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Comment 16 Nov 2014

"Our players in the secondary look tiny compared to Bama's players, at least on TV."

“He (Saban) would take an athlete with size before a natural 5’8” corner,” said Kevin Jackson, a former Tide All-American safety and defensive coordinator at Dothan (Ala.) High School. “If a kid fits their profile, Saban is confident he can teach that bigger athlete to do the things they want him to do in their defense."

“Saban recruits the type of guys that have NFL-type bodies, or frames that NFL clubs typically want.'' [coach LaBrian] Stewart said.

At positions such as running back, offensive tackle, defensive end and outside and inside linebacker, Alabama recruits are least 10 pounds heavier than the average of the [247Sports] top 50 recruits...

- "Nick Saban's Secret Recruiting Recipe"

Comment 15 Oct 2014 was suggested to me that Haskins could be waiting to make a decision because he’s watching what Torrance Gibson does. If Gibson were to commit to Ohio State, despite positional uncertainty, a source told 11W, that could hurt with Haskins.

- Birm

Comment 13 Oct 2014

I don't hate Michigan.  It's more like an annoying sibling than an enemy.


1.  Penn State, because of the cultish Paterno apologists.  Black Shoe Diaries' descent into madness was disturbing to watch.

2. Notre Dame, because everything about it is delusional and phony.  Domers are twice as smug and half as smart as Michigan fans.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Thanks for going to the trouble to write a summary.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

They signed 8 offensive lineman in the 2014 class.  Unless FSU expects most of them to wash out, it's hard to see how Fisher can credibly pitch early playing time to Burrell.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Along those lines:

  • "Personally, I think..."
  • "Honestly, I think..."
  • "Actually, I think..."

Yes, we know those are your personal, honest, and actual thoughts.  Get to the point.  In fact, don't even say "I think."  Just state the opinion itself.

Personally, I honestly think people should actually stop using timid, redundant qualifiers.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Rest of the world calls it...

Brits coined the term "soccer."  They used "football" and "soccer" interchangeably for decades.  They abandoned the latter in a snobby attempt to distinguish themselves from arriviste Yanks only when the popularity of the sport skyrocketed in the U.S.

The rest of the world can call it whatever they want.  We play "soccer" (on a field, not a pitch).

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Get universities (particularly public schools) out of the semi-pro sports entertainment industry.  Full stop.  That means no athletic scholarships.  Field teams exclusively of students who happen to be athletes.  The current system is unfixably corrupt.