grinding but fulfilling and just grinding. Regardless, it is a difficult situation, and one that Urban has to get a handle on. If Beck is that unpopular and disliked by players, he has to go.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I get it. He is an emotional guy, and an emotional player. He must have been very upset after days in the hospital dealing with what could have become a very, very serious infection and medical issue, and not getting many touches due to an el stinko and ineffective game plan. But if he is a leader, and a team guy, his comments were not team first but selfish, and made things worse, imo. Throwing coaches, especially coaches like Urban and Warriner, who brought them to the dance last year, just is not cool. I don't care if he later tweeted his love for the slobs, or that  his dad tweeted trying to soften the blow of Ezekiel's comments, it is not the mature way to handle adversity. Yes, he is, what, 20? But he is not your run of the mill 20 year old. Whom much is given, much is required. It is what it is. We will now see if this team has the right stuff to use their anger, frustration and dismay and channel it to throttle their opponents. If not, they will be labeled as soft, undeserving and overranked by many in the press and anyone with SEC leanings. Sigh. And that is in regards to the players. I shudder to think of the crap on the internet deriding Urban.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Peanut butter and bacon on oatnut bread. Family favorite for decades, way before the bacon with everything craze. Yum.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Mr. Southbymidwest just shakes his head in regards to my 11w addiction. Really can't believe I care about 2018 recruits (honestly, I am a tad stunned that I care also), or that I read this in the off season . I told him that we all have ways to relax after a long day at work-he has his crossword puzzles, I have my 11w. I win, hands down.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Went to the game with VT husband, OSU daughter and her VT boyfriend, and USC daughter. I'm an OSU grad. We usually go to a couple of games in Blacksburg each season, as we live in Northern Virginia/DC suburbs. My observations:

I love Blacksburg. Not sure how people didn't find bars nearby, there are a ton of them in town. Many of them just don't look like the typical High Street bar from the outside though. As we left Tots, OSU fans and genial VT fans were trading OH-IO's and Go Hokie cheers. Unbelievably hospitable and good natured fans in Blacksburg.

Going to VT games is fun. VT fans are very enthusiastic and engaged in regards to their team. We were in section 35, and lemme tell you, it was plenty loud until around the time Brewer went out with the broken collarbone. Very plenty loud. They also don't hate on the other team (unless it's UVA, ha), so you don't feel the malevolence and hate like you do at Wisconsin or Penn State. Nor do you get pelted with foreign objects. And they do love their Enter Sandman, like we love our Sloopy.

Getting into the stadium was a little chaotic, I chalk that up to the new security company, plus some of their scanners were acting up. And yeah, most people try and get into the stadium on the East side entrances.

It seems a lot of the tailgating is done in town, back yards of houses and apartments were jammed with people. Tailgating on grounds is spotty- we have friends who have tailgates in Lot 1 right next to the stadium where President's club members park, holy moly the tailgating there is quite strong. Elaborate setups, tents, sattelite dishes, big tv's, big freaking grills, serious food. 

Biggest issue for us was getting back to our hotel that was about 10 miles away-took an hour and a half to get back-ugh. 

Comment 08 Sep 2015

We were in section 35 and also participated in it- I'd say 35, 37 and 39 were primarily Buckeye sections, but it was kind of hard to tell, as the reddish orange of the VT fans and mainly red OSU shirts kind of blended in. Tons of OSU fans in Blacksburg. Almost everyone in our hotel was a Buckeye. That being said, game ticket prices were stupid expensive, and I don't think prices dropped much even right before the game, so that coupled with lack of availability of hotel rooms within a half hour of Blacksburg also put a damper on Buckeye travel. It is damn near impossible to get a decent hotel room in Blacksburg/Christiansburg for any VA Tech game during the season, let alone this one-husband is a Va Tech grad and we usually go down to Blacksburg for a couple of games each year.