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Comment 24 Sep 2012

I am concerned about the D too, and I took Meyer's passive comment to be an indictment of Fickell, who calls a very passive game on that side.  Again this week we did not get enough pressure on the opposing QB, so I think we've got to take more chances or we'll continue to be picked apart little by little.  That's not the only problem, though, as the offense goes into deep sleep for two and  a half quarters  every game and that puts a lot more pressure on the D, no to mention keeping them on the field for long periods at a time.  The spread is supposed to be up tempo and exploit mismatches  like a LB who has to cover a TE.  Yet we don't seem to be playing at a fast pace, and don't seem to be able to recognize the mismatches quickly enough to exploit them. How many times did we see the same stupid zone read run that TP was constantly running under Tressel.  Although we've thrown the ball more to receivers, TEs and backs than last year, we need to do a lot more.  BM only had 20 passes on Saturday.  That's not working on the passing game to me, particularly compared to the number of zone read runs, which is not going to get it done.  The upside is that we're 4-0 and the Offense, Defense, Special Teams and Coaching can ALL get a lot better!