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Comment 08 Jul 2014
I def don't think about harry potter when I see this =p
Comment 29 Jun 2014

I thought they already released them, though as a limited edition?  Are they going to mass produce these bad boys? 

Comment 21 Jun 2014

He's behind you Tyrone, whenever you reverse things come behind ya . . .

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Jon Snow is a beast.  A little sad about Ygritte, prob b/c I think Rose Leslie is smokin hot.

Comment 14 May 2014

Lol.  I would down a 2 liter of coke filled halfway with 151 while walking to the stadium and smuggle more in a flask.  And to get beer @ the stadium Fun Zone indeed.  Though now that combination would kill me haha =p

Comment 11 May 2014

Reminds me of this lol.  Pure genius.


Comment 06 May 2014

Swaggy P is the only Laker I'd want around from that roster, other than Kobe!

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Yea it looked like Dontre slowed down halfway through.  Looked like a lot of fun though.  Wish they did this stuff when I was a student =(

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I met Craig Krenzel once, he was very drunk and so was I, he was trying not to fall, and he asked for directions to a party on 12th.  In my drunken euphoria, I sent him the wrong way =( 

I called Lydell Ross a bitch to his face @ Zigs, then I ran away.

I shouted out Bobby Carpenter name while he was getting out of a taxi on Norwich, and he then started to run after the truck I was in, yelling obscenities at us.  I blame it on the 'roids or he was very drunk. 

Was at a party Justin Zwick was throwing, and every time he pointed to a girl, they would flash him, that man had power.  

While working @ Brazenhead on St. Patty's day, the man and legend A.J. Hawk came in, he was awesome, he let me hug him (it sounds more creepy when you write that down) and take a pic w/him and his wife.  

And my ultimate fan moment, I met Eddie George @ LAX, I was walking around with an OSU hoddie, and he yelled O-H and I almost didn't say I-O b/c of my crappy flight, but when I looked over, it was Eddie, almost fainted haha.