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Comment 17 Nov 2014

Man, this.  I know that berating other conferences for discipline problems (and the sometimes NFL-esque way they handle them) is cliche, but it really does seem that B1G schools as a whole do attempt to recruit kids of a higher caliber & integrity.  There's always gonna be exceptions, and college kids won't always make good decisions, but far more often than not I'm proud to be the fan of a B1G school.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Clark pleaded guilty under the provisions of the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA), which is designed to give "an opportunity for people under 21 with no prior convictions that it is their first and last contact with the law."

If this domestic violence thing turns out to be real, and Clark's still on probation from the laptop thing, and domestic violence violates his probation, kid's looking at time in fo' real jail.  He's done in a UM uniform either way.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Well, Conner freakin' Cook & the best defense in the country.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Braxton Miller:  0 B1G Championships, 0 BCS Bowl wins, 2 Silver Footballs, 2-1 vs. UM as a starter, kinda injury prone

Denard Robinson:  0 B1G Championships, 1 BCS Bowl win, 1 Silver Football, 1-1 vs. OSU as a starter, kind injury prone

So, yeah...

Comment 15 Apr 2014

"Little bit of a talent problem" is the understatement of the day.  The fact that they've gone 1-2 (and been competitive both losses) against OSU's roster full of 5-stars the past three years is nothing short of amazing.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Don't know if it was mentioned above, but a ton of the anti-Craft sentiment's gotta come from the verbal fellatio he receives from play-by-play guys.  Every.  Single.  Game.  The "Brett Favre Effect," if you will.

Comment 05 Mar 2014

UM winning the B1G outright for the first time since 1986 on Brady Hoke's favorite unofficial "holiday?"  Fitting, that.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

After we win, I can't wait to hear ESPN stuttering and listen to the wild and crazy excuses.

I'm well aware that the mystique of "ALABAMA" is much better than actual Alabama, but OSU's two best wins last year were Wisconsin in Columbus and... uhh... at Michigan?  Maybe Iowa in Columbus?  I think one of Ramzy's points was that while Urban's obviously a great coach & recruiter who has them headed in the right direction, OSU's 24-2 the past two seasons is just about as empty as 24-2 can possibly be.