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Comment 5 hours ago

Easy to tell who is drunk on this thread. Sober up folks.  Step away from the keyboard and don't let a bunch of kids playing a game dictate your whole frickin outlook on life. Geez. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Receivers still can't fight off tight coverage. Refs missing some holds there too. JT keying on one guy too often. Offensive line struggling opening holes for Weber.

We win by 19.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

On one hand, UM fans on this site is welcome and can be fun, on the other hand, some can just be jerks and trolls looking to cause trouble.  Then.... you have buckeye fans who are just beyond the pale and will DV anyone who makes a comment slightly critical of the Buckeyes and I find them to be just as bad as a troll.  Calm down people, this stuff is meant to take your mind off of the rat race and be entertaining.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Check out this hit though.  Long run but he did his part.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Appreciate the stats.  My only questions is what significance does the "5th game W-L record" or "Oct 8 W-L record" hold?  Just nugget information?

Comment 08 Oct 2016

"Doing all the little things".  When performing a duty one focuses on the minute details in preparation and in execution to excel in the overall goal. 

Ive never understood it in any other way than that. 

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Solid point on the quick pass plays.  I'd have to go back and look at the games to see what type of pass plays they employed on Ohio State though... I really think the rush is a tad inconsistent but last week I felt they were more evident.  It really depends on the QB tendency of the opponent.  Mayfield is a hip shooter type so we had to keep disciplined and not break contain so I'd toss that game out.