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Comment 14 Dec 2014

I have in interesting side note. I worked with a guy that was one of the refs for that game. He was one of the most unethical people I have known. Was a Clemson grad and very biased against any 'northern' team.  I don't know that he didn't call a fair game, but I wouldn't be surprised. He changed my previous opinion that most refs are fair people. well, maybe most are, but he wasn't. He was our HR manager and did lots of shady things.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

There's not much question about Aaron's character.  Being a Buckeye makes it easy to see what a fine young man he is. What we need to learn from this is how we treat or respond to a similar person that happens to be on a competing team.  Tebow is a good example. Herbie comes to mind. Even Desmond, by all accounts a fine person.

Somehow belittling others seems to make us feel bigger. The truth is just the opposite.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

3rd and 1:  keep ball on bad read, lose 2. 4th and two. Run short sideline, lose 1.

it does repeat.  Hyde will do well in NFL. 


Im glad my job mistakes don't get exposed on national TV. Guess that's why they make the big bucks.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Another thing I'll say after watching last nights NC, I'm glad we didn't play either team. The speed AND power of Auburn's blitz, early in the game was impressive. Both QBs played well under pressure. The game was played at a level we aren't ready for at this point.