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Comment 13 Nov 2012
Amir is so stiff. He needs to relax and just go play like he's done his whole life!
Comment 24 Oct 2012
I agree, it is beyond comprehension for me to even think about going there but to each his own! If they want to be on the losing side of the game that is their problem.
Comment 04 Jun 2012
Saw little animal at the Memorial on Saturday, didn't see any current Buckeyes running from the cops though!
Comment 23 May 2012
I saw Galloway in a bar in Wheeling last year and he is still in great shape. Looks like he could still play!
Comment 12 May 2012
He is from West Virginia and lives closer to Morgantown than Columbus. Hope the mounties don't steal him away.
Comment 24 Apr 2012
Yea that's kind of weird right there having a guy who transferred in Buckeye gear walking the sideline
Comment 16 Apr 2012
Spoon wouldn't of saw the court next year either, he has no shot!
Comment 27 Mar 2012
Good (expletive)! Would love to see Amir get a few more minutes.
Comment 22 Mar 2012
^^^^^^Haha that's the first thing I thought in regards to the too much talent on the bench comment.
Comment 09 Mar 2012
And Rob Wilson is from Cleveland, the dude couldnt miss. He averages 3 points on the season. I'm convinced every team in the conference has an Ohio guy on there team!