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Comment 26 Aug 2015

I've talked about this place so much that my wife now reads the skully every morning so she knows what were gonna be talking about that night. She also wears her 85 yards Tshirt even more often than I wear mine. 

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Recruiting running backs and quarterbacks should be a lot easier when you can sell them on playing behind this group of road graders. 

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I like your style

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I gotta agree man. As a parent I couldn't send my kid to a school knowing that they don't have what is best for him at heart. Maybe it was irresponsible to not inform the staff of his intent to camp but that shouldn't cost him his spot in the class. Seems like maybe MSU just needed a convenient excuse to cut ties with Cupp. As others have said if he was a 5* I bet he'd still be in their class. Same rules should apply to everyone. 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I'm thinking if I was a qb or olineman committed to any other big10 school I would be seriously considering a flip to anywhere else. Not usually one to swear on here but FUCK YEAH!! BOOOOOM BABY!!