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Comment 25 Nov 2015

I think you may have misunderstood my post. I am not saying "if they take this away they will take everything away", rather the can of worms they are opening is to create an avenue for students to engage in even riskier activity like jumping into the Olentangy River.  

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Why not ban polar plunges too! Hell, ban swimming entirely, because people drown in water. If the university ends this tradition I feel they are opening up a can of worms (the devil you know is better than the devil you don't). As others have mentioned, it is a typical knee jerk reaction by our overly PC university. Life is about experiences, some come with risk, and this was a wonderful experience for me when I participated as a student.  

Also, I always thought mirror lake was at its most beautiful during the fall and winter, draining it during those months would be really disappointing.  

While this is an awful tragedy, I don't believe a tragedy justifies ending a particular activity. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Does he still change his shirt between podcast presentation slides? One slide he is talking on screen with a green shirt on, he clicks to the next slide on the screen, then when he returns to him talking on the screen he is in a blue shirt. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Kevin, I took Marc Smith's intro to accounting course back in the day, but it was co-taught with an extremely mean and hateful professor named Terry Zeigler. It is a wonder I was able to get past that class. I think Terry has left Fisher so count your blessings. 

Second, Chik-fil-a must be accompanied with Chik-fil-a sauce. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Squirrel, I just read your post. 

I am a little late to the party but figured I could still offer some insight. First, your best bet would be to go after Angie's List, the contractor sounds like a lost cause and Angie's List has the pockets. Second, a contractor/Angie's List cannot take your money and run. You only owe them for the services performed, so perhaps 1/10 of the $10,000. 

A lot of times all this takes is a letter with the threat of a lawsuit on attorney letterhead to Angie's List and you can negotiate a refund of at least part of the $10,000. The amount of money may be worth your time to litigate, but it is not worth Angie's Lists. They want to settle ASAP. 

I am an attorney who lives and works in Columbus, but I am licensed in KY, grew up in Louisville and have some contacts there. If your estate attorney can't offer you some advice, let me know and I may be able to figure out a way to get you some help.

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Takes a real man to admit he likes something, especially if it is not in line with what is popular.

I can't understand how people don't enjoy pumpkin rolls, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin granola, pumpkin pie, pumpkin toaster strudels, pumpkin beer, pumpkin waffles or pancakes with bourbon maple syrup, pumpkin pie moonshine (produced by my family's distillery), pumpkin oreos...every single one of them is delicious.

Comment 09 Oct 2015
Make fun of me all you want, but I am a man who thoroughly enjoys all things pumpkin, including the pumpkin spice latte. Once September comes around my budget is thrown out the window through January due to pumpkin beer/snacks/coffee, followed by gingerbread beer/snacks/coffee, and Christmas and winter ales.
Comment 24 Sep 2015

Vannett was the tightend in the first graphic, played the majority of the game against Oregon, and made some great blocks. I don't think the issue is on him not playing last year, rather he and the o-line are under-performing a bit. 

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Let me just say, I am fine with Cardale being named the starter. The only thing that gets me about the decision to start Cardale is Meyer's reasoning that Cardale started to end the season and JT did not beat him out. Well, Cardale only started because JT got hurt. It isn't like Cardale beat out JT at the end of the season to start. The only reason JT isn't starting is because he was injured, and I feel you give the injured player the benefit of the doubt and the first shot.   

Comment 23 Sep 2015

While reading Ramzy's article along with others from the 11W staff I have noticed the continued emphasis on poor perimeter blocking, as highlighted by Urban. The loss of Noah Brown may be more than just the loss of his ability to make plays, but his perimeter blocking ability. He climbed up the depth chart and was the No. 2 receiver, I would assume in large part due to his blocking ability. With him gone, we may have lost one of our better perimeter blocking receivers causing issues with our offense. 

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I have already watched the video a few times, but thank you. Your video misses the events leading up to this altercation though. 

When I say inadvertently, I mean that the intent was not to shove Coopers head on the helmet. Pacman did not take him to the ground thinking "I am going to pull his helmet off just so it behind his head and then slam his head on it." In my opinion, the intent was to push Coopers head down and the helmet just so happened to be there. Remember, this all happened in a matter of seconds. Pacman already started to push Coopers head down to the ground before realizing the helmet was there. He stopped pushing Coopers head almost immediately. 

What seems to be forgotten is the dirty play of Cooper leading up to this incident. They are both at fault. However, in my opinion this is not vicious. When I first read the comments on this thread I thought Pacman had intentionally ripped off Coopers helmet and hit him with it. That isn't the case at all. 

Comment 17 Sep 2015
To me it is clear that Cooper jabs pacman and then goes back and initiates contact a second time, clearly not blocking. Pacman retaliates causing Coopers helmet to come off and Pacman inadvertently shoves Coopers head into the helmet. I don't see the intent or viciousness described by some here. Hell, I think a 35k fine is excessive unless given to both players.
Comment 16 Sep 2015

Most amazing thing I have seen is a tie between two plays.

First, an incredibly quick wide receiver on my high school team literally broke someones ankles. Our WR was running down our sideline after catching a quick pass in the flat. The safety came up to make the tackle at about the 35 yard line but our WR stopped suddenly and cut up field finishing for a touchdown. We looked down and the safety was laying on our sidelines in agony, he had to be carted of the field with a broken ankle. 

Second, playing Javon Ringer my junior year and he was returning kickoffs. Myself and another player were wedgebusters. The other player was a 4 time state and national powerlifting champion in high school and possibly the strongest pound for pound player I have ever seen. We were covering the kick and he was able to squeeze through unblocked and hit Javon square with a perfect form tackle at full speed but bounced right off him. Javon ran the kick back for a touchdown. He said he doesn't know if he has ever hit someone so hard and not have it affect them at all. 

Comment 16 Sep 2015

I played defensive tackle in high school. It was late in the 4th quarter and we were down 17-13 with about 3 or 4 minutes left. We needed a quick stop and the ball, we only had 2 timeouts. I broke through the line and strip sacked the quarterback on second down, hitting him with my right shoulder, helmet on ball and grabbing the ball with my left arm as we hit the ground. Offense took the turnover down and scored the game winning touchdown.  

Comment 02 Sep 2015

I lost my father at the age of ten and my would be father-in-law passed away when my now wife and I had been dating for a month. I can say with certainty that creating memories and experiences with a father (whether biological or in-law) as Ramzy describes is what causes me the most pain on a daily basis. My advice is to cherish the memories you can make with these special people in your life. 

Comment 12 Aug 2015

A quick counter point. Cardale played very well in the playoff games, but I would argue we won those games in spite of some of his play, not because of it. The ineffectiveness in the redzone against Alabama and an interception, then 2 fumbles and an interception against Oregon. Cardale made plays, but he made some very costly errors as well.