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Comment 25 Aug 2015

Since hubby is a VT grad and OSU daughter's SO is a VT grad, we usually make it down to Blacksburg for a couple of games (and yes, we will be going to the OSU-VT game, woohoo! Talk about a house divided...). Also usually go to a Navy game with friends (Annapolis is a lovely town, and Navy games are quite fun unless they are getting crushed, then it isn't so fun), and a Maryland game with family. Oh I love college football.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

I am an OSU grad, and paid out of state tuition (ouch!) so that the youngest could graduate from OSU. I love OSU, it was such a great place for me and also for the youngest. So many memories. Singing Carmen Ohio makes me teary eyed, and it NEVER gets old. So perhaps having been someone who spent 4 transformative years there, my rooting for OSU sports teams might be a bit  more poignant in comparison to non-attendees (maybe), but they are no less Buckeye fans simply because life circumstances took them on other paths. They are not only part of the fan base, they are an important part of it.

I also root for Virginia Tech in all games that they aren't playing OSU (husband graduated from there, and yes we will be at the game) and older daughter's alma mater, U of South Carolina-we spent enough money there, ha, so I am also a Hokie and Gamecock fan. But my fandom for those teams pales in comparison to my love for my Buckeyes.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

I am not trying to be a jerk cgroverl, but I believe that Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort were the ones who were involved in the public urination stuff. And yes, young Mr Perry deserves every accolade he gets. He seems like a very thoughtful, intelligent and hard working guy. I hope he kills it this season, and later, in the NFL.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

When I was in Siebert dorm way back when, the synchro team members ate in the same cafeteria that we did. Now, I am a tall female (5'10"), but holy moly, these girls were tall, muscular, and had shoulders that barely got through doorways, they were so broad. This was before strength training really came into use, especially for women. But then again, when you are either treading water or upside down in it for hours at a time, your lung capacity, cardio fitness and core strength are off the charts. They were also really nice girls.

Comment 08 Jul 2015

I am a woman/mom who was horrified, HORRIFIED! at the idea of a minivan wayyyy back when we were new parents. I despised them, ugly looking suburban boxes on wheels that they were. Then our first arrived, and we took a trip with her in the back seat of my husband's Explorer to Ohio when she was a few months old. That did it. We bought the despised minivan (AWD mind you) soon thereafter. What the minivan has over SUVs, especially with little ones, is that you can get out of your front seat, go between the driver and passenger seat, and move back to the seat that they are in without having to pull over and get out of the front seat of the car to get to the back seat to deal with whatever issue they are having, especially if you travel. To those of you without kids, that may not seem like a big deal. Believe me, It is a HUGE deal. Especially when you are on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the weather is crappy, and the baby is intermittently fussy. We also had more leg room and cargo space than we would have had with a 3rd seat SUV, as babies'and kids' stuff just takes up an inordinate amount of space at times. Bottom line, if she is the primary driver of the vehicle, and she wants the minivan, let it go. Is it more important to her to have it than it is to you to not have it just based on your vanity? Sorry, gotta ask it. Anyone who looks at you and calls you a pussy for having one can stuff it and rotate, because half of those who would say that are/will be in the same boat at some point. If the one that she wants is outside of your budget, then you both have to compromise. And sometimes compromise absolutely sucks, but yeah, has to be done, by both parties.

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Agree. VT fans love their football, even when the team is not doing as well as they would hope. I am married to a VT alum and football fanatic. Oddly enough, the VT fans that I know (and there are a gazillion of them here in Northern Virginia) seem to be kind of zen in regards to their team-perhaps it is because they have been disappointed a number of times in the past few years. They keep hoping that they will get back to the glory days, similar to when they had Michael Vick as their QB. 

Maybe if it was later in the season and VT was under performing, there might be more tickets available, but with it being Labor Day, the first game of the season, and a nice time of year, it might be hard to pry those tickets out of VT hands without spending big money. And then there is finding a decent hotel within 25 miles at this point...

