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Comment 20 Mar 2016
Well I can't say it's been fun. Hoping for the best next year but I just don't know. These guys need to learn how to rotate on D. Maybe start playing harder at the beginning of the game as well
Comment 12 Mar 2016
Prayers to you all who are going through any of these awful diseases. You are not alone. United we stand!
Comment 05 Mar 2016
Fuck you Sparty, we need some revenge! Things are going to be different in both sports next year
Comment 05 Mar 2016
Just like football chant. I want to blast these fuckers next year in football and then it's going to continue in basketball
Comment 05 Mar 2016
Anybody else completely disappointed in Mitchell 's offensive ability? Now I know why his highlight videos from high school were all him going to the hoop