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Comment 07 Oct 2014
Bell did look raw. I doubt he plays this year. I thought Trevor Thompson looked good and I'm disappointed he can't play
Comment 06 Oct 2014
Thad doesn't play zone unless he has to. I don't think it is a good sign, defensively, that he seems to have given up on man to man defense already
Comment 23 Sep 2014
IMO the only sports game that stacks up to FIFA is NHL
Comment 06 Sep 2014
If they come out to a smoky tunnel then the song should be "Ode to Sleep" by Twenty One Pilots
Comment 31 Aug 2014

Sumlin has made every qb he has ever coached into a great college player because of his system. Did you even watch A&M's defense last year. It was worse than ours!

Comment 21 Aug 2014
This is a Buckshot. He put them at 6
Comment 17 Aug 2014
Texas A&M loses their Heisman winning QB, their LT and their best WR and are ranked with that horrible defense they have? JOKE
Comment 16 Aug 2014
Good to see that. Barrett is the QB of the future with 3 years of elgibility left after this year
Comment 06 Aug 2014

I apologize if this has been said because I skipped to the bottom to make my comment, but if Waters knew all of this was going on he had to know it could get him in serious trouble like it ended up doing. And if he knew that and was trying to fix the problems he should have been straight forward with the University to let them know he is fixing some cultural issues. This could have saved him his job

Comment 03 Aug 2014

I'm writing a paper on paying college athletes as I type this and in some research I found that only athletes in football, basketball, and hockey have to sit out a year if they transfer. In all other sports they can transfer once and not have to sit out, but if they transfer again then they must sit out. WHAT A JOKE

Comment 23 Jul 2014
The field is already below the water table of the Olentangy River which is why they had to install pumps below the field to keep it from flooding. That would definitely have to be redone if they moved the field again
Comment 01 Jul 2014
If anyone has seen the documentary "Schooled" you would know that the classes UNC athletes took were a complete sham
Comment 26 Jun 2014
I like that there has been all this rain. As a former player, playing games in the rain were always the most fun, and it should keep the scoring down
Comment 26 Jun 2014
Sportscenter had a tweet that said the SEC had now won a national championship in football, mens basketball, or baseball in 9 straight years. I couldn't help but to bust out laughing in class when I read it. It helps when you have 7 in a row in ONE sport