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Comment 18 Mar 2015
I won three high school football state championships, started as a defensive tackle my senior year. I tackled, or attempted to tackle, Javon Ringer on kick off coverage my junior year. Won 4 national team powerlifting championships.
Comment 03 Mar 2015

I find Perry's comment very interesting. I wonder if this is just a concern or something the team is actually dealing with.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I am a tax attorney focused on credits and incentives. Super exciting.

Comment 21 Feb 2015
618, I lost my father to suicide. No matter how alone you feel or how deep the darkness feels, this isn't your only option. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my father. A major reason I have not committed suicide in the past is because I know the pain it causes first hand. Know that you will be missed and there is another way.
Comment 31 Dec 2014
FACT, Fickell was a co-coordinator on a lot of those Tressel era defenses. While Heacock was the primary coordinator, does he not deserve any credit for those? FACT, our offense has co-coordinators, does that mean that Herman or Warriner are not as good of coaches because of the "co" title? It takes time for a coach to find their ryhthm as a coordinator and a head coach, hell it took Woody several years.
Comment 29 Mar 2014

No. Unless you consider every student who receives a scholarship an employee. Because of my goals and the requirements to maintain my scholarship I regularly had 50-60 hour weeks for school. Then I worked two jobs to help make ends meet. My position as a student did not make me an employee, so neither are these players.  

Comment 29 Mar 2014

See my post above, if you think Gene Smith getting an 18,000 bonus for a championship is offensive, you don't understand how a large portion of the real world works. The revenues at my firm are significantly larger than those of the NCAA and all other athletic departments combined and my salary is less than the value of the scholarship/services these players receive. Plus I have a mortgage as my student loan payment.   

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Players are being treated more like adults than they realize. The reason schools have access to certain personal information is because they are trying to monitor the amateurism of the sport and the school is trying to comply with the rules that are in place. You want the PRIVILEGE and OPPORTUNITY to play college athletics on a scholarship? Then giving the school access to your personal information is a small price to pay.

It is a choice. I choose to work for my employer. If I have the OPPORTUNITY to become partner I have to grant the firm access to all my financials because the firm has to be compliant with state and federal laws and regulations in order for me to be partner. The firm can and does monitor my "private" social media accounts (social media is almost by definition not private), and I can be fired if they feel my social media account is inappropriate and does not represent the firm well.

I paid my own way through undergrad, my JD, and my MBA via scholarships, student loans, and working two jobs. I chose to have student loan payments. I now have a job where I am billed out to clients at between $400 and $500 dollars an hour, I see less than one tenth of that as my after-tax salary. I would likely be laughed out of the room, my competency seriously questioned and perhaps let go if I asked the partner for part of the profits he earns because I feel like it is unfair that he gets all the profit that I worked for.    


Comment 18 Feb 2014

Can't really be upset with West Chester University. The contract clearly states the rules and the University is correct, there insurer will not pay since the half court shot was on the second attempt. Sucks for everyone involved. 

Comment 14 Feb 2014

I had thought about basketball, but the powers that be at the NBA would never allow players to skip a few weeks in the middle of the season to play in the Olympics. Wrestling does not have the same issues in switching as basketball and the NBA.  

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Yeah, I understand that when you are that level of competition a sport is not longer really "seasonal" and becomes an all year process. I would think that more exposure and increased popularity for the sport would be more important to the wrestlers than a fun location.  

Fair point regarding mingling with the beach volleyball players, but have you seen some of the skiers and snowboarders from nordic countries and the women's curlers? They give the beach volleyball girls a run for their money.

Also, I don't think building a separate facility for wrestling would be too costly. Or maybe they could repurpose one of the ice rinks once skating is finished.  

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Thanks Curt, I always enjoy hearing a little about the wrestling bucks. Also, a somewhat random question, but what are your thoughts on moving wrestling from the summer to the winter Olympics? There are significantly fewer events in the winter Olympics and wrestling is a winter sport. I could see the switch helping wrestling gain more exposure. 

Comment 12 Feb 2014

What I do not understand is why players become so upset when they are redshirted? I get the "competitive spirit" and wanting to play as soon as possible, but who cares if you redshirt? If anything it gives you a competitive advantage, you are one year stronger, one year wiser, and understand the defense/offense much better. If I am a player, I am thankful that coaches did not burn my redshirt so that I could pick up garbage time or get in occasionally. Give me a full year to acclimate and then let me hit the ground running.

I also don't believe any players were promised anything, the consistent theme I have heard in interviews from entering freshman is that the coaches tell them that there are several things that must happen for them to receive playing time (hard work, good attitude, go to class, injury-free, understand scheme, enrolling early helps, etc.). Hell, Raekwon McMillan said it in his recent interviews.

Lastly, where did you hear that Dontre considers himself decoy player of the year and that Elliot turned out to be decoy?  

Comment 11 Feb 2014

"When I think of Fickell I think of poorly coached positional players..."

In my opinion, you lost all credibility with this statement. It has been rehashed ad nauseam, there may be questions about Fickell as a defensive coordinator and a head coach, but there is absolutely no question that he is one of the best position coaches and recruiters in the nation. Hawk, Carpenter, Spitler, Rolle, Lauranitis, Homan, Sabino, Sweat, Shazier, and Boren all seem to contradict your statement about his abilities as a position coach.   

Comment 31 Jan 2014

Can't read the article but I don't think this statement means anything other than that Ash will be responsible for both position groups. Did Gene state this in response to the question "what will be Chris Ash's responsibilities, will he coach the corners and Safeties?" If he was responding to a question similar to that, I don't see how this is a big deal. Maybe Urban told Gene that these will be Ash's duties and Gene is just forwarding that information along because Urban has been unavailable.

In my opinion, this seems much more likely than "there is executive overstepping and Gene is interfering with Urban Meyer's decision making."