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Comment 25 Sep 2014

I live in Cincy, and to put things in perspective, this is "The Game" to them.  This is what they have been looking forward to since '02 and '08 since they made those terrible bUCkeye state shirts.  I dont think we lose, but if we do I am quiting my job and moving back to cbus bc i wont be able to handle the fair weather fans down here.  It is proabably our greatest in-state rival though because of the level of competition that all the other Ohio based schools bring compared to UC

Comment 04 Jun 2014

Jeffie played club ball with me at OSU a few years ago before attending Snow, kid loves the game of football, glad to see that he has continued to pursue it, makes it even better that it's for his hometown school.

Comment 07 Dec 2012

phones new background!  Also, does anyone know if its allowed to be taken somewhere to be blown up?  Really would like this one as a full size poster!

Comment 20 Nov 2012

"And in case you missed it, all of this was hammered home by the high-profile oopsy-daisies of standard-bearing Ohio State in BCS bowl games throughout the '00s."

Pretty sure we are 5-3 in BCS games since 2000(yes that includes ARK), solidifying our right to be in a BCS game every year we are eligible, no matter what the rest of the B1G does.

Comment 04 Nov 2012

interesting to see how all the voters voted this week.  We were ranked as high as 4 but as low as 11?  Also, someone had Washington(5-4) at 17!

Comment 25 Apr 2012

What if top 4 play semis at home (1v4 at 1 etc) then championship is at random bcs bowl location like it is now...

then teams 5-12 get those bowls (rose, sugar, fiesta, orange) and keep the bowl system that way.  If a team has to go to tcu, boise, etc, then they most go, earn the right to have teams come to you.  This keeps all other bowls still options plus gives teams incentive to go for those top 2 seeds.  I mean any game featuring a team ranked 5-12 will still be great football to watch and it will give us our playoff.

just a thought

Comment 23 Apr 2012

Completely Agree....also hailing from Cincy, sports fans there have always intrigued me.  They are def the ultimate badwagon city, when the bengals suck, nobody cares, but when good, they are going to win the superbowl.  Same with UC sports.  It always bothered me that the news did the same thing though.  If OSU, UK, UL, IU are doing well they are considered "local."  Honestly I think they should focus on UC and XU as their local teams and maybe cover OSU because it is the next closest big school and still in same state, but considering some of these other schools "local" is redic.  Why dont the reds honor UC or XU for solid tourny runs, or OSU for final 4 run before they honor UK who a. isnt in same state and b. is 2+ hours away

Comment 18 Apr 2012

This kids ability to make the read, find the hole, and explode to and through the hole is amazing!


O and his arm isnt half bad either!