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Comment 3 hours ago

They had others, but I thought their most glaring weakness was at WR, they just didn't have guys who could get separation, and no deep threat.  Never really replaced Abrederis, who had been hell on the Buckeyes, and they missed him badly.  Somehow they managed to win the West anyway, but it caught up with them in Indy.

Comment 4 hours ago

Nothing against Melvin Gordon, seems like a nice guy and all, but he got drilled by the Silver Bullets.  I have to believe he was expecting to run wild, after what he'd done to Nebraska a few weeks earlier, maybe stay in the race for the Heisman.  The stunned look on his face after the Buckeyes broke the game open really told the story.

Comment 7 hours ago

Now you're making some good arguments.  You're quite right to point out that "human nature" works both ways,  Sadly, not everyone wants a level playing field.

I had never before heard about the out of control UCLA booster behind their late 60s dynasty.  In Socal, it seems that John Wooden is still held in very high esteem, at least by the sports media folks.  Pretty much right up there with Mother Teresa.  I see that there are apologists who say things like "no big deal, he would have won anyway" and "yeah, he knew, but he tried to keep the players away from the guy".  But evidently they can't claim he didn't know.  How sad.

Comment 12 hours ago

I'm all in favor of an Ohio State basketball championship.  I think there are still a few others here who feel the same way.

Comment 23 hours ago

I really don't know what to think.  

For some reason or reasons, it is now more fashionable among blue chip players to sign with UK given the chance, than it is to go to even the likes of Duke or Kansas.  

It could be simply because the history and winning tradition in Lexington combined with Calipari's dapper appearance and smooth talking are just irresistible to a lot of these kids and their parents.

Or, as you say, the program could be dirty as fuck.

Comment 24 hours ago

It's the "image" thing, which, interestingly, is an important factor in many walks of life. Human nature, ya know?

I am a fan of neither Coach Calipari nor Coach Saban, but I'm not finding your argument to be a compelling one either.

Comment 24 hours ago

If you think Tom Crean's hair is perfect, you might be at a Three Stooges convention.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

Louaville really pissed this thing away.  Stay tuned Sparty lovers, with any luck you'll get to see Valentine patting himself on the back again while on camera.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

Well, I did make a comment about his hair being perfect at all times no matter what.  Please accept my sincere apology.