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Comment 20 May 2017

I had a beef with DTV long before AT&T bought them, and I remember when my dad passed away I could not wait  to call them and cancel his subscription. But I did wait, until after the funeral. That's when I found out my mom beat me to it.

Comment 14 May 2017

I'm a Reds fan, but Dad was from Detroit. We went to a game in Cincy when the Tigers were in town and I caught a baseball. I also met a chick from UC and we gave her a ride home.

Yes he was a TTUN fan and the first Game we watched together was in '74, which I will always remember as the "Ohio State couldn't even score a damn touchdown" game.

Speaking of 1974 we also went to the Reds opener and saw Hank Aaron hit career home run number 714 to tie Babe Ruth's record. Long since forgotten by most people but good lord that was a monster home run, even in the twilight of his career that man had awesome power in his swing.

Comment 13 May 2017

My mom got three tickets in one day. One was a parking ticket, but the other two were for speeding and running a red light. Of course, my dad was one of those guys who always complained about "women drivers". I'll never forget the smirk on his face that night.

Comment 13 May 2017

Well that's an easy question to answer. We had a kitchen fire when I was seven. Mom was heating up some cooking oil in a cast iron skillet, and somehow it ignited. I remember I was in the back yard at the time, and looking through the window that was near the stove I could see huge flames. We didn't have a fire extinguisher, so Mom panicked and simply picked up the skillet by the handle with her bare hands and headed for the back door.

By this time I was on the other side of the door with my nose pressed against the screen, despite her warning to get away from the house, I just had to see. I dunno, I guess I thought she would just put a lid on it, or something. Hilarity ensued...

Edit: Forgot to mention, today is her birthday, although she passed on eight years ago. She was a wonderful mom.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Congratulations and best of luck in your graduate program.

Just heard the same news regarding one of my kid's friends who is about to graduate from high school and will be  an incoming freshman at tOSU. Long way to go for a Californian but all the more exciting. Looking forward to next time seeing the proud parents.

Comment 14 Apr 2017

I just figured one of the Mods had a few too many glasses of whiskey for breakfast...

Probably just one, but it wasn't bad, so they had one more for dessert.

Comment 08 Apr 2017

Just wondering, is it possible "smoked pastrami" is redundant because it isn't pastrami if it's not smoked? "Smoking pastrami"...made some last year, and the flavor was great, but I do like it sliced paper-thin like you get at the deli. That seams to be just a matter of money. You can have a slicer that does that for some hundreds of dollars, but an inexpensive one just won't do the job.

Comment 07 Apr 2017

NorCal Buckeye at first I thought someone was really poking fun at you before I realized it was your post. Sorry to hear about your problem. My neighbor died a few weeks ago and the house next door will be up for sale any day now, should be interesting.