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Comment 09 Aug 2011

This is my first post here, but this topic is very charged for me.  I agree with any poster here who says we should ignore them.  It reminds me of when the KKK came to Cincinnati every Christmas to put up their display in Fountain Square.  All kinds of people went down to protest and cause problems, which is what they wanted.  They wanted attention.  Once it became a non-story, they went away.

I say we do the same.  If GD comes to Columbus, make it a better story by having a big party for fans outside of the camera shot, maybe 100 yards away.  Have nobody show up in the shot, but you can tell the party is going.  It specifically states "We don't care about you" and would really cause problems for camera crews filming the show.

You also want to hit ESPiN the hardest, change the channel.  Have a GD boycott.  The Buckeye Nation alone can change the TV ratings easily.  Shop at Lowes instead of Home Depot (if they are still sponsoring them), hit them where it hurts - their wallet. 

That's all.