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Comment 23 May 2015

Tom Herman is just trying to floss in a state with four power conference teams.


tech, baylor, ut, tcu, A&m. 

Comment 29 Dec 2014

1) he should worry more about his morbid obesity than bama football

2) what language is he speaking?  Hilljack?  Redneck?  Hillneck?  Redjack?  Proof positive that alabama deserves that ranking as 49th best in education.  

3) if bama wins, so what?  They beat a third string Qb with a rebuilt O-line.  You want a cookie for that?  

Comment 28 Nov 2014

Zone defense is fine against these glorified community colleges, but they need to can it once they face real competition.  Way too many open jumpers and open lanes.  Cuse has done this for years and it doesnt work come tourney time.   

Comment 16 Nov 2014

1) i doubt marshall cares what random ppl on the internet tweet about him. 

2) he has screwed up multiple times now and is careless and reckles on the field.  He needs to take a break and spend time on his ballhandling skills. 

3) jim tressel's least fav moment = whenever marshall touches the ball.  

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Jim delany made a great choice in adding umd and rutgers 

1) media exposure

2) better recruiting 

3) money

4) gateway to further expansion

If he didn't add them, he wouldn't be doing his job. 

Comment 30 Oct 2014

The only scouting report you'll need:

Why is it so windy at illinois memorial stadium?  

Because their offense sucks and their defense blows.  

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Multi year scholarships have positive and negative attributes.  

Pos: gives students a security blanket

Neg: that security blanket removes a lot of pressure to perform.  

A scholarship is a salary.  Just like with any other job, if you don't do your job you can get fired. 

I see both sides of the argument.  The South, being anti-employee, anti-union, and anti-pretty much everything else, would most likely side with Coach Miles point of view.  So it is not surprising to see it practiced in the SEC.  

Comment 01 Jul 2014

"The conference now stretches 1,308 miles, from Lincoln, Nebraska to Piscataway, New Jersey."

Not really a big deal. The Pac has fewer teams and stretches 1,539 miles from Tucson to Seattle.  The American stretches 1,694 miles from Dallas to Storrs, CT.  The ACC runs 1,489 miles from Boston to Miami.  Big 12 runs 1,463 miles from Lubbock to Morgantown.  

Comment 25 Apr 2014

I am sorry, but I find it extremely difficult to believe that 10 practices in spring, 4 months away from football season, will have any significant positive impact on player development.   You will need a heck of a lot more than 10 measly practices to do anything substantial.  

Comment 28 Feb 2014

1) the average fan doesn't care about high school football.  

2) if you get off work at 5 and the game starts at 8, you should be able to make the game unless you live in Ashtabula. 

3) what percent of fans travel from outside the CMH area?  15%?   It is not a huge number.