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Comment 17 Apr 2014

Except when pronouncing 'The' prior to a word with a vowel, it is pronounced as 'thee' I guess we're arrogant due to rules of grammar.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Andy, your verbiage and tone was correct, fine, and accurate. Today too many expect their opinions have a right to be heard, until a differing opinion is offered. These forums are for discussion, and your remark was not condescending. Let's just put our big boy reading glasses on and quit looking for apologies when we don't agree with each other. 

Comment 28 Mar 2014

Using your standard, I've made some corrections

 Ulysses S. Grant 4-0-0, Mexican War, Civil War, Won 2 presidential elections..

William T. Sherman 1-0-0, Civil War, All BigTen & All-American for ravaging the SEC.

Tecumseh 0-2-0, defeated by the Continental Army, and later by the U.S. Army at the Battle of Thames.

John Glenn 1-1-1, First man to orbit earth, Korean Conflict stalemate, later lost in the primary in his bid for the presidency.

The choices are obvious: Grant and Sherman advance!

Comment 28 Mar 2014

I was somewhat disappointed that Simon (Butler) Kenton was not on the original list, as he had much to do with settling and taming the Ohio country. In my opinion the premier frontiersman (Boone had better PR; but was not interested in settling the areas, whereas Kenton did. Pretty awesome read. Eckhert's books were very informative on this era of American history.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

No fan of the NCAA organization, but if anyone thinks this is going to be good for college football, sports, et al, they're in a fantasy. For as inept as the NCAA is, allowing players to unionize (if this becomes final, and goes beyond the private schools), is not going to improve the student athletes, whether they play football, or any of the other sports. Short sighted..

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Born in 62-

Archie Griffin

Keith Byars

Eddie George

Honorable Mention: Wells, Hyde, Clarett

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Lucas McCain - The Rifleman

Fish - Barney Miller

Ragnar Lothbrok - Vikings

Grandpa - Munsters

Jack Bauer - 24

Comment 21 Mar 2014

For touchdowns, one of the running backs outside of Elliott (Smith or Dunn)

For receptions, Green or Thomas (Heuerman darkhorse)

Yards receiving, Green

Yards rushing, Elliott

Tackles, Grant/McMillian or Lee

Interceptions, Conley/Burrows

Return Yards, Samuel

Comment 10 Mar 2014

Very informative read. I do believe the defense has the talent to be elite, but the win streak, offense, and a couple of very good D performers (RSD, the LilBear), allowed for the perception/expectations to be higher than actuality. I really like Vrabel, but I believe we've stepped up with the addition or LJ. Hopefully the results this year will reflect that.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

I understand the push for an earlier signing period; it could alleviate the pressure on the players being recruited so hard during their senior year, and also allow the schools to know who they have earlier. But, like everything, there are positives and negatives. One of these may be that, with the early signing period (may take pressure off these players/current class), the arms race/pressure for the next class heats up that much sooner, meaning the players just have to deal with all of the attention a year earlier. Now, if a window was opened that would restrict, or only allow offers to go out to a class at a specific point, say, for example, no offers could be extended to members of a recruiting class until the NSD of the previous one has passed (just as an arbitrary date). There would also have to be some type of limited contact, if any, prior to that also. Obviously I'm not solving all the problems here, but setting some left/right limits or parameters on the process may simplify it, or at least contain it somewhat.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

The jury is still out. I'm on less. I still cruise by, but don't delve as deeply, nor comment as much. I'm not sure if this is the same for others. The staff may have previous numbers (site visits, and such) for previous years during this time period, to know whether the numbers are down. Still love 11W, but it doesn't occupy as much of my time these days.

Comment 15 Feb 2014

Of course he's dropping knowledge, he put it all together. We, the users it was improved for, are still trying to catch up, and at times find it frustrating. So while Jason may be tired of hearing the same comments, many of us, who like to drop in quickly, consume some great Buckeye news/knowledge, aren't able to do it quickly now, whether due to the new layout, or to the learning curve; so we are now limiting how often we come by.

First of all, we don't need another new thread about this. But I'll try to address some of your issues:

Well, since it continues to be an issue with many, maybe we do. Jason developed this, so he obviously knows the ins/outs, and nuances of it. I'm getting used to it, but still prefer the simplicity of the old site. 


Comment 12 Feb 2014

Serving 23 years in the military special ops community, change was always happening, though normally for operational/functional reasons. I always felt it was good to have individuals who wanted all the new, high speed kit, and those who liked the current, operationally proven kit/equipment involved. The former pushed for change- something newer/better (at least in their eyes) all the time; while the latter pushed for status quo, the time proven items. They tempered each other, so that when change happened, it was thought out, tested, and added value/improvement; but kept us from change for changes sake, without added value or purpose. 

I'm adapting to this slowly, but still look back with greater fondness on the 11W that I started with.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Very nice to label those who don't agree with your point of view. I don't, and if that makes me homophobic, fine. It's just a word, and it won't shut me up. The so-called tolerant only tend to be that way when others agree with them...then the names come out- homophobe, racist, red neck...etc. Nice. Impressive. 

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Well, let's worry about that if/when that happens...

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Sure, it's possible scouts could release that info, or not. By doing it this way, the story may no longer be about football, and his ability, but now his sexuality. If he makes it; "First openly gay NFL player"; if not, or doesn't start, or drafted low..." Openly gay player faces retribution", or some similar remarks/comments. You want it to be about football, then keep it about football.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

But was he forced into making that declaration? He could have been just as honest during interviews with the various teams. No other player has made public pronouncements of heterosexuality. He chose to make this public, and now we have all the different sports media chattering on it. It could be considered courage, or possibly, strategy. Either we are, and espn, and nfl network, and twitter, spending all morning carrying on about it. Regards. 

Comment 09 Feb 2014

10. Torrance Gibson        QB Fort Lauderdale, FL

 9. Tarvarus McFadden      S Fort Lauderdale, FL

 8. Justin Hilliard              OLB Cincinnati, St. Xavier

 7. Jerome Baker              ATH Cleveland, Benedictine

 6. Drew Richmond          OT Memphis, TN

 5. Terry Beckner Jr.        SDE East Saint Louis, IL

 4. Minkah Fitzpatrick        CB Jersey City, NJ

 3. Tim Settle                   DT Manassas, VA

 2. Sterling Jenkins         OT Pittsburgh, PA

 1. CeCe Jefferson       SDE Glen Saint Mary, FL