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Comment 20 Dec 2014

But how will OSU be in the NC hunt with Master Recruiter Franklin and Michigan Man Harbaugh in the division?

Comment 19 Dec 2014

For the people who want michigan to be 'good' again, let's see if they still have that attitude if they beat an undefeated OSU team and ruin a shot at a national championship. After being an OSU student during the Cooper Era, I hope they are terrible forever. Or at least until OSU has the lead in the overall series.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

LA Woman by The Doors

When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin

Paranoid Android by Radiohead

Would by Alice in Chains

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Would and Nutshell are probably the two best, but AIC has endless great songs. Basically invented their own sound.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Hopefully Urban is in his war room scheming right now because this will be tough. Cardale played great but I'm betting he won't be able to just throw up forty-yarders all day against this team. Plus OSU loses a bit of the quarterback running element that has resulted in so many big plays in critical moments. Then again, if Alabama expects to crush OSU like they did ND, it might work to OSUs advantage.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Worst fans in the conference. There is always a conspiracy against them in their view. They will always blame officiating for close losses and the sanctions for big losses. Oh, and they believe they have the best defense in the nation since OSU was held to 17 in regulation. Never once will they mention that JT had a sprained knee in the second half of that game. Next season they will be due for a major beatdown by OSU similar to last year's game. Urban may just have to go for 70.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Too much stacked against OSU this year with the injuries, the Spence situation, and the unfortunate loss to Tech. So hopefully it goes down like this: Play well against Wisconsin with the third string QB, then win whatever bowl game we get. Then lay complete waste to the entire schedule next year with a healthy Braxton Miller and JT Barrett. Play angry, start the season by destroying Virginia Tech in their house, and finish the season by destroying Michigan in their house. Win three games after that and a National Title.

Comment 28 Nov 2014

A beat down is in order. Enough said. Go Buckeyes.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Not sure why they are worried about colors contrasting, after all, there is nothing that can be done about it with home vs visitor jerseys. Just look at that Wisconsin vs Nebraska game. Bright red and white all over the field.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Didn't they lose to illinois? Not sure what they believe caused that, but I would find that quite troubling...

Comment 12 Nov 2014

The fact that we have to deal with a playoff ranking show each week is going to become really annoying. I know it is by design to get people talking, but it might be better to just reveal the rankings at the end of the season.

Comment 07 Nov 2014

Pink Floyd is the best. Always loved the fact that they made songs however they wanted, not following expected formulas. If they thought a song should be 15 minutes long, they made a 15 minute song. If they thought a song should be 2 minutes long, they made a 2 minute song. You just don't see that today in the music industry.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

Don't understand the criticism. I always enjoy listening to him, one of the more interesting radio personalities in columbus.