Comment 11 May 2015

As my daughter said at her Commencement, "I'm ready to graduate but not ready to leave OSU". I felt the same way when I graduated mumble mumble years ago.

Comment 11 May 2015

What a great lacrosse game for OSU! They just shredded Duke's vaunted defense, along with their goalie. Really fun game to watch, but of course it is always fun to watch OSU beat a higher ranked opponent soundly when they are given practically no chance to win by the "experts".

That being said, the Denver game will be a difficult one, since it is on home turf for Denver, and at a higher altitude. But hey, OSU beat them once, they can beat them again! Go Bucks!

Comment 14 Feb 2015

Things kind of fell apart at Florida when his key assistants left. Urban took on too much, as he didn't have the same comfort level with the new assistants, and ended up burning out. Looking back at pictures at that time, he looked stressed, tired, thin (from dropping weight from the stress) and not happy. I was a bit concerned when the first of his assistants at OSU left (ok, other than Withers). Somehow, at OSU, he has (hopefully) figured out how to deal with trusted assistants leaving and reloading/trusting the new guys. He has been looking happier, less stressed and seems to be enjoying his time at OSU. I'm sure there are many reasons for this, including experience, the type of kids he has in the program and the way that they have totoally bought in, the coaches he has been able to get, being back home, and the support system he has. I hope that these are the good old days for him, and that they continue for a long time.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

VA Tech IS the in state home school in Virginia when it comes to football. They have a large and passionate fan base, and pretty much sell out (or come close) their home football games every year despite being in the boonies, having meh teams some years, and being a good 4.5-5 hours from Northern Virginia/DC suburbs where a sizable portion of their fan base resides. Spouse graduated from there, and we try and get down to see a couple of games a year. Going down I-81 from NoVA on Friday night or early Saturday morning, it seems like every other car has Hokie stuff on it.

The only people who get excited about UVA football are alums, friends and families of the football players.

BTW, I grew up in NW Ohio, little over an hour from AA. Columbus is closer to 3 hours away, so I should be a TSUN fan, right?

Comment 01 Jun 2014

Read a tweet from Rusty Miller that Gene actually didn't get another bonus because he had hit his bonus for titles ceiling in his contract.

And really, who would have thought that a team that trains on the Olentangy would win a national championship, especially after the craptastic winter/spring that Ohio had. Lots of erg machines in St. Johns I guess, but still... massive kudos!

Comment 16 Apr 2014

This this this this. I would expect it from Dave Brandon at TSUN, due to his decisions to commercialize athletics there, but not so much at OSU. Some smartypants lost sight of OSU's mission and place in the community.

They must have looked only at possible revenues, but obviously not the psychological impact of those decisions. Since OSU's football team is the closest thing to a pro team for a big chunk of Ohio, perhaps they thought that OSU could operate like an NFL team and jack up the prices of preseason scrimmages, because the market would supposedly bear it. Instead they teed off fans and alumni, made OSU look foolish and greedy (even though funds were going to charity), potentially messed up recruiting, and had to eat crow and knock ticket prices down a day before the game.

The Shoe should have been filled to the brim with happy OSU fans on a fabulous Spring day.

This is a case study waiting to happen at Fisher.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

The NFL has profited by having college teams be their minor leagues. Screw it, let the NFL set up minor leagues, let kids who don't want to go to school sign with them like they can do in the NHL and MLB. They then can learn about the luxurious lifestyle of minor league ball players. Would imagine it would be similar to baseball's minor leagues. Get drafted and play for the Detroit Tigers' A ball club West Michigan Whitecaps. Players make so little money (like $1200/mo) that they stay with host families and get something like $35/day per diem. If they get any money when drafted, it is usually the signing bonus, which they, if they are not careful, will piss away on cars, jewelry and rounds for their friends and entourage.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I know a few people in R&D. They get a small "bonus" (like $1000) for inventing and patenting and item/idea for their company. That's it. Pretty standard. They then might get a company-wide bonus at the end of the fiscal year if the company has hit its monetary goals, some of which might be accounted for by revenues generated from the item that they patented. Their job is research and development. That is what they are paid for.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

