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Comment 30 Jul 2014

PSU is getting more sanction reductions in September.  Everyone knows this.  So these guys (and Jim Delany) are getting out in front of it for some good PR to take "credit" for the reductions.

The sanctions and reduction there of have been the plan all from the start. 

Comment 06 Jun 2014

Maryland might have one of the worst football followings of any B1G team.  It'll always be easy to get tix for games there.  If you go to a sports bar in the area during a Maryland game, you'll see fans of several other teams, but maybe 1 or 2 Maryland fans, and they often leave at halftime.

Comment 29 May 2014

" NCAA rules state coaches can't run camps more than 50 miles from their campuses, but it says nothing about "guest coaching" at programs run by other programs. "

Actually, the rules absolutely discuss being guest coaches at other camps.  And it's explicitly permitted.  Note that "noninstitutional" used below refers to "not the institution you work for" Noninstitutional, Privately Owned Camps/Clinics—Bowl Subdivision Football.
[FBS] In bowl subdivision football, an institution’s coach or noncoaching staff member with responsibilities
specific to football may be employed (either on a salaried or volunteer basis) in any capacity (e.g.,
counselor, guest lecturer, consultant) in a noninstitutional, privately owned camp or clinic at any location,
provided the camp or clinic is operated in accordance with restrictions applicable to an institutional camp
or clinic (e.g., open to any and all entrants, no free or reduced admission to or employment of athletics
award winners).

Comment 15 Dec 2013

O'Brien will always be linked with NFL jobs.  He's just a trendy candidate for the beat writers to offer up.

He may some day go to the NFL, but it won't be this year.  It won't be next.  With sanctions all but gone next year (PSU will be bowl eligible, mark it down) he's got unfinished business there.

Comment 24 Oct 2013

It's a wonderful story, but, this has nothing to do with how Penn State's We Are chant came about. 


Here's the real story of the cheer:,970985/

Comment 24 Oct 2013

"Some good news? Penn State allows an average of 2.3 sacks per game, which is worse than the FBS average. The defensive staff will likely hope to rattle the freshman quarterback early and often."


PSU's pass protection has been pretty good.  One of Hackenberg's issues as a freshman has been holding onto the ball too long.  This tends to be where most of PSU's sacks come from.

Comment 07 Jun 2013

"This case was primarily an anti-trust suit that alleged the penalties would make it more difficult for Penn State to recruit quality players:"


That's not at all what the case was primarily about.  The case was about how the sanctions affected the PA economy due to the huge economic impact PSU football has on the state.

Comment 03 Jul 2011

"If you look closely enough at any program, you're going to find something (except you, Penn State fans, so I should rephrase that to read "at any elite program"), you're going to be able to dig something up, whether it's a free meal, or a free round of golf from a clown that thinks it's the pinnacle of status to hang out with a teenager."


Speaking from a Penn State fan's perspective, I'd be shocked if this stuff wasn't happening at PSU, too.  Now, I doubt it's encouraged/led/precipitated by the coaching staff...but any sane PSU fan can't help but know it's happening.