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Huge Buckeye fan my entire life. My father introduced recruiting and his love of the Buckeys to me at a young age and have followed since! I can remember: Woody as coach, asking my dad, "Who is Earle Bruce?", the Cooper Years and when the Spring Game was played at Welcome Stadium in Dayton, Oh!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Several Buckeye football memories...2002 National Championship
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Comment 06 Feb 2015

I was a package car driver for UPS during the Beanie Babies craze.  Large groups of people would wait at various stores and shops on the days new shipments would come in.  They would bug the hell out of me as I was unloading and asking, "How many  boxes contain Beanie Babies or What new ones do you have." Now you can get them at garage sales for a quarter.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Coming from a recliner O/C: has our staff considered putting the QB under center on third and one yard to go?  Seemed to work well for PSU.  How about the diamond formation?  I hate seeing drives end from failing to achieve one damn yard.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Jeremy - I've seen and played this too.  The game I played was a home-made game.  The board looked like a stadium chair with a high backboard.  The board and backboard was covered with carpet.  I wish had a picture and could see the boards again to possiblly make a set.  This is a fun alternative!

Comment 10 Feb 2014

I played a redneck version of cornhole called "washers"  It basically was 4" diameter washer (from a large truck / tractor) which you tossed on a platform (24" x24"), built upon a 2x4 frame, with a 6" diameter hole in the center.  The platform had a tall backboard as well (24" x 36" guessing).  Each person got 3 washers painted two diffent colors, you alternated throws and scoring was: 3 points for making the hole, 2 points if hole was partially covered and 1 point for each washer on the platform.   It was fun and challenging, but hurt like hell when washer hits you in the shin.

Comment 19 Dec 2013

My father and I had a discussion about this topic the other day.  We discussed all the greats and where we felt Hyde's place was amongst them.  Most of our discussion was focused on Clarett and what could have been.  My dad went on to state how our backfield would have been if Clarett had not fallen and Deshaun Humphrey would have lived.  Would have been fun to see!

Comment 22 Nov 2013

Armani Reeves will be the favorite to step in. His career to date speaks more of promise than delivery, like all young players, but he’d have to make a jump similar to Doran Grant’s next year for you to avoid spending an inordinate amount of your wages on Maalox.



I would like to think Apple will make the jump in replacing Roby over Reeves.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Good explanation as to why Shazier was lining up at DE.  During the game I was confused why this was being done.  No doubt Bosa is force which some fear now and all will fear in the future.  I agree 100% on welcoming Perry back!

Comment 20 Nov 2013

I liked seeing a full back in play and carrying the ball.  Not as exciting as today's offense, but still fun to watch.  Seeing four D linemen rushing the QB was refreshing too... Every down.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

Excellent job and enjoyed the reading!  SEC fans rate on the same level with the team up north.  The far and few between, sensible fans, are great to discuss football and you get a different perspective.  Most SEC folks: hate everyone outside the SEC, feel they are superior at everything under the sun, and usually just say, "How many BCS champions do we have?"  It gets old, boring and over-used. 


The play-off system can not get here soon enough.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

Cleveland, after all, is where football careers go to die.


Ouch, no love in Cleveland even after beating a divisional foe?  I will agree with that statement concerning past coaching and management staffs. 


The T-Rich trade looks better each game.



Comment 08 Oct 2013

I like this, you might be on to something.  This looks similar to computer point ranking of high school programs for the play-offs, but less complicated.  The high school computer points allow for secondary points, teams playing up or down a division, etc... Maybe Ohio should adapt this formula for establishing a base-line for high school programs. 

It is interesting how each team grades out.

Comment 08 Oct 2013

I agree with the third round, but could be higher depending on supply and demand.  Obviously the Browns will be in the market, maybe Atlanta... S-Jax has been injured most of the season and not getting any younger.  Other possibilities include: Jacksonville - MJD not looking like he used to, Texans - if they can not retain Tate from free agency, Giants - enough said, or Arizona?

Comment 07 Oct 2013

I would up vote 100 times if I could.  The three man rush accomplishes nothing unless your playing against Matt Schaub (Pick 6 record holder).  

Comment 11 Jun 2013

I am not a fan of the co-defensive coordinator titles we currently have.  Withers and Fickell seem to come from two different approaches to defense.  I think one has a more aggressive approach and the other read/attack.  I absolutely hate the three man rush, bend but don't break and soft zone pass coverage.  I hope we see changes, which includes better tackling.

Comment 07 Jun 2013

I wish we were meeting, "the u" (I have no respect for that program) and we would see who would be crying.  Sounds like that young man (boy) needs to grow up and will probably fit in well in that arrogant program. 

Comment 25 Apr 2013

Thank you for sharing a great story with us.  I also have many memories with my father, which I thank God, I still have here.  My Dad and I watched the Championship Game in most unusual fashion.  Our original plans was to enjoy the game in my parents comfortable basement, but their satellite went out. We totally freaked out!  Fortunately, my new home was only a few miles away and we raced to my home.  I had recently purchased a new home, had new carpet installed and had new furniture on order. Unfortunately the new furniture had not arrived and was left looking for alternative arrangements.  My Dad went to my garage and found my lawn chairs.  There we were sitting in lawn chairs, decked out in our OSU gear, in my living room with a cooler of beer between us.  It made quite a great picture! 


My Dad, now 66, made the same comment, which he never thought he would see a National Championship in his lifetime. 

Comment 17 Apr 2013

After 15 years at UPS as driver supervisor and manager, I have seen a little bit of everything.  I would often help teach new driver class based at the Obetz Hub.  Trying to teach someone how to drive and park a vehicle twice the size of most cars was frustrating, scary and gratifying. Most students have never driven a vehicle that large, driven a manual drive (4 speed on most trucks at the time) or have driven in Columbus.  Basically it is an intense defensive driving class, which to this day I still practice the skills learned.  Columbus does have it's fair share of poor drivers, but Cinci has more! 

Comment 22 Mar 2013

Little cutie and love the Buckeye stickers!  I noticed she is also wearing an amber necklace.  My little guy wore one through the whole teething process and seemed to help.