And I put the nail in the coffin. I brought our winter coats to the dry cleaners this past weekend so that I could get them cleaned and packed away. What was I thinking? Of course we got a tad bit of hail and sleet tonight, and temperatures are expected to be hovering around 30 degrees tomorrow morning. Aaauuugghhhhhhhh

Comment 11 Apr 2014

It's easy to follow the ball, especially from the stands, which is the best place to watch a lacrosse game, IMO. Once you get the hang of the game (not tricky at all, think mix of hockey and basketball on a grass field), you will get it. It is easier to track in person as compared to tv because the tv cameras often focus in tight on the guy with the ball, and the camera operators can get faked out.  You also don't get to see what the other guys who don't have the ball are doing. It can get a tad hard to see the ball when there is a crowd in front of the goal, but otherwise, few problems.

BTW, BTN is televising the lacrosse game tomorrow starting at 11:00 AM.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

It seems that it is expected in SEC land, kind of like bribing government officials in South American countries-it is the way it is. They just are more sophisticated in their payoff ways.

Comments section was interesting-of course commenters insinuated OSU and Urban (and Tressel before him) are dirty dirty dirty since they pull big deal kids out of the South. Would not surprise me if there are bag men in the B1G and other big conferences, but not at the level of the SEC. Whatevs.  If someone wants to be paid, he will find those who will be willing to accommodate him.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Actually, men's lacrosse is a great game to watch-has some similarities to hockey. Given that they will be playing That Team Up North, it should be a fun game. Wish I could be in Columbus for the lacrosse and spring games. I hope you guys have nice weather, big crowds, an OSU win, and no injuries. Oh, and some commitments before the weekend is out.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Ross Fulton, what are you doing down in Chapel Hill? Kidding. Nice breakdown for those of us who don't necessarily get x's and o's, but can understand this. Nice points on the psychological issues that lurked and eventually bit the defense in the behind later in the season.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

In my first big girl job after college, I worked with a guy who played high school football with Calvin Murray, they were good friends. Calvin told him that when Art Schlichter came in as a freshman QB, he pissed the offensive line off so much that they intentionally let him get sacked a few times during the season opener against Penn State. They wanted to send a clear message to him that he needed to play nice with his o-line, or else.  Let's just say they had a brutal week of practice after that game, as Woody and the assistant coaches figured out what they had done, and were none too happy about it. It was worth it to the players. BTW, Art learned his lesson.

More about Art-friend from home lived on the same dorm floor as he did (Park/Stradley, that's where most of the freshman football players lived at that time). He was not well liked on the hall as he came across as a bit of a jerk. She felt kind of sorry for him-she didn't think he was a very happy or well-adjusted guy. He had tremendous pressures on him as the starting QB as a true freshman, and he had a real stage mother kind of dad. Dad would threaten Woody that he would make his son transfer if Woody didn't run an offense that was more suited to Art's talents, that kind of stuff. Can you imagine your parent threatening Woody back in the 70's? Yeahhh. His dad was the prototype for the term "helicopter parent".

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Eons ago, I had a marketing class with Tom Cousineau (when he showed up to class that is). The main grade in the class was a quarter-long group marketing/advertising project, so it kind of sucked for his group. He had a certain confidence and charisma about him-no wonder he was a team captain. He had swagger for sure. 

Had a friend who was on the team, back when you could have 105 guys on the team-he was way, way down the depth chart. During the fateful 1978 season, he had remarked a few times that Woody was a bit detached from the team that year, his assistant coaches really ran the team, and that he had some temper flashes that my friend had not seen the previous year. That was the year that Woody punched the Clemson player in the bowl game. Later, we found out that he had not been feeling well that year, and that his diabetes had really been causing him problems-as was evident by his actions.