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Comment 2 hours ago
Just keep saying it, it will happen. Right?
Comment 3 hours ago
I've seen all the Hoke jokes here. If Mangino was hired and didn't succeed, there would be a flood of comments about his size. Can't handle that.
Comment 15 hours ago

Bags see my picture below. I use apple wood, you get the smoky flavor but it's mild. You're looking at six to seven hours at 225 degrees. Enjoy!

Comment 23 hours ago

You've definitely got the right idea. With the amount of effort involved in the cleanup, combined with the price of peanut oil, it makes no sense to fry just one turkey.

Smoked one a few weeks ago:

Comment 24 Nov 2015
This I think is a correct assessment, unfortunately. And nothing has happened all of a suddenly, it has unfolded before or eyes all season. At least, after the game at VT.
Comment 22 Nov 2015

So we start next year with an inexperienced RB running behind an OL with maybe only one returning starter, and a new TE as well.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

What has happened this season regarding Braxton is almost criminal. Arguably the best athlete in college football, and this team can't get him the fucking ball, unless everyone knows it's going to be handed to him. Can't or won't get it to him downfield, not since he destroyed VT.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Jeff was never expected to be a great player but I think he'd already proved himself at Georgia Tech, and he could have helped out replacing Evan Spencer after Noah Brown broke his leg. Can't understand why he wasn't on the field more than he was. I'd love to see him catch a TD in the two games he has remaining.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Smith is a great coach and everyone here knows it

I have no idea. But I'd love to ask Braxton Miller about this.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Really want to be agreeing with them?

Uh, no, but there is no one here whose opinion matters. It's about what talented HS football players think. We'll be watching. 

BTW those flyers need to be answered. Yesterday's game was no answer. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

For some reason, there are like four milk cartons in my refrigerator right now, I guess the wife is stocking up on all kinds of stuff with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Anyway, when I opened said fridge this morning, I almost expected to see pictures of some Buckeyes, like Samuel or maybe Darron Lee. Watched the whole game yesterday and heard no mention of either.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Being amazing, relating to players and having a great personality sounds more like a cheerleader than a WR coach 

Sorta reminds me of Brady Hoke, for that matter. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I hope you're right, and I think you are, but IINM they got very few catches this year, so they will have to work hard.

As I said yesterday in another post, what struck me during the MSU muffed punt play was seeing McLaurin getting down there, kid has some serious speed, wish we could have seen more of him this year.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Not saying this isn't the situation...but if it is, why was nothing done about it?