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Comment 08 Sep 2015

Actually, and I'm going to paraphrase here, but I believe Fowler was not talking about tOSU ducking the better BIG West teams, but the fact that the majority of the 'better' teams in each of the divisions do not play each other in cross over games. The 'dig' appeared to be at the B1Gs scheduling overall, not the Buckeyes.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Born and bred a Buckeye, and spent 23 years in the military in SOF units...

Comment 12 Aug 2015

QB at Cambridge, 79-80. School still recovering from almost dropping sports in 78 due to a failed levy. Went 1-18-1 over my Jr/Sr years. Won the last game of my Sr year against Cincinnati Taft. I was toted off the field twice in an ambulance my senior season.

Comment 05 May 2015

Cambridge, OH. I was almost 8 My dad, a full time NG, and his unit were on standby to deploy to the riots. I was probably on the side of 'don't throw rocks at folks with guns'. What many don't realize, the NG there were probably confused and scared, and became targets for the protestors. Sad for all involved. 

Comment 25 Apr 2015

So, being an old retired vet myself, who keeps up to date on most goings on, how much does this have to do with the teachings/ attitudes of the professors and such on college campuses? To me at least, I believe that plays a part in this pathetic behavior. Quite frankly, this behavior really deserves an ass kicking.

Comment 05 Apr 2015

RC Cola > Coke > Pepsi every day of the week.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Jason, I assume there were at least 2 jail sentences for that 'offense'?

Comment 20 Mar 2015

With regard to your neck/back pain, you're going to have to assess your  body and what you're ready to do. During my time in the military, I had issues begin with my neck due to a bad parachute accident. It built up slowly (disc bulging in c5 - c6 area). Eventually I woke up one morning with the worst pain I've ever experienced (felt like a railroad spike being driven into my neck. After two days of docs giving me muscle relaxer shots in my arse, I was finally given some real pain killer (morphine). After a few days, the pain subsided, and I had numbness in my upper right side of my back, my right triceps, down into my hands (could not do a push up or even push myself out of a chair. After a series of xrays, MRIs, and various others, they determined the issue. Physical therapy went first, but after the first few, I hurt worse than before, with no improvement. I opted for surgery sooner, rather than waiting for 6 months and hope the therapy worked. The doctor shaved my vertebra back a bit to relieve pressure on my nerve, and I was back to full op mode (jumping, shooting, running, etc.) in two months. It took almost a year to get most of my feeling back (never got it all back). 4 years later, it began again (the numbness, weakness, etc.). Figured out I'd need another surgery, so after returning from a deployment and getting a last jump in, I had two discs removed and a fusion done. I took awhile (couple years, but finally got my about 80-85% of my strength back, but it took commitment to working out and being very willing to swallow my pride in how I went about working out). There is still weakness (always will be), but I'm doing well and able to function pretty well. I was 38 on my first surgery, and 42 on the second one. I'm currently 52. Listen to your body. 

Oh, deep tissue wonders.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Not much into musicals, but for some reason West Side Story always caught my attention...cause, 'I like to live i  America'.....