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Comment 18 hours ago

Cosmo, since you're registered at The Key Play, could you please do me a favor and PM an admin to approve my user account?  I registered as "Tyler Morgan" over a week ago, but haven't received a confirmation email from them.  Also haven't received a reply to a separate email I sent to an admin.  Thanks.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Mantooth, you may be right, but Warinner seemed to have trouble recruiting, too.  A lot of mid-year concerns turned out to be unfounded on NSD.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Good question about no-huddle.  Lauderback said he wouldn't expect "a platoon scenario where Jones and Barrett both consistently see snaps within a particular possession."

I think Barrett will win the job outright, and this will all be moot.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

"I went through a lot when I was younger so therefore others should be punished more severely when they do something wrong."  Did I summarize that correctly?

No, the point is not that he passively "went through" something.  He is saying that, if a 17-yr-old can take on adult responsibilities with adult consequences, then we shouldn't treat 20-yr-olds as quasi-children.

I basically agree, but I don't see how it leads to the conclusion that the players deserve a 4-game suspension. 1 game "seems" right to me.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

From the Michigan State side of things, the talk about pulling Cupp's offer centers on him making the trip to Ohio State without advising the Spartans' staff first, or doing it without their consent. On our FNL visitors' list, Cupp was added on July 21st, so how Michigan State missed him making the trip I can't be sure.

"Hey coach, you could have learned I was going to FNL by reading 11w.  Why would you expect me to personally tell you I'm visiting another school to earn an offer?"  Ridiculous.

If you commit to a school and tie up a scholarship, it's not asking much for you to grant a coach the courtesy of a phone call prior to shopping around for a better spot.  If that's why Dantonio pulled the offer, I don't understand the complaints.

Comment 19 Jul 2015

Walker has been to Rutgers, Alabama and Auburn in recent months, and this trip to Arizona State – expected to run from this evening through Sunday – is another step in what's sure to be a long journey until signing day (or early enrollment in January, if Walker is able to do what he'd like to). 

The Buckeyes know that they have to recruit every committed player as if they're not committed and Walker, along with Terrell Hall (who just visited Bama again with his good friend Abdul Adams) especially, fit that bill since they're from out of state.

When you recruit players like Ohio State recruits, especially – as I said – from out of state, there's going to be a challenge to keep them. The Buckeyes are better equipped than any team in the country to handle a recruiting "attack" 

Stay the course, don't fret. Every little thing, is gonna be alright.

- July 16 Hurry Up

Comment 12 Feb 2015

From my understanding, Urban was telling Jarret that he was only taking 1 QB in this class(15) and was upset when Urban announced on NSD that OSU had taken in two.

OSU had two QBs verbally committed since November, and everything written about them indicated that OSU was working hard to keep both in the class.  Unless Urban told Jarrett he expected Gibson ultimately to flip, I don't know how to make sense of what you wrote.  (Not meant as criticism, maybe that's what happened...)